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KHH songs post for that lovely anon (and everyone else)

Hi, hi, here I am! I’m going to post some songs and artists for that anon who asked me for advice *-* 

First, since youn mentioned DEAN, Crush and Heize, I would recommend you to also listen to Zion T., Primary, Kisum, Owol, Babylon,Hyukoh, Minje and Samuel Seo

Then, I will start with AOMG, since they have a bunch of good artists both in Hip Hop and R&B: They are Jay Park (who does both R&B and Hip Hop), Gray, Loco, Simon D, Hoody, Elo and Ugly Duck)

Some songs: 

Elo: Tattoo, F.W.B, Parachute

Jay Park: Aquaman, All I wanna do, Drive, Solo, Me like yuh and alone tonight for a more R&B style // Worlwide,mommae, When, Want it, In this b*tch,Raw Shit and My for a strong Hip Hop. I would say even more but I think they’re enough (at least for a bit e.e)

Simon D: Comfortable and Who you (w/Gray, Show Me The Money), Simon Dominic, WON & ONLY, Cheerz, Complex 3, Money don’t lie

Gray: Summer night, Dangerous, Good, Just do it

Hoody: Like you, By your side, Your eyes, Blue horizon

Loco: Movie shoot, Da Da Da, Still, A.O.M.G, No manners, Hold me tight,thinking about you

Ugly Duck: Ain’t no party like an AOMG party, Put’em Up, PLP (Those are with Jay) Re:Birth, A piece of cake, Asia, Zero for conduct 

Some songs:

  • Eureka (zico and Zion T)
  • Right Here Right Now (DPR Live, Loco, Jay Park)
  • Born Hater (Epik High, Beenzino, Vrbal Jint, Bobby, B.I, Mino)
  • Multillionaire (Dok2)
  • Bermuda Triangle (Zico, Dean, Crush)
  • Amor Fati (Epik High)
  • Come Here (Masta Wu, Dok2, Bobby)
  • Sauna (Dynamic Duo, E-Sens)
  • Superstar (Kisum, San E, Taewan)
  • Puzzle (C.amm, BewhY)
  • January (Beenzino, YDG)
  • Dopeboy (Nafla)
  • I’m good (Jessy, McGree)
  • Bunzi (Young G, Giriboy, Xintsuh)
  • Come for you (Osshun Gum, Homeboy, FNRL)
  • Star (Kim Gyu Heon, Jessi, Babylon)
  • Cheese & Wine (DPR Live)
  • 1999 (G2, Gray)
  • Detox (Punchnello)
  • Beautiful (Zico, C.Jamm)
  • Kings (Nafla)
  • Weathermen (MKIT RAIN)
  • Problems (Loopy)
  • 17 (remix) (Ja Mezz, NO:EL, Young B)
  • Yellow Iverson (Owen Ovadoz)
  • Mijangwon (Dumbfoundead, Loopy, Nafla)
  • Hyung (Dumbfoundead, Dok2, Simon D, Tiger JK)
  • Noir (Prima Music Group)
  • Horangnabi (Boi B, Gill, Rhythm Power)
  • Machine Gun (Kush, Zion T. Mino)
  • Moneyflow (Mino, Paloalto, Zico)
  • Go (Bobby)
  • OLL’Ready (Olltii)
  • Boys and girls (Zico, Babylon)
  • #yelowsmobbin (Sik-k)
  • Fly (Sik-K)

I feel that they are a lot of songs and at the same time so few… KHH is so huuuge omg

I’m missing a lot of artists that I love here, so I promise I will make a lot of good playlists as a compensation ^^

Welcome to KHH dear anon <3

Also, it would be really great if you want to add songs for him/her in the comments ^^

PD: My mind is telling me: Blooo, Blooo, Blooo… You’re missing Bloo you f*** idiot 

I KNOW, I’m missing half KHH scene

But I’m so hyped with him that… at least one…

  • Fresh as F (Bloo)

-Admin N.

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