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I'm also here for Sora being chaotic good.

My favorite chaotic good boy

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What Anti-Otayur don't get that 1: Otabek is 18-19 is from Kazakhstan and in said country only if a person younger than 16 is it illegal and the Kubo's latest character sheet has aged Yurio as 16. 2: is only considered statutory rape in Russia if someone 18+ has sex with someone younger than 16. So in both nations, the only irl issue with the relationship would that it's homosexual because of how those nations view homosexuals

According to canon, Yuri is 16 years old since March 1st 2017, and Otabek is 18 years old until October 31st 2017, when he will be 19. All YOI characters are aging, just like real life people do. You can see the age they have at the anime and their actual age at the wiki

By example, Viktor’s birthday happened during the anime (his birthday is December 25th, and they talk about that at chapter 10), so he started having 27, now he has 28, and he will have 29 in December 25th 2017. And that’s canon, no some weird data I’m making up. “But the anime said Otabek is 19!!!”. Typo, kiddo. Otabek is 18. Accept the frigging truth.

Even the homophobia thing is not a problem because Kubo said homophobia doesn’t exist at YOI universe. So congratulations to ourselves, Otayuri is legal and not even a sin 👏👏👏 

Let’s bite each others gloves in celebration!

Shirley Blythe: Mother, if my stuffed bear is cold, can I put him in the toaster oven?

Anne Blythe: No, darling. That would be a mistake.

Shirley Blythe: Mother?

Anne Blythe: Yes?

Shirley Blythe: I made a mistake.


I don’t know how but this AU got heavily inspired by what Shimizu san said before-
Yuuri being earth and Victor being the moon who keeps drifting toward him.
I find these words so beautiful.