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Hey! Could I request an RFA + V + Saeran react to a Magic!MC, and I'm not taking about card tricks either. Full blown, flick of the wrist and wow the room is spotless- but hides it because hello? Kind of a freak, government would test. Then they find out by walking in on her, or get suspicious of her, or she could have runes on her skin. Or whatever gender you make MC. Thank you if you do!

I’m really sorry about the delay on this one! It was a really fun request, but V and Saeran are taking me a little longer to do. So I decided to just post the main RFA for now and I’ll make another post with the other two when I’m done writing for them. Hope you like what I got so far! :)


- The first time he sees the strange, dark runes tattooing your body he’s shook.

- “Mc, are you…in a gang?!”

- “What?! No! I’m –”

- “A cult?!”

- It takes awhile to calm him down, but when you finally do, you decide you can trust him with the truth.

- You tell him all about how the runes on your body are there to enhance your magical power.

- “Are you teasing me? Did Seven put you up to this?”

- To prove yourself to him, you wave your arm and create a small ball of flame in the palm of your hand.

- His eyes practically bug out of his head.

- “MC….you’re like a real life LOLOL character!!!”

- He’s so excited and wants to tell everyone.

- But you quickly stop him and explain about the trouble you could be in if your secret got out.

- Then he’s afraid for you and vows to help you keep your secret in any way that he can.


- She’s always been so impressed with your ability to clean so efficiently.

- Like, the kitchen will be a mess from a day of trying out new recipes for the cafe. But she’ll leave for 5 minutes and returns to see you standing in a spotless kitchen.

- It should be impossible, really.

- She asks you about it, but you always seem to dodge the question by shrugging it off or distracting her.

- But one day, after the cafe has closed for the night, you start cleaning thinking that Jaehee had gone out to deal with a delayed delivery.

- Brooms are sweeping the floor by themselves, misplaced objects zip through the air to go back to their rightful places and dishes are dipping themselves into soapy water while a self-moving sponge scrubs them clean.

- Jaehee walks in right in the middle of all this.

- She’s so shook by the impossibility of what she’s seeing that she faints.

- She wakes up see your worried face, while you keep apologizing for what happened.

- She’s convinced what she saw was a dream, but you tell her the truth about your magic powers.

- You have to demonstrate numerous times. She just has such a hard time believing this is real.

- Finally she just sighs and gives you a small (but still nerve-wracked) smile.

- “Well…I guess this will save us a lot of time.”

- It takes quite awhile for her to stop getting freaked out when she sees you use your magic.

- But she’s also in complete awe of you! Like, you’re so amazing for being able to do this!

- And she does appreciate the time that gets saved!


- The two of you were in the kitchen preparing dinner.

- You were in the middle of slicing a carrot when your hand slips.

- The sharp knife cuts deep into your hand. The wound is very bad.

- Zen starts to panic and frantically looks for something to stop the bleeding.

- The bleeding is too heavy and you feel bad about how scared Zen is, so you decide to just go ahead and use your power.

- You wave your good hand over your wounded one….

- And the wound heals instantly!

- He stops freaking out, only to go stalk-still, mouth open and he looks from your face, to your hand, to your face again and back to your hand.

- Then he snatches your hand and brings it closer to his face to examine.

- “Babe….What?…How did?….”

- You explain everything. Your magical powers, how you have to hide it, etc.

- “Babe…you’re…amazing!” He picks you up in a hug and spins you around.

- You point out he may have a bit of regeneration magic because he can heal so fast.

- He knew you were a special couple! He’s so proud! Even if he can’t tell anyone else.


- He walks into the penthouse.

- “Darling, I was able to get away from work early today. Would you come down from there so I can –”

- He sees you just…floating in mid-air.

- You slowly float down to the ground, both of you staring at one another.

- Well…guess the secrets out.

- “MC…you’ve never told me you had the ability to float.”

- “Well, I can do other things too…” You explain all about your powers and demonstrate them.

- Since he’s literally seeing it with his own eyes, that’s good enough for him.

- “How intriguing!”

- He asks you so many questions and gets every book on any type of magic he can find.

- Becomes really protective of you using your ability because he’s worried about you getting caught and having people try to take you away.

- Not that he would ever let that happen

- but the thought of you being experimented on really frightens him.


- You’ve finally had it with him ignoring your requests for him to eat better

- So you took matters into your own hands

- You go through his stash of junk food, and just by touching the outside of the package, you change the food into healthier alternatives.

