a boy and his dog lol

Transphobic Cis People: um you should never feel hurt if you get misgendered. :) it’s not my fault you look like a gender you aren’t!!! Lol get over it you whiny babies!!!!


Some great vixx quotes

  • I’m a bean so I dressed in green
  • I’m just a minor and they left me here
  • N hyung has 13 boobies
  • “it’s cold” *echoes even more softly* “it’s cold”
  • This is the scarf I wore to the grocery store when my husband cheated on me
  • Hi mate
  • Adidas Nike
  • Die Vixx TV Adidas Nike
  • You fucking bastard why’d you hit me you fucking bitch
  • hey hongbin how you doing
  • When I see couple’s sharing an umbrella I want to splash them with water
  • My company told me to drink wine in one shot
  • I’m kenyonce
  • *mosquito impression*
  • *pterodactyl impression*
  • 3×6=9
  • Hongbin hyung and N hyung are married
  • Show Chackion
  • Siri call hakyeon-ah
  • Mom don’t watch this broadcast
  • Ravi loves porn
  • I only like porn as much as everyone else does
  • What’s hyuks favorite thing?
  • Porn!
  • Let’s play a game where we guess everyones favorite thing. I’ll start with n hyung. 1! 2! 3! Porn!
  • This dog looks like leo. He isn’t mad his face is just like that
  • *swaying back and forth with a bunch of dogs* WE ARE THE WORLD
  • Usher hyung
  • Can I touch your butt
  • Its 4am and Hyuk has to go to school in 3 hours *hyuk lying on the floor in despair*
  • Look at that dog. He is full of charisma
  • *dog impression*
  • *country dog impression which is very different*
  • In kindergarten I broke all the girls hearts
  • Galbijjim
  • I can’t do this sober
  • Who wrote this script
  • Lesinset! Game set!
  • Leo wants to give Ravi a whip as a present
  • For my birthday I want ravis watch
  • If I was a girl I would date Ravi for his royalties
  • Faster than Ronaldo….

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Can you give me 10 random facts about each of the boys that aren't absolutely depressing?


- His favourite pizza was green peppers & pepperoni

- Eric had a dog named Sparky whom he loved very much, but was sick and often worried about his health

- Hated rap and country music

- Loved slim jims (lol) & Jalapeno hot salsa sunflower seeds

- One of his favourite meals was steak

- Eric’s parking space number at school was 371

- Made the web pages for the science department at Columbine

- Eric’s favourite ice cream was chocolate chip cookie dough

- His favourite drinks were coke & raspberry tea

- His mother is a twin


- Dylan’s fav drink (besides vodka ;) ) was Dr. Pepper

-He was given a mini – fridge for his birthday from his parents that he kept in his room that had tons of Dr. Pepper & candy bars

- Dylan made $6.50/hour at Blackjacks pizza

- suspended for the second time for vandalizing another student’s locker

- Got a ticket for running a red light

- He wore a soviet red star sickle & hammer on his boots

- Dylan seemed like a good friend: “Eric loved the disco lights and rowdy music and camaraderie he found at Rock N’ Bowl. He was there most Friday nights. Only this night, many of his pals had early-morning Saturday plans. Only two made it to the bowling alley, Dylan and Robyn. Dylan wouldn’t let Eric down, wouldn’t let him be all alone.” - Eric’s last birthday - The Rockey Mountain News - August 22nd, 1999”

- In early 1999, Dyl was involved in a minor car accident with a girl, she accidentally clipped his car when leaving the school parking lot – Eric immediately jumped out of the car and started getting angry, but Dylan told her not to worry about it and ordered Eric back in the car

- When Dylan was 10, he fell asleep after playing in the rocks behind his house, and when he woke up it was dark and he could hear coyotes. He was too scared to run back to his house, so he stayed there until dawn.

- His granddad died when his mom was only 18

bts as roommates: jimin
  • sweetest human being aka angel on earth
  • asks ‘how’s your day’ every single day even if his day sucked
  • places his shoes on the shoe rack
  • a tidy mate
  • installed a console on ur tv
  • game nights!! :=)
  • notices if someone aka you touched his things
  • “JINJJA!!!” one morning you heard a frustrated jimin
  • “WAE??” you hurriedly got up and went to the kitchen to see what’s happening to the poor boi
  • “THE EGG YOLK KEPT ON BREAKING” he’s making u breakfast :(
  • he always smells nice because of his manly perfume
  • wants to have a dog but doesnt want to clean dog shit
  • really a patient, kind and caring man but bOI you dont wanna see him mad
  • loves to take selfies <3 <3


