a boy and his dog lol

Why I’m so nuts for YOI

YOI flipped my switch in a big way, in a head-over-heels way, in a Victor-dancing-with-Yuri-at-the-GPF-banquet-and-realizing-this-was-it way, and I’ve been thinking lately about why it is that I love it SO much. There are so many reasons. A million reasons. A gazillion reasons under the cut because I’m not as cruel to stick this much text at once into your dash.

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i made a new hq!! love child because i have no self control and i just??? love him so much???? he’s the son of iwaizumi and oikawa and he couldn’t get any more perfect like– here’s the lowdown

-literal Boyfriend Material™

-“have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying?”

-loves dogs. basically is a dog (he’s a good boy). has a dog, a male black lab named Shiro. Kaoru thought he was being clever

-has the softest hair in the world

-his smile can cure terminal illness, lift droughts, and bring about world peace

-has a fan club. is totally unaware of its existence. will laugh if you tell him “lol sure, whatever u say”

-“Captain Bara-Arms”

-thighs can crush a watermelon

-his spike and serve will 10/10 rip your arms off. he’s the hulk

-doesn’t understand sarcasm

-literally The Most Charismatic Man in the World™

-bad at math but Always Tries His Best

-his birthday is May the 4th be with you. also loves star wars and knows every piece of trivia there is about the movies and the extended universe, don’t try him

i just. i have a lot of feelings about this boy right now im sorry

bubbitlife  asked:

Hi, how are you? I love your art style, it's so beautiful♡♡♡♡ May you help me with something? I'm having trouble drawing 2D and I was wondering if you can give me some tips? I would love that. Thank you♡♡♡♡

i’m glad you like my style so much!

here are some tips on how i draw 2D;

additional information; his hair in all 4 phases are relatively the same so it doesn’t matter much when drawing his hair for different phases. he’s got a funny duck butt type of hair style  (kind of like sasuke uchiha lol)

he’s considered a ‘pretty boy’ so it’s fine to make him more… feminine? if that makes sense

like i said, his eyebrows are really expressive because you can’t see his iris so i use them to convey most of his emotions

when drawing his eyes, think puppy dog! make them big and round and cute, like you want to just cuddle his face. but also make them look like he hasn’t had any sleep in a week

if you have any other questions feel free to ask~ i hope this helps you! have fun drawing the blue boy ;; 

YO MY FRIENDS, the other day this blog hit 100 followers! Thank you guys so much! <3 I had to brainstorm what to do to celebrate, and honestly I had no idea. 

But I went with this: the bachelor/bachelorettes favourite animals! Hope you like!!!

Abigail - Guinea pigs. She loves her David Jr. He’s fairly easy to maintain, which is good for her (she probably has a short attention span for work), plus he’s super fluffy and cute! 

Alex - Doggo. These bros will play catch on the beach, run together on the farm, and, of course, practice gridball each and every day.

Elliott - Ducks! They’re so beautiful (just like him). (but he still is bffls with the crab in his pocket).

Emily - Sheep. She loves all animals, but these dudes = free wool! She feels bad for taking and using their wool for her projects, but makes up for it with hugs and kisses. 

Haley - Bunnies!!! Honest she is utterly in love with how cute they are (and also how goofy they are!) but she isn’t so keen on the mess they make. For true love, you must make sacrifices. 

Harvey - Birb. Particularly parrots (yes Emily has a parrot, but!) A smart bird for a smart man, he would never be lonely again with this lil guy on his shoulder. 

Leah - Squirrels. She loves nature, so will occasionally bump into these cuties whilst on her quest for wood or just on a general walk! She knows the squirrel in the secret woods by name. She has a huge soft spot for these cuties, and will occasionally bring them nuts. 

Maru - Dinosaurs! You know this babe would nerd out if she realised you had a freaKIN’ DINOSAUR?! 

Penny- BEES. My queen bee. She would love all the animals on the farm, but she really loves the bees, she is very invested in any “save the bees” project she comes across, because dang, they do so much for us! How could you not love them?

Sam - (ok I tried my best not to use the same animals twice BUT) Dog!!! He would have a big dog with a lot of energy to match his own! 

