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Sometimes, you remember the most unimportant things. Why do we remember those things, and not the important stuff? Here’s why.

I hope that Parrish ends up being a Phoenix for no real reason other than for Stiles to have a snarkastic lil field day with it like:

  • Asking how often he molts
  • Asking if he can just “flame on” at will so he can roast marshmallows off of him and make S’mores.
  • Asking Parrish if he ever gets scared, does his “Fire or Flight” response kick in.
  •  Sending anonymous packages filled with bird seed and toys to his desk at the station.
  • Stiles calling Derek on speakerphone in front of Parrish saying, “Hey Derbear, no need to pick us up a turkey for Thanksgiving, I’ve found a bird that’s self-cooking.”

          **Parrish subsequently complaining about Stiles’ antics and Derek responding, “Take a deep breath, Jordan. Don’t let him ruffle your feathers.” Parrish groaning because, oh no Stiles rubbed off on Derek.


The world had to say goodbye to a beautiful doggy today. Her name was Snow White and she was a sassy, silly, and brave cancer warrior. My sister rescued her and loved her more than any dog could be loved (in her own words, Snow White was “her best friend and soulmate”).

We are all sad to see her go, but thrilled that she could have the happy life that she did.

Goodbye Snow White 💜

20 something sherlock is supposed to be supervising the kids riding the baby triceratops, but he can just about see the raptor trainer john watson marching up and down the walkway above the raptor pen… it’s a sweltering hot day and sherlock can’t help but notice the sheen of sweat glittering on john’s bare torso as he barks orders to the misbehaving raptors. sherlock feels himself blushing (of course it’s just the heat from the sun..) and imagines what it’d be like to run his over john’s chest, his broad shoulders- sherlock gets so caught up in his day dream he doesn’t see one of the kids fall off a triceratops. it’s only when the kid starts wailing does sherlock draw his eyes away from john- it’s just a bruised elbow but sherlock gets a mouthful from an angry parent nonetheless- oh and his manager who just happened to be walking past. his manager finally buggers off and the kid leaves with an upgraded wristband (courtesy of sherlock’s paycheck) he glances back up to the raptor pen, his heart skipping a beat when he sees john leaning over the walkway and grinning at him. sherlock nervously shuffles his feet and shyly waves in john’s direction- john smiles even wider and blows a kiss back at sherlock, winking at the boy who’s too stunned to move. it isn’t until john’s gone that sherlock realizes he’s been holding his breath, letting out a gush of air he takes a few minutes to calm down before going back to work- only to spend the rest of his shift fantasizing about the Hot Raptor Daddy of Jurassic World

Brain Matter Mesh

The development of flexible electronics means that it’s now possible to combine them with natural biological materials for studies in living animals (in vivo). However difficulties remain with delivering these electronics to internal sites of interest, such as the brain. Researchers have now come up with a simple technique where an electronic mesh is injected into biological materials. A flexible mesh is held within a small needle – less than one tenth of a millimetre in diameter – and when ejected by a syringe, the mesh is able to unfold (pictured) and mould itself to a surface. This procedure has been recently demonstrated in the brain of a living mouse – the mesh was injected with controlled delivery, integrating itself with brain matter and coming into contact with neurons, thus forming a neuron-nanoelectronic interface for the in vivo monitoring of brain activity. Future engineering and biomedical research will benefit from this pioneering method.

Written by Helen Thomas

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