a body like this doesn't just happen

  • ling: technically it doesn't count as possession if you become friends w/ the entity that possesses you like at that point they're basically just crashing at your place and hanging out w/ you but your place happens to be your body
  • edward: n.. no. no, i'm pretty sure that's--
  • ling: i love making friends

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So this is not rly a prompt because it could be in any story rly but it would be rly cool to read more about sex that doesn't rly go so well. Like first times that are awkward and someone can't come and it's not so great but it's not the end of the world? Because maybe it's just me but that happens now and again and I literally never ever read about it in fic it's always some sexy resolution to everything. So yeah... if you ever feel like it I think it'd be great and rly reassuring for ppl too

They know each other’s bodies almost as well as they know their own.

Alex knows exactly the way to crook her fingers inside Maggie’s body to make her scream, to make her squirt.

Maggie knows exactly the way to flit her tongue across Alex’s nipple while grinding her thigh between her legs to make Alex scratch at her back with her nails, to make Alex come completely undone.

But sometimes?

Sometimes the sex isn’t that great.

It’s always warm and it’s always fully consensual.

Of course it is.

But it’s not always great, and it makes Alex groan in frustration, and it makes them both sigh and giggle and surrender to masturbating to get themselves off instead of getting each other off.

Because sometimes it doesn’t matter that Alex knows exactly the right things to do to Maggie, or that Maggie knows exactly the right things to do to Alex – and sometimes, they make it up as they go, because they know each other, but they’re always still learning, always still discovering.

Sometimes, the sex is just mediocre. Sometimes, the sex is just bad.

Sometimes, Alex’s wrist gets sore – and it takes a lot to make Alex can-make-you-tell-me-who-Guardian-is-in-six-different-ways-with-my-index-finger Danvers’s wrist sore – with fucking Maggie, her fingers soaked and her forehead sweaty, but Maggie stills, and eventually, Maggie stops, so Alex does, too.

“Did I hurt you?” Alex wants to know, and Maggie shakes her head with a small smile on her face.

“Nah, Danvers, I’m sorry, I’m just not getting there.”

Panic flashes across Alex’s face, and Maggie calms the oncoming storm with a soft kiss.

“It’s not a big deal, Alex; sex doesn’t always have to end with an orgasm.”

Alex freezes and stares and swallows.

“Can it end with cuddles?”

“Get down here,” Maggie grins in response, opening her arms and shrieking when cuddling turns into tickling, into pillow fighting, into more breathless, sweaty cuddling.

And when the roles are reversed – when it’s Alex that can’t get there, Alex that tries to talk dirty and fails utterly, coming off as awkward and stumbling over words instead of hot and sexy, Alex that tries her hardest to let the pressure from Maggie’s thigh toss her over the edge – Alex groans in frustration and she sighs and she slams her hands down on the bed in irritation.

“Alright there, Danvers?” Maggie asks, and Alex will grin.

“It’s not you, babe, you’re – god, I mean look at you, damn – I’m just not – I can’t… I’m sorry, Maggie, I’m so sorry – ”

“No no, hey, Alex, it’s okay. You’re perfect, alright? Perfect.”

“I’m not bad at it?”

“Bad at being the sexiest woman I’ve ever slept with? No, Danvers: you’re amazing at that.”

“Even though I’m not cumming for you like I should be?”

“There’s no should, Alex. I promise. Do you uh…”

A very particular look flashes across Maggie’s face, and Alex know that face. So she sits up so quickly, so eagerly, that Maggie is forcibly reminded that her girlfriend is Kara Danvers’s big sister.

“Your special blueberry pancakes?” Alex asks, and she’s never looked more like Supergirl’s sister.

“Race you to the kitchen, Danvers,” Maggie giggles, and neither of them stop to put their clothes back on, tugging on each other playfully and shrieking with objections and laughter and “no you can’t have a flash grenade” and “what if I refuse you pancakes?” and “you wouldn’t dare, Sawyer”, and the afternoon?

The afternoon is perfect, after all.

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Somehow, I can imagine Bill dissociating a lot. Like, he'll just sort of be sitting there doing something and happens to see his reflection in something or he tries to do something that his human body can't do and suddenly everything feels wrong. And he would lift his hand and watch it move but it doesn't feel like he is the one doing it because it isn't HIS. And sometimes he'll just sit there for hours staring blankly at the wall because everything is wrong and nothing feels real.


