a boy holding a four leaf clover

The Boys See You Naked (Calum)

“I’ve missed you Cal” you said, stretching up to give him a kiss. It was the morning. You were lying in bed with him, still naked, after having sex with him for the first time in months. He’s been away on tour and you came out to visit at the boy’s LA house while they’re staying there for a bit to write. “I missed you too baby” he smiled. You could have laid there with him all day if it weren’t for him having to work. 

“We have to go downstairs soon love” Calum sighed. “I know. I don’t want to move” you groaned, squeezing him tighter. He chuckled. “Come on y/n” he said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. You sighed “Okay”. Calum was pulling his boxers up and you were bending over your bag to get fresh clothes so that you could shower. The door burst open “RISE AND SHINE LOVEBIRDS” Mikey and Luke yelled at the same time. “Fuck” Ashton said from behind them. You screamed and tried to cover yourself. Calum acted quickly, moving in front of you to block your body from the boy’s view. 

“Get out” you yelled. Mikey giggled and winked at you and Calum before Ashton ushered them out of the doorway and closed the door. “Fuck faces” you grumbled. Calum turned to you and you saw that he was holding back a giggle. “Don’t tell me you think that was funny” you said to him, flatly. “Well” he started, letting a giggle slip out. “Calum Thomas Hood. Don’t you say it” you scolded him before you slipped into his bathroom for a shower.

You were dressed and walking down the stairs to see where the boys were. There was no point in trying to avoid them, you’d be with them for two weeks. “Hey y/n” Luke smirked. “Wipe that look off your face Hemmings” you said to him. “Where are the other guys?” you asked. “In the studio. Come on, I was just about to head back over” he said. You two walked out the back door heading to the entrance of the boys little studio. 

When you walked in Mikey whistled at you. You rolled your eyes and flipped him off causing all the boys to lose it in a fit of giggles. You walked over and sat on Calum’s lap. “So, y/n, Ashton has an interesting question for you” Calum warned. You looked around at the guys, trying to read their faces. You came up with nothing and sighed “What is it Ash?”. 

He flashed a cheeky grin. If you hadn’t already known that it was about this morning that grin would have told you. “Well” he started. “I noticed a tattoo right about here” he said, standing up and pointing to a spot on his left butt cheek “What is it?”. You blushed hard and Calum laughed. “Cal, don’t you laugh at me” you warned. “Just tell the boys what it is” he smiled.

You looked at the ground. You knew you’d never hear the end of this. “It’s a four leaf clover” you mumbled without looking up. “A what?” Luke asked, forcing you to repeat it louder. “A four leaf clover” you said, looking up. Your face was still red and you knew it. “So” Mikey started but trailed off, laughing. “You have a lucky ass?” he cracked up. Ashton was trying to hide his laughter by holding a hand in front of his mouth. Luke was doubled over, laughing. And when you looked at Calum he was biting his lip, trying to not laugh. “Laugh it up boys” you said. “Really is a lucky ass though” Calum said giving you a cheeky grin as the boys cracked up.