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I kust found your blog and Superhero AU and wanted to say how much I love. This is the first continuous thing for this ship I have seen so far and it's perfect. Here's a question, since Genji now knows Jesse is Vigilante, how will their relationship (as heroes) change? Or will it change at all?

the same, just with more Banter

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With children and the bodily autonomy thing, I think that only things that would be good for the child should be allowed, like vaccines. Vaccines are good for children. Circumcision, however, is not. Mutilating a child for aesthetic purposes, religion, or tradition should not be allowed. Piercing their ears is another thing I'm against. It just bothers me to see children in pain just because the parents like the way piercings look.

I agree so much. The ear piercing thing, like not as severe as something like circumcision, is still putting your child through pain for…why? Because its…cute? 

Vaccines are really important because they are part of proper medical care, which parents are obligated to provide. 

But permanent body alterations that aren’t for health reasons really should be put off until the kid can make their own choices, whether its for aesthetics or religion or whatever else.