a brief infatuation

a compilation of learning on the etruscan language

1. I have Solved the mystery of Etruscan, based on this: aesar, meaning ‘god,’ it’s clearly related to the Norse 'aesir’

2. holy shit, Etruscan is the fakest looking language:

  ita tmia icac he
  ramašva vatieχe
  unial astres θemia
  sa meχ θuta Θefa
  riei velianas sal
  cluvenias turu
  ce munis tas θuvas
  tameresca ilacve
  tul erase nac ci avi
  l χurvar, tešiameit
  ale ilacve alšase
  nac atranes zilac
  al, sel eita la acnašv
  ers itanim heram
  ve avil eniaca pulum χva.

3. Antenna comes from Etruscan

4. lol: “Typically if a Latin word has an unknown, uncertain or disputed origin, it is considered a possible candidate for deriving in whole or in part from an Etruscan word”

5. there is an Etruscan texts project

6. et ceterum lol: “Unfortunately the only new Etruscan word that could be extracted from close analysis of the tablets was the word for "three”, ci.“

Some of y'all wanted Rick to talk about Jessie? Well he did. He made it clear to his son that what he had with Michonne Is DIFFERENT. And worth discussing with him as a family. In other words, not some brief infatuation, but something real and lasting built on friendship and love and mingled with passion for how awesome they are together.

Or something like that.

i really just do not understand the logic wherein

the culmination of a three season slow burn between best friends with an impenetrable bond who have been co-parenting for like a year

is somehow “cheapened”

because of its perceived proximity to the ignominious end of rick’s non-relationship with a woman he knew for two weeks

how does the abortive rick/jessie relationship being unconsummated, unimportant, and unmourned before the show moved along to the main event, aka richonne which it’d been carefully building towards for seasons, cheapen anything but rick/jessie?

i mean, as much as you even CAN cheapen something that literally exists for no other reason than as a narrative primer for the actual storyline.

like that shit doesn’t even sound right

ah yes well rick began and ended a brief infatuation w/ a rando that was 95% him projecting about his inability to protect his dead wife right before rick/michonne happened

so clearly him realizing that he was and has been deeply in love with michonne, the person closest to him in the world who he trusts the most in the world, and them being together is the only thing that makes sense and the only thing they want is IRREPARABLY CHEAPENED and their de facto marriage of respected partners and equals ETERNALLY BESMIRCHED


but i guess if you want to just ignore the reality of the relationships in question and create your own narrative??? …okay?

My haul from sticky-institute’s The Festival of The Photocopier, 2015 at the Melbourne Town Hall

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A Brief but Intense Infatuation by karysmcewen and Samantha Penelope Riegl

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