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L'arte sotto ogni sua forma, io li trovo semplicemente fantastici.

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Dear Men Writers

Lesser known facts when writing women:

  • High heeled shoes don’t become flats if you break the heels off.
  • The posts of earrings aren’t sharp.
  • Nail polish takes a long time to dry and smudges when wet.
  • You can’t hold in a period like pee.
  • Inserting a tampon is not arousing or sexual in any way, ever.

Feel free to add your own.


Just some tips I’ve learned over the years to help with my boyfriend’s dysphoria

•vertical stripes (makes you seem taller)
•uneven patterns such as polka dots (hides any chest bumps)
•jackets, sweaters, or vests (layers hide curves. But be sure they’re not too long. Oversized clothes make you seem smaller. Hem should be no more than 2 inches below waist)
•graphic T shirt (make sure design is higher up on the chest to hide any chest bumps)
•pants (straight fitted. Go up a size. Try to get little to no breaks.)
•round or pointed toed shoes (square toed shoes make you seem shorter)
•hats, glasses, necklaces, bow ties, skinny ties (any accessories should be kept to the upper half of their body to draw the eye up and make them seem taller)
•binders (best binder brands I know of are Underworks, and Gc2b)
•shoelifts (amazon has really good cheap ones)
• shop online for smaller men’s clothes (rue21, Zara, American Eagle, Express Men, Asos, H&M)

Best Lines From Each Hamilton Song

Alexander Hamilton: You could never back down, you never learned to take your - TIME

Aaron Burr, Sir: Talk Less. Smile More.

My Shot: I think ya pants look hot ;)

The Story of Tonight: Raise a glass to freedom…

Schuyler Sisters: You want a revolution? I want a revelation!

Farmer Refuted: Is he in Jersey?

You’ll Be Back: I will kill your friends and family… to remind you of, my, love DA DA DA D-

Right Hand Man: Burr! Sir? Close the door on your way out.

Winters Ball: If you could marry a sister, you’re rich son. Is it a question of if Burr, or which one?

Helpless: Laughing at my sister cause she wants to form a harem: I’m just saying if you really loved me you would share him. HA!

Satisfied: … He’d be mine. She would say “I’m fineshe’d be lying.

The Story of Tonight (Reprise): You are the worst, Burr

Wait For It: When they died they left no instructions, just a legacy to protect 

Stay Alive: I’m a general. WEEE!!

Ten Duel Commandents: Okay so we’re doing this

That Would Be Enough: And if this child shares a fraction of your smile, or a fragment of your mind, look out world, that would be enough.

Guns And Ships: No one has more resilience or matches my practical tactical BRILLIANCE.

History Has Its Eyes On You: You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): Immigrants, we get the job done.

What Comes Next: Awesome. Wow.

Dear Theodosia: I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll make a million mistakes.

Nonstop: Hamilton wrote THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE

What’d I Miss?: I guess I basically missed the late 80’s.

Cabinet Battle #1: Turn around, bend over, I’ll show you where my shoe fits.

Take a Break: You’ve written “My Dearest, Angelica…. “

Say No To This: That was my wife who you decided to- fuuu

The Room Where It Happens: The art of the compromise, hold your nose and close your eyes.

Schuyler Defeated: They don’t need to know me they don’t like you.

Cabinet Battle #2: You must be outta your GODDAMN MIND


One Last Time: I’m sorry wha-?

I Know Him: They will tear each other into pieces, Jesus Christ this will be fun :D

Adams Administration: Siddown John YOU FAT MOTHER——

We Know: My god…

Hurricane: … We were sick and she was holding me, I couldn’t seem to die.

The Reynolds Pamphlet: You could never be satisfied, god I hope your satisfied.

Burn: You, you, you

Blow Us All Away: Everything is legal in New Jersey…

Stay Alive (Reprise): I know, you did everything just right.

It’s Quiet Uptown: Forgiveness. Can you imagine?

The Election of 1800: Well I’ll be damned…

Your Obedient Servant: Here’s an itemised list of thirty years of disagreements. Sweet Jesus

The World Was Wide Enough: America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Oh I can’t wait to see you again, it’s only a matter of time.

Bonus Songs:

Congratulations: You know why Jefferson can do what he wants? He doesn’t dignify schoolyard taunts with a response

Dear Theodosia (Reprise): We bleed and fight for you, sometimes it seems that’s all we do.

Ten Things, One Thing (I genuinely can’t decide between these five so here you go):

- The sun is in my eyes. I am almost giddy as I watch it slowly rise over my New York City.

