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it’s time. for meta. about how Viktor Nikiforov is the Most Transparent™ because I need to establish this.

Y’all have accepted that he’s got an excellent control over his temper. You’ve also accepted Viktor’s pretty good at acting. I agree with both of those things, at least, to an extent. 

In terms of his temper yeah I totally agree. He doesn’t lash out (generally), and his actions, if there are any, are highly restrained in proportion to his anger. That being said, it’s super apparent when Viktor’s annoyed. Like here! Episode four!

Look at him he’s blatantly annoyed. He’s got the fucking shadows over his eyes and everything.

But even after Yuuri turns around, look at his face. This isn’t like a true Cheery Viktor™ face. This is like Viktor pretending to be his normal self, but it’s clearly not working like. At all. And we saw him make the transition to this face. Came with a ding noise and everything. We know this isn’t accurate at all anyway. And I think Yuuri knows too considering his reaction. 

Is that fear or is that fear. (Hint: it’s fear). Like, of course part of this is definitely attributed to Yuuri’s anxiety, of this I have no doubts. But I think if Viktor wasn’t so transparently annoyed in the way he made his entrance, to his not quite genuine face, to his tone of voice, it probably wouldn’t look like this. 

in episode 5 you’ve got more annoyed Viktor, but in this episode he makes no attempt at hiding it, I mean look.


To quote dub Viktor in episode 2: “that’s not a happy face.”

I could get more from that pre-SP hug in particular but you really get my point here. He’s clearly not happy. Very transparent. 

I’m not going to address episode 10 because everyone and their mother has already addressed episode 10. We all know Viktor was Fucking Pissed (insert that one Kirby picture but like. with Viktor).  

Viktor is very transparent in his anger, but it doesn’t stop there. Because Viktor wears his entire heart on his sleeve, and I think he’s aware of this. That’s why, especially for the public, he acts. And here’s where it gets tricky. Because I think Viktor’s a good actor, but only for a specific type of audience: the general public. 

We know that before Yuuri Viktor was depressed, given how he talks about his past and what little we’ve seen from it. He’s described skating as a shackle around his neck, and his life before Yuuri was devoid of “life and love” But there’s visual indicators of this too. Like these brief glimpse of the old Viktor in episode 11.

He’s so sad and miserable I am going to cry Vitya let me hug you. But there’s another reason I showed this. It’s to compare this, with Viktor by himself, to Viktor in front of a crowd.

He’s won the GPF for the fifth time in a row. The crowd is going wild, but look at his face. His smile. We know Viktor. We know what a truly happy Viktor looks like. He’s got a heart shaped smile and his whole body radiates joy, and this isn’t him. That smile isn’t even a real smile. Viktor’s just doing it because it’s expected, and the crowd eats it up, like they eat up the rest of his public persona. But it’s fake. We know he’s not happy and we even know what happy Viktor looks like. It’s so obvious.

“but if it’s so fake, why do they buy it?” Because they don’t know him. And we didn’t either when all of us first watched this episode, so we all bought it. Maybe we, and maybe some of his fans, think something is off, but no one knows him well enough to prove anything. It’s all speculation. All they have (and all we had) is just what Viktor wanted to show us. That’s why it works. He’s a great actor to the public and the like, because the public is never shown anything he doesn’t want them to see. 

But this wouldn’t work on anyone who knows him. Like Yakov. This is where it gets into hc territory, I suppose but I imagine Yakov would notice. He’s been Viktor’s coach for so long, and if you look at the brief glances of younger Viktor to this Viktor, they’re very different. Yakov honestly feels like Viktor’s dad at this point, so he would notice. Maybe he’s even tried to bring it up, but Viktor acts in front of everyone, not just a crowd. “I’m fine, Yakov.” You’re not, Yakov thinks, but he can’t successfully bring it up with Viktor. 

Less HC territory is Yurio, who clearly noticed something was wrong, but didn’t put it together properly. Yurio concludes Viktor’s lost his inspiration and he’s entered a slump. Maybe that’s true, but that’s not all of it. But he still knows something is wrong.

I can’t argue for anyone else who was probably a part of Viktor’s life at this point, as we have basically nothing to base it off of. With Georgi or Mila or Chris we don’t actually know if they were even close, or how close, before Yuuri. There’s nothing to base it off of. 

We actually see Yuuri make a transition from one side to the other. Yuuri was a fan who didn’t know Viktor, and slowly gets to know him, seeing beyond the man he put on a pedestal. It’s pretty neat.

tl;dr: Viktor is hella transparent. I agree he’s got good control over his temper, and that he acts, but he’s still transparent as fuck.

Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5. Simon.

It’s getting late, and I’m tired and desperate to go home. Baz has been acting quiet and sullen all day, and I want to check on him and make sure everything’s okay. I’ve been flying around all afternoon saving kids from drowning in lakes and rescuing hikers trapped in the forest and I even flew someone’s cat down from a tree. Sometimes being a superhero is a lot less exciting than people might think.

I’m almost back to the Watford campus when I see a group of people outside a bar that I immediately get a bad feeling about. I fly lower and land on the roof. There’s a group of tough-looking men and women who have someone cornered by the back door. My tail starts swishing behind me and I’m about to leap into the fray when I hear shouts and the sound of pounding feet.

A girl has broken out of the group and is running for her life, blonde hair swinging behind her. She’s clutching something that I realise must be pepper spray. She’s wearing heels and a dress that I suddenly recognise – it’s Agatha.

