a boy and his tiger

The Witness

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG-13
Summary:  Mulder and Scully work together to solve the murder of a young woman and take a witness into protective custody.

Author’s Note:  I’m not one for author’s notes, but I feel compelled to give a bit of a warning on this one.  This is my attempt at a casefile, and it’s more something you might find on SVU than X-Files, so proceed with caution.  If SVU makes you uncomfortable, don’t read it.  Also, it’s a bit of a departure from my normal style.  I really wanted this to feel more like an episode and less like a story.  So, no getting into anyone’s head here.  What you see is what you get…

October 27, 1999 12:24 a.m.
Old Town Alexandria, VA

The woman flailed her arms helplessly, searching blindly for something - anything - to fight her attacker.  Her windpipe was squeezed so tightly shut that her face was nearly purple.  The oxygen deprivation made her limbs heavier and heavier as her life slipped away.  Before going completely still, she rolled her eyes to the side, looking away from the dark face of her killer.  Her struggle for breath ended with the crack of her neck.


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Dazatsu Week Day 3 (Mafia AU)

Akutagawa couldn’t understand Dazai.  

This didn’t mean he wasn’t grateful to the guy. The older man saved him and his sister from dying on the streets from both thugs and starvation…not that they actually needed it. Akutagawa and Gin could perfectly handle things on their own. It’s just that they have a much more stable income and residence now thanks to the Armed Detective Agency. It didn’t hurt that Dazai’s now kind of mentoring him on how to control and use his ability properly.

But Akutagawa just didn’t get the brunet man. He always had this carefree mask on him. He seemed to know and understand too much, and wouldn’t open up about anything about his past (not that Akutagawa ever tried to pry).

All Akutagawa knew that he was a suicidal maniac that wasted too many bandages, had a ridiculously useful power to nullify any ability, is a huge flirt, and was unhealthily obsessed with songs about double suicide.

But the strangest part about him, despite all the proclamations and attempts and songs and jokes about suicide, is that Dazai refuses to die.

It was the strangest thought about the older man, but it was the only thing that made sense.

“Hey,” Akutagawa says one day while walking back home from a mission. “Why aren’t you dead already?”

He and Dazai just took care of an uprising gang made up of some ability users that was stirring a little bit too much trouble in the back alleys of Yokohama. It was a complete cakewalk with Akutagawa’s Rashoumon and Dazai’s No Longer Human that it was almost laughable.

Now they were walking back to the agency’s building for a job well done and reports to deliver, with the sun setting over the horizon and painting the sky in colors Akutagawa gained a new appreciation for.

“Oi! That’s mean of you to say, Akutagawa!” Dazai grabbed his heart in fake hurt with that mysterious smile of his, never once looking at him as he stared up at the sky. “That really hurts you know! How can you say that to your senpai?”

“With all your ranting about double suicide, it even makes me wonder,” he coughed a bit into his hand before continuing, “Despite what you say, you’re barely trying to kill yourself. There are a lot of incidents here and there, but none of them serious enough for you to die for sure. And if you really wanted to commit double suicide with someone, you would search up some suicide partner on the internet instead of asking any random girl available.”

“But are there any beautiful women online who’d commit double suicide with me?” Dazai asked dramatically.

“You’d be bound to find one,” Akutagawa pointed out.


“You should be dead right now,” the sickly man looked at him. “But you’re not. So why?”

His mentor let out a long suffering sigh and had this look on his face Akutagawa couldn’t really figure out. “I’m waiting for someone.”

Dazai didn’t explain any further so Akutagawa didn’t attempt to pry any further. That answer was the more than anything he had got so far, so it was enough right now. Akutagawa thought he understood Dazai a bit better now.

Though he wished he could understand why Dazai always stared at the yellow-purple sunset with this wistful look on his face.

The first thing he saw was a flash of bright sunset colored eyes.

Akutagawa was barely able to throw up a shield using Rashoumon in time to block a giant bundle of white fur and sharp teeth and claws ramming into him.

He stared at the sharp claws and impassive eyes that flashed red of the tiger that launched at him and quickly threw the beast back.

He couldn’t believe that a fucking white tiger tried to attack him in broad daylight.

Akutagawa made his cloak flare up as intimidatingly as possible, trying to scare away the tiger but the tiger only strutted around him gracefully, looking a bit curious as it never took its red eyes off of him.

And the tiger pounced.