Holy shit

Yeah pretty much.
I’d imagine that happens a lot during the earlier parts of the au.
The “can’t look at his reflection” thing is absolutely spot on.
It’s why he wears those gloves.

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I have to admit I find myself a little annoyed by people asking all the bathing questions, because they seem like they don't want to accept that their dog smells ... like a dog. Your dog doesn't NEED a bath unless something extreme happened, like it got covered in mud or it was sprayed by a skunk. Reminds me of people who get their cats declawed. Dogs smell. Cats scratch things. If you can't accept these basic traits of the animals, then don't get one. Sorry, just wanted to get that out there.

True, dogs don’t need to be bathed at all. But I wouldn’t doubt that some dogs are smellier than others. Bloodhounds, for example, are known for smelling bad. They seriously have their own musty body odor!! Usually dogs with wrinkles, folds, and drool, get smelly quicker. There’s nothing wrong with bathing your dog as long as you’re not doing it every week. I’ve known Bulldog owners to use baby wipes on their pup’s wrinkles to prevent bad smells and infections.

But for your normal looking dogs, only clean them when they’re messy. Bathing too often dries out the skin and damages the coat.

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I just had a thought: What if when Noctis goes inside to face the old Lucian kings and queens while the other bros + Sora are fighting off the daemons, Sora suddenly becomes overcome by the Starscourge and they have to fight him off too? ;A;

AGHHHHHHHHHH *clutches chest*

I headcanon that Sora joins Noctis and the chocobros when they travel back to Insomnia to take back the light.

Sora knows he doesn’t have much time left– but he just has to hang on long enough to save this world that has been his home for 10+ years. So even though his body aches and his heart races and throbs and stutters and he’s experienced more and more lapses in his memory that always end up with him somewhere he doesn’t remember traveling to, he puts on the Kingsglaive uniform and sets out with the boys.

I’ll let you guys decide what happens to Sora in the end hahahaha. I’ll leave it ambiguous– like whether or not the other chocobros survive after Noctis makes his sacrifice.

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DD 2x02: Matt asks how Karen's doing and Foggy says that they've already been over this. How many times did they have a conversation about what happened, but Matt doesn't remember because he's severely concussed? Also, I get that Foggy is upset, but there's a time and a place for justified criticism. Taking in your friend's obvious injury and confused state and making it about you instead is not the move of a great guy and let's face it, Foggy also did that after the Nobu fight.

    Again, as with the post-Nobu argument, a lot of this comes down to fear. Foggy is upset because he’s just been running around, trying to find what he likely imagines is Matt’s dead body.      

    He’s angry because he’s scared, and we disagree with the assertion that he’s making this about him. This is all about Matt’s safety. Matt refuses to change his behavior, despite the fact that he keeps nearly dying, and Foggy is terrified that his friend can’t acknowledge the severity of the situation. As fans and viewers, of course we know Matt’s going to survive because he’s the protagonist, but all Foggy sees is a cycle of reckless action that can only end badly.   

    He doesn’t ignore Matt’s concussion in this scene– he tries to convince him to get medical help and some rest, while Matt insists that he’s fine and needs to go fight the Punisher again. The only thing we, personally, can fault Foggy for here is not taking Matt directly to the hospital. Everything else, to us, seems justified. As much as we sympathize with and support Matt’s need to be Daredevil, we also completely understand Foggy’s fear, based on everything that’s happened so far in the show.     

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The issue with that jazz post is that white people like black music packaged in white bodies so they clamor to white jazz musicians and white R&B musicians and they are the ones that get rewarded in award shows and that become white people reality, they have tried doing the same thing to hip hop too . just because the op doesn't listen to jazz musicians doesn't mean that black people have abandoned jazz and and you have movies like lala land reinforcing the lie.

Yeah, exactly. And like, people might look at Pat Boone doing a very vanilla version of Tutti Frutti by Little Richard and laugh, but it’s something that still happens a LOT even if it’s not (quite) as corny.

Honestly, the things I’m just recently hearing about La La Land… I know they talked about the struggling to get it made and I’m like, how DID it get made and win Oscars in 2017? Was it helped by “Make American Great Again” white supremacy? I’m not joking. That shit has fueled a pre-Civil Rights nostalgia wave and a lot of historical revisionism.

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Castration doesn't really work on Grisha because he would have grown everything back when he changed into a titan.

I’ve already talked about how that could’ve happened here, so I’ll just quote it for you:

The way I explain this is that because he lost his body parts before he became a shifter, the body parts were sent to him through the paths

It’s like how Eren mentioned that one of the successors said the blood and bones that formed a titan body were sent to them through paths. A shifter’s body doesn’t originally have that. It’s the paths that give them what it takes to form the titan body.

