a bowl of many chilli peppers


Perfect for this chilly desert weather.

I made this dish so many times. Husband seemed to like it. He had two bowls. I ate this with rice.

This is a tamarind based soup. I used baby back ribs. Taro, radish, watercress and chili pepper complete the flavor. Yum yum!

Fancy Fish

Okay maybe this isn’t particularly fancy. But it is quick and easy and uses one dish and a fork to cook, plus full of veges and other good stuff whilst still being delicious.

* One can of fish (I use sardines because they are super cheap for me, but any kind will do)

* One or two eggs depending on hunger (Maybe even three if you want!)

* Salt, pepper, chilli if you like it…

* Leafy green veges of any kind (Spinach, baby silver beet chopped real fine, kale, bok choi, loose salad)

* Anything else you want to add (Sliced spring onions, sliced regular onions, tomato, salsa, mayonnaise, frozen peas, corn,grated cheese, idk)

1. Turn on your oven to bake, 200 degrees Celsius or 390 Fahrenheit and put a tray a little above the halfway point. This recipe is really good with those little baby ovens actually.

2. In an oven safe bowl (usually cereal bowls are fine, I generally use a ramekin) mix the fish, veges, extras and a little salt and pepper and the chilli if you want it. Basically everything except the eggs. Pop in the oven for five minutes. Make sure your leafy veges are submerged else they might get a little toasty.

3. Remove from the oven all careful-like and gently crack however many eggs you decided on right on top of the mix. They should begin cooked against the edge of the dish. Season with salt and pepper and chilli if you like, maybe pop the yokes if you want, you can also sprinkle grated cheese on top at this stage and return to the oven for another ten minutes or until the eggs are done how you like them.

4. Enjoy! Be careful though, because it gets heated twice the whole thing is pretty much nuclear when you take it out of the oven. I like to eat mine for lunch, but it could also be a tasty breakfast or dinner too.