  • he likes to kick you playfully lol dom! chim
  • always shows you his new purchases bc he loves shopping as much as you do
  • “woW YOU GOT THIS FOR $15???” 
  • *smiles shyly* “good thing i strolled a little bit more” 
  • doesn’t hesitate to tell you how good you look whenever u are going out
  • makes sure you come back home safely
  • even he has late night practice 
  • sweet little boi  that is shirtless during hot nights 
  • washes the dishes with you!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • he… sometimes… give you.. that look… that loving look…
  • “ya! am i too pretty today?” 
  • “you’re pretty everyday” AND HE’LL SLAP UR SHOULDERS
  • endless flirting
  • often goes home late at night bc of overtime dance practices
  • asks you to put some salonpas on his back bc he’s too tired :(


  • somehow managed to convinced you to get a cat
  • “fine but i won’t clean up her shit” “arasso arasso!” 
  • seeing him play with the cat makes your heart melt :’>
  • and both of you deciding her name
  • “what do you think should be her name?” “pussy” “PARK JIMIN!!!!!” 
  • he acts like a dad lol
  • he has the habit of removing his clothing while sleeping
  • always half naked mornings 
  • “casual” good morning hugs
  • cracks and pops his bones while stretching
  • leaves you something to remember him before he leaves for tour
  • and gives you something when he’s back 
  • “y/n” 
  • “hmm?” “what’s this?”
  • “i saw it and i..uhm, thought of you?” as he scratched the back of his neck
  • and of course you’ll start turning into a tomato BC WHO THE F DO NOT AFTER THAT SMOOTH AF LINE
  • “oh,” you proceeded to open the box which contained a.. ring?
  • exactly the one that you quoted on twitter saying “i’d kiss whoever bring me this ring. it’s so pretty.”
  • “jimin… it’s so pretty!” as he took the ring from the box and sat beside you
  • “wha-” he slid the ring on your finger, and it fits.. like it was made for you
  • “i’d kneel, but i like to save that move for the future. i– like you, y/n. you don’t have to say it back now, but-”
  • “i like you too, smalls.” you said punching his shoulder playfully, 
  • “No way!! you already gave it to me why take it back!” 
  • and you two became a tangled mess, somehow ending up on each others faces
  • now, can i get that kiss that you owe me?”
Why I’m so nuts for YOI

YOI flipped my switch in a big way, in a head-over-heels way, in a Victor-dancing-with-Yuri-at-the-GPF-banquet-and-realizing-this-was-it way, and Iโ€™ve been thinking lately about why it is that I love it SO much. There are so many reasons. A million reasons. A gazillion reasons under the cut because Iโ€™m not as cruel to stick this much text at once into your dash.

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when a lil’ girl scars the shit outta u

when u cross the street bc u think u saw a dog but it’s actually a demo-dog

when anxiety hits u hard af

when ur homework is due tomorrow

lol, Caleb has a lot of explainin’ to do about this scene

It definitely makes sense, just don’t know if what I wrote makes sense too LOL. Hope you like this!^^


RFA + Saeran get too much in character with their costumes


  • He’s an actor, he definitely lives for the character he’s dressing up as
  • But with the werewolf costume, well… it’s not like he’s pretending that much
  • The only thing he’s doing differently from his usual self is howling
  • The whole “be careful with your actions, princess, I’m a wolf” is still there, tho
  • So no biggie, you just tease him about being a good boy or else… he won’t get his reward later…
  • The wolf now is being a good dog~


  • He always wants to be a knight for you, with this LOLOL costume, he gets to
  • So he’s been escorting you and taking whatever chore you have for him as a quest
  • You’ll even be the princess for his warrior to save and protect
  • But “save and protect” is just helping you with the guests’ list and making sue RFA’s Halloween party is on the right track
  • Well, not to him… every quest is essential on saving his princess and increasing his likeability points with you.
  • Oh wait… this is a different kind of game


  • It’s just a black dress, she’s not dressing as a witch
  • She kept trying to convince herself the whole night on it, only until she agreed on putting the pointy hat…
  • Not that the glasses of wine she had on RFA’s Halloween party had anything to do with that, of course not! She’s not drunk!
  • She’s just laughing like that because everybody sounds much funnier
  • She even had the guts to ask Jumin to lend her his books on dark magic
  • But nothing compares on what she has planned for you tonight… she’s feeling rather… wicked…



  • Your neck is always the first spot he goes for
  • Why would that change with him dressed as a vampire?
  • But… not the sexy kind of vampire… the scary kind…
  • Like, did he seriously put make up on? He looks really pale…
  •  You even asked him if he was feeling okay… and he answered by biting your neck
  • Yep, he’s alright. And you’re in for a night.