One of the men has started chasing her. I leap down from the building but before I even make it to the ground, a blurry shape rushes past me and seems to collide with him. There’s a brief scuffle and then the guy is lying on the ground, unconscious.

I catch a glimpse of him before he goes after the rest of the group. Basilton Pitch. Of course, this kind of thing is usually his job. I leave him to it and fly after Agatha.

‘Agatha –’ Shit. I almost forgot that she doesn’t know it’s me. And if Basilton heard me call her by name, he might be able to figure out who I am. I can’t let him have the upper hand.

I don’t know whether or not she heard me, but she only runs faster, which finally makes her trip over her heels and fall on her face (I’m surprised she ran so fast in those things). I land next to her.

‘It’s just me,’ I say, bending to help her up.

She looks relieved. ‘Snow. Great. Thank you.’ She throws a panicked glance over her shoulder, still breathing hard.

We both get a shock when Basilton suddenly appears in front of us.

‘Are you hurt?’ he says to her, his voice icy cold.

‘I’ve got it under control,’ I butt in.

‘I wasn’t talking to you, Snow,’ he growls.

‘I’m fine,’ Agatha says. ‘Just shaken.’

He nods curtly and starts to walk away.

‘Hey,’ I call, ‘where are you going?’

‘She says she’s fine,’ he says without turning around.

‘Your job isn’t done! Aren’t you going to make sure she actually gets home safely?’

He stops walking and turns around with a sigh. ‘Why would she need me when she has the great heroic Snow?’

‘But it’s your job,’ I say stubbornly. Why is he acting like such a villain? He usually at least pretends to care about anyone he rescues.

‘Why are you even here, then?’

‘I was just in the area.’ Fuck, now he’ll know I live nearby. ‘There was an incident. With a cat. Near here.’

‘Right,’ he says, the scorn heavy in his voice. ‘A cat. So that’s what the mighty and revered superhero does with his time.’

My tail is twitching behind me. It does that when I’m agitated. Of course Basilton notices.

‘Are you going to strangle me with that tail of yours?’ he taunts. ‘Or are you going to fly up and drop me off a building, like your father did to my –’

I slam into him (as if I’m responsible for my father’s actions) and try to punch him in the jaw (it was an accident, why can’t he accept that, of course Davy didn’t mean to) and he ducks out of the way (I’m so tired of him taking everything out on me and it’s not like he hasn’t killed people too). We’re circling each other in the middle of a deserted alleyway.

‘Go on,’ he says. ‘Don’t you have better things to do than fight me?’

I’m seeing red, and I want to tell him that he’s a villain and that makes it my job to fight him, but I remember Agatha watching us and tell myself to calm down. Agatha’s my friend. I don’t want her to see this, even if she doesn’t know that it’s me.

‘Fine,’ I spit. ‘I’ll make sure she’s safe, since you don’t seem to care.’

He shakes his head. ‘This isn’t over.’

‘It’s never over, is it, nemesis mine.’ (It pisses him off when I call him that, which is the only reason why I do it.) I turn around and walk back to Agatha, who’s been watching us with barely concealed curiosity. And possibly some contempt.

‘I can get home by myself,’ she says to me.

‘I know. I’m going the same way.’

‘How do you know where I’m going?’

I shrug. ‘Just a gut feeling.’


I shed my disguise on the roof of the building as usual and make my way down to room 61. At least I escaped without any injuries this time, so Baz won’t ask any questions.

I try to get back into my regular uni student Simon headspace before going into the room. I remember last night, when I fell asleep on Baz’s bed and he tucked me in and we swapped beds for the night. I remember sitting right up close to him as we watched the movies. I can’t remember what either movie was about, I was too busy noticing how it felt to have him so close to me. Too busy imagining all the different ways he might react if I leaned over and kissed his cheek, or if I reached over and started playing with his hair, or if I laced our fingers together.

I didn’t do any of those things, obviously. But I want to. I want to do more than that. Today though, in all the classes we shared and in the afternoon, he was withdrawn. He barely spoke to me unless I spoke to him first. I wonder if he regrets sleeping in my bed last night. If he thinks we crossed a line that he didn’t want us to cross.

I take a deep breath before turning my key in the lock and shoving open the door. Baz is on his bed fiddling with his phone. He doesn’t look up when I come in.

‘Where were you?’ he asks.

‘I – um – with Agatha,’ I blurt. (It’s technically true.)

His face remains expressionless. ‘I see,’ he says.

I sit on the edge of my bed, facing him.

‘Is everything okay?’ I ask.

He looks up and raises an eyebrow. ‘Sure. Why wouldn’t it be?’

‘It’s just…’ I frown. ‘You’re being distant.’

‘Am I?’

‘If it’s about yesterday…’


I roll my eyes. ‘Come on, Baz. You know. Me sleeping in your bed.’ I’m probably blushing. Fuck. He must know how I feel.

‘It wasn’t a big deal, Simon,’ he says.


‘You said you were fine with it,’ he says, his eyes flicking up to meet mine.

‘I – I was,’ I stammer. ‘I am.’

‘What’s the problem, then?’ He narrows his eyes at me. ‘Is this because you were with Agatha? Because it’s not like we –’

Oh. Oh. Agatha. My ex.

‘No,’ I blurt out, cutting him off. ‘I mean, I wasn’t with Agatha, not like… you know. We’re just friends. I mean, it’s been months, and we’re really close, but we’re definitely – we’re just friends.’

