a bullet for a stranger


Indian-Americans raise $100,000 for Ian Grillot, the man who intervened in racist Kansas bar shooting

  • Ian Grillot, 24, accepted a $100,000 check from India House Houston on Saturday as a reward for intervening in a February attack on two Indian engineers in Kansas.
  • “It is not every day that one meets a genuine hero — a person who risks his life for another and takes a bullet for a complete stranger,” the Texas-based community group said in a Facebook post on Monday. “Ian Grillot is a man who reminds us of the promise of America and its greatness.”
  • According to court documents, 51-year-old Adam Purinton allegedly shot Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani on Feb. 22 at a bar in Olathe, Kansas — just outside Kansas City — after reportedly asking for their immigration status and yelling at them to “get out of my country." 
  • Kuchibhotla died from the shooting, and Madasani was sent to the hospital in critical condition. 
  • Grillot, who is white, took a bullet to the hand and chest while rushing at Purinton to stop him shortly after he opened fire.
  • Grillot’s $100,000 gift from India House Houston will supplement the more than $473,000 that was raised for him through a GoFundMe campaign. Read more (3/27/17 11 AM)

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Warnings: violence, jealousy, possessive jerome, its not smut but like its pretty frisky. WINK WINK

A/N: Sorry for the wait. I had severe writer’s block and I just really hope you all enjoy this. This kind if turned out longer than I expected.


Your finger lightly traced the rim of your glass as you nodded your head to the beat of the music. You looked particularly bored, well because you were. You wanted some action, something entertaining so you decided to stir up a little bit of trouble. You grabbed your drink and took a sip out of the tiny black straw then looked over at the ginger sitting next to you. You smirked remembering all the crazy times you two have went through together.

It had been so…boring since the red head died, but now that he was back it was time for some fun. But before Jerome died you two had a thing but it was never really established, kind of like friends with benefits. Jerome had an eye for you and it was pretty obvious because he made it clear to everyone. He would constantly flirt with you and would be very touchy feely with you. You didn’t mind of course because you had a “little” crush on him, but you liked to keep it to yourself because you were quite the fan of the playing hard to get game. No, fuck that. You were a tease.

You set your drink down and stood up from the bar stool and quickly pulled down your rather short dress. “Hey, J?” You called him in a sweet voice pressing your body against his. His arm snaked around your waist and he looked up at you with the cutest puppy eyes accompanied with his extended smile.

“What’s up, cupcake?” You smiled at his little nickname name for you.

“Will you dance with me?” You asked in a rather innocent voice, pushing a couple of stray hairs back into his neat hairstyle.

“See, I would princess, but ole’ Romey here isn’t much of a dancer.” Jerome said and you rolled your eyes and pouted. “Alright then. I’ll find someone else.”

You broke away from Jerome’s arm and walked over to the dance floor, making sure you were swaying your hips a little more because you knew he was watching you. The beat of the music slowly started to consume your body making your hips swayed seductively to the lyrics. You let all your worries go and you felt like you were living, of course with a little help from the previous drinks you had before making you feel tipsy.

“What’s a beautiful lady like you doing here by herself?"A very smooth male voice asked in your ear. You turned around to get a good look at him and he was very attractive. Tall, dark hair, perfect smile, dimples and hazel eyes. You smiled and your hands found their way to his abdomen slowly sliding their way up to his shoulders. Pulling him down to your level you whispered in his ear: "Dance with me.”

You turned around and felt his hands rest on your hips, gripping them slightly. Jerome had to do a double take to make sure what he was seeing was actually happening. The stranger pressed his body to your backside to where you could feel his member. You felt Jerome staring bullets into your soul but you continued to grind against the attractive stranger. The whole time you were making eye contact with Jerome. His jaw was locked and his fists were clenched, but he was still sitting in a relaxed position. You felt his lips softy graze your ear lobe.

“Come home with me.” You heard him whisper in your ear. As if on cue Jerome stood up from his seat and made his way over to the both of you shoving and bumping the people that were in his way.

Jerome didn’t hesitate to grab you by your arm and yank you away from the stranger. If looks could kill you would be dead. The guy you were dancing with was none too pleased either. You had to give him props though, he wasn’t scared or at least he did a damn good job of hiding it.

