a boss for all

Here’s my half of an art trade with @itsallpeachykeen/ @peachbuttz! It’s her Saints Row character, Boss Fran. (I don’t know much about the games)

anonymous asked:

Would Bill Cipes wear a fedora? Also, do any of the characters (aside from bill himself) remember the demon triangle Bill Cipher?

Dude he fucking loves fedoras because they make him feel like a mobster and wearing them reminds them of the time he possessed this one mafia boss but that’s another shebang altogether.

They all remember Bill Cipher, but all the Gravity Falls folk have been trying to suppress memories of him due to trauma and have on some counts succeeded subconsciously. They try to disassociate anything that reminds them of him. Of course, Bill Cipes plays this up and aids them in suppressing their memories, because it would be inconvenient if Pine Tree or the others were to remember anything and figure him out.

He’s a pretty good actor.

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So will bosses such as Muffet and Mad Dummy change at all? Also, will the secret boss (A.K.A. So Sorry) will be making a appearance?

Due to the circumstances of the AU, even characters who do not swap may indeed have differences due to the environment and choices of others. I want to keep the encounters fresh, though I won’t say how. ;) Got plans for Mad Dummy, though, that may surprise ya.

As for So Sorry, if I do include him, it’d be a bonus episode, as I already have a full plot with a lot of characters to juggle.


Walrus Books was all the way out in Windenburg, which meant an early morning ferry ride for Alexa. Her first day of work was nothing to write home about - she sat in a small square all day, setting up her computer. All of the other writers, including her future boss, were out at a conference, so no one was there for her to talk to. 

when guzma tried to catch a nihilego, he just ran at it. so… does that mean he was just going to wrestle it to the ground and force it into a ball? is that just how he catches pokemon?

because while i can see someone doing that to get a wimpod… does that mean he dive-tackled a spinarak? does. does he even bother weakening the pokemon. does he just dive-tackle them until they surrender? because that sounds like something he’d do.

just imagine him finding a scyther and being like “okay that’s a bug with arm scythes i fucking want it” and you think he’s gonna send out golisopod to weaken it but no, he just runs at the scyther and fucking rugby tackles it to the ground. and the scyther is just like “ARCEUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE HELL I’LL GET IN THE BALL I’LL GET IN THE BALL!”

it’s a flawless strategy but no one else in team skull can get it to work.