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Lets Explain Sexualities!
  • Hetero: Only likes red skittles
  • Homo: Only likes blue skittles
  • Bi: Likes two skittles colours (usually red and blue)
  • Pan: Likes every colour
  • Polysexual: likes most skittles, but not all
  • Polymory: likes to have two packets at once, still follows the skittles colour rules
  • Asexual: doesn't like skittles

one of my lovely instagram folowers asked me if i was posting this picture on here so i decided that i may as well hehe  v(⌒o⌒)v

dex the king of accidental romance

  • he buys nursey a nice beanie bc he remembered him saying 234325 years ago that his ears were cold and when nursey’s like “bABE U ROMANTIC” dex just shrugs and is like “you said you were cold? dont make it weird nurse”
  • does this all the time to the point of nursey thinking he’s making up excuses for why things are romantic to be a little shit but no. dex’s life is just like this.
    • “oh hey i had some leftovers from dinner last night so i thought i’d heat them up for us also i found this random candle and it smelled nice so i put it on the table and shit yeah sorry the lights aren’t really working so it’s kinda dim in here right now also my radio broke and won’t stop playing frank sinatra i know it’s annoying but we’ll suffer through yeah?”
    • nursey: are u shitting me rn
  • sends nursey a picture whenever anything reminds him of him and most of the time it’s funny shit or memes but sometimes it’s cute stuff like dogs or a charming little bookstore or a sunset
  • always eats the flavor of m&ms/skittles/gummy bears/etc that nursey doesn’t like and remembers his favorite flavors to the point that for christmas once he was like “nursey really likes blue skittles. i wonder if you can get just blue skittles?” and spent a few hours looking up bulk candy sites and ordered nursey like a pound of blue skittles and nursey cried and his tongue was blue for like a solid 3 months
  • is always acting like him doing cute shit isn’t a big deal bc he genuinely doesn’t think it is; his family was very loving and he doesn’t think it’s a huge thing to be thoughtful to the ones you love but nursey’s attention starved ass cries daily about his romantic boyfriend
    • ok but he also doesn’t see himself being “romantic” bc nursey is a poet? and is always writing stuff for dex and waxing poetic about his freckles and his skin and what have you but nursey literally has a complex about how he doesn’t feel like he’s doing enough in the relationship bc dex does so much for him and is so thoughtful meanwhile dex is just “aw nursey wrote me another poem he’s so creative and thoughtful and wonderful i love him wow” as he looks up environmentally friendly pens on amazon bc nursey complained once that the pens he writes with use too much packaging and it’s wasteful
    • also dex doesn’t have a lot of money to buy gifts or pay for dates so he tries his best to notice and pay attention and be thoughtful and present which is great bc it’s something nursey really needs and appreciates
  • now im just thinking about cute things dex has definitely done for nursey but okay once nursey mentioned missing manhattan and all the cool buildings and the skyline and the next term dex literally took a woodworking class so he could make a mini wooden replica of manhattan and give it to nursey
  • he just pays attention when nursey speaks like that thing about relationships “turning towards” or whatever? he always stops what he’s doing when nursey needs his attention and just listens and he’s so intense about it nursey was like “whoaaa” at first but dex is just like “being ignored sucks” and nursey cries
    • nursey cries often bc nursey loves his bf so much how did he get this lucky???? he has no clue
  • i just!! dex came from a family where like, his dad would keep an extra tire in his car in case a friend broke down and needed help, his mom once stayed up all night to give a neighbor stitches because she couldn’t afford the er– his family taught him that you’re thoughtful and you pay attention when it comes to the ones you love and that’s how you show you care and dex is just like that, he cares and it shows when he sweated in the haus kitchen for hours trying to fix bitty’s oven and it shows when he makes nursey a gorgeous journal with his initials burned in for his birthday this boi is so kind and giving with his time and energy i love him so much

MBTI Minis-Me’s! pt.1:The Romantics

I had this real cool idea to try and represent each MBTI type with a single mini-me (oozing originality, I know!)

I consider each of these characters Agender (or Graygender) and Pansexual for universality purposes. I won’t possibly be able to create a character that can dawn the physical qualities of every person of each personality type, but I will try my best to create characters that are relatable to everyone. And now, some tiny overviews and inspirations/comments for each type.

Iona Frooples (INFP): Rose-colored glasses…get it? (lol true comedian) My brother said they look a bit psycho, but that just means I’m stepping in the right direction! Oh, and: scarves.

Endo Frooples (ENFP): Wears a surgical mask simply because they get sick a lot. Probably due to religious practice of the 5 second rule. This little blue skittle has a fanny pack! Who even wears those anymore! (I love you nerds)

Inei Fujde (INFJ): What a cutey-patoot! Caution: beware hawk-eyes that see through your bullshit. Beauty mark on the forehead represents their wise nature (beauty mark readings are the best).

Enshi Fujde (ENFJ): Look at this sweet watermelon! Pens in the bag like a true teacher; always ready to give you a lesson on proper ethics. The founder of pink lipstick.

Next up, The Rationals (NTs)!