Sebastian - Cat. Petting animals helps with stress, so imagine this boy sat at his computer desk, kitty curled up on his lap, purring away. Pure happiness. 

Shane - please do I even need to answer this. CHICKEN BOI. He sits in the coop to chat with Charlie, and it’s just, he’s home.

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oooh can you do #15 (imaginary friend au) with minghao? i'm so soft for this idea lol thanks!

AU #15 (Request from this list)

I love requests pls request more they keep my life going anYWAY! This reflects my past on making an imaginary pet, and this is based on that. All the memories…

  • This starts when you were a little Y/N, like about preschool-kindergarten age

  • You were an only child, and a very imaginative one at that

  • So your best friend was of course, imaginary

  • When you first imagined your friend, you were really bored just sitting in your room

  • So you thought, “what if I just imagine a play mate?”

  • You decided on making an imaginary dog which you named “Boy” because you could say “good Boy” (I legit thought this when I was little lol)

  • So playing with Boy was fun, but you wanted to be able to talk with someone

  • Boy was a dog he couldn’t talk duh

  • So you made a human imaginary friend, a little boy your age who had access to all your thoughts and would talk with you about whatever

  • You named him Minghao

  • Overtime, Minghao started to gain his own conscious; he had his own thoughts

  • Lemme just quickly explain: Minghao will only exist when you imagine he is somewhere you can see, and when you imagine him, there is always his figure which is semi-transparent; he also ages with you

  • With his new “brain” he decided he wanted his nickname to be The8 bc it sounded cool

  • Minghao would play with you, and when you didn’t make him “exist” he would do his own things in the imaginary realm

  • Those things included learning wushu and martial arts lol

  • So you would always play with Minghao and practice singing

  • Cue little kisses on your cheek

  • So you loved him but not as a boyfriend obviously bc you’re like 4

  • There would be moments where you’re talking to yourself and your parents walk in like

  • “Who are you talking to?”

  • It was cute, but they did tell you people wouldn’t want to be your friend if you always talked with just Minghao

  • Minghao understood, and so you had to start talking with real people once school came around

  • When you went to elementary school, you would still play with Minghao and Boy, Boy usually appearing on your lap or under a desk if you wanted to see him

  • You did think if Minghao came up then he would distract you so he kept his distance during class

  • Once middle school rolled around, you stopped thinking about Minghao

  • It wasn’t immediate, but finally one day you forgot he existed

  • Minghao wasn’t happy about that

  • But he kept his distance

  • And he slipped away

  • Watching your life unfold through your memories

  • (O_o That sounds creepy but you get the idea)

  • Let’s fast forward to high school

  • Near the end of sophomore year, to be exact

  • You’re getting stuff from your locker at the end of the day

  • And suddenly-

  • There’s this tall, buff boy with a sports sweater and other characteristics of a stereotypical jock

  • And you gasp loudly

  • Is that…Minghao?

  • “Yes it’s me” he says in your head “Now tell me…why did you neglect me all these years?”

  • “Minghao I didn’t mean to-”

  • “Then why did you forget I exist”

  • And you shake your head to process what’s happening, and he’s gone

  • Following weeks, you have that thought of Minghao somewhere in the back of your head

  • And you keep seeing his semi-transparent figure in your classes or wherever you are

  • It starts to actually worry people bc you keep getting so distracted and scared for your life that your grades are dropping

  • Next year you think you’re going insane

  • After a few months of school starting, you pass by someone in the hallway that catches your eye

  • Your friend immediately elbows you

  • “Y/N! You better stop staring at the new kid!”

  • “The…new kid?”

  • That night, you can’t stop thinking about the new kid…

  • And how much he reminds you of Minghao

  • The next day before first period starts, you bump into the kid

  • And he just smirks at you and bites his lip (excuse me boi no one asked)

  • “Watch where you’re going; I wouldn’t want to hurt that beautiful body”

  • And you just get so flustered and run off with these new feelings

  • Idk what kind of feelings… Love? Hate? Crushes? Wanting to throw up?

