a boys life

I feel bad for my younger brother. He wanted to be an engineer of sorts but has been taking art classes since the past semester.

This semester he enrolled in a drawing class and he doesn’t draw. Like at all, but that isn’t the problem. It’s that he thinks that drawing only happens during school and homework and that’s it. He comes home and just watches TV and plays games and sleeps. He doesn’t understand that this is something you need to take beyond school. You have to be earnest in teaching yourself beyond the classroom with your own time especially if he continues on this path of art. I tell him this, but he gets put off and boy do I see him struggle.

I see him struggling to do still life drawings of simple shapes like cereal boxes and of course I help him ( he didn’t understand how to transfer the measurements from his pencil to the paper) and I encourage him to come to me if he ever needs help.
But if he changed his objective to art because he thinks it would be less work then ohhhh hoho brother do I got some news for you.

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also kisuharu + zombie au if you don't mind bec i have a need for both your kh and sm OTL

“Haru,” Kisumi interrupted with a thud of his shovel into the stubbornly packed earth, “I love you and I am happy to listen to your concerns for our family business, but could you please help me bury this body at the same time?”

Haru joined him in the pit, with a grumbled, “He was a predatory asshole and I don’t regret killing him.” After a pause, he added, “Though I sort of regret eating his guts.”

[ really trying to get my tablet to work on my laptop so I can start doodling stuff, ‘cause I have such a Mighty Need for calaveras de azúcar!Papa II & III.

I think they’d look amazing with the traditional intricate designs adorning their masks / faces. ]