- I examine the gun that we shared. Philip never hurt a soul, he must have been so scared.

- I feel a sense of calm fill me, it’s not in his political interest to kill me.

- My Eliza is still asleep. I left her a letter, I could have written it better.

- They put us through our paces, we count to ten. God, I can’t wait to see her again.

Just a quick note to say I didn’t forget Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us, I just decided against including it because, in Lin’s own words, it’s more of a scene than a song. Really it’s just the The Story of Tonight sung over some quite, uneventful dialouge (very poetic given the content of that dialouge) so I decided to just leave it out. Anyways thanks for reading my random post I guess? Bye bye


Let me live in my fantasy that Taeyong made space for Ten because he wants to stand next to our Thai angel. Let me live in my fantasy 🙃🙃

Things I learned in my first year of college

This is more for my reference than anything else, but if you find this info helpful then cool. The ones with *** are the one I found most important or didn’t find on the internet when I was looking for tips. 

  • ***Your feet will hurt from walking around so much. Don’t bother getting new shoes to cope because by the time you break those in you’ll be used to walking around. Save that money for food. 
  • ***Go to career fair. You’ll probably not get the internship or job your first year, but at least you’ll know how to dress yourself, research companies, and present yourself. 
  • Go to club meeting where a company rep is present. Company reps have insane memory. They’ll remember you. Especially if you go see them every time. Helpful for when you’re applying.
  • Get a foam mattress topper
  • Don’t have a crush. You’ll waste so much time thinking about it it’s not even funny. 
  • Make friends. Make connections. Have fun. Get lit (safely).
  • Always plan your safe ride home or you’ll spend $56.50 on an uber at 3 am. 
  • Use the free bus rides you get with your tuition. 
  • Always ask for student discounts. 
  • ***Don’t just do academics. Having a 4.0 is cool and all, but no company or grad school wants you if that’s the ONLY thing you did. 
  • ***Be busy. When you’re busy, you manage your time better and be more productive instead of procrastinating because “oh that test is in like a week and I have nothing to do besides that so I’ll do it later.” 
  • ***Know your limits. You can’t handle being actively involved in 5 clubs and school. You’ll kill yourself in the process. Limit yourself to 3 clubs because it only gets harder from here.
  • Join clubs. Find something besides just academics that peaks your interests. It’ll make you a better student and expand your views. 
    • Join one fun club like a sorority and one serious club like business council. 
  • Work out. You’ll gain weight if you don’t. Set a routine in the summer so you can follow during the year when things get busy. 
  • Be safe. Let’s be real, it’s college and there’s drugs and alcohol everywhere. If you choose to do it, be safe about it. Here’s some safety tips. 
    • Always use a condom. Get them free from your university health center. 
    • If you’re gonna drink for the first time, do it at home or somewhere that you are comfortable and know 
    • If you’re gonna do drugs, again do it at home or a safe environment 
    • Don’t ever leave your open drink unattended. Get a new one if you do. 
    • You know when someone is sleazy or creepy. Stay away. If they’re persistent, give a fake name or number, get some random girls to let you (Oh jessica we’re leaving lets go), or straight up get away 
    • Never go somewhere alone at night. Even if you have pepper spray. 
  • Visit your family at least twice a semester if you can. They miss you and do a lot for you. Go visit them. I visited mine once a month because empty nest syndrome is real. 
  • Don’t study where your friends are. You’ll get distracted because when it’s 3 am and your getting sick of studying, procrastinating with friends seems super fun. 
  • ***Study with a group. Sounds counter intuitive considering my last tip, but for things like ochem, engineering classes, business projects, or whatever, the classes are designed that if you don’t work in groups you will fail. Find a group of people/friends that are actually productive for studying and stick with it. Form a study squad. Join with other squads from time to time. 
  • Don’t eat out a lot. You’ll get fat and broke.
  • Drink lots of water. Refillable water bottles ftw. 
  • Get off your phone in class. No you can’t pay attention and listen at the same time. 
  • Email your professors. Go to extra review sessions. When you’re .04 off from getting an A this will help you. 
  • ***ONLY go to TA sessions if they grade the work and/or actually help you learn. Some TA’s are garbage because they’re required to do it for grad school. But they grade your stuff and if you’re one the few people who’s name they know, that’ll definitely help you. If you learn nothing from them and they don’t grade your stuff, don’t waste your time. 
  • Sleep. That all nighter is worse for you than not knowing anything. Cram the best you can and at least get 3 hours. 
  • Save your notes. You’ll never know when you’ll need it, if your friend needs it, or sell it. 
  • ***Use a notebook. Don’t write notes on loose leaf paper. You’ll lose track of it. If you take notes on a laptop, use onenote or something idk I have math and science notes, I can’t take that on a laptop. 
  • If you’re business or something along the line of that, look nice to class. Everyone else is too. Don’t have a professor notice you for your scrubbiness. Comb your hair, throw on some mascara, and wear whatever makes you feel good to class. 
  • ***If you’re stem or something like that, don’t worry to much about looking nice. Unlike business, the professor is probably dressed scrubbier than you. If you look nice, cool, you’ll get noticed for not being scrubby like everyone else. 
  • ***Have desk space. You’re gonna have your laptop, a million papers, and studying utensils out. Have the space for it so you don’t go crazy trying to look for stuff. 
  • ***Have a planner. The most important one. Whether it is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever, have one. You have a lot of stuff to do, and you can’t remember it all. Buy one, print one, use google calender, doesn’t matter just have it.

