a bunch of black sheep

someone buy me this to springboard my descent (ascent) into living on a farm w/ a bunch of sheep and also what a william ‘black’ macbeth mood


Well, loving is as loving does,
and I’d say we should know, because we both have loved, have lost, and are alone.
Your face’s falling tears, to me they’re lovely and they’re dear,
though you don’t love me and it’s clear that I will never see you in my arms.

Slip Into Something More Comfortable, Like Your Arms.

Relationship: Pietro (Quicksilver) x Reader

Words: 1143

Rating: PG

Summary: Prompt- you slipped on a patch of ice and i happened to be walking behind you and you fell into my arms wow you’re really attractive

A/N: Hi, I’m new to this, and I’m taking requests. I would love some so I can get more writing back. Feedback is welcomed as well!

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