The paths connect the past and future, and it’s possible that the blood and body parts needed to regenerate Grisha’s body and heal him were sent to him through those paths. Maybe Kruger’s were easier and faster to send because he was the former successor the Titan power right before Grisha.

Then again, this is just what I think. Obviously I’m not Isayama and I don’t know how titan science works.

Things that I have been told/said rp sentence ask meme
  • "There is like literally no way back for me, it's already too late."
  • "Did you just growl?"
  • "If I'm going down, you're coming down with me."
  • "How much you wanna bet this is because what happened the other day?"
  • "Who called it? I did."
  • "Can't a person read in peace?"
  • "When I find a movie I like, I will gladly watch it over and over again as much as possible."
  • "Don't be alarmed if I all of a sudden just fall asleep, cause I'm tired."
  • "I will gladly fight you."
  • "I'm too tired for this crap, so can we not?"
  • "I'm going to keep score of how many times you say that."
  • "I'm so close to punching someone in the face."
  • "Listen, I am someone that has a lot of anger pent up inside me so don't get on my bad side."
  • "Oh yeah I'm fine, dead inside and currently screaming internally, while sobbing uncontrollably but still fine. Perfectly fine."
  • "And they say I'm the crazy one."
  • "I was nodded off so much I think I blanked out."
  • "I'm someone who will flirt with bad pickup lines but if I'm flirted back with, I immediately get ready to run,cause that usually doesn't happen."
  • "I'm not used to having someone flirt back with me so if I fall over, just assume I'm dead."
  • "You can never have too many books."
  • "You have an addiction and I swear we might need an intervention."
  • "I feel like I was just thrown out a 73 story building then beat up by a bunch of body builders."
  • "What do you expect from me? I'm barely even able to expect much from myself."
  • "I pace when I think so please let me pace."

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Wait why doesn't matter have a mutation???

The radiation effects different bodies differently! In the case that Matt does mutate, it would just happen at a different rate than his friends

prrrobably not vampires though I’ll be honest, I just don’t feel like it suits theme quite right