“What’s your problem, man?” It was evident that the guy was highly annoyed from his tone of voice.

“The problem is you, buddy!” Jerome’s tone was very cheerful but you knew he was fuming, and it was just what you wanted. You looked around and noticed that everyone had been focused on the dispute between the two.

“Listen here, I hate to break it to ya, but,” Jerome leaned into closer to the guy’s ear. “She’s not interested.” Jerome started to cackle uncontrollably until the stranger shoved him.

“Oh, that wasn’t very nice.” Jerome sounded like a parent chastising their child. He quickly pulled out a gun that he had his his jacket and pointed it to the man’s head. Then without hesitation, Jerome pulled the trigger.

You were still processing what just happened before you were being dragged out quickly by Jerome. He shoved people out of the way trying to get to the exit.

The exit door swung open because you and Jerome bursted through. The cold Gotham weather hit your legs making you shiver and regret wearing such a short dress. You soon found yourself being slammed against a hard brick wall in an empty alleyway, the only thing that could be heard was the club’s music and the late night city traffic.

Jerome had you pressed against the cold wall with no room to move. His face was inches away from yours giving you a stare that felt like he could see everything you were thinking. You avoided all eye contact with him because you felt guilty, but also so submissive and quite frankly it turned you on.

“Look at me.” Jerome ordered in a very soft voice but you silently refused. “Look at me!” He yelled making you jump. Jerome took his hand and grabbed your face forcing you to make eye contact with him.

“I’m-I’m sorry, Jerome.” You apologized quietly. You didn’t know if it was the drinks or the fact that he could possibly kill you but you felt tears running down your cheeks.

“It’s a little late for sorry, princess.” Jerome wiped your tears, intentionally smearing your makeup in the process. “No amount of tears will help me forget tonight. You know, I’m very disappointed in you” Jerome continued to chastise and tease you, making you wonder what he’s going to end up doing to you.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, and I think you need a punishment.” Jerome leaned in and started to bite on your neck making you bite your lip holding back your moan. His hand slowly trailed down your side and soon found its way under your dress, rubbing your very sensitive area in circular motions.

This was going to be a long night

You Got No Guts-Part 2

Part 1

Summary: Reader sees Negan lose it.

Pairing: Negan x Reader/OC

Word Count: 1419

Warnings: language, gore(?)

A/N: Still not sure if I want to do OC or reader. Leaning towards reader. Also! The next part will have more of Negan x Reader/OC directly interacting. I just really needed to get all the scripted stuff out the way.

The stranger’s gaze zeroed in on me and my heart jolted. He started towards me in a leisurely pace.

Come on,” he cajoled, grin spread wide on his face. “I was winning.”

Something told me this man never lost.

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Stranger Things high school football AU

I’m doing this in bullet-point format bc I don’t have the energy to write a full fic but I need it to exist in some form