He waits for me to stop rambling. ‘Sure, Simon,’ he says. ‘And you’re okay with that?’

‘Yeah, I’m – yeah, totally,’ I say. I rub my hand over my eyes. ‘I mean, I’m not interested in Agatha anymore, if that’s what you’re asking.’ I hesitate, biting my lip. ‘I’m actually – I might be interested in someone else.’

I peek up at him and – he’s smiling, this tiny, private smile like he’s trying not to let me see it, but I do see it, and I want to walk over there and kiss it off his lips. Instead, I blush madly, grab my pyjamas and rush out the door.

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I want a child ~ Suga

“I want a child,” Yoongi murmurs. Yoongi shrugs, at a loss for words himself. He keeps staring up at the ceiling, just like he did every time after going to bed, when the moon was high in the sky and the starts were shining bright. After a full moment of silence, his voice had gotten deeper; brooding.

You hum silently as you let your fingers graze gently on Yoongi’s naked chest. It’s soft under your fingertips, sweet and it itches your mouth with a sudden urge to kiss it (bite it, maybe). You can feel his own fingers caressing your thigh, and it’s a simple move, not sexual and it’s comforting. Soothing.

“Not now, I mean, someday.” he continues and when you look up to steal a glimpse at his face, Yoongi’s eyes are hooded and mostly hidden under a too long fringe, but they are bright and full of life. A car is honking outside the open windows, and you frown at how disrespectful it feels for the little bubble both Yoongi and you are in is too comfortable to let anyone try to disturb.

“With me?” you asked so softly that you wondered if he had heard you. He probably did because then, he darts his eyes away to your face and the soothing circles on your waist came to a halt for a brief moment before they start again.

Of course it was with you because you had become a thing that was more relevant to Yoongi’s life than anything else. He wished for you when he was younger, hands tucked over his heart with his eyes closed. He wished for your smiles, the way your head tipped back when you laughed, your warm breath brushing over his skin. He wished for your wisdom and your adventures. He wished for your kisses and for your touch. 

When he got all of those things in life, he knew he wouldn’t have to wish for much more, but it didn’t hurt to close his eyes and wish for the apartment you two had kept your eyes on for months. It didn’t hurt to close his eyes and wish for happiness with you, a forever with you in his arms. It didn’t hurt to close his eyes and count to ten, to think of all the things in his life that he did have. 

And maybe he was selfish for wishing for one more thing. One last thing.

As he curls his fingers more tightly around yours, he wishes for that one more thing, and he wishes it out loud. “If you still want me by then.“ 

You slowly let your lips curl into a smile and take in the scents of Yoongi’s fading cologne. You breathe out with the intake of air you steal from his chest and when you nodded, you can feel the breath leaving his lungs crashing into your face; and it almost feels as if Yoongi was holding his breath, afraid of the answer you might have responded.

“I will,” you promise softly, and you close your eyes against the memories that you wish will happen. With Yoongi. Always with Yoongi. “I always will.”

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I really didn’t know what to make of it so that’s why I took so long.. I apologize very deeply! 

- Nageoire 

Confession #2,085

my medication is what makes my life worth living. my number one reason to live is usually my next dose. I feel like a drug addict, except instead of chasing a high I’m chasing neutrality. I’m not addicted to a high, I’m addicted to a lack of pain, to a feeling of normalcy. I’m addicted to the reduction of symptoms and increased functioning. my medication gives me a brief glimpse into what my mind and body would have been like without this illness, and it’s the closest i’ll ever get to having a functioning body and mind.

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hi miya! i'm curious about something. there's something i noticed about the way you about v and jimin. that their relationship wasn't as easy as a lot of people make it to be? most fans would refer to them as 'soulmates' or 'friendship goals' but you also said they could've easily hated each other. the fanservice these days too! is it a glimpse of real life? lol i'm not hatin (lay the shippers off me pls) i love them to bits but i'm a little skeptical because of how you read their r/s? thoughts?

Hi, anon! I’ll try to be brief, I swear.

But well! They mentioned it themselves how at first, during predebut, they fought a lot. They didn’t exactly get along at first, but never said why it was like that. So comparing their charts and taking what I’ve seen of them I’d say it could’ve been because they were very different in the beginning. I mean, they still are, but back then… Can you imagine how Jimin must have felt only having BigHit as an option (he said he tried more than one company but only got chosen by BH) while Taehyung wasn’t even supposed to be there that day, just went to cheer for his friend and got accepted? lmao Jimin is a very prideful guy, so it could be that only by seeing that happen already made him kinda have a different opinion of Taehyung than the one he has nowadays.

Another thing is that Jimin is a perfeccionist with his Arts, takes hours praticing, is known to practice even during his free time. The guy is very harsh and demanding with himself. Taehyung, however… I’m not saying he’s not great at his job, he definitely is - but I’m not sure to what extent he truly is dedicated to it like Jimin is. Now, please don’t get me wrong, Taehyung is amazing and definitely has awesome skills - but I’ve mentioned many times how I’ve always thought that he’s secretly a rebel that hates what the entertainment world involves. So that could mean that while he shows up to practices and does his things the way he should, he’s not as dedicated as Jimin is - at least, not in a submissive manner. Jimin is more likely to be obedient while Taehyung isn’t like that all… Not from what I can tell of his chart, anyway. Moon in Aries, Venus in Aquarius, basically everything else in Capricorn… Guy is stubborn af. And probably outright says what he’s feeling and how against he is about whatever it is that he’s being against of. Will do it, but will make faces while doing it. lol Jimin, in the other hand, has the hardest time communicating - not only is his Mercury retrograde but it’s also in Libra, a sign that yearns for recognition and praise, mostly wanting to be nice and diplomatic instead of fighting for what it wants. So this definitely made them clash. And don’t even get me started on the amount of feelings that Jimin has, guy is intense af while Taehyung can be quite cold (at least, from what I can see without his birth time). Totally opposites regarding that, Jimin is constantly worried about others while Taehyung does love the people he loves but has a harder time identifying how to take care of them, etc. These characteristics were definitely stronger when they were younger.