Excerpts from Kip Kinkel's Confession transcript.
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW Okay....So do you know what time it was when you got home?
  • KK Around one o'clock, one-thirty.
  • AW okay....Tell me what happens when you get home?
  • KK I had no other choice....I couldn't
  • AW You were feeling really guilty?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW Okay....So your dad has guns, right?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW And where does he keep his guns?
  • KK He usually keeps them in his tennis locker at the swim and tennis club. But we could always shoot it once in awhile and so they were home
  • this time....Most of the time they're not home, only the rifles are there.
  • AW So only the 10.22 Ruger rifle was there?
  • KK Yeah, mm hum.
  • AW And where was that at?
  • KK I had that in my room.
  • AW You had that in your room?
  • KK Mm hu (yes).
  • AW Was it loaded or unloaded?
  • KK It was unloaded, (unintelligible).
  • AW So the ammunition was in your room?
  • KK It was in my parent's room but I had the gun.
  • AW Okay....So was your dad...Did he hit you or anything like that?
  • KK No.
  • AW Okay...Was he yelling or out of control or?
  • KK I couldn't I couldn't I had no other choice God.
  • AW You told me earlier he was in the kitchen.
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW And was that around 4 o'clock or could it of been earlier?
  • KK I think it was earlier.
  • AW You think it was earlier?
  • KK I'm not sure.
  • AW Okay...Let me ask you this
  • KK What?
  • AW Had I been a visitor in your home, would you have shot your dad?
  • KK I don't think so.
  • AW You don't think so.
  • KK I don't know I just I had no other choice he was saying all this I . .
  • AW He was saying all that stuff, kind of....He was saying a lot of
  • Negative stuff about you. Like what was he saying about you?
  • KK (crying)
  • AW Okay...He's mad at you because you got caught in school with the gun, right?
  • KK Right.
  • AW Okay.
  • KK And I (garbled) all his friends and everything knew (garbled).
  • AW So he was feeling ashamed and embarrassed because you did something wrong, is that right?
  • KK Right.
  • AW Okay.
  • KK I didn't want to. I loved my dad that's why I had to
  • AW You love him so that's why you had to kill him?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Okay...So what's he doing in the kitchen when you come in.
  • KK He was drinking something, I don't know.
  • AW Was his back to you?
  • KK Yes. Oh god...
  • AW Okay...Earlier you told me you walked up behind him and shot him in the head. Is that right?
  • KK Basically, yeah.
  • AW Basically?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW Okay...Did you stand away from him while you shot him?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW How far were you when you shot him?
  • KK About ten feet.
  • AW Ten feet. And how many times did you shoot him?
  • KK Once.
  • AW And where did that bullet hit him?
  • KK Right above the ear.
  • AW Right behind the ear.
  • KK Yeah, above, yeah Oh my god (crying)
  • AW It's alright. So your dad falls to the kitchen floor.
  • KK He just laid on the counter.
  • AW He laid on the counter.
  • KK Mm uh.
  • AW Then what did you do?
  • KK I didn't know what to do so I dragged him into the bathroom and then put a white sheet over him.
  • AW Okay.
  • KK Oh, my god, my parents were good people, I'm just so fucked up in the head, I don't know why, (garbled).
  • AW So what do you do from the time you put the sheet over your dad and your mom comes home?
  • KK A few people called.
  • AW Do you remember who called?
  • KK Yeah, some of my friends and I just talked to them. I didn't say anything
  • about that and I didn't know what to do because...Oh my God, my mom was coming home and if she knew what I'd done she'd...Oh my god.
  • AW So your mom comes home around six, is that right?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Okay....Now I've never been to your house...And earlier you talked about a basement. Is that a garage that's underneath the house?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW So your mom drives in her car, right?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW And what is she driving?
  • KK An explorer.
  • AW Explorer?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW And she parks, where are you at?
  • KK I was waiting for her.
  • AW Okay....Outside or inside?
  • KK Inside.
  • AW Okay...Did she pull into the garage?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Okay.
  • KK Oh my god.
  • AW Do you have one of these automatic garage doors where she closes the door after she pulls in?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW Was the door up or down?
  • KK Down.
  • AW Okay.
  • KK I just want to die.
  • AW I know.
  • KK Oh god. (crying)
  • AW So you told me that your mom gets out of the explorer and starts up the stairs from the garage or basement, is that right?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Do you say anything to her?
  • KK Yes, I told her I loved her.
  • AW And then you shot---
  • KK Yes. God damn it...these voices inside my head.
  • AW Alright, hey, (garbled) Kip....Kip, settle down, settle down, it's alright, it's alright...Just settle down, okay, just settle down.
  • KK I had no other choice.
  • AW Okay...So how far were you from your mom when you shot her?
  • KK I don't know.
  • AW Okay....Earlier you told me you shot her twice---
  • KK I think I shot her several times.
  • AW You shot her several times?
  • KK Cause I dragged her up into the basement after I shot her and she was still alive and I said that I loved her and I shot her...I shot her again so she wouldn't know that I killed her....I loved my mom.
  • AW ..Okay....So you didn't want your mom to know that you were the one that shot her.
  • KK Right.
  • AW And you loved your mom---
  • KK Yeah, I did.
  • AW So what did you do the rest of the night? Did you talk to any more friends?
  • KK No, I just...I didn't...I didn't know what to do...I held---
  • AW Okay.
  • KK I just held my glock to my head and I wanted to kill myself so bad but I
  • couldn't...I don't know why.
  • AW Now you said there was only one gun in the home, where did the glock come from? Did you go somewhere and pick up the glock?
  • KK No, it was in my dad's tennis stuff that he hadn't taken back to the Club.
  • AW Okay...So it was at home, too?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Okay....So did you get any sleep last night at all or do you stay awake all night?
  • KK Stayed awake.
  • AW Okay...Did you watch tv?
  • KK I turned it on to keep me company but I didn't watch it.
  • AW Okay...Alright...Now you shot your mom to save her the embarrassment and that sort of stuff, right?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Okay....Was that the right thing or the wrong thing to do?
  • KK I couldn't do anything else.
  • AW Okay...Now this morning you had planned to go to school and you had taped some bullets to your chest.
  • KK Yes.
  • AW What were those bullets for?
  • KK To kill myself if I ran out of ammunition.
  • AW And you told me earlier you took two knives, the Ruger 10.22 that was sawed off, a Ruger .22 caliber pistol and the glock 19 which was a 9 millimeter. Is that correct?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW And you took those to school.
