a brief summary: currents


name/alias: brooke.
timezone: cst.
what kind of plots are you looking for: angst. action – anything political and dissecting of the gang culture or consequences. anything that involves him balancing two separate lives. will link a page later with desired connections and plots.
do you prefer para/script/novella: para preferred, novella and script are fine as well.
a brief summary on your muse: currently a federal agent for nis (south korea’s chief intelligence agency), he has been undercover for several years with the outfit. he’s mostly motivated by vengeance. temperamental, conceited, ambitious – can talk his way out of any situation. a strategist and natural fighter. but fiercely loyal to those he deem worthy.
a gif that best describes you:

New Update For Black Ops 3 Released, and Future Updates Announced!

Newton’s Cookbook

Just when we thought Black Ops III’s lifespan was over, Treyarch has announced, and released (as of yesterday) a new update for the game, including a new addition to Zombies, with Newton’s Cookbook! Newton’s Cookbook, in a brief summary, is a new way for players to convert their current Gobblegum into different ones! Treyarch has also announced that they will be updating BO3 well into 2017. Is it possible that we will be getting clarification on our Primis characters after all? We will just have to wait and see!

A Brief Summary
  • Past Me: [fanfic is AU] mmm idk man
  • Current Me: [fanfic is AU] fcuk yEAH BRING IT ON
  • Past Me: [fanfic is more than 10,000 words] mmm idk man
  • Current Me: [fanfic is probably more than 5,000,000 words] is tHAT ALL YOU GOT?!
  • Past Me: [fanfic isn't on fanfiction.net] mmm idk man
  • Current Me: [fanfic isn't on AO3] mmm idk man

I’m honestly not exactly sure how often I’ll be able to update at this point.

Here is a brief summary as to why:

- I’m currently working on making a comic and that takes some time.

- I’ve been trying to practice art even more than before and I’ve started to draw once again more than just MLP art.

-I’ve been writing a couple of fanfics and that takes a bit of time as well.

-I’ve been also watching Vinesauce a hell lot and making art of it.

- I’m about to get an internship job, but it takes 7 hours out of my day with absolutely no pay till the next month, so pppppt


I can probably update in black and white if that is not a big issue to anyone, and it’s possibly the best option.

And that is all I suppose.