- The first time he opens a fresh can of Dr Pepper and takes a swig, only to get a mouthful of plain water, he is miffed, but ultimately blames it on a manufacturing error. 

- But when he opens a bag of Honey Buddah Chips and finds a bag full of broccoli he’s pretty shook.

- He notices how amused you seem by all of this and decides that you must be behind it somehow.

- So he sets up CCTVs in the kitchen to catch you in the act.

- He sees you going through his stash of snacks. Making sure your fingers touch each can of Dr. Pepper and every bag of chips.

- And through the camera he sees your hands light up every time you touch anything.

- So he calls you in and shows you the footage.

- “Well…looks like you caught me!” you giggle, then explain what you’ve been doing to his snacks and how you’ve been doing it.

- He freaks out (in a good way) and begs you to show him all the cool stuff you can do with your magic.

- He’s like an excited kid and you spend the whole day playing with your magic and Saeyoung wants to know everything about it. Were you born with it, do you know anyone else that has it, can you teach him to do any, etc.

- Having a hacker boyfriend can be super useful when it comes to keeping your magic a secret. He’ll hack in anywhere to delete evidence of your abilities!

- He does ask that you leave his precious HBCs alone though!

HOLY FUCKING SHIT I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE IT HAPPENED. i was like five and watching a bugs life and there was a ladybug character who everyone assumed was a girl because ladybug but he was actually a dude, and i remember thinking “he’s like me, everyone thinks i’m a girl, but i’m really a boy!” and then i promptly shoved that back entirely for the next ten years


Touhou 08   (Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect)

—English fanlyrics—


Caught by the light…  Deep in the night.

Squinting at a speck along a captivating flight.

What’s catching who?  Think, and it’s you!

Squirming in the trap of their sight.


Gone with the sun…  That day is done.

Take the present moment like there’s nothing more to lose.

What’s going on?  Blink, and it’s gone!

Why remember what you can’t use?


Your moon is big…  Your moon is bright.

Fill their field of vision with a single frame of light.

They say it’s small,  dull after all.

Say it like it’s true and it might. be.


This light I hold…  Glimmering gold.

Watch and see the watts that we’ll be multiplying soon.

Let’s make it rise!  shine in their eyes!

Stirring up a true autumn moon.

i drew our boi


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Its a Rock (Poe Drabble)

Requested by: Anon

Fandom: Star Wars

Prompt: "But it’s a rock.“

"I know it’s a rock! Don’t you think I know a rock when I see a rock? I’ve spent a lot of time around rocks!”

“You’re weird, but I like you.”-Bug’s Life

Character/s: Poe

Form: drabble

Warnings: None :00


You were a resistance pilot who had been sent to Jakku after Poe didn’t return to the base. After flying around for a while you spotted him and landed. You had to park pretty far away from him so you wouldn’t disturb him. You ran over to him where he was asleep on the ground, you poured some water into his mouth and he woke up. 

“Woah woah! I’m awake! I’m fine!” he said pushing the water bottle away.

“Oh, so what happened?” you asked putting a cap on the bottle and standing up.

“I woke up last night and walked a bit then I guess I feel asleep when I stopped.” he said with a small shrug. He smiled while you extended your hand to help him up. He took it and stood up, “Well, lets get out of here.”

You nod and look in a direction, “Okay I parked my ship this way, wait no! That way!” You say looking the other way and instantly realizing your mistake. He gave you a baffled look, “You don’t know were you landed??” You looked away a little, “um maybe… but look lets just walk that way!” you say and head off.

After walking a bit you got over heated and a little panicked. So when you saw something large and grey in the distance you nearly jumped for joy. “Poe Poe!!”


“Theres the ship!! C’mon lets go!” you say and grab his hand, to start running over to it. Suddenly Poe stops and you get jerked back. “What?” you say and shoot a confused glance to him.

“That would be the ship… but its a rock.” He says glancing to the rock then looking at you.

You squint a bit at it and oh shit he’s right. “Pfft! I know it’s a rock! Don’t you think I know a rock when I see a rock? I’ve spent a lot of time around rocks!“ You state matter of factually. He just chuckles in response  and shakes his head, “You’re too adorable!” 

“Hey! I am not adorable!”

“Yeah you are. Also you’re weird. But I like you!” 

You punch him lightly in the arm, “Hush you dork! Let’s go find the ship!”