Having all these differences could’ve easily made them hate each other, being opposites in the way they are. However, they instead somehow realized that they had a lot to learn from each other - one helps the other managing the amount of feelings the other has, one helps the other being more aware of something, etc. It probably happened when one relied on the other at a time of pain or stuff like that, and suddenly they realized they actually needed each other. I can’t really tell exactly how it works in their daily routine without the birth times, but I know this need of teaching the other what one is good at is a constant thing in their lives. 

To be honest, to me… They’re the ones that least do fanservice, mostly because they’re so close in real life that it just shows naturally. And normally they don’t force a romantic kind of way fanservice too, they’re mostly bickering here and there - which I bet is something that they just do on a daily basis. lol All members always mention them as the 95 brats and stuff like that, they wouldn’t do it as frequently as they do it if it weren’t true. Although they do some fanservice now and then because at the end of the day it is their job… I honestly feel like most of their interactions are genuine, their charts go quite well together and makes it seem to me that they have a really strong bond that involves a lot of growth for both. I bet they still fight a lot to this day. lmao But mostly silly fights, one loves bothering the other, etc. And they easily make up on the same day. Could also involve some more serious fights since both can be quite stubborn and quick to react, but still - they end up forgiving each other ‘cause their love is bigger than their prides. Anyway, that’s what I think of it without the birth times… Could be totally wrong, though.

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(this scene right here shows a lot to me of how close they actually are - they’re so close that this type of fanservice can get kinda of awkward since it’s based in something fake but what they have is actually real?? not sure how to explain this lol)

Episode 31 impressions! I saw the better quality subbed version.

I love how all the little details about the reveal are put together here.

There was a very gradual rise of tension in the episode, culminating in some of the best few minutes in the whole story so far. The animation in those minutes was also incredible, putting aside the brief glimpse at a CG Colossal Titan.

If there is one thing I want right now and I’ll definitely will forever remember it’s that rearrangement of Vogel Im Käfig.

In the manga it felt more like a shocking reveal, but I really felt it here. Reiner was sort of a pillar of security for Eren and the whole 104th and him being just another life, just another child and teen, definitely hit really hard to me. The betrayal part shone through very strongly here, too.

I noticed a few little off shots art-wise, but that doesn’t matter because of that moment at the end.

I loved how they executed Reiner’s speech before his transformation, too - gave it appropriate time and gravitas through that.

Again, the small additions all felt very nice, too. We never had that small moment with Connie and Mikasa in the manga - again, shows that Mikasa cares for all the 104th and isn’t just Eren-centric.

This just makes me really excited for the additions and execution of some of the material in later arcs.

Incredible episode.

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It's only been a week and i already miss pb so much! I want s6 happy family time

me too! i’m not entirely sure what to do with my life right now because the past nine weeks at this time i’ve been anxiously preparing for the new episode and now there’s nothing. i’m like… what did i do with my life on tuesday nights before prison break came back?! 

and believe me, i too want happy family time, but if there’s a season six, it will absolutely NOT be about happy family time. it’s not going to come back and be a sitcom about michael and sara and mike living together, happily figuring out life. likely we’d get a brief glimpse of happy family time before michael was ripped away from his family again for whatever reason. and whatever pulled him away would no doubt leave sara and mike and whatever other little scofield that has come along in harms way as well. 

if i could get a guarantee that season six would be nothing but happy family time, i would 100% be the first person leading the charge to bring it back. but i know well enough to know that it won’t be that. paul scheuring likes death and blood and all the things i don’t like too much for it to be that. so i’d rather just leave well enough alone than have the scofields in danger again.

Do you really remember me?

|| Takes place immediately after the destruction of Ganon (BOTW)  ||

“May I ask… do you really remember me?”

Her words hung in the air; a deafening silence clinging to them. Does he remember her? He remembers glimpses from his past yet none of these memories truly feel like they belong to him. It was a life, long forgotten, from which Link felt detached. The brief images that stirred in his brain felt as if he were watching two complete strangers. Yet he could not deny this strange ache in his heart as he stared back into the Princess’ inquisitive eyes. He may not remember her truly, but there was something inside him that longed to know more, no, craved to know more.

So no, he did not remember her very much, but he could not deny the desire to unlock the hidden moments from the past. Unbeknown to Link, he may just begin to fall in love all over again…


(This was my first fic so I don’t know how good it is or even if people enjoyed it. I’m not too sure on the ending either. I’ve always wanted to have a go at writing so hopefully it went ok. I may do more fics in the future from other fandoms or more LoZ I don’t know yet)

Housemates!NCT Part 3

Minus the minis ofc

Your university runs out of dorm space, forcing you to find a last minute living arrangement with some international students. In other words, you’re basically screwed.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity

Word Count: 1200ish bc i closed my google doc woops

Part One | Part Two | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six |  Part Seven | Part Eight | Part 9 | Part 10

Also check out my College! thing too to help you tide yourselves over as i’m a shit head :)

College!Jaehyun | Ten

A/N: I can’t believe y’all like this shit omfg. Also there’s a small serious part in here but it gets resolved fairly quickly. Part Four scheduled for either this Friday or Saturday.