  • And by lunch EVERYONE in the school knows about the new guy flirting with you

  • When you sit down with your large friend group at lunch, you hear someone call your name from a table away

  • And some jocks of the school are turned to you and you see the new guy staring at you and winking (bOI YOU BETTER HIDE)

  • You look away immediately, and all the guys start whistling

  • But they misunderstood; you didn’t look away bc you were embarrassed




  • After class, you’re getting stuff from your locker again

  • And when you close it, there’s a tall boy right next to you, leaning on one arm on the wall

  • “So, feel giddy yet?” He asks, biting his lip again (making you feel attacked)

  • “About what?”

  • “About me”

  • “Minghao how are you even real?!”

  • “Mm, let’s just say I got enough strength to…become visible. Oh and also imagine up a pretend family and birth records, all that”

  • And in your brain you’re debating on whether or not to slap him for ever coming into your life

  • “Oh Y/N, you really don’t want to do that”

  • Well shoot

  • You forgot he can read your thoughts

  • But you can’t control what you think

  • And that’s the worst truth

  • The reason why Minghao decided to become real…

  • Is to basically torture you for forgetting him, by making you embarrassed, and him knowing your every thought

  • So over the next few months he flirts with you tirelessly, and also gets really savage and burns you

  • This is what he’s know for at the school tho, being great at sports and martial arts, being savage, and constantly flirting with you

  • Like random cat calling in the hallway

  • But the worst is he’ll grab your wrist if you try to walk away and his grip is so strong it hurts

  • Probably all that sports practice

  • Or even hold your waist making you v uncomfortable

  • The thing is you’re confused, and you start to wonder if you actually like him

  • One day you finally get fed up with him making you feel confused internally, wondering if you love him or if he’s changed too much

  • He appears beside you at your locker, and he leans in to kiss you, planting a kiss on your lips with heavy breathing

  • Cue you slapping his neck

  • “Wtf Y/N?!?”

  • “Stop bothering me. End of discussion”

  • “Fine. Answer my one question: Why did you push me away? The person who made you happiest? The person you liked the most?”

  • Cue the tears flowing

  • “Because…that’s not true…”

  • “What”

  • “I loved you the most. More than anyone else”

  • All the thoughts of your happy childhood rush back to your head

  • Then a puppy appears at your feet

  • And suddenly there’s like a huge surge of light and Minghao has a brighter…aura (?) (Idk man)

  • You look down to see the semi-transparent dog at your feet is Boy

  • And you realize why Minghao was acting like this

  • He just wanted to live the life you had, or better yet, live it with you

  • But when you forgot him he couldn’t see you anymore

  • He only could read your thoughts and get jealous every time you thought of a guy

  • Minghao changed for the better

  • Instead of being a pain in the butt he treated you nicely and respected you instead of constantly flirting

  • He kind of left you alone bc he felt like he bothered you too much

  • But one day of senior year you just walked up to him and he asked you out

  • He didn’t really ask you just kissed him

  • And you now have a boyfriend who can kick butt for you bc his wushu skills and his savageness, but can be the ultimate cinnamon roll when you are feeling depressed

  • Like Thughao will diss anyone who bullies you and then kiss your forehead like immediately after

  • But let’s just say no one ever knew he was imaginary

“Hey Y/N, want to get a puppy after we graduate?” “Too soon for these thoughts, 8. Too soon.”

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Can you do imagine Christian Yu being your boyfriend

WHY OF COURSE I CAN OMG (ps if i seem like i get something wrong i’m sorry i’m just now really starting to follow him) -maddi

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Christian Yu as your boyfriend:

  • this boy is SO PRECIOUS OKAY
  • he’d love to spoil you
  • “babe what’s up let’s go shopping”
  • “we just went yesterday”
  • “and?”
  • i sincerely hope you two get tattoos all the time
  • because his are great and he wants you to get some too
  • lori would love you so much more than him lol 
  • speaking of lori
  • if you have a dog then they’ll have playdates
  • sometimes he’d have to go to a shoot
  • and would leave super early/stay late
  • and you know he isn’t eating well
  • you go to the shoot and surprise him and everyone with food
  • so a+ s/o award goes to you
  • he just loves u a lot pls cherish him 