He just smirked, “We are the ship here!” he says motioning between you,”Also you like me too, but won’t admit it.”

“Only a little” You say leaning into his side.


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Disney Drabble Prompts 


If you never knew...

How can you know what FRIENDSHIP is if you never knew Woody and Buzz?

How can you know what PERCIVIERENCE is if you never knew Flick?

How can you know what BUSY is if you never knew Atta?

How can you know what ABANDONMENT is if you never knew Jessie?/p>

How can you know what CARING is if you never knew James “Sully” P Sullivan?

How can you know what HARDWORKING is if you never knew Mike Wazowski?

How can you know what COURAGE is if you never knew Marlin?

How can you know what KINDNESS is if you never knew Dory?

How can you know what WILLPOWER is if you never knew Bruce?

How can you know what HEROISM is if you never knew the Paar Family?

How can you know what VICTORY is if you never knew Lightening McQueen?

How can you know what TALENT is if you never knew Remy?

How can you know what CURIOSITY is if you never knew WALL-E?

How can you know what LOVE is if you never knew Carl and Ellie?

How can you know whatLOYALTY is if you never knew Dug?

How can you know what PAIN is if you never knew Lotso?

How can you know what DESTINY is if you never knew Merida?

How can you know what DEFEAT is if you never knew Randall?

How can you know what SYMPATHY is if you never knew Sadness?

How can you know what SACRIFICE is if you never knew Bing Bong?

How can you know what HAPPINESS is if you never knew Pixar?

Rules: Tag 9 people who you'd like to get to know better

oh gosh, I was tagged in a thing!! @stefy4ever, thank you!! :D

Relationship status: Single

Favorite color: Purple

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, I constantly have a tube with me because my lips are always so dry and/or cracked!

Last song I’ve listened to: “Heavydirtysoul” by Twenty-One Pilots

Last movie I watched: Wall-E and I’m currently watching A Bug’s Life

Top 3 fictional characters: wow, this is really putting a lot of pressure on me
1. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
2. Peridot from Steven Universe
3. Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Top 3 ships: so many ships! I’ll do three sims ships and three non-sims ships
Sims Ships: Johnny/Ophelia, Dirk/Lilith, David Ottomas/Jules O’Mackey
Non-Sims Ships: Harry/Hermione (HP), Peridot/Amethyst (SU), Star/Marco (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)

Books I’m currently reading: not reading any books atm unless you count my DSM-V (counseling stuff)

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any character from bug's life

based off my blog, what other characters could you see me roleplay as?

But I’ll tell you something. What I respect most about that man is that when was going through that stuff from the press that said Antz was basically a rip-off of Bug’s Life, he stood true to his films, or at least the one I saw, which again is Antz. The thing is, I thought Bug’s Life was better. Much better than Antz. Point is, don’t listen to your critics. Listen to your fans. - Michael G Scott

The Signs as Forgotten Disney Characters
  • Aries: Jaq (Cinderella)
  • Taurus: Flick (A Bug's Life)
  • Gemini: King Croc (All Dogs go to Heaven)
  • Cancer: Mooch (Lady and the Tramp 2)
  • Leo: Crush (Finding Nemo)
  • Virgo: Big Mama (Fox and the Hound)
  • Libra: Nakoma (Pocahontas)
  • Scorpio: Hamm (Toy Story)
  • Sagittarius: Bagheera (The Jungle Book)
  • Capricorn: Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone)
  • Aquarius: EVE (Wall-e)
  • Pisces: Timothy Q. Mouse (Dumbo)

Perfecting the Art of Cartoon Cosmetics with @laurajenkinson

To see more lip-art creations from London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson, follow @laurajenkinson on Instagram.

With a little makeup, a lot of patience and a slight curl of the lip, Laura Jenkinson (@laurajenkinson) brings the most beloved cartoon characters to life on her face. From Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to Nemo and Shrek, Laura has painted more than fifty cartoon masterpieces on her mouth and chin in the last year. She started this project on Instagram as a way to stand out as a makeup artist in the competitive beauty industry. “I knew I wanted to do something different, and equally something that would bring happiness to people,” she says. “If I can spend a couple of hours a day making at least a handful of people smile—then why not?”

Now with a growing list of followers, Laura gets constant encouragement and inspiration from her fans. “My creations now mainly come from people’s requests and their ideas. I generally don’t have many uninspired days anymore.”