The two of them clashed, again and again, large feline claws against blood thirsty space eating cloth. And yet, the tiger was able to keep up with him.
In fact, it was slowly becoming stronger and faster, as if playing around with him and testing what Akutagawa could do; that was worrying.

Akutagawa knew he couldn’t keep up much more and tried to finish off the beast with a single blow as it leaped at him.

And the white tiger ripped through Rashoumon.

Akutagawa gasped as he felt the wind get knocked out of him and onto the ground, coughing uncontrollably as he stared at the tiger.

He stared at it disbelievingly as it readied itself. This tiger was no ordinary beast.

He put all his effort and strength into one last attack and the beast leaped at him.


Akutagawa felt his power dispel oh so familiarly as he saw the telltale sign of Dazai using his ability on him…and the tiger?

He saw Dazai’s back facing as the huge tiger dispelled into…a boy around his age?

Dazai caught the boy and held him gently to his chest as he floated down gently like something out of a fairytale.

Akutagawa felt annoyed. The last time Dazai caught a guy in his arms was when Akutagawa fell that one time and Dazai caught him before just tossing him aside casually as he said ‘I make it no hobby to embrace men.’ What the fuck was this then?

“Atsushi?” Dazai’s voice was filled with so much emotion that Akutagawa couldn’t believe his own ears.

“D…D-Dazai-san…?” the boy’s voice (he assumed at least), was hoarse and quiet as if he hasn’t used it in years.

Akutagawa couldn’t help but stare awkwardly at the two’s touching reunion as he questioned his sanity and reality itself.

When Dazai kissed the top of the boy’s head, Akutagawa couldn’t help but gag out loud.

Their little bubble of cuddly teary reunions was popped and the boy hugged the brunet tightly, presumably embarrassed, and Dazai just looked nonchalant.

“What?” Dazai raised an eyebrow at Akutagawa.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” the exasperated man’s voice was dripping with sarcasm, “But can someone explain what the fuck is going on?”

“Language, Akutagawa,” Dazai chided, keeping a light tone, “What’s there to explain? I’m just having a touching reunion with my partner.”

“Who just tried to kill me a minute ago!” Akutagawa growled.

Wait, partner?

“Oh I’m sure he didn’t know you were my subordinate,” Dazai waved it off, “It’s been years after all. But it’s all a misunderstanding, right Atsushi-kun?”

The boy peeked above Dazai’s shoulder almost shyly, before standing up and bowing slightly.

He had pale skin, almost as pale as Akutagawa’s. His hair was silver with a black streak through them and in a ridiculous choppy and uneven hairstyle. He wore ripped up black dress shirt rolled up to the sleeves, black scraped up pants, black dress shoes and for some reason thought it was a good idea to pair suspenders and a stupidly long belt that almost looked like a tail.
Though the most notable detail about the boy, (Atsushi, Akutagawa remembered what Dazai called him), was his eyes. His eyes were a bright yellow-purple color, so reminiscent of the sunset Dazai always stared so faithfully at before they flickered to a deep bloody red.

“Akutagawa, this is Atsushi-kun, my partner!” Dazai introduced them cheerfully, "Atsushi-kun, this is my new subordinate, Akutagawa!“

“Subordinate…?” Akutagawa swore ‘Atsushi-kun’ growled darkly while somehow maintaining a stoic face.

“Yep!” Dazai nodded, before taking a teasing tone of voice, “Can you take it? My new subordinate is much better than you~!”

Akutagawa swore he was going to kill Dazai as he somehow held his ground against Atsushi’s murderous glare.

“So get along, you two, okay?” the brunet smiled cheerfully and gestured to them.

Akutagawa sighed and stepped forward towards Dazai’s partner. “Er…nice to meet you…’

Atsushi leaned in with this scary look in his eyes, with his voice dark and dripping with this emotion that screamed jealousy.


The sickly man glared back. No way was he going to be intimidated by his mentor’s partner.

“Bring it on, jinko.”

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Have you drawn anymore of your lion kamwi oc? (Sorry I don't remember his name)


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How many members do you think are in all the gangs mentioned in the outsiders?? And do you have any headcanons for them??


• i picture them as being a smaller gang, because tim is really picky about who he lets in. he probably has around 10-15 boys.

• theyre very close to one another, like brothers. youll always find them with at least one other gang member.

• tims a good leader and he makes the younger members tough and strong, a lot of them look up to him as an older brother

• the second in command is named danny and started the gang with tim. danny & tim have been friends since they were in elementary school.

