a bottom lip worth nibbling on


Based on this prompt from @ourwritingprompts“It doesn’t matter. You’ve moved on. And I have to be okay with that.”

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Smut prompt: #11!

11. surprise discovery of an overly-sensitive body part
Thank you for the prompt!

Cullen Rutherford x Evie Trevelyan (NSFW - 956 words)

It was his elbows of all places. The delicate skin on the inside of Cullen’s elbows to be exact. Evie had discovered it out by complete accident.

They were laying on their sides in his bed, only half awake and basking in some quiet time together. Cullen had one of his strong arms wrapped snugly around the curve of her waist while the other was stretched out in front of him. Evie was facing away from him, tucked to his chest with her head resting comfortably on his bicep. She turned her face into his arm to give his skin a quick kiss before she had to run off to start her day. When she pressed her lips to the soft skin at the junction of his elbow, she flicked out her tongue playfully. She was expecting him to laugh and playfully admonish her for being a tease like he always did. However what she received in return was a shuddering gasp and a involuntary hip jerk from her commander. Cullen’s face flushed in an instant, embarrassed, while Evie gaped at him dumbstruck. That was the last thing she had expected to happen. It was delightful surprise nonetheless.

Evie had spent the rest of the day thinking about it. She found herself wondering how much of an effect her innocuous kiss to such a benign area had on him. She began imagining that had Cullen’s cock had hardened the instant her simple kiss touched his elbow. Her mind reeled with images of him sliding his hand into his breeches after she had left. His arm thrown over his face while he stroked himself, the feeling of her lips and tongue lingering on his skin. She had to find out how responsive he was to attention being given to his elbows.

His elbows of all places.

They spent the night in her quarters, filling the the excited mage’s mind with thoughts of her commander’s cries being heard from her gilded tower. As they slipped into together bed, she rolled over to put them in the position they held that morning. Evie didn’t have to look over her shoulder to know Cullen was confused; they always slept facing one another, enveloping each other in a loving embrace. But she had other plans tonight.

As Cullen wedged his arm under her neck, a mischievous grin broke out on Evie’s lips. She was never more relieved to be facing away from Cullen’s scrutinizing gaze than in that moment. As soon as his arm was settled under her neck and his other hand was resting on her hip, Evie turned her attention to his elbow. Her smile grew even wider as she slowly closed the distance between her lips and his elbow. Cullen knew her almost all her weaknesses, it was thrilling to find one of his.

She repeated the kiss she had given him that afternoon; a soft press of her lips and flick of her tongue, but this time she kept her lips in place. Cullen’s gasp was just the same, strangled and surprised. He was trying to hide it, suppress his reaction. She wasn’t going to let him deny it.

Evie snaked her tongue past her lips once more, lavishing Cullen’s skin with kitten licks. When the hand resting on her hip tightened, she paused for a moment to glance over her shoulder. Cullen’s face was already a blotchy red, fervent whines slipped from his parted lips, and his eyes were screwed shut. If she had known this about him months ago, she would paid far more attention to his elbows.

Wriggling her hips back on the bed until her bottom was flush to his hips, Evie exhaled sharply in surprise. Cullen was completely rigid in his breeches already. As soon as her luscious bottom was pressed to his hardened length, he began rolling his hips against her. This was definitely something worth noting for later use.

As Evie lavished Cullen’s tender elbow with attention, he rutted desperately against her backside. She revelled in the sounds of his lewd grunts and groans while he slide his cock along her bottom. He kept an almost bruising grip on her hip to drag her back over his cock, racing himself rapidly toward his climax.

Every roll of his hips was countered with a flick of her tongue. Every grunt through his clenched teeth was met with a kiss of her lips. And every groan from his parted lips was answered with a nibble of her teeth. Evie wanted Cullen bursting in his breeches with nothing but her mouth on his elbow and his cock against her ass.

With a lewd cry of her name, Cullen reached his end. He dragged Evie’s willing body along the sheets while rubbing his spurting cock against her supple ass. His hips didn’t stop their erratic jerking until his breeches were soaked through with his seed, leaving a wet spot on the back of Evie’s night gown.

As his hips slowed, Cullen buried his face into Evie’s neck to lay rough, needy kisses along her skin. He continued groaning while his muscles twitched, bringing a smug grin to Evie’s lips. However, her prideful demeanour didn’t last long. As Cullen’s moans subsided and his muscles settled, he slid his hand from its place on Evie’s hip. He cupped her sex gently through her night gown, bringing a surprised whimper to the red-headed mage’s lips.