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ok but hear me out here:
- abandoned mines and ghost towns
- bizarre and aging ~miner aesthetic~
- radio stations are nothing but static, only distant and far-off voices come through
- faded signs advertising las vegas, a brightly colored and bizarre oasis in nevada, far removed from the expansive desert you’re in
- no seagulls anywhere… nothing but the circling ravens
- the only other sign of life you see are the brief glimpses of coyotes, rail thin creatures with too-long legs and gleaming eyes
- worn down gift shops hundreds of miles from any signs of life, whose eccentric shop owners seem to know something you don’t
- the creeping feeling you’ve passed that joshua tree before….
- stark-white, alien, slow-moving windmills in groups of hundreds
- the loud and ever-present howling wind, hotter than hell and blowing tumbleweeds hauntingly across long stretches of highways

if you don’t think southern california is creepy you haven’t spent enough time here

Life comes to me
In snipits and
In daydreams.
I see everything so clearly for a moment before
A breeze comes through and clears my mind.
Were we to see
In its entirety
We would certainly not survive it.
And so
We are treated to pieces
To whispers
To brief glimpses
Of the Truth.
But when we try to put those little bits and pieces together
It is like trying to build a single image
Of pieces from millions of different puzzles.
—  all small things

i think what draws me to the reyes romance is he’s got a life outside of ryder, and its significant to his character and he’s active in working apart from ryder. 

i want to romance someone on the tempest but because they’re crew/squadmates you’re stuck with them 24/7. There’s no break, and they are open books. It just…leaves me unsatisfied. There’s no alternate bonds. Reyes has a whole life on Kadara, and while obviously the crew can’t be too involved elsewhere, you only catch glimpses of their andromeda lives through either brief meetings (like with jill or sid, even the angara from liam’s loyalty mission) or the person telling ryder about it second hand. 

I just wish there was more activity? Let me go on a nexus or kadara port date with Suvi,  let me have a close-to-end-game friend or romanced shady deal quest with Vetra where you get a look into her smuggling ops (that isn’t coated in her helping everyone involved) or even just getting to know them on another level that leaves QUESTIONS

like i think thats my biggest peeve. With you’re crew, they’re an open book and they have no life (Even social really) beyond the Tempest. With Reyes, you’re left questioning his past and present and future because he’s still a mystery.

tl;dr i wish the tempest crew was a little more mysterious/had more active andromeda lives so there was some questions left unanswered and mystery you can speculate about

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Wow, okay…so for the first few seasons I didn’t even notice Bethyl, because their characters basically had zero interaction and for so long Beth was portrayed as just the sweet, angelic, fragile daughter of Hershel that tried to kill herself. 

The first time I remember sensing an interesting dynamic between them was in ‘30 Days Without An Accident’, when Daryl goes to tell her that Zach’s dead and she just tells him, “I don’t cry anymore”, then she hugs him. I don’t know why that scene struck a chord with me, maybe because it’s the first tiny glimpse of real character development we saw from Beth and although it was a very brief interaction, it felt really meaningful and showed a vulnerable side to both of them. 

Then season 4 happened and…wow. Here are these two characters that could not be more opposite if they tried. There’s Daryl, the badass, hot tempered, trailer trash who completely lacked any kind of stability or love in his childhood, practically raised himself and was exposed to the crueller side of life from such a young age and then there’s Beth, this pure, innocent church girl that in comparison to Daryl had a privileged life full of love and kindness and opportunities. Everything - and I mean everything - about them is opposite, then the world was thrown into chaos, they met by pure coincidence and then by another twist of fate were thrown into another awful situation (after Hershel’s death and the Govenor’s raid on the prison) and ended up alone together, separated from the rest of the group. The thing that makes Bethyl so special in my eyes, is that the time they spent together brought out an entirely new side to both of them - by solidifying Beth as a unique and worthy character and proving that the real Daryl isn’t necessarily in keeping with the facade he puts on a lot of the time - and that was truly the most heartwarming thing to see. 

Daryl is always so thick skinned and tries to conceal his emotions and stay strong but in reality he’s such a sensitive and troubled soul and Beth’s sensitivity and gentleness just brought out this raw and soft side to him. He spoke about his feelings, his childhood, he actually took her to his childhood home that was a source of painful memories for him and she listened to him, encouraged him to share with her and then she actually threw caution to the wind and said, “Fuck it, let’s burn this goddamn house to the ground, because that’s what you need to finally be free”. That moment (and the entirety of 4x11 actually) was just perfect. Beth challenged Daryl to face up to his emotional pain and baggage so that it would stop consuming him and Daryl exposed Beth to a different side of life and humanity, that I don’t think she’d truly seen before - even amidst a zombie apocalypse - and that was so important for her to develop as a person. By being with Daryl she completely destroyed the entire perception I (and probably everyone else, Daryl himself included) had of her up until that point. It’s like she was a phoenix that literally emerged from the ashes as this renewed and stronger person. 