Ok so

·         Daniel is like, your typical male

·         Its just what you really would expect a male apartment to look like

·         Except cleaner because jisung would haul his ass if it wasn’t

·         Has a lot of photos of family and friends

·         And his cats


·         His cats are his life lol he loves them me tbh

·         and he would do anything for them

·         A N Y T H I N G

·         you actually meet rooney first

·         you’re sitting listening to music on the bench outside of your apartment building

·         when you feel something rub against your leg

·         so you look down and see the softest cat of all time rubbing against your leg and you also being a cat lover lol, begin to stroke it

·         and ur like crying because its such a CUTE CAT

·         but unfortunately you need to leave to go to work or shopping or something

·         and when you get back later, you are walking down the hallway to your apartment when


·         So of course you stroke it again

·         As you’re bent over stroking this cat, a deep voice from behind you says ‘oh hello’ sounding rather surprised

·         You turn around to the SOFTEST LOOKING MAN

·         he has like soft brown hair and a cute little smile on his face and you’re like stuttering out a reply as you crouch on the floor, the cat nudging your hand for more attention

·         he introduces himself as Daniel and the cat as rooney

·         you ask him where he got the name from and he says from a footballer he likes…

·         and then adds that rooney is a girl but he didn’t know at the time

·         and that makes you giggle a bit


·         So you start asking him questions about his cats and he asks you questions about pets

·         you basically bond over your mutual love of cats lmfao

·         and then you get to chatting more about other things, like music and what your hobbies are

·         you guys hang out a lot and you develop a crush

·         you meet seungwoo who claims to be daniel’s other half but then he is like lol nOT FOR LONG

·         and then you meet jisung who is literally daniel’s mother and you two get along super well

·         Daniel is like anyone who can get along with jisung hyung is The One

·         He loves the fact that you love his cats and they love you too because remember I said he would do anything for his cats that means keeping u close by

·         He shows you his b boying and his facial expressions become more intense (u know like in open up and hands on me IM DEAD)

·         And then offers to teach you some

·         You initially refuse but Daniel gives you the Puppy Dog Eyes and you cave pretty quickly

·         And he ends up holding you pretty close and you’re both like this is…. Nice and your hearts are beating at like ten times faster than they should be

·         Its really soft and cute but at the same time Daniel is looking all sweaty and Fine LOL

Tag game-10 favourite characters

Tagged by: my dear buddy @renadragneel~

Rules:  Tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) and tag 10 people! 

(Note: This list is in no particular order cause I love all my babies~)

1. Kurose Riku from Ten Count by Takahari Rihito (This is a BL manga)
Man….this character is so cool and so complex! This is especially seen with his relationship/interactions with Shirotani…I can’t really type out how much in awe I am whenever I read about him! Not to mention he fits all the physical traits I’d like to see in a guy huehuehue

2.Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler by Yana Tobaso
….Seriously? Does this ‘one hell of a butler need an introduction? He’s awesome! Badass! And will finish his duties before tea-time! :>

  3. Magnus Bane from the Shadowhunter universe by Cassandra Clare
Eyyyyyy everyone’s favourite freewheeling bisexual warlock is here! His sass is off the charts! Like seriously, the most ‘sober’ shirt he has is a black one with sequins that say ‘blink if you want me’. But, he does have a sensitive,caring side…and he was one character that helped me eventually come to terms with my sexuality

4.Rhysand from ACOTAR & ACOMAF by Sarah J Mass
*whistles* Ohhh this character! At first, he starts off seeming to be the villain or atleast a crony of the main antagonist….but as the story progresses…you realise that he is one of the most head-strong, feminist and caring characters…Like the relationship and trust he has on Feyre, the protagonist, is sooo refreshing! Considering that even in that universe, women are just treated secondary to men, as breeding cattle…Please read this book! I wanna have more people to fangirl about him!!!

5. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima
She used to be my idol ok?! still is lol Like, her magic is so cool and her loyalty and badassery and will to support friends is sooo high! Yet she’s so cute? Like….how?!

