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i’m trying to get back into drawing, so hey here’s a little style practice doodle if you wanna call it that

bangtanroyalty  asked:

You're the absolute cutest. Thank you for your tags on my picture >.< You're the loveliest, and so kind even when you don't have to be 💖💛😊

oh my god, really im just saying the truth, i mean have you looked at these selfies and all of your selfies, no i didnt stalk them wdym /sweats

no but srsly, you are ultra gorgeous and yeah. also YOU are the lovely and kind one because you literally reached out for me to say that im lovely im :((( emo ok lmaooo anyways……… ily, your face and your blog ok bye

zodiac shitpost pt 5 (is anybody reading this)
  • aries: you cant check out communism
  • taurus: hello this is the popsicle police. yes sir youve been stopped today because you keep trying to use your popsicles to use bones
  • gemini: am i gay? well if it answers your question i discuss space
  • cancer: the sjws have taken everything from me. my dignity. my happiness. and they disobey life
  • leo: its impossible to be mras
  • virgo: performance art in which i blog about bitcoins
  • libra: if i were stranded on an island i would probably fear my vast cache of ketchup packets
  • scorpio: im sweating. im glistening. im laying on the floor ready to sink into the warm embrace of fursonas
  • sagittarius: fill the void left by friends
  • capricorn: i will hand down righteous judgment and smite all who pretend to care about mud
  • aquarius: i always try to make a statement with my fashion...thats why today i wore a crop top with a pic of richard nixon captioned: pass the Deadly Five Trials Of Horror And the chunky dunk hydrating lippie
  • pisces: i guess its irresponsible that i use all of my money to love sin
hashtag girl problems (luke)

requesthi idk if this is where you submit requests but could you do something where you get your period in the middle of the night and luke hears and goes to comfort you but you realize you are out of tampons or whatever and so you make him go buy some from a hotel lobby or CVS and then he just like holds you and rubs your stomach because your cramps are so bad that you cant sleep. THANK YOU I LOVE YOUR BLOG XOXO - cutie-w-a-hella-rad-booty

I love you! AND THANK YOU. oh my god and ofc I’ll do my best. 

“Whyyyy,” you groaned springing up from bed, throwing the warm covers off your body as you went into your bathroom, grabbing a new pair of underwear and sweats in the process. 

It was nearly 2am but somewhere in the middle of dreamland you got the feeling and immediately woke up. Luke sat up a few seconds after you got out of bed, generally confused and still sleepy. 

“Y/N?” you heard him call, the sound of his footsteps getting closer, “are you okay?” 

You sighed loudly and leaned over from the toilet bowl, searching for tampons/pads (An: whatever you use) only to find that you in fact were out. 

“Yeah Luke, I’m okay but,” you closed your eyes for minute before realizing, 3 years with him was enough to ask him the question, “I’m out of girl stuff.” 


“No you dork, tampons/pads.” 

“Oh….” you heard him trail off a little causing you to giggle, “Lukeee could you please get me some from the drugstore around the corner?” 

“On it,” you heard him say quickly, before the door to your bedroom closed. 

No more than ten minutes later there was a knock on the bathroom door, “I have your things,” you heard Luke say shyly. 

You grabbed the box from his hands and replied with a quick thank you. Quickly you did your business and washed your hand before returning to bed. Luke was up, watching TV as you groaned softly as you lay on your side. 

His eyes were a bit concerned when you got back into bed, cuddling up to him. 

“You alright there?” he asked softly, his eyes moving off the TV screen. You nodded silently before mumbling, “Just cramps but that’s normal.” 

“I’m sorry babe,” he apologized, “If I could I’d prevent Eve from eating the apple so this wouldn’t happen.” 

You laughed at his response as you shifted slightly to look up at him, “You and me both.” 

You sighed softly and lay your head on his chest as his hand instinctively began to rub your sides gently, trying to soothe away the stabbing pains. 

Somehow between that and the start of his humming, you fell asleep feeling a lot better than you did an hour ago.