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What would ya' do if a bunch of cute anime babes came an' kissed you?

“Well, let’s say…I may be from hell, but i’d be in heaven.” 

“That sounded cool, right Senpai? I thought that sound cool…I really hope it wasn’t super lame.”

there is a 100% chance that Bail did not call Breha ahead of time and just showed up on Alderaan, got off the ship with his cape fashionably covering one arm, and was like “Hey babe, remember when we talked about getting a kid” and he just dramatically pushed back his cape to reveal baby Leia

- “You look so hot in that babe.” Nursey commented, taking in Dex’s outfit. Admittedly, he always found Dex hot, but Dex in his jumper was definitely the hottest thing ever.

- Especially blushing Dex in Nursey’s jumper.

- “You’re just saying that cos I’m wearing your clothes.” Dex says, trying to change the subject from himself. “Its the jumper. Its, like, absorbed your hotness, and now it makes you think I’m hot wearing it”

- “Please, you’re way hotter than me in that jumper babe” Nursey argues, sitting up in the bed.

- “Nah, you’re way hotter than me.” Dex argues, rolling his eyes. He begins to get ready for bed as they talk.

- "No way Dex. You’re the hot one in this relationship. Anyone can see that.” Nursey says, pulling back the blankets for Dex to get into bed.

- “Seriously? Ask anyone Derek, they’d agree you’re hotter” Dex said, as he cuddled up to Nursey.

- “They wouldn’t. And you’ll see that tomorrow when we ask people” Nursey said, wrapping an arm around Dex as he spoke.

- Dex didn’t reply, just huffed a laugh, before falling asleep.

- Nursey quickly grabs his phone, and texts the guys individually: "Gonna ask the team a question tomorrow. The answer is Dex. I’ll owe you big time. Don’t tell him I asked you”.

- He falls asleep after sending it.

- Next morning, Dex waked up before Nursey. He texts each of his teammates individually: “Need you to answer Nursey when he and I ask something later. I’ll owe you so much. Don’t tell him I asked you.”

- After sending it, he wakes Nursey, and they get ready for team breakfast.

- At breakfast the team is speculating what the messages are about. That quickly shut up when Dex and Nursey show up.

- 10 minutes into breakfast, Nursey asks The Question.

“So,” he starts, “who do you guys think is hotter? Me or Dex?”

- Nursey sits back, confident the team will answer Dex.

- Dex sips his coffee, confident they’ll answer Nursey.

- “Um..” Tango starts, breaking the silence “Dex is.”

- Dex nearly chokes on his coffee.

- “Definitely Dex.” Whiskey agrees with a nod, before turning his attention back to his pancakes.

- “No way bros.” Ransom argues. “Nursey is clearly hotter.”

- “No offense Dex, but Nursey is 100% hotter.” Holster agrees, smiling at Nursey innocently.

- Nursey is giving him a death glare for betraying him like this.

- “Um, are y'all serious?” Bitty asks from his end of the table. “Look at those freckles! That hair! Those eyes! Dex is hotter than Nursey”

- “Bitty. Bits. Are we seeing the same people? Nursey is way hotter” Lardo’s argues, stifling a laugh.

- “Hang on, that’s me, Rans, ‘n’ Lardo for Nursey. And Bitty, Tango, and Whiskey for Dex. So, its a tie?” Holster says.

- “Chowder hasn’t voted yet” Tango points out, and the team turn to Chowder.

- “Chowder. The tie breaker. Who is hotter?” Ransom asks.

- “Uhh….”

- Okay these are his two best friends, and he’d be lying if he never thought “oh Nursey looks good” or “Dex is good looking” but choosing might offend one of them. Plus, voting one over the other means he’s not doing the favour the other asked him for and that’s so mean!

- Something must show on his face, cos Dex and Nursey let him off the hook.

- “Its chill C. We’ll ask other people see who wins.”

- Chowder has never been more relieved in his life.

- Dex heads to class, and Nursey promises to meet him after.

- Dex asks his friends in that class to say Nursey is hotter than him when asked later. He’ll help them with their coding in return.

- After class, Nursey shows up. The Question is asked of 5 of Dex’s friends.

- 4 answer Nursey is hotter

- The one secretly (or not so secretly….) crushing on Dex says he’s hotter.

- So that’s 7 for Nursey being hotter, 4 for Dex being hotter.

- So Dex is winning at being right while Nursey is winning at being hot.

- Nursey will not allow that to happen. No way. Dex is hotter, and he’ll prove it

- By bribing his study group. He’ll do most of the work for the project, and credit them, if they agree Dex is hotter.

- They’re not about to turn down this deal, and all 5 of them agree with Nursey - Dex is hotter.

- Votes for Dex being hotter: 8
- Votes for Nursey being hotter: 7

- At this stage they each start a tally, which they’ll count up at the end of the day.