  • Nancy and Jonathan are on the school newspaper
  • Jonathan is a photographer, Nancy writes
  • They’re best buds and work on articles together all the time
  • Somehow they always get stuck doing the football team stories
  • “Jonathan why are we here, this is like the third article we’ve had to do on the football team this week”
  • “Nothing happens in this town Nance. Plus everyone loves some good old red-blooded football”
  • They spend a lot of time hanging around the field, so they start to get to know some of the players pretty well
  • One in particular catches Nancy’s eye
  • Number 26. Wide receiver. A very good one. Sticky hands. Cute butt
  • Not that Nancy’s been looking
  • She’s totally been looking
  • “Why do you think #26 never takes his helmet off?”
  • Jonathan shrugs. “Idk, maybe he gets really bad helmet hair and doesn’t want anyone to see”
  • Nancy shoves him. He laughs
  • She thinks #26 would have cute hair. Not that she’s thought about it much
  • She totally has
  • They also get to know the other kids that hang around under the bleachers. Bad boys and stoners, mostly
  • One in particular takes an interest in Nancy
  • Steve Harrington. One of the coolest guys in school
  • She likes the attention. The thrill of dating a super popular “bad boy”
  • He takes her to parties, gives her her first taste of beer
  • At the same time, Nancy still tries to focus on her studies
  • When she’s not busy at the football field or with Steve, she spends most of her time in the library
  • She always sits at the same table, across from a redhead with short hair and large glasses
  • Eventually, Nancy strikes up a conversation with Barb, as the girl introduces herself
  • After that, they talk all the time, and quickly become friends
  • “You’d like her, Jonathan, she’s so nice and funny and smart. She’s in all advanced classes and she seems to know everything there is to know about history”
  • “She seems great. You should invite her to Homecoming on Friday”
  • “Yeah okay” The thought creates a warm feeling in her chest
  • But when she asks, Barb blushes scarlet and stammers, “Sorry, I have to, uh, do something then”
  • Nancy’s more disappointed than she expected
  • She ends up going with Jonathan, his camera, and her little journalism notebook. Might as well get some material for an article
  • She can’t stop watching #26, which is fine, bc he plays a great game
  • At halftime, Steve finds her and draws her under the bleachers to make out
  • Nancy doesn’t like it. He tastes like smoke and he gets way too handsy, even when she tells him to back off. She breaks it off with him
  • She decides that instead she’s gonna do something about that crush on a certain wide receiver that never really went away
  • #26 gives her the perfect opportunity when he catches a 20-yard pass for the winning touchdown
  • Nancy convinces Jonathan to wait outside and stations herself by the locker rooms after the game, notebook at the ready
  • The entire team streams in, whooping and cheering, and she’s afraid she’s somehow missed him
  • But then she spots him coming down the hall
  • She’s about to call out, but then he pulls off his helmet, and Nancy realizes she’s made a huge misconception about him
  • Or rather - her
  • “BARB?!”
  • Barb stops stock-still in the middle of the hall. Her sweaty ginger hair is tousled from her helmet. It is cute
  • “N- Nancy!”
  • Nancy stalks over, grabs Barb by the hand, drags her around the corner out of sight
  • And lays a kiss right on her
  • Barb’s brain appears to short circuit. “Wh- whuh…?”
  • “I’ve had 2 separate crushes on you, you know” Nancy tells her with a grin
  • Barb’s answering smile could light up the Upside-Down
  • The end

anonymous asked:

A cat strapped to a balloon floats by slowly. It's not fazed by the fact that it as at the mercy of the wind, or the fact that it's drifting further and further away from the ground. It bats it's paw towards Vash. Cats are strange creatures.

Was that…a cat….tied to a balloon…? Vash had to do a double take.

What kind of MONSTER would do such a thing?! Dropping his bag, Vash was quick to chase after it. “Hang on, kitty! I’ll save you!”

Vash manages to save the feline after a few minutes, but gets scratched a few times as a result while freeing it from the balloon it was tied to.

((You all asked and you all shall receive part two of Gabriel finding his S/O and child. Requests are closed at the moment; help me come up with a name for this prompt which now will be a series. <3 Part one is here:  http://dreamingofoverwatch.tumblr.com/post/150141194113/how-would-reaper-react-to-finding-out-his-so))

 Gabriel had finally found you at long last; you lived in a small house with only two bedrooms, a half way decent kitchen, no living room, and the smallest bathroom he’d ever seen. The elderly land lady (who lived next to you) let you live there practically for nothing, and treated you like a daughter; she’d often watch Gabriel Jr. who seemed to utterly adore the woman. He watched you live your life for weeks… He didn’t know how to approach you or come back into your life. He knew you hadn’t moved on from your many late night chats with the elderly woman who understood your grief all too well, she had lost her husband many years ago from a terror attack. He was pleased you had at least someone beside your son who was too young to understand to talk to.

Today was the day he finally decided to confront you, Gabriel could not stay away, and his heart ached to be with you and to be a father. He didn’t know how he was going to justify who he has become to you, how you’d react, or if you would even let him meet his son. He watched as you brought your son to preschool, kissing him softly on the cheek and handing him his homemade lunch; briefly you chatted with the teacher before saying your goodbyes a bit reluctantly as always. You sighed softly, going food shopping was always so boring without your son who seemed to make everything more bright and fun; he was your sunshine and you’d do anything for your baby boy.

