a bunch of chicks

What facial expression do you think Obama made when someone told him “allegedly Donald Trump tried to disrespect you by paying a bunch of chicks to pee on each other and on a bed because you and Michelle once slept in, long after you had used it”

First Date

Pairing: Cas x Reader
Word count: 709
Warnings: Just a silly bit of fluff.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Can I request some fluffy Cas where he tries to give the reader a “human date” at home but keeps messing up - likes burns dinner and stuff.
Challenge:  This was written for @impala-dreamer​’s Winchester Bunch Challenge. My prompt was “Hey there groovy chicks.”

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Dating Camilla etc.

It occurs to me that according to canon, Ransom and Holster see the world through a very heteronormative lens, so wouldn’t it be kind of amazing if they had accidentally set Jack up on dates with lesbians pretty much constantly through his time at Samwell? Because they just assume all hot girls are going to be up for some Zimmerbanging?

Not just Camilla (though obviously she is Jack’s favourite as they went out a bunch of times), but a lot. Of. Lesbians. While R&H thought Jack was getting a whole lot of action, he was actually hanging out platonically with a bunch of nice, no stress sporty chicks.

Jack always thought it was kind of nice that Ransom and Holster were so good at finding cool girls he could relax around, since his life before Samwell involved a LOT of predatory, celebrity-lusting glamour girls in impractical shoes, which was not much fun at all.

Also if he’s at a party or a dance, he has found that introducing his current date to one of his former dates is a great way to get to go home early. (This is how Camilla acquired four of her five college girlfriends)

Possibly there is a group chat of Samwell girls who dated Jack, which has inadvertently become one of the most effective lesbian hookup hubs on campus.

Ransom and Holster eventually figure it out, after the fourth wedding invitation. “You know, we get invited to a lot of lesbian weddings since we graduated, bro.”

“Rainbow cake is delicious.”

I posted something about Chris brown being anti-black women and so many black women out here defending him saying "but he's dated Rihanna". like chris brown and many other rap artist will only date mixed or very light black women if they do at all. The whole point of dating a bunch of Rihanna's & mixed chicks is bc they're "easy on the eyes" and make better for looks . It's in their music& their videos . THEY'RE NOT FOR ALL BLACK WOMEN and we still haven't learned this when we're still defending them. So once again I DO NOT SUPPORT TRASH DARK SHAMING BLACK MEN THAT DONT SUPPORT ALL OF US.

we were throwing out lots of these old christmas cards we’ve gotten over the years, and i had a bunch from people from primary school. but one is from some chick called becky. who tf is becky


Fox Force Five Six

“Fox, as in we’re a bunch of foxy chicks…

… Force, as in we’re a force to be reckoned with…

Five Six as in there’s one …two …three …four …five …six of us.”

- Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction

My cousin bought a bunch of chicks and WAllaah I can’t take it they’re so freaking cute ima legit cry 😭😭😭😭

Rant: Diabolik Lovers

I woke up in a super bitchy mood and before I start this post ain’t tagged but might show through mobile app search.


Let me start off my saying I’m old af in fandom terms. I do get teased a lot for being 35 and involved in so many fandoms and even being considered a sempai in one (Naruto mostly) but this needs to be said.

I will not stand idly by seeing someone older than me preying on MINORS.

When I was in my teens I was stupid and got pregnant. I lost my son at 8 months. If he had lived he would have been 18 years old in November.

I do act immature with my adult fandom friends but I get on mama mode with minors because all facts considered, I’M OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR MOTHER.

Now onto the drama at hand. The reason for my bitchiness and chaotic rant out of hell I’m typing up rn.

Last February some chick stole a bunch of scenarios from a fanfic I was writing for DL. She passed them off as her own and got smoke blown up her butt for MY STUFF.

I contacted her and was blocked while she said she was getting ‘jealous haters’. Mind you, she didn’t take that shit down until I did a public call out that didn’t even namedrop her.

Soon enough, she took a “hiatus due to personal problems” while her buddies that were mostly MINORS harassed me over smearing her “good name” and that a “collaborator” was responsible for the plagiarism.

Let me tell you, I’ve been in fandoms too long to lap up bullshit. I knew she was lying to these kids about a collaborator due to how bratty she reacted to being called out.

Weeks later, I continued to write for the fandom and BAM a recently written scenario was posted nearly word for word with an OC name change that mimicked my story by the same person.

She was called out again and she edited that damned oneshot a dozen times while crying about jealousy.

Sorry, but as much as you cry about jealousy you sure feel the need to steal from other OCs with your favorite canon to keep your shitty blog running.

You bitch about being compared to Cordelia, a character that took advantage of her CHILDREN, when you turned around and did the same thing to MINORS while being called a “fandom mother”.

You make me fucking sick, I just can’t with you.

The only way I could stop this person was to give up my OC and writing for the fandom because she seemed obsessed with MY pairing.

Unsurprisingly, she had an RP thread blog that not only had my stuff plagiarized, but that of other fandom writers as well that she later made password protected once my friends linked posts with the stolen stuff.

