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Dean Winchester X Daughter!Reader- Blazin’ By (Part 12)

Word Count: 1,350

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Warning: Descriptions of fighting and injuries, slight swearing, etc.

“So,” you started, still chewing the burger in your mouth as you drove on the highway, “are we meeting up with Sam and Alethia?”

“I told him we’re gonna have some father-daughter bonding time,” he responded, also chewing on a burger, “if that’s not okay with you-”

“It’s fine,” you interrupted him, swallowing the food in your mouth, “you wanted to actually to have the roadtrip experience and get to know me better.  I’m okay with it.”

Dean smiled, still chewing on his food, “How about I ask a question and you ask one?  I know you’re curious to know more about your old man.”

“Deal,” you smiled, placing your burger down and getting a french fry before tossing it to Dude.  “Favorite move?”

He made a face, weighing his options, “I think it’s tied between Caddyshack and Breakfast Club.  What are yours?”

You wrapped up your burger with your right hand, keeping your eyes on the road, “I gotta say it’s Batman: Under The Red Hood, it’s basically the only movie with my favorite comic book character in it.  I love me some Jason Todd.  Favorite song?”

“Ramble On and Traveling Riverside Blues, I can’t decide between the two,” Dean answered, crumpling up his trash.  “How long have you known Crowley?”

You frowned, “I’ve known him for years.  I ran away for a day, a few months after the incident, and I stopped at a park.  I sat on a swing and just stared at the ground.  Then Crowley showed up in all of his glory, trying to get me in a deal.  I turned his ass down, saying that I’d rather waste my life by doing drugs.  I was a pretty snarky kid.  He said that I was a smart kid and to always rely on myself, not on others.  Who knew the bastard would give useful life lessons.”

“I’m surprised he didn’t kill you on the spot,” he grumbled, shoving the trash into the bag.  “He was different back then.”

“I know,” you stated, tossing your unfinished burger into your bag.  “After I basically told him to screw off, I returned home and that’s when I realized I didn’t know the whole story.  The next day I found out everything.  When did you meet Crowley?”

“Under some weird circumstances,” Dean replied.  “He wanted us to deal with Lucifer, like we are now, and I swear it’s deja vu.  Is it true that you’re Lucifer’s next big vessel?”

You nodded, “You might be Michael’s vessel, and Sam might be Lucifer’s, but I’m the backup.  I don’t know if I’m meant to be an angel’s vessel, but I know that Lucifer will take advantage of this.  He knows that Sam will not say yes to him, so why not get the second best thing?”

“We won’t let that happen, (Y/N),” he said, glancing out the window.  “I won’t.”

“We’re being followed,” you blurted, petting Dude as you accelerated.  “Blue Toyota, a couple of cars back, it has been following us ever since we stopped to get food.”

“Demons?” Dean asked, looking back and petting Dude, watching the car.

“Demons,” you nodded, changing lanes.  “If they can think they can wreck this beast with that shitty piece of plastic, they’re gonna have to think again.”

“Can this thing take on a semi?” he questioned you, looking ahead.

“Old Yeller hit a mountain and only received a dent after bouncing off,” you said, patting the dashboard.  “He can take anything.  We’re gonna have to lose them.”

“Wait, you hit a mountain?” Dean asked, his eyes widening.

“My adoptive dad did, idiot,” you retorted, navigating through the cars.  “I’m gonna get as far away from them as possible and take the next exit, we’ll take the back roads until we’re sure we’re not being followed.”

“How long have these demons been chasing you?” he asked, gripping onto the seat as you turned into the exit.

“Since the accident,” you responded, slowing down and taking a right.  “I had angels on me twenty four seven until I started hunting, I’m not even sure if they’re bothering to watch me anymore.  The demons never bothered to get me, not until I ditched the winged idiots.  Especially after Lucifer returned.”

“We need to get to the Bunker as fast as possible,” Dean muttered, grabbing your phone and searching through your contacts.  “You didn’t add Sam into here?”

“I put his number under Jules Winnfield,” you said, stopping at a red light.

“He gets Jules?  Really, (Y/N)?” he asked, pressing the contact and placing the phone on his ear.  “Sam, how close are you to the Bunker?  Good for you, we’re being followed, so we might be a little delayed.  Yes, Smartass, we’re fine.  We’re close to the border of Arizona, so we’re not that far behind.  Shut up, Bitch.”

He hung up and placed your phone back, rubbing his face.  Dude whined, stepping forward to look through the windshield.  Slamming on your breaks, you placed your hand in front of Dude, keeping him from flying out the windshield.  Looking in front of you, you saw the barricade of cars in front of you.  Demons were everywhere, surrounding you instantly.

“Dean,” you started, removing your knife from the sheath next to you, “I need you to go and get Dude and you safe.”

“No, (Y/N)!” Dean shouted, gripping your arm.  “I’m not letting you do this!”

“They can take me to him and torture me all they want, it’s gonna take awhile before I’m gonna say yes,” you said, ripping your arm from him.  “I’m sorry, Dad, but I’m not going to let them hurt you because of me.  Take care of Dude for me.”

