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Ready Set Go

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Modern, non-magical, high school AU

Word Count: 1,912 

Written For: @naqini [#payback2k15] + @dhrfaves [favorite AU]

Officially, Divinations is classified as a shitty new-age gift shop.

It’s small and it’s cramped and it’s located in one of those seedy, almost-abandoned strip malls on the absolute wrong side of PCH—it shares a mailbox with a discount beauty supply store and a Russian bakery that Draco’s pretty sure is just a front for money laundering, and it always smells a tiny bit like someone spilled a party-sized bottle of cheap domestic sherry on the incense counter. There are Ikea shelves lined with dip-dyed crystals and desert-scavenged fossilized scrub-brush, dusty triangular vials of essential oils and papier-mâché plates inscribed with Celtic runes and medical-grade glass jars filled with loose-leaf dried herbs; there are sandalwood spirit boxes and polished teak rain-sticks and knock-off Inuit dream catchers and a disturbing number of animal skeletons, too, bronze cauldrons and gold needles and multi-packs of purified iron disks.

Officially, Divinations is classified as a shitty new-age gift shop.

But unofficially

Unofficially, Divinations is an underground black-market occult superstore.

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It does occur to me after watching this week’s Flash episode, why I get so bothered by some of the fan defenses of Mick Rory, despite the fact that he actually is my second favorite character.

As I mentioned in my last post, I saw quite a lot of people reacting to the “I’m not calling you Supergirl” scene by blaming SARA, because apparently she caused Mick to be rude, because he was hurt that she told her to ignore him.

(As I mentioned in my last post, the fact that we seem to be ignoring that Kara was visibly uncomfortable at a sexually suggestive remark, namely that she can “see everyone’s bits”.  But that’s tangential).

It reminds me of all of the posts after Marooned that outright blamed Rip Hunter’s explosion of temper for Mick Rory betraying the team.   Though obviously that was far bigger an issue than just insulting a young woman’s choice of moniker and deciding to call her a g-rated gendered insult like “skirt” instead.  It does fit a particular pattern.

There seems to be this idea that Mick Rory’s hurt feelings somehow excuse everything unpalatable that the character does.  Even when an innocent third party is involved.  

Honestly, it doesn’t MATTER if Sara was justified in cutting off Mick.  It didn’t excuse his disrespect of Kara.  (And no, the fact that he did call her Supergirl later does not make that scene less disrespectful.  Funny, sure.  But disrespectful.)  For one thing, KARA didn’t hurt his feelings.  Kara was innocent.

It doesn’t matter that Rip was absolutely out of line in his tirade in Marooned.  (He was, without question.)  That does not justify the fact that Mick sold out the entire team.  Ray, Kendra, Sara, Jax and Martin had done NOTHING to deserve death at the hands of the pirates.  

Fans need to stop pretending that Mick’s actions are somehow above criticism because his feelings are hurt.

I absolutely agree with those who read Mick as having impulse control problems, difficulty managing his anger, and he’s a lot more sensitive than he seems.  He is absolutely mentally ill and has some vulnerabilities that I think the rest of the team sometimes forgets.

But he also has a very bad habit of taking his hurt feelings out on people who were not involved in the initial offense.  And that’s on Mick.  Not anyone else.

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what are the oc traits in fic that you really dislike on Harry?

i most dislike when harry is arrogant and/or controlling of others, even- especially?- in a romanticized way. 

some smooth-talking charmers are arrogant, yeah, but not all of them. and i personally hate arrogant charisma (i always think of james bond this way or jeff from community or the public persona of george clooney); it gives me the hibbie-jibbies. so, whether it’s ic or not, i don’t like when harry is written that way. 

i like semi-neurotic CF harry, more generally. and i like manipulative harry. but harry outright controlling or trying to control other people? nah, sorry. like, i like a harry that would make everyone take their shoes off before entering his home. and i like a harry that would pull strings with management to get a nasty coworker fired. but i do not like a harry that would tell his sister which career path was best for her. 

i also don’t enjoy conciliatory and/or too-sweet for his own good harry. he reads most believable to me as hella stubborn and hyper-competitive, particularly in regards to self-improvement.

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Sorry if this is a bit tangential, but I've only really kept in touch with SU from what I hear from my friends and seeing the SU criticals is really killing my hope for an actually GOOD magical girl series. I used to be part of the Madoka Magica fandom until I learned about how toxic the creators were (the message of the show is actually p feminist until you read THAT interview). Is the magical girl genre doomed to be terrible? Why can't girls just have a nice clean power fantasy show?

i’m not actually sure if i see su as a magical girl series? the show makes a lot of anime references, but i dunno, it never came across to me as an actual magical girl show lol 

i’m sure there is a good magical girl show out there! (i personally like cardcaptor sakura a lot. even if i haven’t watched/read all of it lol)

- mod b