Collaborator my Puerto Rican ass, bitch.

I was at peace as soon as I left to write for other fandoms. I wasn’t getting my shit stolen anymore plus the harassment I was getting stopped.

Everything was fine until some of her victims started talking to me about their experiences with this person and them being too fearful of saying anything because of the army of sheep she has.

Three of these people were MINORS. Don’t you fucking get it? She took advantage of the good will of MINORS, befriended them with a mask of niceness and STOLE from them and placated them with the “friend” label.

This disgusting individual, no different than an online predator, preyed on minors to stroke her own ego.

This TRASH is still active in the fandom and hasn’t addressed the recent accusations against her and if she does it’ll most likely be with lies to hide the fact she’s a thief that has most of her blog running on the talent of others.

I know that she knows this is going around because she made her blog dashboard only without mentioning the most recent call out post made by former friends that had been used by her (and then she has the balls to say she’s “used” for popularity, bitch sit down please. You wouldn’t be “popular” if it hadn’t been for your victims)

Don’t get me started on her brainwash ability, lmao. She somehow makes people think she’s a victim with her sweet act, but considering how much I busted my ass in an university to get a higher education, I can recognize a sociopath when I see one.

To adult fans, please protect your follower, especially the young ones, from people like this.

Jfc, she’s even older than I am and does shit like this. I don’t know if it’s because she’s only had a fandom blog for a year, but as long as I’ve been involved in fandoms, most of the thieves tend to be underaged and unaware of their actions.


Look at the DL tags. Look at what keeps the DL fandom alive as the fans wait for new games, CDs or merch.


Writers, headcanon blogs, artists, OCs, analysis writers, translators, fangirls fangirling…

Now imagine someone with absolutely no originality at all, taking shit from each of the fans on that tag and getting credited and worshipped for her 'creativity and talent’. Someone that steals to the point that their OC and and their ship is unstable because it’s a clusterfuck of the ideas and OCs of others.

The fandom goes on and on about not wanting “drama” but god damn it y'all, you have a fucking leech among you doing this shit to the point that people leave the fandom or lose the will to provide their own talent to entertain fellow fans.

Now I’m sure I’m gonna get a dumbass saying that it’s the fault of a creator to post their creations online. That somehow we have to be “okay” with this garbage.

Let me break it down for you, you insensitive dense asshole, EVERY BLOGGER AND FAN is unique is his or her own way. Not two minds are alike. We take pride in our originality.

We. Do. Not. Post. To. Have. Someone. Else. Take. Credit. For. It.

I know I have people of that fandom still watching my blog. I don’t mind if they reblog this at all as long as they don’t support people that did all the mentioned things I’ve said.

You can even give sources and links in my post if you so wished.

I like to avoid mentioning this fandom due to the disappointment at how this person is still around. I wasn’t her first victim nor her last. It is obvious she’ll keep doing this to others and getting away with it. Some of her theft was very recent event.


What makes it worse is that she uses minors not only for theft but to fight her battles for her. In fact I’m nauseated right now just talking about this.

I might be quiet about a lot of things but how could she call herself a fandom mama when she had preyed on her socalled children.

Watch out, fandom. You really do have a Cordelia among you. A manipulative, lying, scummy, Cordelia that takes advantage of others.

*Drops mic*

PS: a lot of people think this is not a big deal, but a lot of people use writing, art and headcanon fandom blogs to relieve stress. Someone is fucking with that, causing even more unnecessary stress and that to me is unforgivable.

I don’t mean to pick on the Amazing Atheist, but the need to defend himself from feminist critiques didn’t come out of nowhere like the knife-wielding clown that snuck up behind you as you read this. Here he is arguing that sexual objectification doesn’t exist, and here he is again making fun of feminist cartoons while the point of them flies so far over his head it strikes a passing 747.

“But wait,” you say. “Why is someone called the Amazing Atheist talking about feminism? That’s like a columnist on a comedy site writing about religion. What kind of idiot does that?”

That hurt, hypothetical reader. But you know what else hurts? The fact that this isn’t an isolated problem. As AlterNet points out, atheism has become as bad at talking to girls as the boys at a junior high dance. A movement that’s supposed to be about rational thinking has fallen into the same “vagina emotions make chicks a bunch of crazy broads” trap as your friend who got into the pick-up community and reeks like an Axe factory. You can’t claim to be a proponent of science and reasonable thinking, only to regress to hacky sitcom stereotypes about women being humorless harpies who bring sexual assault upon themselves. That’s like complaining that no one will take your obvious soccer skills seriously just because you occasionally punch opposing players and pick up the ball.

5 Ways Atheists Argue Their Cause (That Aren’t Helping)

Title: Feelings from childhood
Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Character(s): Pietro, the reader and Wanda
Warning(s): None
Requested by: Anon-Request for AoU PietroxReader where they’ve been friends since kids and pietro’s always had a crush on the reader but she never noticed his usual antics as flirting. He finally finds a way to corner her and let her know his true feelings, maybe in a cheeky way? Feel free to be creative with it! I love your blog btw!!
A/N: I hope you like it.

