a black hole to paradise

a long journey

all our lives we are preparing
for a long journey- they claim:
but the question evokes
an avalanche of speculations
what it means
some bet it means the road to paradise
others see nothing but a gaping black hole
or not even that
I have been on this globe on long journeys
and I like it
but I like to know something about
where I am going
not based on theories about highest powers steering us in certain directions
or systems of reward for good behaviour

Sif; goddess of war

1. Warrior of Light, Ramin Djawadi | 2. Supermassive Black Hole, Muse | 3. Dark Paradise, Lana Del Rey | 4. Conquest of Spaces, Woodkid | 5. Heart of Courage, Two Steps from Hell | 6. Bleeding Out, Imagine Dragons | 7. Roar, Katy Perry | 8. Mountain Sound, Of Monsters and Men | 9. Arabella, Arctic Monkeys | 10. Breath of Life, Florence + the machine | 11. The Battle, Harry Gregson-Williams