• the gang is strong and loyal and tim has never had any problems with an inside spy snitching to anothr gang. his boys enjoy being in the gang


• i see this gang being big and dirty, around 30 people. its the easiest gang to get into, but being kicked out is just as easy. the leader needs boys that’ll do the dirty work for him. he sits back and relaxes while the members are out carrying guns and selling drugs.

• the members dont see the leader a lot, he has close boys that carry out orders for him. theyll maybe all get together once a month.

• the leader is smart, but hes blinded by his thirst for power and i see him having a lot of beef with the shepard gang over territory

• unlike tims gang, the tigers are scared of the leader and avoid him if they can. this gang is more about guys who need to have a sense of belonging or just dont have anything to lose


• theres around 10-20 boys. theyre your most average gang, but they go beyond reach to be powerful.

• they were the first gang to get their hands on drugs. but a lot of the members dont think and so they were also the first gang to get busted

• they go through leaders a lot, ever since the first one got locked up for possession.

• it used to be an honest gang that allied with the shepard gang, but since the first leader went away theyve become enemies

• theyre the first gang to fall. the members dont trust each other and are always playing dirty. the only thing each boy strives for is to be the leader, and theyll take another guy down just to make sure he doesnt take the spot. after a few years of this, theres no loyalty left in the gang


• imaginary gang that parents make up to scare their children out of wanting to be in a gang

Chinese Zodiac: Mooncake Festival

The festival in mid-autumn as celebrated in Rabbit Village.

Rabbit Village is known for their abundance in mooncakes and elegant dances, and is the best stop in the country for an extravagant celebration.

Tiger (强度, Qiangdu) x Rabbit (温顺, Wenshun)

starter for @silverweretiger

Chuuya stared at sleeping Atsushi, a vein on his forehead pulsing in frustration as he watched the boy’s tiger ears and tail move in his sleep. He didn’t know whether Atsushi sometimes changed into an incomplete form of his tiger when asleep consciously or not, but it was bothering him.

A lot.

Because the moment when he reached out his hand to try and pet the cute ears, they disappeared, and the redhead let out a furstrated growl. 

“Atsushi…. they disappeared again…” he murmured, nuzzling his boyfriend, as if the fact that he was gifted with nullifying Ability was something new. “Come on… wake up and comfort me.” 

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I hate incineroar so fucking much. Seriously. Litten and torrecat were pretty cool, they could've made the final evolution into some cool tiger thing, but no. It's a fucking terrible yaoi-hand edgy furry-ass wrestler emboar knock off bipedal monstrosity with a stupid tail. Its tail looks like a bald man's head. I wanna die

So ever since i started shipping them, i’ve always had one certain headcanon which i’m pretty sure (about 70% sure maybe…?) that will become canon in the future….

My theory is that before the last arc take place, Atsushi and Dazai would be engage into a fight against each other.

And no, i’m not trying to imply that their relationship is ‘abusive’ or some thing, because i myself also hate that idea so much.

When i said the word fight, i didn’t mean 'trying to rip each other heads off so that they can win over the other one’. They will fight so that they can understand each other better.

This may sound stupid and complicated, but actually it had happened in various shounen manga and anime. The two main heroes are best friends with opposite personality that leads to a big misunderstanding between them, so they fight and in the progress, they would discover things about their best friend that helps them to understand their partner better. In the end, the misunderstandings are solved, their bond grow alot strong and so are their strengh. I could name so many examples, like Naruto and Sasuke, Natsu and Gray, Luffy and Sanji, Karma and Nagisa (they are the ones who led me to this theory).

So i really believe that BSD would follow this route just like those mangas above. The reason why i think like that is because of Dazai’s mysterious past. No one knows what happened to him during his childhood that took away all his beliefs and his reasons to live, and what led him into joining the Port Mafia. We all agreed that his past will be unfold in the near end of the series, but how? In what situation? He would never in a million years tell anything about it himself. Unless there is a certain some one would push him to his limit and force it out of his mouth. And there are perfect reasons for me to think that certain some one would be our angel Atsushi. One of the reasons is that in the second ED, there is a scene where Dazai’s bandage had finally been removed, and Atsushi is the only one who caught it (Akutagawa grabbed it too but some how it slipped away from his hold). I think that scene implys that the only one who can see through Dazai’s pain is Atsushi.

