a bit stressed

lie to make me like you

pairing: victor / yuuri

length: 9 chapters, 80k

It’s become a game, of sorts, to anyone privy to the fact that the pattern exists in the first place: ask Victor out at the beginning of the month, date for however many days, and wait for the end to come and for Victor to say, always: I couldn’t fall in love with you. Let’s break up.

Or, Victor is a retired actor looking for love, and Yuuri happens to be the (un)fortunate soul to unwittingly ask him out at the beginning of the month. Except relationships don’t come with a script, and it’s much harder understanding love than roles.

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Happy national bean day birthday, @laiteevee ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

It Ethan. Behold the true @crankgameplays
He a good ice cream boi.
He totally doesnt have drugs anywhere. Look at that pure face. How could that face be anything but lawful.

I… think I may have hosted the perfect party?

We had the perfect amount of food and drinks, everyone was satisfied but there aren’t mountains of leftovers to deal with.

My house is somehow clean right now.

We were having so much fun multiple people stayed til past 3am, like the only reason they left was we were all passing out tired.

No one was isolated or had to go hide in a corner.

Belly laughter throughout my house for hours.  

I got really drunk, but roommates confirm neither I nor anyone else made an ass of themselves.

Kitties were on their best and most charming behavior.

Everyone got home safe.

No drama.

I am blessed.

Monthly Fic Rec January (x)

two boys, two blogs, two years of anonymous messages, and a bookshop where it all comes together.

Louis and Harry, best friends since before either of them can remember, broke up four years ago. Louis has achieved his dreams of becoming the next big thing while Harry has stayed back, dedicating himself to his studies. Both are content to forget what they had together, until a tragedy brings them right back into each other’s lives.

A-list actor Harry Styles and award-winning musician Louis Tomlinson have an acquaintances-with-benefits relationship, so whenever their busy professional lives happen to land them in the same city, they meet up. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.
And that’s all it is. Until it isn’t.

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