a box of sharp objects

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I wanna cause chaos *Throws box of randomness at mleak* hehe this box contains Alcohol, sharp objects, lighter and lighter fluid, and other things that would destroy something!

Kima: *Walks up to the Alcohol and knife* Heheh!
(Oh boi-)

you said you would always be
one call away.
you said always.

you called it my box of sharp objects.
you put your number in it,
you told me to call me.
you said you would always be
one call away.

but now i’m sitting here,
sharp object in hand,
and something tells me that
you’re not just one call away.
—  j.e.b. ((you broke your promise.))
Ring- Outlaw Queen Fanfic

Prompt credit: otpprompts
Enjoy the fluff! 

There is a ring.

It is small, nothing fancy, just a simple golden ring with a beautiful diamond in the middle, which lies peacefully in a blue velvet box. It is perfect, and Regina can only imagine how much trouble Robin had probably gone through in order to find just the right one.  

She loves it, loves him, and she would have said yes. If only he had asked.

But he didn’t. Regina found it in the drawer just next to his head, on the first night of their vacation, while she was looking for her reading glasses (she didn’t do much reading during the past three days, she has to be sincere). Since then she has been on edge, always waiting for him to pop the question.

It isn’t like she didn’t enjoy the delicious meals to the light of a thousand candles, the amazing massages and the mind blowing sex, but every time he opened his mouth to talk she thought he is finally, finally, going to propos, yet he never did.

So now it is their last hour in their little paradise, the last hour of quiet before she has to go back to mayor duties and house chores. She wants to enjoy every single minute as they walk hand in hand silently, absorbing the fresh air and the sight of a beautiful sunset.

It is all so surreal, like they are a tiny part of a greater painting, and her heart is bursting with love for the man whose hand holds hers tight, like he fears she will disappear if he lets go of his grip, that she can almost forget about the ring.

He said to her a long time ago that it is all about timing, and maybe this past weekend just wasn’t the right time.

“Robin.” She hums as she turns to him and warps her arms around his neck. His hands come to her hips immediately. It seems like the need to touch is overwhelming some times. After all they had been through, the long weeks that turned into months when they were forced to stay apart thanks to her crazy half- sister, she gives the urge to make sure he is there, safe and sound by her side, take control over her more often than not.

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Fainting Magic

May i request a slight AU where thor and loki visit earth for the first time but together and peacefully, and thor finds out about magic shows in las vegas. So he immediately wants to take loki there to see the “magic”. While at one show loki is intriged by reader whos the headline magician and it ends really sweet/fluffy please???

(I can do this!  I hope you enjoy your imagine!)

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“A magic show?” Loki questions as he clasps his hands behind his back, “But this place is not supposed to possess such things.”

“That is why it is intriguing!” Thor exclaims.

“Well, where is this magic taking place?” Loki inquires.

“A place called…’Las Vegas’?” Thor questions.

“Well, I suppose we should find ourselves there…” Loki trails off.

“How far away is this ‘Las Vegas’ from us?” Thor asks.

“You’re standing in it!” a passerby snickers, shaking their head as others begin to point and laugh at their attire.

“We are in this place?” Thor asks.

“I suppose we should also dip into a shop.  It would help if our clothing blended in with their culture,” Loki lulls to himself as he begins looking around.

And as he tries to find a clothing store, his eyes land on a scrolling headline for your magic show.

“Magic Is Real…” Loki trails off.

“Brother?” Thor asks.

“That show,” Loki says as he points to the scrolling lights, “it is entitled ‘Magic Is Real’.”

“Sounds like someone has the right idea!” Thor trumpets as he slaps Loki’s back.

“Looks like we found our show,” he smiles lightly.

Sitting in the audience as the two watch the show, the watch you parade around on-stage with something called an assistant.  They watched you to slight-of-hand card tricks, vaguely reading the minds of random audience members, and shoving sharp objects into your assistant in a box while she was staring at the audience.

But while Thor was very impressed with the show, Loki knew what was going on.

And he found himself quite disappointed.

That is, until you came to your last trick of the night.

“Ladies and gentleman!” you shout as you shoo your assistant off-stage, “Tonight is the unveiling of a very different magic trick.”

“Trick, indeed,” Loki mutters, which was met with a hearty elbow to the rib-cage from his brother.

“You have seen magicians disappear.  You have seen them unhook themselves from chains.  You have even seen them make massive ships disappear!” you yell as you bring yourself to the middle of the stage.

“But tonight…you will see me do something no magician has done on this stage…” you offer.

“Tonight, you will see me duplicate.”

As the crowd went wild, Thor’s eyes darted to Loki as he watches his brother furrow his brow in intrigue.

He was not aware of anyone else possessing that type of ability.

As the magic trick went on, his eyes glued to you heavily, he watched as you paraded around on stage, setting things up, getting into an enclosure, and shutting yourself closed.

And when you emerged from the paper you tore through, there was just one of you.

Until you yelled from the balcony and had the audience turn around.

As everyone erupted in applause and stood to their feet, Loki’s head was shifting back and forth, taking in the fact that there were two of you standing at opposite ends of the building.

How was that possible?

He was determined to see you after the show.

“Thanks, guys!” you yell as you wave after your friends, everyone dumping out into the alley beside the building as a tall, slender man with raven black hair begins to approach you.

“I do not mean to disturb you,” he offers as you turn and face him, “but your show was…”

You smile lightly up at him as you pull your coat closer to your body.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” you say lightly, a stark contrast to what he had just seen on stage.

“I have to tell you, it is quite amazing, finding someone else that can duplicate themselves like that,” he muses.

The confusion began to register behind your eyes as you decide to tread with caution.

“Well, I am really glad you enjoyed it,” you offer.

“Might I ask where you learned it?” he inquires as he smiles warmly.

It was very disarming, a man with such dark features and a smile as comforting as the summer sun.

“A magician never reveals her secrets,” you wink as you begin to turn yourself towards the road.

But as you went to take a step forward, he appeared in front of you, and it startled you to your core.

“Look, I just want to go get some f-”

But when you turned back around, there he was.

Wide-eyed with shock, your head darting back and forth between the two exact entities, you feel your hands begin to tremble as your legs grow weak.

“I learned it as a boy growing up,” the man in front of you says, “but I never perfected it until a few years ago,” the man behind you finishes.

“It must have taken you a great deal of practice to be able to produce such an outcome at such a young age,” he smiles brightly…almost admirably.

But you felt yourself growing weak, and your knees buckled from shock.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Loki coos as his arms dart out, his body scooping you close to his as your half-vacant eyes lightly flutter up to his.

“Are you alright?” he asks lowly.

But you couldn’t talk.

You couldn’t speak.

How did he do that?

“How-…did you do that…?” you whisper as tears rim your eyes.

And as Loki smirks, his arms comforting you as you instinctively curl into his body, he holds you close as he murmurs, “A magician never reveals his secrets.”