  • You’re not sure if you should get mad or just laugh
  • He can be a very strict nun
  • There he goes measuring the length of your skirt
  • And even scolding you for trying to get mushy with him, what are you trying to do? Get this sinful thoughts out of your mind right this instant, child of the Devil!
  • And he stays in character during the whole party
  • And for some part of the night when you guys get home and he grabs the… ruler.


  • I don’t see him dressing up, tbh
  • The most he would do is wearing a hideous sweater with a pumpkin on it
  • He’s been wearing it year after year after year
  • Well, this year… he has a twist just for you… wait for it…
  • The pumpkin’s eyes and mouth glow for real! Cool, right?
  • Right… good thing you’re already working on making him take the sweater off pretty soon…


  • He’s feeling rather frisky and decided to mess with his brother
  • So he dressed as… his brother
  • And at first, it’s obvious that though they might look alike, they are completely different people
  • But soon he gets in character for real, it’s… a little scary how he gets to take his brother’s personality
  • You’re scared and… fascinated. Too fascinated?
  • No, what if you fall for his brother? Okay, time to drop the act and remind you that there are things only a Saeran could do with you…

Time for Human!baby Inuyasha

Here’s a couple post-Mama’s death sad human baby Inuyashas, a very lonely and very relived to see Myoga human baby Inuyasha, and an absolutely microscopically tiny human baby Inuyasha.

New year greetings from our beloved boys!!

Boueibu poster from Spoon 2Di vol.33 (open in new tab for clear pic because tumblr love messing it up as usual)

Their new year wishes :

Yumoto : Always always be good friends! (a wombat dog drawing at the side lol)

En : Live to soak in Kurotama Bath and eat onsen manjuu.

Atsushi : Everyone have a healthy and happy year.

Io : Treasure everyday and make each day valuable.

Ryuu : Let’s give love all around the world this year too!

EDIT : forgot to mention that you can see the word “ 愛…. 無敵の….” on the ema directly above Yumoto. I guess it is saying “ 愛は絶対無敵のパワー “Love is an unbeatable power” , the lyrics from the season 1 opening, zettai muteki fallin’ love.


I usually only edit out the crease mark caused by the fold line for the poster, but for this I actually had to do some edit for Yumoto’s left eye because somehow the original artwork just looked extremely wonky imo… this is the unedited ver if anyone wants it (do feel free to ask for the full size image of this ver)

Highlights from Seventeen’s Vlive 11-14-17
  • S.Coups starts by explaining that they were shooting individual photo shoots, thus most of them were bored and sitting around. The boredom lead to them going on Vlive chat and pretending to be each other. 
  • (That explains the nonsense going on at nearly 2 AM our time zone.)
  • The8 made Dino a packed lunch last year for his KSAT test, so he cutely asked Seungkwan and Dokyeom to make him one this year, bless.
  • Seungkwan’s English is getting so good omg, he read and translated a whole sentence perfectly (and then quietly asked Vernon to verify if he was right, how cute)
  • ((Seungkwan sat Vernon on his lap for a moment but when he got up he kept pawing at him what))
  • They started to play a word-chain game but it was interrupted by Vernon slamming head first into a glass door he didn’t see. You could see him do it in the reflection behind Dino. Ouch.
  • Them vocals tho, Seungkwan and Dokyeom killing it.
  • Last year there was an incident where they couldn’t get a cab and had to walk back to the dorm in the cold without “padded coats”, omg my poor boys.
  • Neither Jeonghan nor Coups knows the lyrics to the winter song they kept singing lol.
  • (((Hoshi popping in and out, so cute.)))
  • A singing medley goes on for a long,
  • long,
  • long, 
  • long,
  • long,
  • long,
  • long,
  • long time with S.Coups, Wonwoo, Seungkwan, and Dokyeom. 
  • Mingyu’s singing is known to make dogs howl.
  • DK trying to teach Coups how to rap in a high tone is just the best kind of cringe. (≧∇≦) 
  • Jeonghan flipped his polite switch so hard when the CEO walked through the room. All his sass vanished in a single frame and suddenly the boy is bowing like a humble saint.
  • And then, after 37 minutes of video, he takes over the Vlive to do his radio show with guest Hoshi.
  • (But then Wonwoo was like “BITCH YOU THOUGHT.”)
  • He and Hosh still end up doing a robot dance together and then being forced to do more than one commercial advert for Jeonghan.
  • ((((Dino sitting on Hoshi’s lap is too cute.))))
  • Dokyeom’s hella loud background singing was cut short by S.Coups yelling at them before even the staff members could.
  • ((Jun makes an appearance at the end but stands silently and does nothing.))