“I think it’s your turn.” Cullen murmured huskily while teasing Evie’s dewy petals with his middle finger. Curling the arm under her neck up, he cupped her breast and began tracing her taut nipple through the lavender silk covering her body. “Let’s see if I can find another of your weaknesses.”

I have no explanation for this.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ren blushing because of his s/o (who doesn't blush or get flustered easily)?

Here you go~! I hope you enjoy it!

“Ren.” He heard.

The strawberry blonde turned his head quickly to see his lover strutting toward him. They always make him feel on the edge. The way they would whisper his name, touch him or just look at him; it drove him crazy. He’d never imagined himself being in a relationship like this. A relationship with a lover as seasoned as his was. They were skillful in more ways than he could imagine. They knew what he wanted just by looking into his eyes. He knew what they wanted because they weren’t afraid to tell him. He had to admit this was refreshing. 

“Y-yes?” He managed to whisper as he felt their fingers roam his broad back traveling to his chest; fingertips brushing over his nipples sent shivers down his spine.

“Would you mind staying just a little longer?” They whispered as they nibbled along his earlobe. “I promise to make it worth it.”

He felt his cheeks burn as he bit his bottom lip. They’d made staying the night well worth it. Just imagining what they’d do to keep him made his mind cloud with endless possibilities. Although he enjoyed being in their company he had to admit it’d take more time getting used to that he’d thought. He was used to being one “taking care” of his lover now that it was other way around he often found himself flustered around them. He stood there quietly trying to bite back sound of excitement as they nimble fingers brushed across his belt. 

He let out a defeated sigh and smirked, “I suppose a little while longer wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

They turned him around to see the faint pink dusted across his cheeks causing them to chuckle, “You’re so cute, Ren.”

His ears burned, he was NOT cute. He crashed his lips into their soft ones and growled, “I’ll make you think twice before calling me that again.”

His lover broke kiss and gave him a look that reminded him that they were the one that could undo him with a word; a simple touch. He grabbed a handful of his hair and groaned. This person, how could he let them have such control? It was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before, but he couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy it.

fic: the right answer

super late birthday fic for the always-brilliant tkross​ :D

They’ve been playing this game for weeks, now.

Neither of them acknowledge it out loud, of course. And actually, she doesn’t think that either of them are quite sure about the rules. But ever since Krop Tor, Rose has noticed a distinct increase in casual touching and flirting and, well, looking. 

She’s not opposed to this change - far from it. But - 

The Doctor seems reluctant to go very long without some form of contact, and though she privately admits that they both get a bit clingy, now and then, after a close call, lately it’s been getting ridiculous. To be fair, their close call with Satan has probably been their closest so far, and it’s not that Rose isn’t grateful that he wants to sit next to her and stand next to her nearly every second of the day, but she’s maybe getting a little bit confused as to why it stops there.

She’s not sure how far he intends this to go. And sometimes, she’d just like to know, really. Whether at some point he’ll be sleeping next to her, too.

Which, again - not opposed to. Definitely not.

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Chapter 03


Chris and I pulled up to our new home in Hawaii for the week and I was taken aback by the beauty. I could almost never get used all the surprises Chris made for me. Yeah I was his wife and the mother of his child now, but I still always felt the need to take a step back. Chris was so amazing to me, and his love was basically enough.

“Gracias Papi” I said kissing his cheek.

He smiled revealing those dimples I loved so much “anything for you babe.”

We got out the car, and headed inside leaving Pat to bring our stuff inside since he dropped us off. I walked around the house in awe of every room. Where did he find this place? I headed upstairs to pick our room, and found that Chris was two steps ahead of me.

“Babe this place is beautiful, how’d you find it?” I asked gaining his attention from his phone.

“Pat helped me, he visited a couple months back so he recommended it when I mentioned your wanting to come here.”

I walked towards the bed, and stood in between his legs kissing his plump lips “your the best. Did you call my mom to make sure Christian was okay?”

He nodded “relax I just texted her, and he’s fine. Watching cartoons as we speak.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. I almost never went away from Christian often. When I did even if it was just for a day I freaked out.

Chris laughed “how come you don’t worry or miss me like that when I’m gone?”

I smirked “cause your not my baby boy you can handle yourself just fine without me.”

He held his chest pretending to be hurt “I can’t believe you. I thought I meant the world to you.”

I giggled “shut up and kiss me fool.”

“Ahh I see I’m just your little sex toy.” He said putting his hands up in defeat.

I was about to answer when Pat came strolling in with our bags “aight man all your stuff is here. I’m gonna go down to the docks. Holla if you need me.”

