a book!

What should I make out of these people
who tell me that my feelings for you will fade eventually
when I knew all your faults
and your darkest days
- and fell for you still?
—  // (or because of?)

I had an incredibly sweet commission for a gift for Father’s Day recently: drawings for a story written by the mother of these two little girls, featuring her family and a hapless little dino, unable to fly home with a hurt wing. Luckily the girls take care of the sad critter and their dad manages to fix things.

Thank you Anitia for this inspired commission for a personal family story!

anonymous asked:

So your Family Lore book, will it be a compilation of the different family lore stories you've told on tumblr? Will it contain new content? Because I've just discovered your blog and I read the mantis story and was absolutely entranced, if your book will be containing your tumblr stories then I'm not going to read any of them until I can buy/support you for it. Because holy shit, I love your writing, and you deserve it.


So far, I’ve posted about…16 of my family stories here, and all of them will be in the book, polished up and with neato illustrations.

However, the table of contents currently has 61 more stories that I’m planning on putting in as well, along with photos, illustrations, and a family tree so you can keep this hot mess straight.  So yes, the book will contain LOTS of new content.  I’ll probably be releasing a few more during the kickstarter, but the book will be majority brand-new content. 

I want you guys to get your money’s worth :)

Right now though the BEST thing you can do for me is to read the stories I’ve posted here, and share them with as many people as you can, becuase my brain is a goblin that lives on praise and the more people that know about this project, the better.  Happy reading!

Imagine’s Master Spell Book Post

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I realize i have quite a lot of spells so i’m just going to put as many of them as i can on here sorry if there not in order and please let me know if a link is broken and i’ll try to fix it

Origami magick for beginners

“Blue Shield of Fire Visualization” By Ellen Dugan 

Peaceful Home Spell 

Positive boost spell

Triple Circle Casting (Ritual)

New Day, New Choices Spell

“Raising and Releasing Personal Power” By Ellen Dugan

“Raising and Releasing Personal Power” By Ellen Dugan

🌝Dream spell 🌝(origami spell)

Self love spell

Shut the hell up spell (origami spell)

who are you really spell (origami spell)

Protection and balance spell (origami spell)

Stability Spell

Healing spell (origami spell)

Yakko-San’s Self Love spell (Poetic Origami Spell) 🌷🌺☺☺

House Plant Blessing Spell (By Scott Cunningham)

Sweet dreams flying spell (origami spell)

Inspiration Spell

Life is like a song spell (origami)

The Comfort of home

Spirals of Protection

Achievement Spell

Protection Chimes (By Scott Cunningham)

The Fearless Glamoury

Creative healing spell

Piece by Piece Trauma healing spell (Origami spell)

Protection spell (origami spell)

Glamour illusion (origami spell)

Sun smile spell

studying spell (origami spell)

😃🌺I Am Creative Spell😃🌺

I’m going to upload some more later on but this is it for now

Enjoy. -Imagine