a boy and his tiger

The jokes abt jonouchi bein a furry and a dog bc of the costume and the dog comments are one thing like haha but that proves nothing bc other people placed those labels and situations on him unwillingly


 we’ve seen this boy with no less than TWO huge muscled catmen in his deck (Tiger Axe, and Panther Warrior)

And it doesn’t even begin to stop there. Jonouchis deck has …a lot…of anthro monsters.

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Yes, gladly! His smile is the purest thing in the world, and I’d be happy to see it every day. (ღ^⌣^ღ)

Nakajima Atsushi


  • Atsushi will be drawn to someone who’s bright and encouraging. If you always have a smile ready for him and wish him well before he leaves on missions, he’ll definitely take your kindness to heart and do his best.
  • It seems that Atsushi’s low moments hit him pretty hard, so be attentive to his moods and try to be optimistic when he seems to be getting tired. If you’re someone who’s willing to sit with him and help him by talking or just listening when he hits a dead end, he’ll be eternally grateful.
  • Before long, you’ll be someone Atsushi wants to try his hardest for. When he thinks of doing good for the world and protecting people, you’ll be the one that comes to mind.

Important moment(s):

  • We all know that this boy has a lot of self-doubt, because his worth has been something that’s been questioned for the entirety of his childhood. Because of this, he might wonder whether he’s actually good enough for you, and whether he deserves to be with you.
  • Hug him tightly, and don’t let go when you tell him that there’s no reason whatsoever to think that he doesn’t deserve to be with you. Look him in the eyes so that he can see that everything you say, you mean completely. He might be a little bit startled at the complete confidence in your voice, but he won’t pull away, because he really wants to be with you.
  • You’ll tell him what he means to you, every little thing that you can think of. Tell him that you fell in love with his kindness and willing to sacrifice, and that his ability to stand up again and again amazes you. Make him understand that you believe in him, even when he doesn’t.
  • He’ll be kind of still for a moment, processing what you just said and wondering how he ever found someone like you. Then, he’ll give you that sweet smile of his and hold you tighter. He might get a bit teary-eyed, but he’ll bury his face into your shoulder so you don’t see. He’ll whisper a thank you, and silently vow to try his best never to let you down.

Relationship things:

  • This will be the sweetest and happiest relationship ever, I swear.
  • At the beginning of the relationship, Atsushi will spend a lot of time blushing and being flustered. As he gets used to being with you, he’ll still blush, but it’ll be a happy flush across his cheeks, usually accompanied by a really sweet smile.
  • Atsushi is one to find joy in the little things, and if you are too, your time together will be amazingly bright and beautiful.  
  • Atsushi will want to share everything that makes him smile with you! He’ll be amazingly adorable when he does it too, because he’ll be so nervous and jittery. He’ll watch you with wide eyes, trying not to fidget. What if you don’t find what he’s showing you interesting? What if you don’t like it? If you do like whatever it is and you smile at him and tell him so, he’ll let out a big sigh of relief and it’ll make his day.
  • Discovering new, happy things together is even more precious to him, and those are memories that he will treasure forever. I can see Atsushi and his significant other looking through magazines or websites and pointing out places that they’d like to visit to each other. On your free days, you’ll choose a few of these locations and spend the entire day wandering the city, hand in hand.
  • Speaking of holding hands, this is something that will happen a lot. I see it becoming instinctive; when he sees you after a long day, or at the beginning of a date, he’ll automatically reach out to take your hands when you appear in front of him. If you’re comfortable with it, he’ll continue to hold your hand for a while.
  • Atsushi is very thoughtful. If you’re beginning to catch a cold, he’ll get some medicine the next time he has a chance to. If it’s winter and he finds that you don’t have a scarf, the thought of going to buy one for you will stay on his mind. Common occurrences can also be things like getting a small cake to share with you if he’s going to see you. If you work in the Agency, he’ll bring you coffee or tea from the café whenever he goes downstairs to get something for himself.
  • Anniversaries are super important to Atsushi. This is someone who will never take you for granted, ever, and anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to show you how grateful he is for your presence in his life. 

so i have two cats now that are very similar in fur /eye colour and size! so i’ve started paying attention to little details so i can tell them apart more easily.. and i’ve noticed lots of things i hadn’t before!
like although my oldest is a wee bit on the big side he has the tiniest daintiest little feet! and a round face and huge round eyes!
and my younger boy has big tiger paws!! and his face is more like,, angular?
they’re both lovely in their own ways i love it

Sam came home from junior prom with his hair ruffled, dressed in sweats, tux packed up in a duffle, trying and failing to hide his doofy little grin.

Dean laughed when he saw him and clapped Sam on his shoulder. “Atta boy, tiger.” John didn’t say anything, but the smile on his face and the concern in his eyes said enough.

Sam was glad his family was happy for him, but their pride seemed a little off. Sure, he left prom with Cas, the guy of his (admittedly many) dreams, and he stayed up past curfew stargazing and laying in the grass, holding hands and kissing a little. Why was that such cause for pride?

It wasn’t until Mary very calmly but concernedly asked if he used protection that he got it. (And even then, it took him a bit.) He couldn’t help but laugh.


Exploring Calvin and Hobbes – For fans interested in the history and inspiration behind a boy and his tiger

Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue
Bill Watterson and Robb Jenny
Andrews McMeel Publishing
2016, 160 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 0.6 inches (softcover)
$15 Buy a copy on Amazon

I like many grew up on Calvin and Hobbes. I don’t know if there’s a comic, book, film, or any other piece of art that better captures a childhood. I read every Sunday strip, most of the dailies, and the ones that I missed I would read in dog-eared collection books checked out from the library. As I got older, I wanted to know more about the strip’s creation. When I picked up the Complete Calvin and Hobbes, a 14-pound tomb, I was a little disappointed. Other than an introduction, there was very little information about the mysterious creator Bill Watterson. Thankfully, Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue makes up for that.

This is the Blu-Ray extras that Calvin & Hobbes fans have been waiting for. It’s not for those casually interested in reading the strip. There are plenty of other books for that. But if you’re interested in process, history, and the inspiration behind a boy and his tiger, you’re going to love this book.

The book explores an exhibit of Watterson’s work at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum. It also includes one of the most in-depth interviews he’s ever given. In it you get a rare look at his early work, the tools Watterson used, the struggles he went through, and the wonderful comic that he created. You get a real sense of the artistry that Watterson put into the strip, and how it evolved over the years. It’s great to relive and learn about something that had such an influence on me. This book is definitely a must-have for Calvin and Hobbes fans. – JP LeRoux

May 9, 2016