You and Wanda were sat on her bed, both you had your legs crossed with a plate of pizza, a bowl of pop corn and three big bottles of cola between the two of you, the two of you were watching a bunch of random movies, mainly chick flicks because that’s what Wanda chose, you on other hand would love to watch something different for a change.

Ever since you had met the Maximoff twins when you were all just crazy little kids, the three of you had been inseparable, the three of you would do everything together, Wanda thought of you as a sister and you were pretty sure that Pietro thought the same.

When Pietro and Wanda volunteered for testing, you joined them, no matter how much the two of them protested, your reasoning was ‘we’ve been through hell together, this is nothing to compared to that, I can’t let you do this without me, we’re doing it together’ and they didn’t even argue about it after that.

“He’s been flirting with you, you know” Wanda said chewing on a bit of now cold pizza “what? who is?” you said in a muffled voice, stuffing more popcorn in your mouth, Wanda gave you a look as if to say ‘really?’ and sighed, pausing the movie and turning towards you, your shoulders relaxed and you sighed, thankful that the movie has paused.

“Pietro” she told you, you coughed and slapped your hand against your chest, she smiled and rubbed your back while you cleared your throat “what, no” you said in a high pitched tone, Wanda laughing shaking her head at you “it’s true” she commented, watching your confused expression. 

“Right, Wanda you’re not going to trick me” you laughed, stretching your arms, Wanda glared at you and giggled a bit “okay fine, don’t believe me” she said in a sad voice, she stuck her bottom lip out and looked up at you through her eye lashes as you stood up from your spot on her bed “Wanda, you are really delusional, if you think that your brother has been flirting with me” you laughed tipping the bowl of popcorn over her head. 

Pietro was stood just outside of the door, he had his hand raised to knock on the door, as soon as he heard his sister speak, he stopped midway and listened intently on the conversation going on between his sister and the girl he had been crushing on since childhood, he mentally cursed Wanda for telling you, but as soon as you spoke up, his heart fell.

It was true, Pietro had been flirting with you since the three of you became friends, no matter how often he flirted with you, no matter how he hinted at you about it, you just didn’t seem interested not that it stopped him from flirting with you, in hopes that one day you’d notice.

However that hope of his was fading and rather quickly by the sound of it, so he had to find a way to actually tell you and it’s gotta be a clever way….or cute maybe both, Pietro smirked to himself and was about to turn away from the door when the door opened, to reveal the girl who’s never left his mind even when he was around her.

“Hey, Pietro” you said in a cheery voice, wrapping your arms around him to give him a quick hug, Pietro breathed out a laugh and wrapped one arm around you, pulling you flush against him, his heart-although it already beat quickly-started to beat at an unnatural pace, even for him “hey my little angel” he responded, that had always been a name he called you, whether you liked it or not.

Wanda stood in the door way behind you, a smile plastered over her face, Pietro placed a kiss on the top of your head “I’m gonna go to bed now” Wanda said, excusing herself and closing the door before the two of you could respond. 

“Well that’s girls night finished” you breathed a sigh of relief and pulled away from Pietro and then walked down the hall towards your room, Pietro quickly following suit “hey, so I need to tell you something” he smiled at you “oh my god Pietro, if it’s about your iPod I don’t know where Wanda hid it” you instantly replied “what? No it’’s not about that” he simply replied, sounding slightly confused, Pietro slipped his hand into yours and intertwining his fingers with yours.

“Okay then, you shall speak” you said in a posh voice, holding your head high, swinging your arms a little, Pietro couldn’t help but laugh, he pulled you closer to himself and you wrapped your other arm around his neck, the two of you now dancing in the middle of the darkened hallway to none existent music “[Y/N]” Pietro whispered, resting his forehead against your’s.

“Yes?” you whispered back, a small smile on your lips and your eyes were closed “I have to tell you something that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now” he told you, the two of you swaying from side to side, you hummed in response, the small smile never leaving your face, the two of you were at peace just dancing her. 

“Well, I just want to tell you that I love you and I have for a while, ever since we met really” he added, pressing a kiss to your forehead “I’ve been flirting with you for years and you haven’t noticed” he added, pressing a kiss on the tip of your nose “and really, all I wanted to say was that I love you and that I really want you to be mine” he finished pressing a kiss to your soft lips, that turning to a brighter smile. 

“You see Wanda told me that you have been flirting with me and I just didn’t believe it” you told him, Pietro grunted and peppered kisses along your jaw “I guess I was just a little blind” you giggled “so? what do you say?” he murmured kissing your neck gently “I love to be yours” you responded with a smile, the two of you slowly dancing down the hallway towards your room.

“So does that mean I get to annoy you for the rest of your life?” he asked cheekily, you sighed and rubbed your forehead “oh my god, you already do and besides, if we weren’t together we’d still be friends for life” you stated.

true story!!!

i was at chick fil a & a bunch of gays came in & THREW THE MANAGER IN THE OIL VAT!!! they said it was bc hes homophobic!!!! but hes not he owns his house!!!!!!!!!!! hes a chicken nugget now!!!!!