a blog named scout

hotaruxtomoee  asked:

purple and teal ♡♡

Awww thank you!! I love yours too💖🌸And yeah I feel that we have alot in common too!! I knew from the moment I followed you and looked at your blog😛 your user name is the name of my favorite sailor scout which is another reason I followed you💖

jaosntodds  asked:

for the blog compliments! - i have a german/beagle mix pup named scout n she doesn't do much & i have a russian blue kitten named JJ who never stops playing :)

oh no they sound outrageously adorable!!!! 🙀🙀💖 i wish i had a pupper too, give both a big kiss for me ok!! <33

superpower: invisibility / flying / superhuman strength / healing / telekinesis

cap: steve / bucky  / sam

bamf: peggy / gamora / daisy / natasha

infinity stone: space stone / mind stone / power stone / time stone

what team?!: avengers / guardians of the galaxy / howlies / agents of shield

cinnamon roll: groot / luis / peter parker / jemma simmons

things: mjölnir under a blanket / drax’s laugh / bucky’s voluminous hair / jumping out of a plane without a parachute / hello kitty pajama pants / fury pronounced furry

compliments: ur blog is such a gem, 10/10 quality content all the way, i have to make a conscious effort to stop myself from reblogging every single post from u rn!!! u seem like such a genuine, nice and sweet lil flower with a smile radiant enough to keep my crops alive and my chicken well-fed!!! that’s just a really weird way of saying that ur smile is softer than a puppy’s floof and purer than holy water!!! i’ve never seen ur face but i’ll bet that ur eyes shine brighter than a supernova and ur beauty is too perfect and exquisite for this world!!! ur ethereal!!! i hope u have a wonderful monday, sweets!! ❤️❤️❤️


I’ve ordered the name tapes and the giveaway is on!

(I absolutely made that banner in paint.)

To celebrate 1000 followers on this blog, I’m going to giveaway some scouting prizes.

- You must be following 1sttumblscouts.
- You can live anywhere in the world, I’ll happily pay shipping.
- Reblog and likes both count. You can reblog more than once if you want.
- The giveaway will last until the 6th December, 12 noon GMT.
- I will pick 2 winners with a random number generator.
- You must have your inbox open, as I will message you to say you’ve won and ask for details. If you don’t reply in 24 hours, I’ll pick someone else.

1st prize:
- one 1st Tumblr Scout Group name tape

- One scout dragon, hand made by me, with your group’s necker on (the dragons pictured are examples of the ones I make)

- First choice of 8 badges (kindly donated by @jlgnorcross . Thank you!)

- A Christmas card signed by me and my scouts (after all the winner will get this before Christmas) 

- Another ard/postcard signed by @jlgnorcross

- A mention on the blog.

2nd prize:
- One 1st Tumblr Scout Group name tape 

- The remaining 8 badges, as donated by @jlgnorcross

- A Christmas card signed by me and my scouts.

- A mention on the blog.

*prizes will be added to as I gather more things to send.

** I’m still hoping for people to send me things to add to this giveaway. Please send me a message if you have something. Anyone who donates something will recieve a free name tape as a thank you.

*** (16/11/15) I got a phone call from the company making the badges earlier asking for confirmation on the spelling. Which means they’re making them today!

****(21/11/15) Post updated to include @jlgnorcross badges. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to recieve them.

*****(25/11/5) The name tapes arrived this morning, and i’ve updated the post with a picture of them!