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6. Yuko Ichihara from xxxHolic by CLAMP
Ahhh….one of my first female crushes….I mean….she’s so calm and serene…and makes everything around her seem cool? IDK there is just something really enticing about her, and the way she explains the supernatural occurences to Watanuki

7. Nakahara Chuuya from Bungou Stray Dogs by Kafka Asagiri
*giggles* Ohhh my spirit animal….so smol and angry and destructive when pissed….Need I say more about this overly Extra, super sassy, petite mafia?

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8. Killua Zoldyck from HunterxHunter by Yoshihiro Togashi
*chuckles* Oh boy…this kid is my precious baby ok! Don’t you dare lay a finger on him! Or….never mind….cause despite his cute, cuddly and energetic appearance, he sure know how to slay a bitch, literally….

9.Makoto Tachibana from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

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And last but not the least….

10. Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs by Kafka Asagiri
Self-explanatory blog title is self-explanatory lol  AHHHHHHHH I CANNOT EMPHASISE ANY MORE ON HOW MUCH I ADORE DAZAI! I mean, his looks, his cuteness, his intelligence, his battle strategies, his self-confidence….IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR THIS GUY TO EXIST CAUSE HE’S MAKING ME QUESTION MY MORALS AND MY SANITY!!!!

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Yep….both are the same person jfc

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No, seriously: One time my mum and dad rented out a holiday trailer from the parents of that boy who kept viciously hassling me in school. (”Sean? Stop talking nonsense, Sharon. He’s a nice boy! Ray is a nice woman.”)

*Me upon entering him and his little brother’s room*

“Boy, what fun shall I have now?”

*some time later in the Maths classroom*

*Sharon, why is your hair always so greasy?”

“I let my dog shit in your bed, by the way.”

College Party Head Canons - Kuroko no Basket Version

*raises hand for knb drunk shenanigans* even though i noticed your askbox is closed for requests, idek if this counts as a request x.x but if you wanna do some stuff for some of those guys then i would not be opposed!!

AN: I’m glad you gave me an excuse to write this yo I gotchu

So here are the KnB boys who would most likely be caught at a college party and what kind of drunk they are!

WARNING: Alcohol & weed mention!


  1. A very cuddly person! Always has his arm tightly around someone or some people with a mixed drink in his hand. Often buries his nose in his shorter partner’s hair affectionately.
  2. Can’t stand the taste of most hard liquors, so prefers a heavy dose of jungle juice, but isn’t opposed to shots.
  3. With that said, does lotsa body shots! Like a crazy amount…. His drunk self thinks it’s the sexiest thing if someone is so willing to lie down and let him lick salt off of them before a tequila shot.
  4. The type to bring someone up to the host’s bedroom and lock the door the whole night.
  5. The king of beer pong because Midorima doesn’t go to parties.
  6. Has a permanent, sexy smirk and bedroom eyes the entire night and he can easily bring someone home.
  7. He’s an affectionate drunk, both cute and cuddly and nsfw LOL. Most of the time he goes to these parties and drinks for recreation and fun, but sometimes he’ll go to forget the bad day/week he had. Alcohol enhances the mood he’s feeling that day.


  1. Who let this mans into the house? Straight up making out with someone the second he enters throught the door, even before he grabs a drink.
  2. The one that everyone wants to end up in bed with. Rumor has it he spoils his catch of the night until they’re shaking and begging for more.
  3. Straight no chaser typa mans. It’s tequila and henny or nothing.
  4. Most likely to black out and not remember the night. Any normal person would be scared as hell blacking out, but Haizaki isn’t normal LOL.
  5. Although he looks like the tank of the party, his tolerance isn’t too high, but not too low, either. He tries to outdrink everyone, but it never works out and he’s gone after 10 shots.
  6. Spends half of the night on the dance floor. Lives for being in the middle of a grind train.
  7. Most likely to get into a fight, let’s be real. He’s the reason why parties get busted by the cops LOL.
  8. A wildcard when he’s drunk. He’s either super horny and tries to get it in, or is angry as hell and tries to fight.