When Daryl and Beth were together for that time, everything had gone to hell and they thought they might’ve lost everyone they cared about, like they literally had nothing to live for and things couldn’t have possibly gotten any worse, but they found their reason to live and it was each other

Those scenes in 4x13 when they’re in the church prove that. When Beth sings, Daryl just lies there and watches her and says, “Don’t stop.” You can see the hope and joy he feels just at hearing her sing. When they’re sitting in the kitchen and Beth asks, “So you do still think there’s good people in the world? What changed your mind?” and he just says, “You know…” and he looks at her and she looks at him and even though he doesn’t say it, it’s obvious that it’s her. Just being with her in that short space of time showed him that there was still good in the world, that there was something to go on living for. She was the embodiment of good in his eyes and for someone like Daryl who’s so cynical and generally sees the worst in the world and others, that was a huge deal. 

Basically, I love everything about Bethyl’s relationship. They’re one of the few ships where I can stand back and truly say that the writers did such a fantastic job in portraying their relationship, that I don’t think I would’ve changed a single thing about it (except I would’ve kept Beth alive, cos seriously she was killed off waaaay too prematurely, but that’s a separate issue). Bethyl didn’t need to become canon and have a big proclamation of love or sex for viewers to see that they had very complex and deep emotional ties to each other that were multi-layered and that definitely had romantic undertones. Like they connected in such a profound way that genuinely changed them so much in such a short space of time and it provided them with hope and joy at a time when it should’ve been impossible. 

But what I probably love most about them is that their relationship was very much rooted in actions, expressions and almost intuitive communication. They actually exchanged very few words that were meaningful or romantic. No “I love you’s” or “I’d die for you’s”, no over-used cliche crap or extensively long and unnecessary dialogues. With Bethyl when you saw them together you could just feel how much they cared for one another and the extent of their bond which is such a powerful thing, and whenever they did speak it was always so simplistic, yet beautiful and effective, like, “You’re gonna miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon.” 

In short Bethyl are that one pairing, in my opinion, where the whole ‘opposites attract’ thing actually worked to create a beautifully unique love story. 

(Sorry this is so long, but I am supposed to give my full opinion haha). 

Send me a character or ship and I’ll tell you my full opinion


Kieran Austin was an author at heart. So many things he wanted to write, yet he never had. He sometimes wondered if he made the right decision. Maybe his parents were right. Perhaps he shouldn’t of have chosen this career. But, he couldn’t abandon it now, not when he had left his parents. Not when he promised himself that he will prove to all of them that this decision was the one that will bring him success.

He yawned, pushing back his glasses, and began to type.

Once in a land far far away from this one, there lived a-

No, that was too cliché. He thought to himself. Let me try again.

Before he could type once more, the sound of his door opening with a loud creak brought his attention to the small figure standing in her pajamas, holding her beloved stuffed pig toy.

“Dad, I can’t sleep.”

The child yawned and rubbed her eyes. Kieran asked, “Did you have a nightmare, Holly?”

Holly nodded. “It was about Dipper again.”

Kieran frowned. Holly had always had dreams about this “Dipper”, hell, sometimes even just spaced out and a few hours later, details would come rushing back to her, explaining it was about the said imaginary (presumably) entity, and sometimes, these said dreams consisted of things a 5 year old child like Holly shouldn’t see. Horrifying things. “What happened?”

Holly walked over to her father, and looked down. She didn’t say anything.

“C’mon Holly. You can tell me anything.”

Holly looked up, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. “There was the triangle again… Then screaming, the triangle disappeared, but Dipper- he- he-!”

Kieran recognized the said triangle as Bill Cipher, the demon who had died in the Transcendence. Strange, why would she dream of the Transcendence? Her previous dreams and visions had always been in different times, with different people, (except for Dipper, of course.) pre-Transcendence and post-Transcendence, but he never actually thought that whomever Holly had dreamt of and who she had been in these dreams (Mabel, Maddie, Belle, Max… There were many, Kieran didn’t bother memorizing all of them.) had actually been in the Transcendence itself. He knew it wouldn’t be good for his daughter to continue, seeing the tears she had been holding back, but curiousity had overcome his sense of judgement. “What next?”

“They all thought he was dead. But he wasn’t! I saw him!”

“What do you mean, you saw him?”

“Wendy- the redhead- told me he was gone, but he was just beside me! No one believed me until they saw him… I went back to school, but a lot of people were scared and they thought I was possessed, so they made fun of me and said mean things about me! Dipper tried to make them stop, but…”

“But what, Holly?” Kieran pushed on. A familiar spark of inspiration burst to life from Holly’s story, he wanted to- no had to- write this! No one had this knowledge aside from him and Holly, and Holly had yet to understand.

“He- he almost killed them. I stopped him before that happened, though… Some things were fuzzy after that, but I remember helping him with his powers and giving him a cool new demon name!”

If what he was hearing was correct, Dipper must’ve been the demon born during the Transcendence. After all, Holly didn’t mention anything about a new demon… And she mentioned, cool new demon name. Wait- then that meant-

“We had a lot of names, but he eventually chose Alcor, like the star, he said! He even gave me a name! Mizar!”

Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god. Was his child possessed by a demon? Was it… Alcor? He couldn’t take this. He felt a chill down his spine. Something was watching him.

“I remembered another one after that… He scared me, tried to kill me, but I woke up.”

Kieran was silent, and after a brief second, told his daughter, “You can sleep here tonight. But don’t bother me, okay? Daddy has to work today.”