This might not work for everyone, because some of you are these highly motivated studious students that has their life together, which is awesome please teach me your ways, but if you’re a mess like me, these are some tips I wish I found on a studyblr or college tips. 

How to Break In a New Tarot Deck

Originally posted by gif-007

Most decks have the same standard 78 cards, but every deck is still a little different! The art, the energy, each new one can take a little getting used to. So here are some ways to do it!

Deck Interview spreads. These are really popular, so let’s go ahead and get them out of the way. There are tons of spreads available online that answer questions like, “What is your energy?” “What are your strengths as a deck?” “What kind of questions do you have trouble with?” “What can I learn from using you?” You can also just make your own! But doing a practice reading and getting the deck to say a little about itself can be very handy.

Look at it. Seriously, give it a good hard look. Spend some time on every card, seeing how the art makes you feel and what small details may support or enhance the meaning. The art will take a more nuanced approach or interpretation of the card beyond the few general keywords. For example, does the “Death” card focus more on the ending, or the renewal? Does the end look bitter?

Carry it around. Put it in your bag when you head out. Take it with you on trips. Even if you don’t plan on using it, have it on hand… just in case. Share memories with it, bond with it. Get comfortable with the presence of it.

Use it! Naturally! Eventually, you’re going to have to use it to break it in. You can’t break in shoes if you never walk in them. While I’m still getting used to the nuances of a deck, I won’t use them for my big complicated spreads right away, but I might use them for little things until I feel like I can use it for ones that take more brain power. Even if you’re an experienced reader, it’s okay to not jump in head first with complicated stuff on a brand new set of cards. There’s no rush!


♤ bacon
♤ byun baekhyun
♤ fucking adorable
♤ constantly screaming
♤ basic bitch
♤ honestly not even kidding
♤ still using eyeliner
♤ “eyeliner king”
♤ literally introduced himself as “eyeline baekhyun” on happy camp
♤ likes to help kyungsoo harass chanyeol

Originally posted by stayingmintyfresh

♤ a literal baby
♤ footage of him screaming while playing league
♤ mandarin skills oN POINT
♤ fandom can’t take him seriously when they watch mama era videos
♤ “i wonder how hard he tried to not laugh”
♤ smiley smiley
♤ don’t fucking hate on him he’s a baby
♤ baekhyun stans be like bRING IT ON BITCH
♤ sometimes irritates everyone else
♤ just kidding i meant always

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

♤ pervert
♤ no actually
♤ likes shitting when minseok’s showering (naked)
♤ doesn’t give a fuck about “personal space”
♤ basically every asian mom that doesn’t knock on your door when you naked
♤ except he doesn’t leave and does it intentionally????
♤ his insta is fucking arT
♤ also he likes talking about dicks
♤ makes sehun happy about talking about his dick
can will piss you off if you watch him too long

Originally posted by ihopejongdaehasagoodday

♤ v aesthetic beauty
♤ hair colour fucking art every time
♤ killing stans one moan at a time
♤ honestly those vocals are just
♤ do you feel me
♤ do you fEEL ME
♤ moaning man
♤ god why is he so beautiful
♤ he could easily be a main visual if he isn’t idk
♤ a naked visual 

Originally posted by baekthecorgi

♤ yixing 
♤ copies yixing
♤ giggles with yixing
♤ god you can’t deny baekxing
♤ if you do what type of person are you
♤ like he just looks so happy with yixing like
♤ inspired by yixing to dry hump the stage floor
♤ honestly praise
♤ praise hiM