So here how i imagine it would be:

- Okay so we all agree that Atsushi and Dazai would never intentionally hurt each other. Because Atsushi basically worships Dazai and he is grateful of Dazai so much. And also because Dazai is a jerk, but not a disgusting jerk who goes around hitting people with no apparent reason. So a situation must take place in oder to give them rational reasons to jump at each other ( like the slap that Dazai gave Atsushi so that he could return to his right mind).

- Dazai came up with a really good plan with his monster brain like always and he decided to use Atsushi. And after he was used (again), Atsushi would be seriously pissed off with Dazai because the plans some how affect him or the others and Atsushi acused that Dazai’s plan was very heartless and cruel and that Dazai don’t care about the others well- being at all yada yada ya stuffs like that. But it’s Dazai’s nature and that’s how he was raised, and that can’t be change in a short period of time. So Dazai cant understand what’s so wrong about his doings and he questioned Atsushi about his anger.

- They started arguing and Atsushi had a slip of tongue and said something really hurtful to Dazai so Dazai raged and started attacking the boy so the tiger boy fought back.

- The man tiger bombered Dazai with questions out of his anger, such as “why do you always do that to the others” or “did you save me so that you can use me” or “do you considered anyone as friends but not your tools to gain your goals” *insert screams here and there*

- Dazai would be angry and say it’s not like that and he nearly killed Atsushi but when he saw sadness and insecurities in Atsushi’s eyes, he paused for a bit. Atsushi took the chance and pin him to the ground. Dazai then gave up.

- After they both calmed down, Dazai slowly talked about his childhood to Atsushi.

- The little angel was so surprised that his brain stopped functioning for a minute and after that he start bawling his eyes out and said sorry to Dazai over and over again.

- They finally made up and became even more closer. Atsushi now cares for Dazai’s more as a friend than as a superior, and he no longer fears Dazai. Dazai now discusses his plans with Atsushi before developing it and most importantly, he now has a friend that he could lean on and talk to. Atsushi becomes the most precious person to Dazai, and he also treats the members in ADA more genuine (and maybe some blushing and staring and cuddling and kissing between the two but no haha i should just keep those in my head).

- The end, onto the final arc.

I’m not really a big fan of angst, but i really want this to happen. Firstly, if it did not happen and Dazai would forever keep it all to himself, there is zero percentage of him still being alive by the end of the series, because i strongly believe that he would achieve his perfect suicide goal by then (just like how it happened with the real Dazai Osamu). The emptiness inside him will eat him up one day if he doesn’t have some one to fill his loneliness. Secondly, and personally, i want their relationship to take another step, because i can still sense the awkwardness in the way they talk to each other (full of chemistry, but still awkward). Please please let it happen omggg

Well this is longer than i thought damn…

On This Winters Night

Post reveal. Adrien is away on a Modeling trip right before Christmas and doesnt know if he’ll be back on time. Marinette’s family throws a party Christmas Eve to celebrate, and even though Marinette tries her best to take part in it, shes not fully enjoying herself.


Marinette sighed inward. The cold air bit her fingers and chilled her to the bone. She should have had a coat on, but she wasnt going to be outside for long. She just needed to get away from the party for a bit.

Her parents had thrown a Christmas party at the bakery and so many people had shown up- they just kept coming. Class mates, excluding Chloe and Sabrina, their families, customers, Mannon and her family, her parents friends, and more. Alya and Nino were down there, too. Everyone, and it was really fun at first. She couldnt stop smiling as she helped her parents hand out sweets and drinks, and made more. Many friends helped out. In the end, there was an abundance of people covered in flour, sugar, and frosting.

And so much laughing, and singing. Someone brought their guitar and started playing Christmas music. It was a beautiful.
But there was just one person missing.

Marinette sighed again, leaning against the railing and laying her head on her crossed arms. The railing was freezing cold, and it hurt her arms. She elected to ignore it for the moment, too lost in thought.

Adrien had told her a few weeks ago that he would be away on a trip to the United States for a Modeling trip, and that he didnt think he would be back in time for Christmas. But she was hopeful, just a little bit hopeful. Maybe be some luck, some luck that made her Ladybug, she would get her partner in Crime back.

There was barely any trouble while Adrien was gone. Considering she didnt have her Chat Noir, she expected to see a bit more in akumatized, but there werent any. Just common thieves and muggers. She had been given a decent break, at least.