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Okay...You were wearing a big overcoat. Were you hiding the weapons?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Okay....Why were you hiding them?
  • KK I didn't know what else to do.
  • AW You didn't know what else to do. Why did you go to school and start shooting people?
  • KK I had to. I had no other choice. I couldn't do anything else.
  • AW Had you been stopped by a police officer before you gotten to school would you have done that?
  • KK I don't know.
  • AW Why did you feel that you didn't have a choice with the kids at school?
  • KK I don't know I can't...my head is (garbled) I had to, I just had to.
  • AW Okay....Was there any kids that were in that group of people that you were seeing that you singled out as any one target?
  • KK No.
  • AW Do you know the names of any of those kids that you shot at?
  • KK No.
  • AW Okay....When we got here to the police department you had a knife that the officers had missed strapped to your leg, right?
  • KK Right.
  • AW And you had slipped your cuffs around to the front and when I opened the door you held that knife out and you charged me with that knife.
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Why did you do that?
  • KK Cause I wanted you to shoot me. I just want to die.
  • AW Okay....Was that the right thing or the wrong thing to do?
  • KK It has to be the right thing because I need to die more than anything else.
  • AW As you were growing up through elementary school and middle school, were you ever taken to a counselor?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW What for?
  • KK Cause I got in trouble with the police.
  • AW You got in trouble with the police?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW Is this about that book about making explosives or something?
  • KK Well it was kind of It was just a lot of things mom took me to.
  • AW Okay.
  • KK Oh god.
  • --
  • AW Alright...Well, you know, I'm going to give you a break, I'm going to stop right now. The time is at 10: 14 A.M.
  • AW Kip, I'm going to turn the tape recorder back on. The time is at 10: 24 A.M.
  • I just have a couple more questions for you and you may or may not have the answer for me. I want you to do the best you can, okay. You're shaking your head yes, the tape recorder doesn't pick up, you know, body movements that sort of stuff so.
  • KK Alright.
  • AW Okay...That's fine...Can I get you to scoot up just a little closer to the tape recorder cause I know this is not easy for you to talk about, it's not easy for me to ask you these questions, you know, but I'm trying to figure our why, why this happened so I can kind of put it in perspective for everybody, okay.
  • Why did you move your dad's body into the bathroom?
  • KK I felt like I had to do something.
  • AW Did you move him so that mom wouldn't walk in and see him.
  • KK I moved him because he was supposed to be on his back and I don't know.
  • AW Why did you cover him with a sheet?
  • KK It just felt like the right thing to do.
  • AW Okay...You did it out of respect for him?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW When did you decide in your mind that you had to kill your mom, before you shot your dad?
  • KK Afterwards.
  • AW Afterwards.
  • KK My dad kept saying how my mom...how embarrassed she was
  • going to be and how horrible I was and I couldn't let my mom feel like
  • that. I couldn't do anything else. There's no other way.
  • AW Had I been standing in your garage or riding with your mom, would you have shot your mom?
  • KK I don't know.
  • AW There's probably at least two hours from the time you shot your dad until your mom got home.
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW What did you do to prepare yourself for you having to shoot your mom.
  • KK I cried. I said I was so sorry. I had to though. I had to.
  • AW You said you were waiting for her.
  • KK Mm hu (yes).
  • AW where were you waiting for her at?
  • KK In the living room so I could see when the car came up.
  • AW And when she pulled in the garage and the garage door came down and she got out of her car, where were you?
  • KK I don't know I can't remember.
  • AW Were you hiding somewhere in the garage so that she had to walk past you?
  • KK No, I came down and helped her with her bags, bring them up.
  • AW Where was the gun at that point?
  • KK It was on my hip.
  • AW On your hip?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW And what kind of gun was that?
  • KK It was a .22, oh god.
  • AW Was it the 10.22 or was it the pistol?
  • KK It was the pistol .
  • AW It was the pistol. Who are these friends that called? Do you have names on those friends?
  • KK My friends had nothing to do with it.
  • AW Yeah, but, I know---
  • KK I don't want them to get in trouble.
  • AW They're not in trouble but you did talk to them and I think it's important that...Who were your friends that called?
  • KK I talked to Tony.
  • AW Tony go to school with you?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW And what's Tony's last name?
  • KK McCown
  • AW McCown. Do you have a phone number for Tony?
  • KK I don't know...It's on my watch.
  • AW Okay....Does Tony live up near you on Chita Loop?
  • KK No, he lives close to the school.
  • AW Okay, but it's Tony McCowan, is he a freshman?
  • KK Yes.
  • AW When did Tony call? Do you remember?
  • KK He called about 3: 15.
  • AW Did he kind of want to know what was up at school?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW Did you guys talk about that?
  • KK Yeah.
  • AW Had you already shot your dad at that point?
  • KK No.
  • AW No, okay. So who else called or did you call someone?
  • KK No, Tony called and Nick and they were like on the party line thing, we were all talking so nick didn't call me, I called him.
  • max: look at this note warren left me, he's such a goofball
  • max: warren makes me smile ((she says this tWICE))
  • max: *picks up warren's flash drive* must protect my precious
  • max: *blushes when dana talks about warren liking her*
  • max: *trusts warren enough to attempt to tell him about her powers before anyone else*
  • max: warren is pretty cute when he's in full-on geek mode
  • max: *trusts warren enough to call him for advice on how to open a locked door, in the middle of the night, and not worry that he'll tell anyone what she's doing even for a second*
  • max: *when chloe says max "friendzoned" warren* no, he's really cool!
  • max: *looking at alt!warren* *sad/hurt voice & face* he hooked up with stella...?
  • max: *looking at a cruelly graffiti'd photo of warren that's been stuck to his door by nathan* poor warren. nathan is lucky i'm a pacifist.
  • max: *while writing an actual cheesy pick-up line on warren's room slate* sometimes you just have to take a chance and see what happens... will he think that's too dorky?? well, it's not like he isn't. he'll laugh, right??
  • max: *when warren says he'll never erase said pick-up line* you better not, it's permanent!!
  • max: *when warren says he's feeling pretty alpha* *flirtatious body language* you are.
  • max: *when warren sadly says he knows how to be invisible at school* not to me, warren. text soon.
  • a lot of people, still, somehow: max shows literally zero interest in warren though. she clearly doesn't like him at all.

