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Hello! This is the second time I’ve submitted to this blog, but I’m bored, so. My name is Asher/Scout (either one is fine ^^), I’m 15 and hella trans (he/they pronouns)! ATM I’m in a polyam relationship with two awesome dudes, but I’m always open to meeting new people! I’m looking for romance (age range 14-16) or friendship, and I’m always free to talk to. I love listening to podcasts, reading books, writing, and playing video games! If you wanna chat, my main blog is @gay-medusa! Don’t be shy!


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I found this in the bottom on my youtube favs thought i’d share it here


I’ve ordered the name tapes and the giveaway is on!

(I absolutely made that banner in paint.)

To celebrate 1000 followers on this blog, I’m going to giveaway some scouting prizes.

- You must be following 1sttumblscouts.
- You can live anywhere in the world, I’ll happily pay shipping.
- Reblog and likes both count. You can reblog more than once if you want.
- The giveaway will last until the 6th December, 12 noon GMT.
- I will pick 2 winners with a random number generator.
- You must have your inbox open, as I will message you to say you’ve won and ask for details. If you don’t reply in 24 hours, I’ll pick someone else.

1st prize:
- one 1st Tumblr Scout Group name tape

- One scout dragon, hand made by me, with your group’s necker on (the dragons pictured are examples of the ones I make)

- First choice of 8 badges (kindly donated by @jlgnorcross . Thank you!)

- A Christmas card signed by me and my scouts (after all the winner will get this before Christmas) 

- Another ard/postcard signed by @jlgnorcross

- A mention on the blog.

2nd prize:
- One 1st Tumblr Scout Group name tape 

- The remaining 8 badges, as donated by @jlgnorcross

- A Christmas card signed by me and my scouts.

- A mention on the blog.

*prizes will be added to as I gather more things to send.

** I’m still hoping for people to send me things to add to this giveaway. Please send me a message if you have something. Anyone who donates something will recieve a free name tape as a thank you.

*** (16/11/15) I got a phone call from the company making the badges earlier asking for confirmation on the spelling. Which means they’re making them today!

****(21/11/15) Post updated to include @jlgnorcross badges. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to recieve them.

*****(25/11/5) The name tapes arrived this morning, and i’ve updated the post with a picture of them!