  1. This little shit cheats in beer pong like he cheats in basketball.
  2. He gets caught too many times, so he’ll play circle of death or irish poker instead.
  3. Prefers beer because hard liquor burns his throat.
  4. Honestly doesn’t get too drunk at parties on purpose. He thinks watching everyone else drunk is entertaining. He likes to spike others’ drinks or shove shots into their hands.
  5. Also likes body shots, but only because he gets to lick salt off of soft skin. Most of the time the person he’s licking will drag him up to the bathroom or the 7 Minutes in Heaven closet, which is exactly what he wants.
  6. Would rather finish that business at the party rather than take them home. He thinks it’s too much work to do the morning after.
  7. When he does drink to get drunk, it’s either as a celebration or because he’s in a bad mood, so like Aomine, how he acts really depends on how he feels that day.


  1. Uh oh.
  2. It takes a lot to get him drunk, but because of that, he doesn’t really know his limit, so he’ll chug and mix lots of things and it all hits him at once….
  3. Most likely to be hunched over a toilet or found in the backyard. He’s very good at not making a mess in the house.
  4. He gets very needy when drunk, but only to his close friends. He’s not really one to socialize, so he’ll get clingy to the people he came to the party with.
  5. He got so tired of drinking and tasting alcohol that he decided to try some other party paraphernalia. If you think he eats a lot now, oh boy…. you do not want this gentle giant high.
  6. When high, he’s a lot lazier than usual LOL but he thinks high sex is the best sex he’s ever had and gets so into it that he’ll actually do equal amount of work as his partner.
  7. After converting to the greens at parties, he almost instantly gets a hard on, due to all the activity he’s experienced with it, so had to convert back to alcohol (he’s like Pavlov’s dog).
  8. Usually keeps to himself at parties. Doesn’t really approach others unless he sees someone he really likes. Once he talks to them, he’ll do all he can to take them home.


  1. Life of the party! Everyone knows who he is and everyone says hi to him as they enter the house.
  2. Is often the host of the party because Midorima always visits his parents on the weekends (he doesn’t know).
  3. Likes to kiss everyone either on the cheek as a friend or pull them into a heated make out.
  4. Is always the dj because obviously everyone’s taste in music sucks except for his.
  5. Takes lotsa snapchats to show the world how lit his party is.
  6. Makes the best jungle juice. It’s both strong and tasty.
  7. Because he’s the host most of the time, he’s like the mom at the party. He readily supplies water, plastic bags, napkins, a place to stay if someone reallllyy needs it, and saltine crackers.
  8. Once in a while, when he’s attending someone else’s party, he’ll go all out. A row of shots immediately, but then quits because it doesn’t take him long to get drunk.

Can I just brag about my boy here for a second? This Renegade, he’s only 14 months old and a complete monster.  There are some of his puppy pictures in there but the top ones are what he looks like now mostly. He’s a purebred German Shepherd, ¼ work and ¾ show. He’s my big baby and he’s being trained to be a service dog for me for my anxiety and depression. He’s too smart for his own good and it makes it hard to train him, but he knows that when I’m having a hard time that it’s his job to comfort me. He’s also a great protection dog, he is not trained but he does scare people off with his “I will eat your children” bark but he’s very loving towards everyone once he meets you or your dog.

I’m very happy to have this boy in my life even though there are days that I want to strangle him. His looks are the only thing that keeps him alive sometime, lol. Anyway, I just need to show off my boy.

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Aaaaah I love your blog sm, especially the headcanons!! Can I have some nsfw + sfw headcanons for Daishou and Terushima with their female s/o? Thank you!!

YAAAAAS! More headcanons! Hope you enjoy, Anon!


Daishou Suguru

  • Child will always be into showing her off and gloating about how great and wonderful his girlfriend is. It doesn’t matter how many times that person has heard it or how well they know her, they will be getting an earful of how perfect she is from Daishou on a daily basis.
    • “Ya know, [First Name] is–” “WE KNOW.”
  • While it’s obvious this boy is madly in love with her, he will never admit that he is completely wrapped around her finger. He’ll try to be all macho about it and everything, like “no, babe, men don’t wear nail polish” and next thing you know he’s got sparkles on his toes so that she can practice her designs before working on her own nails.
  • This boy will have trouble with remembering dates - anniversaries and birthdays and such - especially while he’s so focused on volleyball. He doesn’t mean it, and surely he’s got it marked on his calendar, but there are times where his mind is preoccupied with everything he needs to do for his team.
    • He’ll try and come up with an excuse for this rather than just apologizing and saying that he’ll try harder. Despite how much he loves her, he’s still stubborn and has a hard time admitting when he’s wrong, so give him some time to calm down and sort things out and he’ll get around to apologizing.