You shivered briefly, rubbing your arms; you wanted to believe that it was the crisp autumn weather but you knew otherwise. Since you left the preschool you had been followed, you might not be an agent any longer but you never completely adjusted to life as a civilian. It was hard to, besides who knows if one of those Talon creeps were around. You knew what they did to former Overwatch agents, and well you were a skilled Captain; they’d be happy to put a bullet in your head and a knife in your back. It was obvious your stalker wasn’t a civilian; they were too professional and knew exactly what they were doing. You knew this day would come, you didn’t expect it to happen so soon but you were prepared.

You took a deep breath, deciding to confront your stalker. You acted oblivious and went down an alleyway; you knew that otherwise you’d risk innocent lives. You reached slowly into your purse, as the stalker got closer you threw a leg up and kicked the stranger into the wall. As you held your gun, you closed the distance. “Stay down. If you think you can take my son from me or hurt him you have another thing coming! I will not be killed easily, nor will he. “You yelled out, getting ready to pull the trigger.

The man slowly moved his hand, you warned him not to move. The mask was taken off his face as he dodged a bullet skillfully. You looked closer at him and realized the man wasn’t a stranger at all, your gun hit the dirty concrete and you fell to your knees, your eyes filling with tears. “W-who the hell are you, and why do you look like my Gabriel? What kind of sick and twisted game are you playing?”

He looked at you, biting his lip as he sat next to you. “You haven’t aged a day, (Y/N). Motherhood suits you.  I would’ve been there; I was told your body was never found. Yet here you are, alive and with our son.” He wrapped an arm around your stiff and shaking body, wondering if this was a mistake; perhaps your heart couldn’t handle something like this. Your hand connected to his cheek, making a loud noise as you began to squeezed him tightly. (E/C) eyes studied his face, looking at the monster he’d become yet you looked at him with such sadness, longing, and love.

“They told me you died too… they all lied to me. I can’t believe you kept me waiting all these years, I mourned you every night. Our son doesn’t understand why his Papa isn’t with us, he looks at your picture everyday and asks all these questions about you. He admires you so much; he wants to be just like you… I’m so scared, Gabriel. I don’t want to lose him. Maybe if I found out sooner, before all that happened everything might’ve been different.” You sobbed softly as you touched Gabriel’s face, praying this was real and he wouldn’t disappear. Too many times you had dreamed of this moment where Gabriel walked in the front door like he never died, you woke up every time in tears. You always felt personally responsible for all that had happened to your beloved family.

“We’re going to be a family now, I promise. I know I haven’t been there, but I will be for you and for him. No one will ever hurt either of you, whether they’re from Talon or Overwatch. I want to make up for all this time I’ve been gone and the things I’ve done. I joined Talon; they probably told you of Reaper… but not that I am him.” He began to explain all that had happened from him from the moment his body was recovered, to him finding out you were alive, and everything in between. It was hard for you to come to terms with who Gabriel was working for, and not to mention the fact he was hunting down those who you thought were your friends. You accepted it; you understood his pain and well, you’d turn a blind eye to turning him in to any authorities or Overwatch. You didn’t condone what he or Talon does, but you wanted your Gabriel back in your life no matter what. Despite him not fully being the man you first fell for all those years ago he was still Gabriel and many bits of who he used to be still remained.

You kissed his lips gently, which surprised him greatly. “What? I am not allowed to kiss my handsome love?” You laughed lightly as you wiped your tears away from your puffy red eyes.

“I thought you’d be repulsed by my face.”The Latino replied simply.

“Never. You look just as good as you always have, in fact you’re like wine. You just keep getting better with age, Gabriel Reyes.”

Gabriel smiled slightly, helping you onto your feet. “Only you would say that. Can I meet him?”

You quirked a brow at him, “Do you even have to ask? Come shopping with me, we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Shrugging, Gabriel was wearing civilian clothes anyways. He let you lead him around much like you used to; he couldn’t help but think about leaving Talon soon somehow to be with his family full-time. Perhaps it was time to leave his pain behind, and start a new future. To settle his revenge and problems without Talon’s aid, it would be hard to let go but you and Gabriel Jr. were worth it.

(( A big shout-out to the anon who helped give me an idea for the prompt. Thank you. Send them love, because they helped me get inspired. <3))

Train Horn

A/N: This idea just came to me. Maybe it’s because my foot is hurt and I’ve been having to keep it clean. Anyways, Enjoy another GTA! verse fic!
Pairing: Michael x Reader
Word Count: 2144
Warning(s): Slight gore
Summary: Good thing you took a first aid class in community college.