Originally posted by artistzyx

♤ i think he hung out with yixing so much he became as lost as yixing is
♤ honestly he just gets so spaced out sometimes yknow
♤ def the type to get lost in a walmart lol
♤ example:
♤ got lost in new york
♤ trusted chanyeol completely
♤ chanyeol trusted gps completely
♤ my tiny puppies are so fucking omg
♤ they’re just so cute crying

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

♤ literal puppy
♤ i swear he’s just
♤ and chanyeol is the bigger clumsier puppy that gets lost and omg
♤ and jongdae would be the puppy that wouldn’t let any of them go
♤ oh yeah he’s part of the beagle line
♤ it’s called the beagle line for a reason
♤ like um 
♤ they’re puppies
♤ i don’t know what you mean by “you’re seeing things”
♤ i can see them so clearly-

Originally posted by achenlove

♤ probably a pain in the ass
♤ i feel bad for junmyeon and kyungsoo tbh
♤ how to put up with him
♤ the type to walk in on you showering
♤ oh wait a sec
♤ nevermind
♤ honestly i see him breaking things
♤ breaking brooms 
♤ breaking shoes
♤ breaking kyungsoo’s beauty sleep

Originally posted by kyunseu

♤ so playful
♤ so free
♤ doesn’t give a shit
♤ but don’t say bad things about him please
♤ he sees what you say and it makes him sad
♤ so on behalf of the exo community, if you’re gonna say something negative:
♤ fuck off
♤ just stare at him and you’ll fall in love

Originally posted by grinding-on-baek

♤ he’s just so fucking extra
♤ all the time
♤ baek nobody asked you to talk about exo’s dicks
♤ but we thank you anyways because tHANK YOU
♤ exposing exo 26/7
♤ sm probably hates that lol
♤ indulges in being baekhyun
♤ also likes to harass exo whether they like it or not
♤ showering??? what a great bonding time
♤ “baek what are u doing” “shh junmyeon will hear me” “i am junmyeon”

there are butch women out there in the world and that makes me smile.

somewhere, even right now, a butch is buttoning up her work shirt. another butch somewhere else is changing out of her work clothes, and another one is cooking a meal. somewhere, right now, a butch is holding her girlfriend’s hand. a butch is going on a first date and is nervous. a butch is going through a breakup. a butch is newly in a relationship. a butch is laughing. a butch is dancing.

somewhere right now, a butch is shopping for new jeans. another butch is listening to the radio. a butch is making her own music. somewhere, a butch is up early while another butch is sleeping in. a butch has a long commute. a butch walks to the corner store for a snack. a butch is going for a run. a butch is breaking in new shoes. a butch is driving down the highway. a butch is calling her wife on the phone to see how her day was. somewhere a butch is tying a tie, and somewhere else a butch is helping another woman zip up the back of her dress, or maybe helping another woman tie her tie. 

somewhere a butch feels lonely, and somewhere a butch is experiencing love for the first time. somewhere a butch is on the train, or the subway, or a motorcycle. somewhere a butch is out fishing. somewhere a butch is eating a sandwich. another butch marches in a political demonstration or a pride parade. somewhere in the world a butch is reading a book. a butch is going to the movie theater. a butch is quitting her job, or starting a new one. a butch is visiting someone in the hospital. a butch is going to church, or synagogue, or mosque, and another butch is coming to terms with not going to anything like that anymore. 

somewhere out there, a butch is retired. a butch is picking her children up from school. a butch is happy. a young butch somewhere is putting on her first men’s clothes with some trepidation but a lot of joy. a butch is coming out to her family, or at school or work. a butch is going to the doctor or the dentist. a butch is playing basketball. a butch is moving into a new home, or redecorating a long time one. a butch is struggling to pay her bills. a butch is taking care of a loved one who needs her help. somewhere a butch is building a home. a butch is cutting the grass. a butch is shoveling snow. 

somewhere a butch is hugging someone, or kissing someone. somewhere a butch is getting a good night’s rest. another butch is up late working or thinking or talking on the phone, and another is brushing her teeth. another butch is on lunch break, eating something delicious. somewhere a butch is feeling hope. a butch is feeling hurt, but another butch somewhere is experiencing healing. a butch is giving a compliment. a butch is being recognized for her strengths. a butch is seeing the woman she loves for the first time in a long time. somewhere else, a butch is having to say a goodbye. 