Members who did not appear: Woozi, Mingyu, Joshua, and The8.

Member that wasn’t even mentioned by anyone for any reason the entire forty nine minutes of video and was forgotten about, again; Joshua Hong.


“The legend of The Beast goes back a long time… before any of us could even pick up a baseball…”
for @authordc



ใ€ŒIโ€™ll show you โค๏ธŽย myย โ€œlovingย selfโ€ and myย โ€œloveableย selfโ€ใ€

Popolo January 2018

Translation โ†“

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cappuccino-howell  asked:

Omg Hi Minni!! Can you draw Dan and Phil getting their first dog together in the baby boy color palette? Also the names for these are amazing i love them! lol

Cass!!! thank you for requesting this!! it was so much fun to draw even though the colors are a bit blinding hahah

i’m doing a palette challenge!

YO MY FRIENDS, the other day this blog hit 100 followers! Thank you guys so much! <3 I had to brainstorm what to do to celebrate, and honestly I had no idea. 

But I went with this: the bachelor/bachelorettes favourite animals! Hope you like!!!

Abigail - Guinea pigs. She loves her David Jr. He’s fairly easy to maintain, which is good for her (she probably has a short attention span for work), plus he’s super fluffy and cute! 

Alex - Doggo. These bros will play catch on the beach, run together on the farm, and, of course, practice gridball each and every day.

Elliott - Ducks! They’re so beautiful (just like him). (but he still is bffls with the crab in his pocket).

Emily - Sheep. She loves all animals, but these dudes = free wool! She feels bad for taking and using their wool for her projects, but makes up for it with hugs and kisses. 

Haley - Bunnies!!! Honest she is utterly in love with how cute they are (and also how goofy they are!) but she isn’t so keen on the mess they make. For true love, you must make sacrifices. 

Harvey - Birb. Particularly parrots (yes Emily has a parrot, but!) A smart bird for a smart man, he would never be lonely again with this lil guy on his shoulder. 

Leah - Squirrels. She loves nature, so will occasionally bump into these cuties whilst on her quest for wood or just on a general walk! She knows the squirrel in the secret woods by name. She has a huge soft spot for these cuties, and will occasionally bring them nuts. 

Maru - Dinosaurs! You know this babe would nerd out if she realised you had a freaKIN’ DINOSAUR?! 

Penny- BEES. My queen bee. She would love all the animals on the farm, but she really loves the bees, she is very invested in any “save the bees” project she comes across, because dang, they do so much for us! How could you not love them?

Sam - (ok I tried my best not to use the same animals twice BUT) Dog!!! He would have a big dog with a lot of energy to match his own! 

Sebastian - Cat. Petting animals helps with stress, so imagine this boy sat at his computer desk, kitty curled up on his lap, purring away. Pure happiness. 

Shane - please do I even need to answer this. CHICKEN BOI. He sits in the coop to chat with Charlie, and it’s just, he’s home.

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Can you do imagine Christian Yu being your boyfriend

WHY OF COURSE I CAN OMG (ps if i seem like i get something wrong i’m sorry i’m just now really starting to follow him) -maddi

Originally posted by highgrnder

Christian Yu as your boyfriend:

  • this boy is SO PRECIOUS OKAY
  • he’d love to spoil you
  • “babe what’s up let’s go shopping”
  • “we just went yesterday”
  • “and?”
  • i sincerely hope you two get tattoos all the time
  • because his are great and he wants you to get some too
  • lori would love you so much more than him lol 
  • speaking of lori
  • if you have a dog then they’ll have playdates
  • sometimes he’d have to go to a shoot
  • and would leave super early/stay late
  • and you know he isn’t eating well
  • you go to the shoot and surprise him and everyone with food
  • so a+ s/o award goes to you
  • he just loves u a lot pls cherish him 

bubbitlife  asked:

Hi, how are you? I love your art style, it's so beautifulโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก May you help me with something? I'm having trouble drawing 2D and I was wondering if you can give me some tips? I would love that. Thank youโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

i’m glad you like my style so much!

here are some tips on how i draw 2D;

additional information; his hair in all 4 phases are relatively the same so it doesn’t matter much when drawing his hair for different phases. he’s got a funny duck butt type of hair style  (kind of like sasuke uchiha lol)

he’s considered a ‘pretty boy’ so it’s fine to make him more… feminine? if that makes sense

like i said, his eyebrows are really expressive because you can’t see his iris so i use them to convey most of his emotions

when drawing his eyes, think puppy dog! make them big and round and cute, like you want to just cuddle his face. but also make them look like he hasn’t had any sleep in a week

if you have any other questions feel free to ask~ i hope this helps you! have fun drawing the blue boy ;;