Opening your door, you stepped out and slammed it shut, tears falling from your eyes as you backed away from the car.  You could see Dude scramble to the front, barking at you.  Turning around, you shoved your knife in the nearest demon, watching as she glowed bright orange.

“Go!” you screamed, turning back and seeing Dean sliding to the driver’s seat.

A demon grabbed your arm, resulting in you shoving your knife into its throat.  After that, you were surrounded, restrained by the arms of the demons that had surrounded your car.  You watched as the Blazer drove away, safely managing to escape the demons.  Your knife was torn away from you, tossed away as more hands grabbed you.  Screaming, you fell onto the ground, scrambling up and raising your fists.  You looked down in horror when you saw all of the demons on the floor, black liquid draining from their meatsuits’ mouths.  Backing away from the massacre, shocked at what you had done, you didn’t notice the clapping until you looked up.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down, (Y/N),” a woman smiled, her eyes flashing back.  “You are my daughter after all.”

“Go screw yourself,” you seethed, spitting the blood out of your mouth.  “You are no mother of mine.”

“That hurts,” she pouted, placing a hand over her heart as she stepped on the bodies to reach you.  “I brought you into this world, and I can easily take you out of it.”

“I’d like to see you try, bitch,” you growled, clenching your jaw as she stepped closer to you.

“Let’s think about this,” she smirked and pointed to herself.  “Knight of Hell,” she said and then pointed to you.  “Half human, half Knight of Hell.  Who is going to win here?”

You quickly glanced behind you, smirking when you looked back at her, “I’d tell ya who’d win: Old Yeller.”

Your mother frowned, looking behind her just in time to see the Blazer ram into her, sending her flying.  You jumped out of the way, pushing yourself up and running to the passenger side.  Yanking open the door, you pulled yourself in and shut it.

“Get us the hell out of here!” you yelled, quickly buckling your seatbelt.  “Now!”

Dean put the truck into reverse, swinging the car around and putting it into drive, “What the hell was that?!”

“My friggin mother!”

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blogs to follow  (in my humble opinion) - pt. 1

being me, I started this list with three names, and now have an entire pile. I originally thought I should group them by topic/theme (as in, what each does) but changed my mind. So here are a few blogs I think are pretty awesome (of course, this is just a fraction of the blogs I find awesome off the top of my head). 

*clears throat* 

In no particular order, a few blogs I think people oughta check out:

@mswyrr : writes about feminism, queerness, comics and films - often at the same time. Have already checked out some film recommendations because of this blog. Definitely worth checking out.

@greenish-orange  -  for poetry that might not always make sense to grammarians and punctuation-lubbers but it’s awesome.

@drearydaffodil - for poetry that almost always has a touch of melancholy. covering most poetry needs from haikus to longer poems!

@writerscreed - great poetry/writing community presided over by wonderful human beings who run weekly prompts. Very supportive of the written word. 

@iilahi // @iinfiinte - amazing photographer, writer/poet, artist; and it’s all her own work! (so damn talented)

@housewiththereddoor - for all your horror poetry/prose needs. ghosts, ghouls, demons, and all other creatures live here.

@thewriterthatnobodynoticed - star-starved writer/poet who is a galaxy all by herself.

@bg-grizzo - aside from his great taste in music, he knows how to pack a punch in his poems; a powerful wielder of the written word. 

@dhritspoetry - tries to blur the line between the real and surreal. not conventional by any stretch of the imagination.

@smakka–bagms -  if you’re looking for poetry brimming with strong emotion and a touch of the mystical, this is the place to go. possibly harbouring a secret descendant of Plath.

@seawolfesea  - strings together words in a way that magic looks like poetry. and makes it look easy!

@black-to-the-bones - PoC rights, history, current affairs (mostly US) and everything in between. educational, interesting, and must read! 

@hey-there-little-red-riding-hood - some of the best wolf photos and wolf art around!

@everythingfox  - a fox a day keeps the blues away (for a while at least!). also runs @neothesamoyed , featuring one of the cutest cloud-puppies I have ever seen.

@thebumblebeebindery - bookbinder who might claim amateur status in a fit of modesty (but the work is by no means amateurish). also shares lots of droolworthy books, bookbinding tips and bee facts!

@celtic-poetry poet, booklover and librarian - what more could you ask for?

@shadowscapes-stephlaw - amazing artist. seriously, check this blog out yourselves.

@malicezero - passionate poet and lover of Supernatural. definitely worth a read (or two or three…)

@randomlyjay - this blog is JAYSOME.

There are many more blogs I like (I just can’t think of them right now!) which shall be featured in subsequent parts! 

I remember him walking away from me that musky July morning. The sky was gray with hues of crystal blues poking through the clouds. I had told myself, “You’re gonna remember this exact moment forever. You’ll remember it when you don’t want to think of him at all. It’ll keep haunting you because it was the day you finally drove the boy you loved away.”
—  S.C.