Terushima Yuuji

  • Okay, seriously, this boy is perfect boyfriend material. Outside bad boy appearance, but really a HUGE softy on the inside. Hear me out, he uses his pushy flirting tactics to get her, right, but then all of a sudden they start dating and he has this brand new side where he’s just a giant puppy dog!
    • Cuddles and head rubs are welcome - seriously, she could spend hours running her fingers through his hair, even scratching lightly at the buzzed portions, and this boy will be putty in her hands - and more than likely asleep on her lap.
  • Gah! I can see them roaming around the halls together or even just out and about holding hands. And then he just brings her hand up, fingers still interlaced and kisses every single one of her knuckles!
  • Lol, for her birthday or maybe just because, he probably bought her a custom shirt that says “MY BOYFRIEND IS THE HOTTEST CAPTAIN” and it’s in the school volleyball colors and everything.
    • Duuuude, she probably wore it to a game and got his number and last name put on the back of it! Holy, this boy would be soooo insanely stoked, he’d be all over that court and all over her when the game ended!


Daishou Suguru

  • I feel like this boy would be all excited for the first time they decided to get down and dirty, but then ended up being totally flustered about it. He’d all like, “yeah, I’ll eat you out, baby” and then he’s sitting there staring at her with a red face like, “how do I do this???????”
  • After the initial moment of getting used to the illicit acts, this boy will have trouble diving right in and begin exploring every inch of her body. It won’t take very long for him to become an expert on just what to do to make her scream his name.
    • I feel like he totally gets off on begging. Like, things will get all heated and then he’s right there, ready to push inside and just… stops. Little shit will make her beg for his dick before he gives it to her.
  • Pull his hair. Grip it tight and pull it hard. Baby boy will be a moaning mess as he’s got his face shoved against her heat or his hips tight against her own. 
  • OH! Shower sex. There’s nothing better than having a wet sexy body pressed between him and the wall. Chances are, Daishou gets hard on the way to them getting into the shower, so don’t plan on getting clean anytime soon.

Terushima Yuuji

  • Okay, okay, I like to think that Terushima is waaaaaaay dirty and good at the things he can do with his tongue - I mean, have you seen his tongue piercing? - and I also kind of apply this to him in general when I think of his during sexy times. But consider this too, like, he’s nasty in foreplay - fingers know all the spots to work, his tongue it magic, and his kisses are intense - but when it comes to the actual act of sex, things slow way down.
    • It’s an important part of their relationship, he knows, and he treats it as such. So while the foreplay and maybe mood is this desperate, lustful, and even primal thing, things take a different turn when he’s finally inside her. He takes his time, he’s careful, and it’s filled with passionate kisses.
  • But, god, is this boy LOUD. There is nothing that can be done to keep this boy from telling the world just how good he feels in that moment, whether he’s getting head or shallowly thrusting inside her, this dude is moaning.
  • Really wanna hear him moan; ride him. Ride him hard. Like, she just needs to pin his hands down and give him a show. The boy will lose all sense of anything and will be a MESS.
  • Legit, one of his favorite - and most wanted - things to do is to have sex on the volleyball court (or the club room, but the court is more exciting). He probably always just talks about how hot it would be but doesn’t actual expect it to happen. UNTIL IT FUCKING DOES. It’s a miracle the didn’t get caught honestly, lol.
les miserables songs: a summary
  • look down: prison is nothing like OITNB
  • valjean's soliloquy: all this for a loaf of bread?
  • at the end of the day: minimum wage sucks
  • i dreamed a dream: don't have sex because you will get pregnant and die
  • lovely ladies: this is what you get from four years of college
  • fantine's death: what did i tell you?
  • the confrontation: angry gays duel
  • castle on a cloud: my parents just don't understand me
  • master of house: charming criminals bamboozle everyone
  • stars: god complexes are a bitch
  • do you hear the people sing?: that's literally all you people have been doing for the past
  • in my life: lol boys are pretty
  • a heart full of love: i just met you but i love you
  • one day more!: how many days are left?
  • on my own: don't you dare fucking say eponine got friendzoned
  • a little fall of rain: the death tally increases (again)
  • drink with me: we're all gonna die, let's get shitfaced
  • bring him home: please protect this kid my daughter wants to bone
  • dogs eat dog: why the fuck are you in the sewers?
  • javert's suicide: sad gay is sad because prisoner gay messed with his god complex
  • turning: in case you forgot that people died
  • empty chairs at empty tables: PTSD the musical
  • the wedding chorale: literally the only happy moment in the entire show
  • epilogue: gross sobbing
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let me introduce you to my favourite new person