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I'm hoping the beginning of next season picks up directly from where this season's ending scene left off! I mean they can't to too much of a time jump, cause I really don't want them to just go into exposition like "so now that the antichrist has been loose for a couple months." I wanna *see* what happens right after Sam finds him. Also, if they think Cas is dead, they're gonna do something with his body soon. And we know he's coming back so that doesn't leave them time for too much of a jump.

Yeah… it almost has to pick up right here.

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Me again! Promo pic edition :) I've stared at the back of the head of whoever is answering the door for way longer than is socially acceptable (probably). At first I was convinced it was Fitz, but the longer I look the more I'm questioning if it is Alistair? The hair doesn't look quite right for FW!Fitz, but the body type strikes me as more Fitz. What do you think? Thanks again for being so awesome :)

Anonymous said:  So it looks like the Jemma/Fitz confrontation is happening in 4x20??? Also is she pointing the gun at Fitz or Alistair? I can’t tell

Anonymous said: hi!!!! i’ve just seen the promo pics and im SO excited. Any idea of why is jemma going to meet fitz’s dad???

Anonymous said:  So do you think the photos from 4x20 where Jemmas holding a gun I presume on Alistair hate happening in or out of the Framework? He’s just dressed and styled so differently than we saw in 4x18

Anonymous said:  In reference to the latest promo pic, who do you think Jemma’s pointing the gun at? (Also, thank you for all the time you spend answering these questions :))

Here we go guys!  4x20 Promo Pic Ask Round Up!

So I’ve been starting at these pictures for a few hours now, batting around a few ideas, playing in photo shop, and rewatching scenes to get the looks at the backs of peoples heads.  

First up!  WHO is Jemma pointing the gun at?

Its Fitz…Alistair….or someone left off the press release.

The first thing that jumps out at me is where they are at.  It doesn’t scream Head of Hydra for Fitz or even seem to be in Papa Fitz’s taste (I picture something more modern for them).  Next is we have seen Fitz constantly surrounded by security while he’s been in the Framework, so how was it that Jemma just walks up and knocks on his front door.  Or Alistair’s for that matter, the father of “The Doctor” would also have protection when he was out and about.  

Then I went and lightened the photo up a bit…because really we couldn’t add another light in here guys?

And then we compare the backs of heads….



I checked the guest stars and it doesn’t really match anyone on there either…maybe Burrows.  Though once again the location doesn’t make sense.  Though with this arc…we could still see a surprise or too (but no I don’t think that is Hunter).  

EARLY theories:  Bear in mind we have a ton of unknowns right now.  But it seems we are in for one heck of a twist at some point in 19.

Jemma is getting Her man back and going to give Alistair all sorts of hades while doing it. My “Its a Trap” theory is right and Radcliffe played Daisy.  

