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I was tagged by @117mm to do this cute thing! (Please go check out their ultra cute/ rad blog!! c: )

rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better!

  • name: Alisha (IDK if I even like my name lmao)
  • nickname: Princess/ Gordon Ramsey’s wifey/ Lish
  • zodiac sign: Libra!
  • height: like 5′8 or something?
  • orientation: Pan
  • ethnicity: Caribean/ British 
  • favorite fruit: Umm Apples!
  • favorite season: Autumn or Spring
  • favorite book series: The ‘Ugly’ series by Constance Brisco or ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman (both so good and emotional) and of course the classic ‘Harry Potter’ series
  • favorite flowers: Roses
  • favorite scent: The smell of freshly done laundry (it’s such a warm scent and reminds me of home ^–^ )
  • favorite color: Ummm pastel yellow or baby blue                     
  • favorite animal: Doggos
  • coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Tea!
  • average sleep hours: I meannnn i barely sleep 5 hours or something 
  • cat or dog person: While I love cats to pieces Doggos will always have my heart <3
  • favorite fictional characters: Basically the whole cast/ all characters of ‘Yuri On Ice!’, Link from ‘The Legend of Zelda’, Tony from ‘13 reasons why’ and Magnus Bane from ‘Shadow Hunters’ 
  • number of blankets you sleep with: Literally depends on the temperature but usually 1 or 2
  • dream trip:  Korea, Japan or maybe Holland. Although really, I want to travel the world, like a road trip to somewhere unknown to me, 
  • blog created: I started using it like agesss ago maybe 2014-2015 and then abandoned it but now I’m back and more active than healthy lmao
  • number of followers: I just have like 590ish so yah! (I’m super grateful to all my followers and I love each and every one of you beans!) 

I tag these cuties! (I kinda literally tag anyone that wants to do this! ALSO! feel free not to do this if you’ve already done it! soz ! :* ) : @anklusmos @onsomehentaishit @fkadomo @lettherebellionbegin @trashy-punx @meimagino  @cactusemojiii @skapunkelf @sadfears @lovlorns @jiminsblackgf @plantichrist @monetpeachh @long-hair-dont–care @cheappeach @celestialjikook  @206eera @localsleepygirl

Teach boys how to be soft
To hug with their whole hearts
Hug your boys
Love them
Tell them you love them
Teach them the greatest battles are won by the heart not the fist
Teach them intimacy is more than birds and bees
Teach them young so they won’t have to unlearn later like Daddy does
Hug your boys


|A Big & Tall/Plus Male Style Inspiration|

“Live Big, Dress Big, & Leave a Big Impression”

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