somewhere a butch has ambitions. a butch is studying hard in school. a butch is trying to deal with a failure. a butch is doing research. a butch is writing. a butch is fixing a car. a butch is playing an instrument. somewhere a butch is changing her life plan. somewhere a butch doesn’t know what she’s going to do about the situation she’s in. a butch is making a hard decision. a butch is mourning a loss. a butch is going to therapy. a butch is starting new in some way. a butch is confiding in someone. a butch is adopting a pet. a butch is making a new friend. 

somewhere a butch is talking to her long distance girlfriend on the phone. somewhere a butch is getting up the courage to talk to her crush. a butch is holding hands. a butch is having sex. a butch is trying to forget about a bad date, while another butch celebrates a good one. a butch is telling someone something about herself that is hard for her to say. somewhere a butch is being a good listener, and another butch is learning from a mistake. a butch is grateful to someone. a butch is feeling nostalgic. a butch is moving on from something or someone. 

somewhere a butch is riding a bicycle. another butch is out gardening. a butch is out getting a drink. a butch is telling a hilarious joke. a butch is at the barber shop, maybe for the hundredth time. maybe even on the same day or in the same city, a baby butch is getting her hair cut for the first time. somewhere a butch is planning to propose. a butch is deciding to study something new. a butch is going on a long trip. a butch is home on vacation for the first time in a while. somewhere, a butch laughs with her family. somewhere else, a butch is just beginning to find a chosen family who loves her for who she is. 

there are many butches out there who love and are loved by many different people. there are butches out there who I will never meet, who understand the way I feel and who I am. there is of course more to all of us than being butch, but that is not the point of what I am trying to say. there are butch women out there in the world and that makes me smile. 

space-nerdd  asked:

lemme get uhhhhh,,, MORE KLANCE AS PARENTS HEADCANNONS (the last batch was too good)

Oh man, you guys are really into Klance dads. Alright then. I’ll try to find some more cute headcanons.

  • Keith is very uncomfortable with babies. He holds them like they might shatter, while Lance tosses them around like a football. He hoists them up one handed, balances them on his hip, catches them with his dad reflexes by a single foot. It gives Keith intense heartburn to watch.
  • “Babe, why are you so nervous?” *Keith, cradling his first child with both arms, intensely focusing on his grip and posture* “She’s just… so… murderable”
  • Keith initially has a lot of panic and insecurity that he will be/is a bad father. Lance holds him close and tells him that he is one of the most loving and gentle people he’s ever met, and if he takes care of their child as well as he takes care of Lance… well then he’ll be just fine.
  • Hunk is their children’s godfather. Initially Shiro feels slightly affronted, but Keith admits “We love you dude, and of course we trust you it’s just that… man bad stuff just seems to happen to you?”. Shiro nods. “This is fair.”
  • Their daughters call Hunk “Hunkle”. Hunk + Uncle.
  • They grow up very confused about who they’re actually related to. “So wait, we have no relation to Hunkle or Aunt Pidge? Is Uncle Shiro related to us?? No?? But wait, Aunt Maria is actually dad’s sister?” “Listen girls, I have no biological family so that’s easy. If they’re tan and speak Spanish? Yes you’re actually related. Everyone else?? Technically no.”
  • Lance unironically wears colourful hawaiian shirts. 
  • Keith wears boat shoes.
  • When his daughter’s were still small, Lance would frequently re-create the Circle of Life scene, holding his daughter up high and belting out “Til we find our plaaaaaaace! In the path unwiiiiiiiinding! In the Ciiiiiircle…!” “Lance! Put our baby down!”
  • Keith tries not to coo over tiny baby things… but his daughter’s tiny tap shoes break him.
  • “They’re so small! Look at their little dancing shoes. Why are they so tiny? Lance, help! I’m overwhelmed!”
  • Lance sings around the house a lot. A lot. Sometimes real songs, sometimes ones he makes up. He also dances a lot.
  • “Smash that homework, do it right! Learn pythagoras, that dude is tight!” “Dad… dad, what the hell?”
  • There’s constantly music in the house. If Lance isn’t singing, then he’s probably playing the radio while he cleans.
  • Keith and Lance do the dishes together. They have a dishwasher, but they like doing the work together. One of them washes, and the other rinses and dries. They play songs on their phones and Lance bumps his hips into Keith with the beat. They giggle and splash sink water at each other. 
  • They still kiss in the back row of the movie theatre. 
Retitling Hamilton songs
  • Alexander Hamilton: ALOHA BITCHES
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Talk less, smile more
  • The Story of Tonight: Drunk college frat boys
  • The Schuyler Sisters: I'm lookin for a mind at work (and Peggy)
  • Farmer Refuted: GET WRECKED SEABURY *aaron burr facepalms*
  • You'll Be Back: Breakup anthem of the 16th century
  • Right Hand Man: We're kinda fucked here guys
  • A Winter's Ball: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Helpless: Awwww
  • Satisfied: ANGELICA my QUEEN
  • The Story of Tonight reprise: There's hope for our ass after all
  • Wait For It: Take me now lord
  • Ten Duel Commandments: Dueling for Dummies (also FORESHADOWINNNNGGGGG)
  • Meet Me Inside: I'm notcha son
  • That Would Be Enough: Awwwwwwww :'(
  • History Has It's Eyes on You: I fucked up once
  • Yorktown - The World Turned Upside Down: herCULES MULLIGAN
  • What Comes Next?: Breakup anthem of the 16th century (reprise)
  • Dear Theodosia: LOOK AT MY SON
  • What'd I Miss: The whole first act pal
  • Take a Break: God dammit Alexander you need to chill
  • Say No To This: YOU NEEEEED TO CHILL JFC (but Maria's high note at the end is 🙌)
  • The Room Where It Happens: BANJO
  • Schuyler Defeated: The Schuyler Sisters (Reprise)
  • Cabinet Battle 2: Daddy's calling
  • One Last Time: God dammit G Wash you noble son of a bitch
  • I Know Him: Jesus Christ this will be fun!
  • The Adams Administration: SIDDOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHER-
  • We Know: ...we know but we don't really know what but WE KNOW
  • Hurricane: hoe don't do it
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: OH MY GOD
  • Burn: Eliza my cinnamon roll doesn't deserve any of this
  • Stay Alive - Reprise: FUCK I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE
  • It's Quiet Uptown: GROSS SOBBING
  • The Election of 1800: You done crying? BACK TO POLITICS
  • Your Obedient Servant: Passive aggression game strong
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: Awwwwwwwwww D':
  • The World Was Wide Enough: GROSS SOBBING
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Eliza my queen cinnamon roll
the losers club on snapchat

