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Everything in the world is exactly the same.

Kanye West.

I think about this line a lot. As I learn different skills, it feels like the route to deeper understanding follows the same path, even if that path winds through a different territory each time. I can apply a lot of the lessons I’ve learned in the past from cooking to improving my understanding of how to draw. I can apply some of the lessons I picked up in learning how to surf to improve my understanding of Taoism. Oil painting feels a lot like sculpting with clay or some other additive medium - the push and pull of it.

Recently I discovered that the master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi was also a recognized master artist, independent of his having used swords to kill tons of dudes. Peep this rad sumi-e painting of Kobokumeikakuzu - “Kingfisher on Withered Branch.”

In addition to painting, Musashi produced acclaimed masterworks in calligraphy, sculpture, and metalwork. Plus I guess he also wrote some books which wound up being pretty popular. He never received training in these fields, explaining that “When I apply the principle of strategy to the ways of different arts and crafts, I no longer have need for a teacher in any domain.”

Everything in this world is exactly the same.

Banned Books Week

There are many reasons books get banned: sexual content, offensive language, supporting LGBTQ+, etc.

No book should be banned from being read. People should have the freedom to read what they want to read. I’ve read so many banned books I’ve lost count (wasn’t counting anyway).

Everyone should celebrate this week by reading a banned or challenged book. Because no one but you can decide what you can and can’t read!

Better late than never!! Happy Book Lovers Day!! Source: BBC Britain.

Let’s not forget that Eijun Sawamura

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  • was captain and ace of his middle school team, and is known as a big brother figure among his friends.

  • is an only child. 
  • is pretty much Kuramochi’s gofer and favorite punching bag. 

  • has a pretty hot childhood friend, who secretly has a crush on him. 
  • prefers any kind of food but natto. 

  • loves and enjoys reading Shoujo Manga. 

  • ranks 3rd as the most friendly and most sociable in the Seido Baseball Club Secret Rankings by the managers. (Toujou is first) 

  • greatly values teamwork and camaraderie. 
  • started playing baseball because of Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū series

  • was recruited by Rei Takashima. 

  • chose Seido after his meeting with Miyuki. 

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  • is better than Miyuki in Shogi.

  • is very blunt with Miyuki and usually treats him as someone of his own age. He also has a habit of calling him by his full name. 

  • looks up to Shunpei Sanada as the kind of pitcher he wants to be.

  • read books like the Book of Five Rings, which led him to call his superiors old Japanese military ranks and switching his speech pattern to flowery language from time to time.

  • is fond of giving nicknames to his teammates. (ex. Cheetah-sama, Metabolic-senpai, Beard-senpai, Wolf Brat…LOL XD) 

  • bears a surname that shares the same Kanji character  村 (Mura)  with Okumura Koushuu ( 奥村 光舟) . (Sawamura Eijun>>  沢 栄純)  

  • is based on Eiji Sawamura, a pro baseball player who played for the Yomiuri Giants

  • wears his school uniform neatly and properly. 

  • gets cat-eyed when flustered. 

  • is very emotional and cries easily. 

  • has suffered from YIPS, a career-ending disease, and overcame it. 

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  • is a southpaw pitcher with unique timing. 

  • has a naturally flexible body with supple joints, allowing him to immediately change the pitch’s direction. (Also the reason why Kuramochi likes to practice his wrestling moves on him.) 

  • has pitched for 2 full games.

  • is quite competent with infield defense and pick-offs.

  • specializes in throwing idiosyncratic pitches.   

  • has an arsenal of pitches that includes a 4-Seam Fastball, 2-Seam Fastball, Cutter, Changeup, and Splitter.

  • unknowingly threw a Cutter to strike out Sensen’s Ace, Maki.  Now  the Cutter has become one of the key pitches within his repertoire.
  • learned the Changeup overnight. 

  • managed to piss off Mei Narumiya when he first pitched the Circle Changeup in an official game. 

  • developed the ‘Numbers’ system with Miyuki for his pitching repertoire.

  • used to struggle with control, but he has improved considerably and is able to locate pitches consistently.
  • has an unorthodox pitching form that doesn’t allow the batter to see the release point of the pitch, which consequently messes up the batter’s timing. 

  • is also surprisingly level-headed in critical situations.  He is always able to pull off amazing pitches in a pinch, which never fails to amaze Miyuki.

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  • is the best “bunter” in the series, which earned him the title of “Bunt Master” or “Bunt Meijin”. He is also referred to as the “Kawai of Seidou”. This nickname is a reference to Masahiro Kawai, a former player for the Yomiuri Giants who was known for his defense and bunting skills.

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  • hero-worships and deeply respects Chris.  

  • considers Chris as his valuable mentor and sometimes calls him ‘Master’. 

  • brought back the light into Chris’s eyes and motivated him to play with the team. 

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  • has the funniest and silliest expressions. 

  • is the team’s mood-maker. 

  • is praised by Coach Ugai for his motivational skills. ( “ The spice called motivation gives birth to good synergy. With such a kid on the team, the team is bound to get stronger.”

  • has a PRAISE KINK. 

  • usually offers bunting advice to his teammates. 

  • is very loud and rambunctious (and it’s up to Kuramochi to keep him in line). 

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  • is just one of the cutest ever. 
  • is a total dork. 

  • acts like an adorable dog at times. 

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  • is very beautiful.  (Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too PURE FOR THIS WORLD  (●´艸`)ヾ )

  • has a bright and charming smile that can rival the sun. 

  • has an amazing pair of eyes. 

  • is strong-willed, competitive, outspoken, and courageous

  • is tough on himself and evaluates himself relentlessly. 

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Don’t forget that Eijun is more than just this silly, noisy and obnoxious guy. He is very cute and precious, and a very hard-working person. He has come a long way since he began his high school career in Seido. He’s undeniably one of the key players of the team and has improved tremendously. ヾ(:3ノシヾ)

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This is a PSA brought to you in part by yours truly.
Okay, bye! I’m dead.    _(┐「ε:)_

Feel free to add anything else about our favorite Sunshine Child!!!  

I have this friend who is an AMAZING artist. She made Smaug out of the pages of ‘The Hobbit’. Unfortunatley, she does not have Tumblr but check out her instagram for more amazing work: @nicole.boccia

Martial artists use the same terms to explain their approach to unarmed combat: ‘Untrained people fight the force, not the emptiness.’ They set themselves against the other’s strength, which they think they have to destroy. In order to discern and adapt to emptiness, one must be empty oneself. As a contemporary martial arts practitioner observes, 'In the martial arts, freedom of movement–physical but also spiritual freedom–is facilitated by a quality of detachment. It is a surrendering of control over “this thing here,” an abandoning also of the illusion of control and willingness to “invest in less” that results in mastery.’ Miyamoto Musashi, Japan’s greatest samurai, writes in his “Book of Five Rings”: 'Without any confusion in mind, without slacking off at any time, polishing the mind and attention, sharpening the eye that observes and the eye that sees, one should know real emptiness as the state where there is no obscurity and the clouds of confusion have cleared away.’
There is no strength without correlated vulnerability and no attack that is not also an opening for counterattack. If an opponent is full, solid, and committed somewhere, the martial strategist will seize the inevitable emptiness, which makes his response both highly effective and seemingly effortless…
—  Barry Allen, Striking Beauty, “Chapter 1: The Dao of Asian Martial Arts”