“Merry Christmas to you, Ladybug.” Marinette whispered to herself. 

The city was quiet in the dark night. Snow silenced any sound, other than the extravagent party happening down below. And judging by the way the clouds reflected the lights and seemed to chase away the dark, there was bound to be more to fall.


Adrien practically flew out of the car as before it even came to a full stop. Natalie wasnt there to warn him, and his driver wasnt one for words.
Plagg managed to poke his head through the blond boys bag. “Slow down there, tiger. You dont have your claws out.”

Adrien shut the door to the mansion behind him and let out a laugh. It echoed mockingly around him, almost like it laughed at his abandonment during Christmas. He didnt care. “I’ll be careful next time. I cant believe he let me come back!”

Adrien ran up the long stairs, heading for his room. The kwami flew out of the bag and alongside, a smile on his face. “You have to admit, kid, it was a pretty nice trip. So much cheese!”

Adrien frowned as he opened the door to his room and entered, shutting the door behind him. It wasnt. His father made him act on his “best behavior”. Which meant Gabriel Agreste was colder and crueler, and Adrien had little to no free time.

Any time Adrien brough up Christmas, it just earned him a cold look. Natalie always made him change topic.

He hadnt even gotten a present.

Somehow, they had finished the shoot a day early and Adrien had begged his father to take a plane home early. And Gabriel gave in, saying he had some work to finish there.

Adrien looked at Plagg. “So you’re pretty charged up, huh?”

“Kid, I’ve been itching for a change just as much as you have.”

Adrien smiled. “Claws out.”

Chat Noir lept through the buildings, across rooft tops. The speed, the wind, the cold ripped laughs from him. Man did he need this.

But he needed something more.

And he saw her.

Marinette stood on her balcony, shivering and looking forlorn. He felt a stab of guilt, knowing full well he was the cause.

He wanted to go to her then. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and kiss her like the night would never end, but he noticed then that the bakery was alive. People were dancing and singing and laughing. There was a party happening and Marinette wasnt involved in it. In her own home.

This wouldnt do.

Chat dropped down to the alley below, next to the bakery and out of Marinettes line of sight. Dropping his transformation, Adrien made his way to the front while Plagg dove back into the bag. Adrien felt around in it for the small red box that held her gift, making sure it was still there and didnt fall out on the way. He kept his eyes on her as he made his way to the door and knocked.

Nino was there in a heartbeat and opened it, wrapping an arm around his best friends neck and mussing his blond hair.

“Dude! You made it!” Nino mused over the music. It was amazing. The bakery was loud with music and laughing and sining and shouting. It smelled strongly cookies and candy, coffee and hot chocolate. There was the underlying hint of peppermint on everything, even Ninos breath.
It was Christmas.

“Yeah.” Was all Adrien could manage. He had never experienced anything like this before. And the decorations. Tinsel hung from the walls, oranaments, mistletoe hung from the doorway the connected the bakery to the Dupain-Cheng household, sprig of Holly dotted the walls, a small tree that had to be at least 5 feet tall sat in the corner by the windows and was trimmed with many ornaments and topped with a star. 

This was something straight out of a movie. Adrien didnt think this was real.
Nino patted him on the back. “Make way, people.” He announced, parting familiar and unfamiliar faces and leading Adrien to the counter. Sabine stood there talking with another lady, but when she saw Adrien, her face lit up. Ever so politely, she excuses herself and went around the counter to hug Adrien.
She was warm. And smelled like cookies. Adrien stiffened at first, but then returned the hug gratefully. 

Sabine pulled back and smiled wide. “Marinette been waiting all day for you. She hasnt said it, but we know.” She laughed a little when Adriens cheeks burned a bit, but she didnt say anything. Instead, she turned, grabbing a mug off the counter and handing it to the blond boy.
It was hot chocolate with a candy cane stuck in it.

Adrien laughed. Thats where the peppermint came from. He took a sip from the beverage, finding it wasnt scalding, but still hot. Just right.
Sabine turned again. “Alya!”

The deep-red head came over with little Mannon in her hip. At the sight of Adrien, she gave a knowing smile. “Yes, ma'am.”

She Mannon down, saying something about the duties of the Unicorn Queen, before heading off the Marinette room.


Marinette climbed down the ladder down to her room, closing the hatch and sat down on her bed. She waited to stop shivering, so people at the party wouldnt know just how long she was out there.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Before she replied, it opened and Alya came in.