richie :

 - posts every single moment of every single day on his story.  

- literally won’t talk to stan when stan loses their streak 

- uses the puppy filter too much 

- uses snapmap against his friends ( “don’t lie to me mike I know you were at mcdonalds at two am today” )

 - takes snaps of eddie when he is asleep and puts filters on him 

- his bitmoji looks nothing like him 


 - opens his snapchats maybe once a month 

- posted once on his story when bill knocked down a bee hive and got chased and stung by thousands of bees 

 - left his phone at bill’s house once and bill and richie designed his bitmoji to look nothing like him and mike still does not know 


- only snapchats in the odd hours of the morning when everyone is sleeping 

- his favorite filter is the one that makes your mouth really big and voice really high

 - sends no less than 10 snaps of him letting out one consecutive scream using that filter to stan at 3 in the morning 

- stan hates this


 - does his best to keep his streaks but loses them every four or five days

 - every streak picture is just a picture of his aspirator 

 - richie often takes his phone and takes pictures of eddie at bad angles then adds them to eddie’s story 

 - changes the outfit of this bitmoji every week 

beverly :

 - has so. many. streaks.

 - uses the flower crown filter in every snap 

- was low key pissed when the golden butterfly filter went away

 - her & richie have a 297 day streak and have agreed that whoever breaks it must lick each member of the losers club’s shoes 

ben :

 - doesn’t use snapchat other than to look at the loser’s stories 

 - took days to design his bitmoji because he wanted it to be perfect 

- screenshots the losers stories (for blackmail) to look back on good memories 

- occasionally sends Bev a snap in the flower crown filter she uses all the time 


 - watches people on snapmap

 - posts videos on his story of the losers attempting dumb ideas conducted by richie 

- finds out how to place his bitmoji anywhere in the world on snapmap and freaks the other losers out ( richie: STAN WHY ARE YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GULF OF MEXICO)

 - definitely adds his bird finds to his story

do you guys like these kinds of posts? I have another one I’ve been working on. and send me requests!!

Skulls and Roses 💀 🥀 (Part 3)

Jeon Jungkook 

College AU!, Tattooist AU!

The best way to get someone to like you is by calling them sasquatch and baking them cookies when you stand them up. 


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