“Aight thanks man” Chris yelled out as Pat closed our bedroom door.

Chris looked at his phone and the time read four o’clock. Everyone else was supposed to be here in three hours so we had some time to ourselves. I was kind of looking forward to it because Chris and I barely ever had time alone. He was working, I was working, and then we had little Chris to take care of. It was a bit of a hassle sometimes.

“I love you so much baby you don’t even understand how happy I am about this trip” I said straddling his lap.

He laid back caressing my thighs “it’s nothing, like I said anything for you.”

I leaned forward and nibbled on his bottom lip as we began to kiss. Chris quickly took dominance as he rolled us over. He removed his shirt showing off those tattoos I love so much.

“We got sometime to kill let me make it worth your while” Chris said unbuttoning my shorts.

“por lo que dar a mí entonces papii” I said enticingly clearly sparking a fire in him.


Chris and I just finished showering and then some when we heard a knock at our bedroom door.

“It’s unlocked” Chris yelled out as he put on some basketball shorts.

Ty and Ashley walked in holding hands. Ashley and I made eye contact and immediately ran to each other screaming. We were jumping in circles, screaming, and hugging like we hadn’t seen each other in years.

“Y’all can’t be serious?” Ty asked holding his ears.

“Word y’all saw each other damn well the day before yesterday” Chris added.

Ashley and I stopped our happy fest and mugged them “who asked y’all?”

“Shut up light bright and you better shut up Michael” Ashley added.

Ty laughed “watch your mouth baby girl, we don’t want you to get handled now do we?”

Ashley rolled her eyes “nigga don’t start what you can’t finish.”

Ty smirked “oh I can finish. Don’t challenge the challenger.”

Chris and I both laughed as they cutely argued back and forth. I guess Ty got tired of her running her mouth so, he threw her over his shoulder and headed towards their room slamming the door.

“We’ll be back later y’all she clearly needs some discipline” he said smirking.

She was giggling “Michael Stevenson put me the fuck down!”

“I guess we won’t be seeing them for a while” Chris snickered.

“Michael baby!!” We heard Ashley moan from across the hall making me giggled.

“Clearly they’re tied up. Let’s go I think the rest are here.” I said walking out the room.

This week was going to be one for the books. We haven’t all got together in months. This vacation was much needed.


I sat in the living room smiling as I watched King nap on this blanket on the floor. He always fell asleep watching his cartoons faithfully. I loved my son so much. I also, saw so much of his father in him everyday.

Ty used to be my everything four years ago. He used to call me his queen and tell me I was his forever thing. I can’t seen to put my finger on exactly what changed. After I had King it was like he lost interest in me completely. I still loved him to this day.

It sounds crazy, but I think it’s why I fight him so much. I hate that he’s happy with someone who isn’t me. I thought I had him back a few months ago, but it was all pretend. I wanted him back, and I was willing to make it happen.

“I just have to make changes. Show him I’m different” I whispered to myself.

Ty was mine always was, always will be.


Two years have passed and I’ve tried to do better but it’s hard. I lost the girl I love and I’m broken, but most of all pissed. I’ve been watching her and she seems happy, but I know I could make her happier.

I’m trying to pin point exactly where it all fell and went wrong. It’s almost like my past mistakes overruled the man she turned me into. Robin. Robin is the cause for all my troubles. She was always a problem and is going to continue being my problem.

Payback is evident, and everyone’s secrets will soon be revealed. We’ll see how deep love really is.


I quietly left before. Played my part well made it look like everything was ok. Now I’m back. and I’m back with a vengeance. I’ve been watching closely, and I see exactly the team I need to detonate this bomb. I can’t wait.

I was well aware that everyone was in Hawaii so I was using this time to gain allies. Michael Jordan didn’t win those six championships alone.

Me- It’s time we all get what we want. If your interested meet me tomorrow night at Supperclub. We must keep a low profile, and there’s no better place to do so.

It’s time to play hard ball.

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Bellarke obviously. (For that post)

a/n: I tried to keep this as close to canon as possible but some had to be in a modern au setting!

who’s the cuddler:

She’s always surprised when she feels an arm snake around her waist in the middle of the night, the roughness of his fingertips tracing nonsensical shapes on her skin under her shirt.

Some nights he holds onto her so tight she can’t move, can barely breathe, but she knows it’s because despite his best efforts to appear tough and strong to the masses, he’s really just terrified of being alone. Of losing her. Again.