“Okay!” Holly curled up in Kieran’s bed, and was sound asleep before Kieran could even say anything. He sighed and smiled. It would be okay, after all.


Alcor stared at the copy of the book that had been recently published. There was no annoying glimpse into what the book lay, much to his relief. Transcended was the title, and the author was Kieran Austin. He recognized it as the man who was his Mizar’s father in this life, whose soul was that of a great man centuries ago. The Author.

Dipper smiled, and began to read.


A/N: Just an idea I had back then! Never managed to write it, but now I have! I just want some accurate Transcendence AU books in the post-Transcendence world. Of course no one thinks it’s real, but y’know. Also, I don’t know how exactly Mabel would remember in her next lives, and I assume it’ll be in dream form and visions. This sucks and I don’t expect anyone to read it.

Normally, because of the way I write, I don’t have interesting deleted scenes. If it was interesting, it would be in the book. I just have sloppy versions of scenes that do make it into the book. For The Scorpio Races, though, the world constantly lured me into unnecessary nooks and crannies. So I ended up with multiple scenes that I cut because they slowed the pace, not because they were necessarily terrible. There are many of them in the back of the paperback edition of The Scorpio Races. Here’s one of them.



SEAN.  No one ever gets hurt on the first day. They are all too terrified of their newly minted mounts and the smell of the fall sea. Everyone carries memories of the last time they were on the beach at the races the year before; the blood in the swells, the sighs pounded into the sand. Everyone is very careful and this caution keeps them safe, for today.

            Tomorrow, there will be blood.

            For me, though, my memories of the beach are yesterday and the day before and the day before that and day before that. There are so many lined up against one another, like waves waiting to break, that any memories I have of blood on this beach are submerged far out at sea.

            So the only difference between today and yesterday is that today the sea smells like November to me. It’s hard to define the scent: it is promise and danger and beauty and sweat. Also, today, the normally isolated beach is crowded with dozens of horses and dozens more people. It’s noisy as the cliffs when the birds are nesting. I have not bothered to bring Corr and the other two water horses down from the stable; my work this first short day will not be riding. It will be watching.

            At present, all I’m watching is my boots, which are weathered and sanded from months on the beach. They are braced into the pebbly surface, because I have a mare’s leg between my thighs. She’s been tracking unevenly and I am to fix it, according to Francis Halsal. He tells me that Malvern has told him to ask me about her gait, and I cannot imagine anyone lying about what Malvern said, so I take a look. I think Francis Halsal, who has ridden in the races once before, is perfectly capable of repairing her toeing-in himself. But Halsal is a practical, cautious man, a doctor in a place where the profession holds no status because there is mostly life or death and very little in between. He rides for the purse, for the possibility of fleeing from one social circle to another, and I think he doesn’t like to risk himself unduly until it’s necessary. So therefore it is me under the belly of his bay mare on this day and not himself.

            Halsal stands a few feet from me, arms crossed, watching me work. I cannot help but notice the way he stands; like his mare, he too is pigeon-toed, his feet headed in opposite directions. Every so often, he glances up to the ocean. I look up too, every so often. For a month, our lives will be dictated by the tide. It will grant us five hours on the beach. Six if you are up with the bakers. Seven if you aren’t afraid of the water.

            I watch the tide. I also watch for Mutt Malvern, who I haven’t seen for six hours and do not care to see again for another six. I do not see Mutt, but I see John Lottie, selling insurance to whoever will buy it. He sells it cheaply today. Tomorrow, when the first blood smears the sand, the price will go up. I have heard that the Lotties have always sold insurance, since there was the first man and the first horse living here on this rock that is Thisby. It is a strange livelihood, I think, wagering that your clients will live while they wager that they will die.

            “Sean Kendrick,” Lottie says to me. “This is six years you’ve ridden in the races. Do you really think your luck will hold out for another year?”

            He is talking to my ass, as I am still half bent over with her foreleg tucked between my thighs. I run my fingers over the uneven edge of a mare’s hoof. I don’t reply but Halsal does. He says, “That’s a strange way to greet someone, John Lottie.”

            Without looking up, I hold out my hand towards Francis. The mare tugs her hoof, shifting her weight, heavy in my hands. I hold fast and grunt, “Rasp?”

            Francis hands me my rasp. 

            “No time for pleasant hellos,” Lottie says. “Barely time for good-byes. Surely you would like some confidence in your belongings and heirs, Mr. Kendrick. Or are you leaving it to your horse?”

            “Yes,” I say, through a set jaw, as the mare tugs again. Steadying her, I give a broad stroke of the rasp across her hoof. Colorless flakes of hoof disappear in a gust of wind. “Both of my shirts I’m leaving to him.”

            Francis Halsal laughs, a short bark like a gull. This draws Lottie’s attention to him. He asks Francis, “Ah, Mr. Halsal. You riding this fine mare in the Races? Do you have any provision in place for your large family in the case that she disembowels you? If you lose a limb? Have you thought about what will happen to your widow if you are devoured?”

            I barely listen to their haggling. Someone is cantering their horse directly past us, hoof beats muffled on the packed sand, and I listen to the cadence of the footfalls. The brief whuff of breath I catch just as they pass us. The clink of metal hanging from the bridle. I look up as I hear rather than see a buck, just in time to glimpse a rider hit the ground hard and roll, sand coating his blue jacket. I can already see by the indignation of his face that he’s unharmed. Lottie abandons us for this fresh kill. I do not know if Francis Halsal has bet for or against his life.