- Dex bribes their server at Annie’s to compliment Nursey and say he’s hotter, by giving them extra tips.

- Nursey promises to help his classmates with their poetry if they vote Dex as hotter.

- Dex offers so many people free repairs for a month for voting Nursey as hotter.

- Nursey buys lunch for the volleyball team for voting Dex.

- Dex promises to tutor half the freshman in coding for their votes for Nursey.

- End of the day they return to the Haus, and ask Chowder to count up and announce the results of who’s hotter.

- Dex is confident its Nursey

- Nursey is confident its Dex

- The final result?

- A tie.

- Dex and Nursey accept that.

* Later *

- “Chris, honey, was it really a draw?”

- “Its best no one ever knows Cait”

me: i’m okay. this is all going to hell but i’m okay
crazy ex girlfriend: the instrumental to ‘what’ll it be’ plays in the background while greg doubts rebeccas feelings for him 
me: …. no no no no
crazy ex girlfriend: greg self-sabotages and pushes rebecca away before he can get pushed away because he doesn’t think he’s enough 

Okay, okay, but let’s talk about JiCheol being childhood friends
  • seungcheol and jihoon growing up in idk busan
  • probably meet because seungcheol accidentally kicked his soccer ball at jihoon’s head and didn’t miss
  • jihoon took the ball and threw it back in seungcheol’s face (he didn’t miss either)
  • they’ve been best friends ever since
  • baby jihoon and baby seungcheol running around each other’s backyards ugh so cute
  • seungcheol promises to be jihoon’s knight in shining armour, but jihoon grumbles he’s not a princess to be saved. it’s okay, though, because jihoon will always be seungcheol’s prince (especially wearing the cardboard crown seungcheol got from burger king)
  • seungcheol forever trying to protect jihoon but jihoon’s really the one who has to save seungcheol’s dumb butt
  • usually from over-excited puppies and the occasional big kid
  • “i have to do it jihoon!!!”
  • “hyung no”
  • “i’m dOiNG IT”
  • seungcheol calling jihoon his grumpy little prince and jihoon calling seungcheol his stupid knight okay okay
  • when seungcheol is eight and jihoon is seven, seungcheol promises to be jihoon’s first kiss
  • (when seungcheol is eighteen and jihoon is seventeen, he finally fulfils that promise. he’s jihoon’s first kiss… and second kiss… and third, and fourth, and fifth, and…)
  • seungcheol has to move back to daegu when he’s eight though
  • jicheol have a very very tearful goodbye in front of seungcheol’s old house
  • poor baby jihoon, fighting back tears because tears are dumb and seungcheol is dumb and why is daegu so far away
  • seungcheol, as the hyung, has to comfort his dongsaeng, so obviously he gives jihoon a token like his favourite marble
  • and seungcheol’s like “this is my favourite marble. i’m going to come back for it, okay? so you’d better take good care of it and not cry” and jihoon nodding with his eyes on the ground, wiping away his snot on his sleeve
  • (jihoon still has it years later)
  • “i don’t cry, hyung”
  • “i know, jihoonie. i know”
  • okay okay but seungcheol doesn’t go back to busan and stuff because he’s dumb
  • and it’s not tearful or anything okay
  • (but seungcheol teared up, not gonna lie)
  • jihoon sees seungcheol and seungcheol’s like “what are you doing here???” and jihoon’s like “you took too long, so i had to come rescue you, you big idiot, because you must have gotten lost”
  • but no, neither of them planned it, it just turned out like that
  • there was hugging
  • so much hugging
  • “why are you crying, idiot?”
  • “i’m still taller than you”
  • “choi seungcheol, istg i’ll hit you”
  • “i missed you too, jihoonie”
  • jicheol flirting so much to the point where everyone is just like “ffs just date already, you losers”
  • tbh jihoon is fed up with seungcheol not making a move too
  • okay, i have this fave jicheol kiss, way back in seventeentv when seungcheol won this game and jihoon was like “ugh what do you mean you want a kiss from me” and seungcheol manhandles jihoon

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  • ^^^ this one okay this one
  • well, i like to think that after that kiss, jihoon goes up to seungcheol afterwards and is like “look, i want a proper kiss from you”
  • and seungcheol is like “????” so jihoon just grabs him by the collar and plants one on him
  • “!!!!! did you just!!! kiss me!!!”
  • “no, i punched you with my lips. what do you think, idiot?”
  • (mingyu won the bet for how long it would take jicheol to get their sorry asses together)
  • (wonwoo won the bet for who would make the first move)
  • (jihoon most definitely hit them for it)
  • at a beach in busan, six-year-old seungcheol promises to protect five-year-old jihoon
  • jihoon promises not to kick seungcheol if the elder ever steals his ice cream
  • (years and years later, seungcheol brings jihoon to that same beach and promises to look after jihoon as he gets down on one knee. jihoon really promises he won’t kick seungcheol if he tries to eat his ice cream this time)

so yes, this is why you should always think about childhood friends!jicheol okay

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Iwaoi for ship thing pls (bc you love them bunches!!)???? <3 <3

babe you know me so well! thank you! ❤

SEND ME A SHIP and I’ll tell you:

•Who said “I love you” first: It could really go either way but Oikawa seems more likely to blurt it out or say it unthinkingly/offhandedly.

•Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: They both do once they go to separate universities! It helps them feel closer. (Iwa changes his before he goes to visit though because the normal one is a horribly embarrassing one of Oikawa sleeping; he loves it but Oikawa would delete it if he knew)

•Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Oikawa started it but now it’s a little game they play for mornings when one has to leave before the other or when they haven’t had much time to spend with one another recently.

•Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Iwaizumi because he’s really a romantic at heart, he just doesn’t do it often because he doesn’t want to inflate Oikawa’s ego any more than necessary.

•Who initiated the first kiss: Iwaizumi because Oikawa sometimes gets too lost in his head and overthinks.

•Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Oikawa during weekdays because he wakes earlier but Iwa on weekends since Oikawa likes to sleep in too long when given the chance.

•Who starts tickle fights: Iwa! Often because Oikawa has said something snotty and he needs to put him in his place lolol.

•Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Iwa, mainly at the beginning of their relationship once it’s progressed that far; he get’s uncharacteristically shy sometimes about that stuff.

•Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Both! Iwa does it when Oikawa has been working hard because he worries Oiks won’t care for himself properly; Oikawa just likes to surprise Iwaizumi on occasion.

•Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Both were but Iwa was significantly more obvious about it. Oikawa tried to play it off like he was confident but he was a nervous wreck. Once they fell back into their normal routine with one another about midway through dinner, though, they realized they were trying too hard and they just needed to act normal; the rest would come naturally.

•Who kills/takes out the spiders: Oikawa will kill any spider that has the misfortune to make it’s way into their home; Iwa will try to save them if he can.

•Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Iwaizumi and it both terribly embarrasses Oikawa as well as makes him ridiculously happy. He recorded it once and has it stashed away on a secret USB for future blackmail.

mkay so I fuckin love Craig calling Tweek cute coffee related pet names but!!!

Craig dead panning the most ridiculous over the top names like
‘craig pass the salt’
'of course darling, light of my life’

'nice shirt babe’
'thank u honey bunches of oats’

'hey, lil baby honey bee-’
'Craig shut the fuck up ohmygod’

After a Bad Day HC: Peter Maximoff

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(not my gifs)

A/N: The first gif is evan peters in ahs so that’s cool but he’s not big spoon like in the hc. Just imagine he is haha. 

Peter cheering you up after a bad day would include: 

  • him knocking a thousands time a second until you open your door because he knows you need his cuddles and won’t leave till he knows you’re happy again
  • him being the big spoon as you both watch Grease
  • peter getting all the food
  • when he comes back he has two bowls full of spaghetti and you are pretty sure he stole them from the cafeteria
  • disappearing half way through the movie and returning with his hands clutching a bunch of chocolate bars
  • “Hey babe: roses are red, violets are blue, this chocolate is sweet, but not as sweet as you”
  • “Please tell me you paid for those”
  • “Yeah, yeah, yeah I did… but with money I stole from Alex’s pocket”
  • “He will actually kill you when he finds out”
  • “Seeing you happy again would be worth it”
  • hitting him with a pillow for being so cheesy
  • a pillow fight (more like war) starting because of this
  • you winning because you hopped on top of him and shoved the pillow over his face
  • smiling triumphantly over your victory
  • “There it is” he said fondly
  • not understanding what he was referring to and getting confused
  • “There is what?”
  • peter sitting up and hugging you while saying “your beautiful smile” in your ear
  • blushing because he’s the sweetest thing ever
  • “Thanks for cheering me up”
  • “Anytime, babe”
  • him pulling you back down onto the bed for some post-war cuddles

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I fell in love with an Undertale AU and wanted to draw a bunch of the battle encounterable monster babes. This one ended up being my favorite, so I’ve posted it first. May or may not post more? ;D

Crazy idea for a Carry On Au

So guys- I know this is a bit out there, but imagine an au where that the mage never gained power and performed the spell on Lucy. Simon grows up being raised by his mother after she leaves Davy, Simon never develops his speech issues because he was actually spoken to as a child by a loving parent, and Baz is human and Natasha doesn’t die. Simon and Baz are raised around each other because Lucy and Natasha are in the same social circles and decide to have their sons be friends. Also, Mitali and Lucy stay best friends so Penny is included in the bunch and the three of them are happy little babes together and add Agatha to their group once they go to Watford. No one loses their magic and everyone is happy. Agatha still goes off to join the normals because that’s what she was meant to do and Snowbaz happens earlier in their lives because they never had to suffer

Imagine :))))