“she dresses as a hot dog for princesses’ day”

this awkward moment when a friend tells you how he named his new baby and you can’t tell if it’s a boy, a girl or the last Toyota

“i had a dream but the alarm clock rang” martin luther dring

rare picture stolen from a slippers’ farm

anonymous asked:

If you could fix the plot of PoA, how would you? Assuming the Time-Turners are taken out of the equation.

Fix: Sirius Black shows up and tells Harry about Scabbers/Peter. He also tells Harry that he’s his godfather and that he can be his guardian instead of the Dursleys. Harry makes him promise not to kill Peter, because he would be able to prove Sirius’ innocence so that he can live with him.  They take the Knight Bus to the Burrow (Sirius stays in dog form for this), and catch Scabbers. Arthur and Molly are outraged- Arthur floos Kingsley and Moody, who come in and apprehend Peter. Molly refuses to let them touch Sirius and feeds him a huge meal after making him take an hour-long shower.  Kingsley uses Legillimency and Moody uses Verataserum to ensure that Sirius will stay put until his innocence is put in place.

No dementors are sent to Hogwarts that year.  Peter is placed in high security holding cell and then a special rat-escape-proof cell Azkaban and cannot bring about the return of his master.  Once Sirius’ name is cleared and his money is no longer frozen, he buys Ron his pick of pets- Ron picks a stately Great Horned Owl named Henry. Dumbledore decides to hire Sirius as DADA instructor (much to Snape’s dismay), and Remus is able to step in as Care of Magical Creatures professor. He ensures that Buckbeak never comes in contact with dumb ol’ Malfoy, saving him from being put in for execution. However, Harry does end up flying on Buckbeak’s back during one of their evening chats.  Remus Lupin finishes out his year taking his potion on time all the time and his secret is not revealed to the school, so he stays on as professor.  Severus is still wary of him (and is furious when he finds the truth out about Peter/Scabbers), but they end up becoming colleagues and burying the hatchet. He and Sirius still don’t have a good relationship, but Remus helps to cool the flames between them, especially now that they know the truth about Peter (who becomes a convenient scapegoat).  Harry has a generally uneventful year, and doesn’t learn the patronus charm, however, he does learn about his father (and mother) through Remus and Sirius.  He also learns that his father was a Stag animagus, which leads Harry to talk to McGonagall about the possibility of trying to develop his own animagus form. Sirius legally adopts him, and they decide to move into a dilapidated farmhouse next door to the Burrow that they rename “Dog’s Den,” and they fix it up together over the summer, with the Weasleys and Remus helping as they can.  Sirius reluctantly sees mind healers at St. Mungo’s under Harry’s direction and is helped immensely to recover from his pain and suffering under the dementors. Remus moves in as well, and Harry ends up with his uncles playing parent to him.  Sirius grows up a lot in that time, and Harry is happy.  Remus teaches Harry how to summon a patronus during the summer (they’re both around magic families, so the Trace doesn’t activate) in case of emergency.  McGonagall shows up to help Harry with his animagus preparations.  Snape shows up (under Dumbledore’s orders) with Lupin’s potion every month, but his interactions with everyone are mostly civil. It helps that he can stop by the Burrow afterwards (also under Dumbledore’s orders) for Mrs. Weasley’s cookies afterwards.

Meanwhile, Voldemort’s soul dries out in a ditch from lack of being able to do anything, and is eventually run over by truck that pulls over to the side of the road with a flat tire.