“Uh, hi.” Marinette said plainly.

“Whats up, girl?” Alya replied, looking….smug?

“Why do you look like that?”


Marinette wasnt in the mood for this. “Like you know something.” She felt Tiki shift next to her in her bag, she had been asleep. She ever so slowly shifted her hand into the bag as Alya examined her nails and patted the Kwami lightly, letting her know everything was fine.

“I know you should come back down stairs.” Alya replied, looking back at her friend. “Theres someone down there waiting for you.” Alya winked at Marinette before leaving the room.

Tiki climbed out of the bag and looked at Marinette. “Do you think its him?”
Marinettw froze. “But he said…”

Tiki smiled, floating up and patting the girls shoulder. “If it is, tell him to send Plagg up. I want to ask him about America.”

With that, Marinette bolted from the room and headed down stairs. The details of the party seemed to pierce through the walls, laughter and singing broke through the doorway and the smell of cookies and hot chocolate wafted in the air. 

Through the doorway to the dining room, she could see the small throngs of people clustered together. From what she could see, most people were still there from earlier. She hadnt been up on the balcony for long, maybe an hour at most, but still- it was late. Maybe she underestimated the party.

Alya spotted her immediately, from where she was standing next to Nino by the counter. They had their backs to her, and were talking to her mama and papa, while they made more hot chocolate. And, like always, her friends were helping by unwrapping candy canes and laying them in the mugs. 

Alya grinned, bumping her hip against Ninos, and the two moved out of the way to reveal Adrien.

Marinette couldnt stop the smile on her face once her eyes met his green ones. He put down the candy cane, and got up from the stool to make his way to her. There was a look on his face that appeared to Marinette like a ton of weight was taken from his shoulders.

Marinette lifted her arms to wrap around his neck and bury her face in the crook of his neck as he wrapped his arms around her body and layed his forehead on her shoulder. They held tight to each other, feeling their heartbeats finally fall back in sync, the way it should always be. 

The ice Marinette had allowed into her bones melted away.

The lonely, deep chest that had settled into Adriens chest disappeared.

Around them, the party went on, with a few glances in their direction. Marinette could feel Alya’s victorious gaze, and her parent’s own loving glances, but all she elected to feel right now was Adrien, her Chat Noir.

Finally, Adrien pulled back first, despite Marinette not wanting to let go. He layed his forehead on hers, and keeping one arm around her, he felt in his pocket for the box.

“I missed you.” Marinette said quietly. Adrien almost missed it.

He found the box, and pulled it out of his pocket, bringing it around her back. Carefully, he opened it without bumping it against her. 

“I really thought you wouldnt be back in time.” There almost a mournful sound in her voice. 

Adrien pulled the necklace out of the box. Now, to distract her, he pressed a light kiss to her forehead. As Marinette closed her eyes, he brought the necklace around her neck and clasped it. As he pulled away, she looked down at the charm.

Adrien looked at her face as she looked at the charm. It was a black cats paw with a red ruby in the center. Adrien had it custom made a few weeks ago and was lucky it was ready before he left for the United States. He had to sneak out in between classes at school to the jewelers to pick it up and he kept in close for the rest of the day- Nino didnt even have to ask.

What he didnt expect was for the tears to fall down Marinettes face. She sniffed, and immediately he placed his hands on her face, using his thumbs to caress away tears.

“H-hey! Marinette!” Adrien stuttered, suddenly very worried about his gift, about everything. “What did I do wrong?”

Marinette shook her head, gently grabbing his wrists as a tiny laugh bubbled up from her chest. The look on her kitty’s face when he grew downright terrified by her reaction made her feel bad, but also she felt a warm feeling in her heart knowing he put so much effort and care into her gift. “I-I love it, you silly cat. I just dont have my gift for you right now.”

Just as she said that, though, a box made its way in between the couples closeness and Adrien swiftly released Marienttes face, as she released his wrists’, to grab it. 

They both turned to see Alya standing there, looking smug. Nino was behind her. “You left that in your room before the party, girl. I knew you’d forget it.” Marinette could’ve sworn she saw the mischievous duo bump fists, a familiar motion.

Adrien gave a half smile, while Marinette rolled her eyes. Turning back around, Adrien carefully opened the small box covered in bright green wrapping paper.

“Nice choice in color.” He muttered quietly. Marinette gave him a look, one Ladybug gave Chat Noir quit often, before her smile returned.