Instead of inching away to regain some personal space, she moves closer, intertwining their fingers where they lay on her stomach and her feet rest in the space between his. A smile plays across her lips when he sighs deeply, she can feel his nose nestling her neck behind her ear, and when he breathes her name into the quiet, dark night she knows that he finally feels safe.

who makes the bed:

“Clarke, honestly.”

She giggles then, her fingers resting on top of the scratchy white sheet that is meant to cover the mattress, and Bellamy rolls his eyes when she makes no move to help him lay it across his bed.

“Can you be an adult for two minutes please?”

“I don’t wanna,” she says in a sing song voice and he can’t help it when he laughs at her exaggerated pout.

“Why not?”

“Because,” she says, climbing over the unmade bed on her knees until she’s kneeling in front of him. “Maybe I don’t want to make the bed just mess it up again.”

She’s got him there.

who wakes up first:

Her fingers dip below the blanket, traveling along the hard planes of his toned stomach, and she almost laughs out loud when he shivers from her light touch.

He looks incredibly sexy like this, miles of tan, naked skin as far as her eye can see, the sun barely a whisper through the small window of his room.

“You’re creeping me out,” he says sleepily and now she does laugh, the sound echoing in the too quiet room and she presses her lips gently against his.

“I’m sorry,” she says sincerely. “You just look so fucking beautiful right now.”

The smile that he gives her right before he pulls her to him lets her know that he doesn’t mind the early wake up at all.

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I want a mini-drabble of what was going on in that hotel in Argentina when Niall was running around in his underwear! Ahahahahahahhaha!

I was bouncing in and out of sleep when I was awoken by three loud raps at the door. Slightly dazed, I let out a quite hum as I peeked an eye open. The first thing I noticed was that Harry was no longer curled up beside me like he was when we’d gone to bed. The second was the time. It was half-past two in the morning. I was just a little confused.

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The Ten Day Plan: Chapter 1

So here it is, chapter one of many (crosses fingers). Hope you like it, I want to mix fun, teasing Stydia with my usual cute (too cute? sickening? let me know) writing. I hope it works. 

That Monday, Stiles was dressed and ready for school in record time. He stumbled down the stairs, his attention engrossed in his phone. Tripping over his own bag, he typed out a text to Lydia.

‘’Need a lift?’’

He received a response in seconds.

‘’I’m already at my door waiting on you Stilinski.’’

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Candy Girl: Part 4

Summary: Mary Margaret Nolan commissions Belle to make candy jewelry for Emma’s back-to-school birthday bash, inspiring her to make a candy-laced lingerie surprise for Gold. Meanwhile, Gold has a man-to-man talk with Bae.
Rating: E
Word Count: 4,002
Prompt: Vibrating Panties - August Smut prompt for @a-monthly-rumbelling
: When the reader suggestions that Belle needed some candy underwear coincided with @a-monthly-rumbelling‘s vibrating panties prompt, I couldn’t stop myself. I apologize for nothing. Thanks to @magnoliatattoo for all your help!
On AO3

“Do you think candy jewelry will be fun for the party? Mary Margaret Nolan asked. “Not boring or uncool?” Emma’s mother tapped her fingers on the glass display case as she flipped through Belle’s cake catalog. “It’s so hard to keep pace with what children like these days—even the young ones like Bae and Emma.”

“Mrs. Nolan, I have it on good authority that homemade sweets never go out of style,” Belle said. With a fond smile, she gestured to the framed photograph of her mother hanging on the back wall of the shop. Mama had taught Belle everything she knew about making candy. If only she could see her now, running her own store!

“I’ll make something special—fit for a princess,” Belle promised. “Emma’s birthday party will be the talk of Storybrooke and the perfect event to kick off a new school year.”

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we're safe enough behind our door

Don’t Stop Me Now verse

I wanted to post something sweet and valentine-y today, but alas, first I had to clean up the mess I made… So this happened. Short and unbeta-ed.

Follow up to this.

[Masterlist] [Previously on DSMN]

Gold stroked Belle’s naked shoulder and nuzzled her hair. Her head was a pleasant weight on his shoulder. Well, not completely pleasant, after resting for an hour or so in this position, her head became a little heavy. Not that he would ever think of complaining. Lying in bed with her, holding her and being the one comforting her filled him with as much warmth and joy as it filled him with dread. And there was also the black rage brimming deep in his guts, the need to feed whoever was responsible for her black eye with some of their own medicine. Not for a second did he buy into Belle blaming herself. No one walked into a fist on their own. But she still hadn’t told him what exactly had happened, and he hesitated questioning her, for he didn’t want to upset her.

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