            I hear my name, again, behind me, but I take my time with the rasp. Finally I lower the mare’s leg to the ground and rest a hand on her shoulder. Her coat is gritty with salt. “Walk her out,” I tell Halsal. “Give her ten minutes to loosen up that leg. Then trot her at me.”

Tom Hiddleston on His High-Rise Nude Scene | InStyle.com

The screams of gathering paparazzi were muffled by overeager super fans who didn’t shy from yelling, “You’re so sexy!” the second 35-year-old English actor Tom Hiddleston arrived at the Tribeca Film Festival screening of his much-talked-about film High-Rise Wednesday night inside Manhattan’s SVA Theater. And who could blame them? Hiddleston arrived looking as dapper as ever in an oxblood-toned Dolce & Gabbana suit that fit like a glove.

“I tried it on and it reminded me of the ‘70s, and High-Rise is set in the ‘70s,” he told InStyle of the inspiration behind his movie-going getup. Hiddleston always delivers a look worthy of a top spot on anyone’s best dressed list, but there’s one outfit he confidently sports in the new film that we’re ogling to get a glimpse of: his birthday suit. The brief, fully nude moment, which you can see in the trailer (below), offers a peak at his chiseled body, but the star says baring it all for the cameras is no big deal.

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Because I really don’t know where any piece of my life really belongs. […] I do not really understand, same as I never understood life around me, the real life, as they say, or the real people, I never understood them.
—  Jonas Mekas, from “As I Was Moving Ahead I Occasionally Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty,” Cinema Comparat/ive Cinema (Vol.I. No.3, Winter 2013)



a 1999 animated children’s educational film about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American civil rights movement. Two friends travel through time, meeting Dr. King at several points during his life. It featured an all-star voice cast and was nominated for an Emmy award in 1999 for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming More Than One Hour). It marks John Travolta’s voice acting debut. It was the final release under the CBS/Fox Video name.


This is one of the big ones, folks, one that most certainly isn’t forgotten because I’m pretty sure all of us in America have seen it at least once in school.

Where do you start when it comes to Dr. Martin Luther King? Now that I’m thinking about it, where do you even end? If I started  talking we’d be here all day but I’m just going to be a total downer. With all the recent civil unrest in America and crimes against humanity perpetrated by a faulty system kept in place by crooked criminals in seats of power, we’re not living in the future that he strived for. There’s that and the uppity white people who use his name to put down black people who use the word nigga and have a problem with that previously mentioned government power designed to keep them down.

Fucking hell…

Ahem– well, since this is a blog about cartoons and not politics, I’m going to proceed with talking about cartoons.

This is a great movie that features an absolutely star studded cast  in which we get  to see a collection of key points in the life of Martin Luther King. Not only that but we also catch glimpses of America and the Civil Rights Movement and I feel that from a directorial standpoint, that’s the film’s strongest point.

Let me try to over-explain.

We the audience, and the main protagonist meet Martin as a young boy, and catch a brief glimpse at where the institutionalized racism of America begins. A white mother pulls her sons away and tells them they can’t play with colored people, reaffirming what we, the young audience know that racism, violence, and abuse starts at home.

We then meet Martin as a teenager and while also getting to meet his family we see racism and segregation as a normalized community thing. We see it all; colored only communities, water fountains, schools, other public works facilities, etc.

Next, we come to Martin in his twenties as a pastor, organizing the Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycotts and dealing with the infamous day when someone tried to burn down his house and his family. This part might be a little aggravating to some since Martin tells his supporters not to retaliate and to “love thy enemy”. It’s another one of those bits of fuel for uppity white people to “follow Martin Luther King’s example” and not riot against silly things like police brutality or being treated like animals by the media.

Yeah… it’s kind of a white-wash of his philosophies since he did in fact say that if people have a reason to riot than it’s a damn good reason and totally justifiable. Not his words exactly but my paraphrasing.

With that in mind we next see the Birmingham, Alabama Riot of 1963. To the movie’s credit it does get pretty gritty in showing how the protestors we’re dealt with by authority; having hoses, dogs, among other things turned on them. As a kid I knew it was a really chilling sequence.

We move onto the March On Washington Movement and get actual footage and recordings of Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech.

I would say the movie ends there but it proceeds into a sequence in which the protagonist rips Martin away from his timeline only to come to a grim a future in which segregation and the terror of institutional racism still exists. It’s a really striking sequence because we see how everyone and everything is different from the protagonist’s school, to his family, to his friends, literally the whole atmosphere has changed.

Everything turns right in the end and to say the least, everyone involved, the audience included learns a powerful lesson and I love that. I love that it wants to teach and be entertaining at the same time, and it does both in spades. It doesn’t really get into the really really nitty gritty of some of the more child-unfriendly aspects of Martin Luther King’s life and philosophies but it works well enough.

A solid movie, and a must watch. It’s got great animation, a great cast, and is a great story.


Theodore Borders - age 12

Jaleel White - age 15

LeVar Burton - age 26

Dexter King - age 34


I’d say I’m sorry for getting into some really touchy subjects and probably stepping on a few toes, especially for a month of positivity, but I ain’t. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and give my honest thoughts about important issues, at least to the best of my ability since I’m not 100% aware of everything involved.

I’m not the kind of guy to make waves but I hope we all took something from today.