You feel your apartment begin to shake before you hear the loud air horn shouting it’s arrival. 3:30 AM on the dot, a train carrying shipping containers chugs past your building in the south side of Los Santos. Your face screwed together as metal machinery took you from your much need slumber, like it did every other day of the week.

Why did Los Santos have to have a shipment 4 days out of the week and why did it have to pass your home every time? You’ve counted the routes the train could take where it wouldn’t disturb the residents and still get to the shipping yard on time, but city council ignore you, of course.

The world returned to silence as the train was gone and air has settled, but there was no way of getting back to sleep for you, you were wide awake. You found yourself staring up at the ceiling quite often, pondering life and the universe.

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Random Ralph Headcanons

Alright anon I hope you’re prepared, here’s what I got for Ralph headcanons! :D

•Introvert disguised as a very convincing extrovert
•Low key the mom friend of the group
•Makes sure everyone puts on sunscreen when it’s sunny, and brings extra layers for people when it’s cold
•Really likes having a routine schedule to follow (he likes familiarity)
•The friend that everyone goes to when they need advice, or need someone to diplomatically help them through and issue they’re having with another person
•Feels like it’s his personal responsibility for fixing any and all problems, even if the problems aren’t directly related to him
•Would actually take a bullet a stranger
•A very strange mix of overly trusting and constantly suspicious (don’t ask, he just somehow manages to do this)
•Doesn’t suppress emotions like Roger, but definitely lies to hide how he’s actually feeling
•However when he breaks, he’s capable of very violent emotional outbursts
•Always up for an adventure, but typically cautious about how he goes about said adventure (the best example of this is one time where him, Jack, and Roger went to break in to an old abandoned house, Ralph appointed himself the official lookout for the police even though Jack and Roger insisted it wasn’t necessary)
•Likes singer/songwriter music
•Organizes movie/pizza nights
•Falls asleep fairly early, but always wakes up at like 2 am to eat food
•Has a bit of anxiety about where he’ll end up in life; having a strong dislike for uncertainty, he often doubts himself and gets nervous about if he’ll be good enough
•Fairly popular in his school, but much prefers to stick to his friends/smaller crowds
•Will take care of others before he takes care of himself
•Often rushes in to break up fights that Jack and Roger get into, but will swing a punch if need be (only if he’s SEVERELY provoked)
•Would live at the beach if given the option
•Captain of the soccer team at his school, but also does track and field and is involved with student government
•Studies for hours at home if he has a big test the next day, but is not a good test taker
•Often times his overall grade in a class will be extremely high, but his individual test grades bring him down
•Refuses help from Piggy because he doesn’t like others getting involved in his business
•Piggy helps him anyway, and Ralph’s grades go up slowly but surely
•Not in band or choir, but has a very nice singing voice and can sorta play the piano
•Jack constantly tries to get him to do choir, but there just isn’t enough room in Ralph’s schedule
•Ralph and Jack are the couple that no one understands
•They’re opposites, at times they even seem like they hate each other, but really neither of them feel complete without the other
•Each of them brings what the other lacks (and secretly wants) in their life
•Jack brings adventure and excitement into Ralph’s life, and Ralph brings stability and comfortability into Jack’s
•Besides Jack, Ralph is closest to Piggy and Simon
•Piggy has been there for Ralph through thick and thin; he’s been the person that the advice giver goes to for advice
•And Simon is very similar to Ralph in a lot of ways, but often gives Ralph a completely different perspective of things that Ralph otherwise never would have realized
•Family is as equally important as friends, in Ralph’s book
•Ralph is a very loyal person, and it takes a lot for someone to truly lose his trust (he believes in second chances)
•But once someone’s lost that trust, Ralph will never think of them the same way again because it means they have literally broken every last straw
•With school, family, and friends, Ralph feels a lot of pressure to be “perfect”
•A lot of times he genuinely comes across like he IS perfect, but really he doesn’t like being help up to that standard
•He’s only concerned with doing what he likes, and doing what he thinks is right/beneficial; he neither likes not understands why he’s suddenly Mr. Perfect
•Ralph doesn’t want perfection, he just wants to do (and does) what feels right