  • Those ‘safeguards’ he was talking about actually reset the the Framework and make it the happy place he intended it to be.  The “Farewell Cruel World” is literally and the “Cruel Part of the the Framework goes away.  
    • This also works if the system resets after AIDA get’s what she wants from the Framework.
    • This would also explain why some aren’t ready or are unwilling to leave.

Adding to that idea is Papa Fitz here….looking awfully ‘dad’ like there.  And a hint of Season 1 Fitz with the patterned shirt and cartigan.   Quite the difference between the Alistair we met last week.

  • If they system resets for whatever reason, and the Framework gets sunshine and rainbows, the version of Alistair we see is the father FITZ wanted to him to be.  Loving and supportive.  However the the trade off is he is still missing his memories of Jemma and the team.

Another option is there are 2 Fitz’s in the Framework.  

  • “The Doctor” was created by AIDA For Ophelia to mimic the relationship and get Looking Glass going.
  • While the ‘real’ Fitz has been off living in the country with his ideal father.  His memories of Jemma and the team are gone but he’s been relatively ‘happy’ out there.

A deal has been struck:  

  • My Papa Fitz is in cahoots with AIDA and/or Radcliffe is true and once AIDA gets what she wants she wipes Fitz’s memories again and gives him to Papa Fitz for another do over.  

Something to do with Project Looking Glass:

  • IE this is an effect of it being activated.

Finally, its a massive fake out and Papa Fitz and Jemma aren’t in the same location at all.

Other things we need to note:

  • Lil and Iain both have doubles for this episode, the only main cast members that do.  
  • Jemma is still in her Framework jacket.
  • Jemma could be one of the ones unwilling to leave, we could get a “I’m not going anywhere without Fitz” moment.
  • Jemma seems to be alone, so perhaps a parallel of Fitz’ searching for her/information on the monolith.  Daisy has left for the Real World to get to the hostages physical location.  
    • I suspect there could be some sort of loophole in play that the hostages will gave to go through the backdoor themselves to go.  Because why else would it matter if they were willing to leave.  
  • No matter who it is…Jemma’s there in order to get Fitz and the others back.

I rewatched ANH, and now I have Leia feels. Also, I decided to experiment with writing stiles again.

It’s not real.

That’s all you can think when they lead you away, Vader’s iron grip still on your shoulder. You hardly feel it, all you feel is numbness. You can’t feel your legs moving, either.

It’s not real.

Even though you felt it, somehow, even though your whole soul contracted and screamed. Even though you could swear you heard them scream.

It’s not real.

They throw you into your little cell, dark and cold and hard, and you don’t get up again. Why would you? There is nothing left. Nothing left that’s worth getting up for, nothing left that matters anymore.

It’s not real.

The tears won’t come. There’s only numbness, as though you are floating somewhere, and you can’t reach the safe ground anymore.

It’s not real.

Eventually, a boy comes to save you. He seems so… alive, so full of energy, that you can’t help but be pulled along. For the first time since… that, you feel something again, anger, hatred, a desire to do your duty, and you hold onto it, you refuse to let it go, because it’s all that’s left, all that you have.

It’s not real.

Stupid boys, men, whatever. They have no plan. You want to shake them, you want to scream at them, you want to hug them, because they give you something. Because you don’t feel numb anymore.

(You scream at them)

It’s not real.

The old man, the one your father called your last hope, dies. You can’t feel anything. All you feel is anger, and a hint of compassion, and you grab that, too, because it’s not numbness.

It’s not real.

The boy… Luke, the one who saved you, the one you saved, he is grieving for the old man. You sit down next to him, give him a blanket. You can’t grieve yourself, but you can help him.

It’s not real.

You win. Luke shoots down the death star, and Han comes back, and you celebrate. You laugh, and you shout, and you sing, and you feel alive, somehow, fire in your veins and tears in your eyes.

It’s not real.

You wake up. Everything hurts, every single muscle in your body feels torn and battered. You remember everything with frightening clarity. Suddenly, you face is wet.

It’s real.

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One of the things that makes me believe there is something going on between Harry and Louis, it's Louis' body language towards him. It changes instantly whenever Harry approaches him. Louis gets all flirty and shy and squirmy and flustered, like you can feel the butterflies in his belly. That doesn't happen with the other boys, only Harry does that to him. I bet that as soon as Harry touches him in private, Louis melts in his arms. That boy is hopelessly in love.