Inside the box was a black genuine leather wristband. Set on the band was a metal plate, engraved in black cursive writing, were words the boy had always subtly feared he wouldnt hear again.


Adrien was speechless. Sure, him and Marinette had been in an open relationship for months now. Even Chloe had backed off. It had become clear that Ladybug and Chat Noir had a thing for each other, even though they did their best to keep their relationship away from the media for safety reasons, but neither of them had said it yet. He had wanted to many, many times, but never found the chance, or courage.


He looked up at the girl now. Her blue eyes shown deep worry, as if she over stepped her boundaries and made a huge mistake. When they first revealed each other, and started going out, he had seen this multiple times- first came the worry in her eyes. Then came a few steps back. Then her hands would shake, and she’d fumble with something to distract herself from her shaking hands. And then she stumble over her words just to either go silent or just outright leave and text that she didnt “feel well” or “something came up”.

Adrien never once got mad at her. Alya had explained that Marinette had a crush on him for the longest time and she still needed time to get used to the relationship, and was still really shy. So, he decided he would give her all the time the world could ever offer. He would wait forever for her to come back after running away, because she always did to retry the date with a sheepish smile on her face, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment. He would wave it off like it was nothing and pretend to completely forget it, for her sake.

Thats how they got to now.

Now, she was taking setps back and looking away from him. Adrien looked down, still speechless at her amazing, breath taking gift, and saw the shaking set in.

Nino was at his side, then, elbowing him. “Dude, look up.”

Adrien did as his friend commanded and smiled at what he saw.


Adrien held the box tight in one hand as he strode forward on confidence to his lady. Her eyes were wide with shock as the distance between them was suddenly closed. She was flush against him, he had wound his arms around her body tightly and he was a cage and she was trapped.

“Marinette.” Adrien said coolly.

“A-Adrien?” Marinette replies, forcing herself to meet his brilliant green eyes, filled with a burning confidence that-

“Is that mistletoe?”

Instead of answering, Adrien crushes his lips to hers, and the world around them melts away.

The feeling you had when your bare feet hit the sand of Neverland’s Northern beach, is a feeling you will never forget.

He had persuaded you, told you of magical wonders and adventures and much pleasure on a far away, secret island. For the longest time you were too afraid to take off with this strange boy. So he told you to visit this place in your dreams, and that he would guide you throughout the island each night for 3 nights until you had made your final choice. To stay in a hollow for the rest of your life? Poor? Or to run away and fight pirates and never age and never have to worry about money again?

Each night, in your dreams you would appear on the beach, but you could not feel the sand between your toes, and the faint sound of the waves crashing against the beach was something you had imagined in your head, seeing as you’d never even been to a real beach before, let alone by the ocean. But nonetheless, each night the boy who called himself Peter Pan would guide you through your dreams and show you an island of all he had promised, and so much more. Each night before you slept, he would sit at your window and tell you wonderful things, and he told you of the Lost Boys and Hook and his pirates and the mermaids and his friend Tiger Lily and her tribe, and you couldn’t help but fall in love… with the thought of the island, and this one smug teenager.

You had explained to him how badly you wanted to be by the ocean, and he promised you could visit the sea and beach every day if you came with him.

On the third and final night, he came with a shadow of himself, but it was still it’s own being. He didn’t even come inside on this particular night, he just stood on the window’s ledge, and reached his hand out for you. And with dwindling hesitation and growing confidence, you took his hand and soon your feet were no longer touching the mossy floor of your strange tree-house. And not long after, you finally got to feel the sand, and hear the tide and see the stars and everything he had promised you was so much more.


Pairing: Atsushi x Dazai
Rating: NSFW
Notes: This is actually my very first story for this couple, so I apologize if I get their characters wrong at times. <: ) I think these two would be so cute as a couple. They would support eachother, and Atsushi finally has someone who truly loves him. So in other words…
I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP! *Jumps onto pirate ship*


It was surprising just how many sounds could leave Atsushi’s mouth. From small moans to short gasps before he clamped his mouth shut. Dazai found this amusing and extremely adorable. He always felt that way about the boy, who had his arms wrapped around his neck; his hands clenched into nervous fists as Dazai explored his mouth. It was clear that Atsushi had no experience with this sort of thing, even more evident when the tiger shifter couldn’t stop shaking. It seemed to be a mixture of slight fear and want; him eagerly returning Dazai’s kisses.

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