a book by noel fisher

  • Ian: Look Mick, look at my new phone! Look, look, look, look, look! It's got Internet access, it's got a camera, it can do everything...
  • Mickey: Can it stop boring conversations?
  • Ian: No, none of them can do that.
  • Mickey: Mine can.
  • Mickey: (speaking into his phone) Shut up about your fucking phone.

“I missed the final callback for my character on Shameless. I wanted the part so badly that I spent all Saturday making this imitation director session and put that on tape. I did each scene three different ways and sent it to casting with a little intro clip asking them to just pretend they were directing me. Monday came, and I got a call that apparently Mr. Wells had not left after all. That day was the last chance. Of course, I was working on that day as well! The show I was working on very graciously moved my schedule around to get me out earlier, and I made it across L.A. in about 20 minutes flat. I remember literally running through the WB lot to get to the meeting in time. After all of that, I finally read for Mr. Wells and I got the call that I had booked the part as I walked off the WB lot. Whew!“ - Noel Fisher