Their body language says it all. I think sometimes, even after all this time, Harry takes Louis by surprise and Louis kind of just….doesn’t know how to handle himself when that happens

So flirty

I still don’t know what the hell this was

This is the face of a boy in awe….and love

Harry Styles has the power to make Louis a flirty, giggly, flustered, butterflies-in-his-tummy mess and a half. It’s a beautiful thing to behold :)

Who You Should Fight: 39 Clues Edition
  • Amy: She took and survived the Master Serum, sure it's not in her system anymore but who knows? There might be a little bit lingering in there still. Do not fight Amy Cahill under Any Circumstance.
  • Dan: Dan would love to fight you. Dan would PVP you. Meet you in the pit. Fight Dan Cahill for the EXP but don't expect to win.
  • Hamilton: Do Not Engage under Any Circumstance. Hamilton Holt will use your body as a club for the next poor sap that tries to fight him. Repeat. Do Not Engage under Any Circumstance.
  • Ian: Ian isn't great at fighting. Have you seen him fight? Didn't think so. Doesn't mean he won't kick your ass though. Dude probably knows how to poison you with your own saliva. Do Not Fight Ian Kabra.
  • Natalie: Why would you fight a little girl? She's so cute and precious and she's already shot you with her dart gun. You're down. Oh now she's called in Ian. Do Not Fight Natalie Kabra.
  • Jonah: Jonah's muscles are fake, just like his personality. However, Hamilton happens to be his best friend. A great defense mechanism. Only fight Jonah if Hamilton is gone.
  • Reagan: Into ballet so she could easily backhand you with her foot. Backfoot you? Still, she's young. You both could use the experience. Do Fight Reagan Holt.
  • Madison: Do we even know if she's still alive? Whatever. Do Fight Madison Holt.
  • Sinead: Has turned into a Grade A wimp because of various relevant and irrelevant plot devices. Probably needs a good kick to the face. Do Fight Sinead Starling.
  • Ted: A complete nerd face. You will win, but you'll feel bad about it because he's blind. Do (Not) Fight Ted Starling.
  • Ned: A complete nerd face. You will win, but you'll feel bad about it because he's got crippling headaches. Do (Not) Fight Ned Starling.
  • Evan: Dude this dude is like. Oh man. Seriously. He's the dude that's your sidekick throughout the entire game but it turns out he's the mastermind/final boss. Do Not Fight Evan Tolliver.
  • Atticus: Are you even joking. The entire cast and half the fandom will beat you up if you attempt this. Do Not Fight Atticus Rosenbloom.
  • Jake: If you have the chance to engage, go for it. Always Fight Jake Rosenbloom.

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Dear Evie, I am having some trouble with my master when I'm in kitten space. What happens is when I am in my kitten headspace I don't like to talk, I meow or whimper but it brings me out of the head space to have to talk and often he doesn't know what I want from him because obviously he can't understand meowing. But I just don't know how to go about this. Any tips?


I would consider going over cat body language or behavior with your Sir. I completely understand being taken out of your headspace by needing to speak. There are a lot of guides out there you can use that give simple usable insights into cat behavior.

There is also the possibility of training in advance. Perhaps using two left paw stamps to mean yes, and one to mean no. Head down to mean thirsty, and paws up and panting to mean hungry. Or using tone of voice is also very powerful. For me, a low growl and a happy yip communicate two very different feelings. There is SO much more than just a single, monotone meow out there. Try to keep the questions simple, so you can use a yes / no, stop / go, good / bad type communication system. You can even have scenes just based around learning this communication system.

For example, instead of asking more open ended questions like “when would you like to stop for dinner?” perhaps instead “will pet be ready for dinner in 15 minutes?” pretty much all questions can be boiled down to a yes or no, if phrased right. And on top of that, it will give your Dom more control when you are in pet mode to dictate the outcome – but they can still always check in with you without breaking headspace. The biggest thing will be communicating to your Dom how important it is to keep headspace and how having to stop and answer open ended questions breaks that.


Buffalo | 3.9.15

gonna be negative here a sec but honestly, I’m tired.

I’ve been figuring stuff out with my gender/presentation/whatever for a while now and I finally get to some sort of headspace where I don’t feel goddamn awful about it, and literally the day I start looking up gender specialists in my area to see about maybe getting a referral for t just

that happens.

and it’s not even the big stuff any more, I feel like I can’t even process that because I’m just so freaking worn down from all the microaggressions

like you have a massive bigot with too much power in his hands pulling this crap and then we have to put up with people fetishising trans people on top of it?

I’m sorry but if trans people are your kink, as far as I’m concerned you’re just as bad as that big orange toad in the white house.