a bit out of season but just look at him

When Theo shows up in the train station he is given a bit of a hard time by Stiles, Mason, Corey and Hayden and he is left to fend for himself and get himself out.
Once he is out, he comes face to face with Liam who looks just as tired as him. Liam looks over Theo’s shredded shirt, scratched clawed body. Theo looks at Liam, his hair damp with sweat, dirt on his face.

Scott and the others notice Theo is there, unchained, uncontained, uncontrolled. Scott gets his hands ready to fight Theo should he try anything, Chris’ hand is near where his concealed gun is. Mason is looking from the two boys.

Liam walks to Theo, who moves to face him, the people watching tense up not sure what is happening, but then they notice Theo’s smile, Liam’s smile. Theo holds his fist up and Liam bumps it, drawing Theo into a hug, much to the surprise of all watching


Some creepy dude who eats lunch with us in my teachers room is in band with me (I am in colorguard, he’s in sax) totally just lost the little bit of respect I had for him.
I was like ‘yeah I’m trying out for colorguard section leader. I hope to connect the colorguard more with the band, because we are a huge part of it.’ and he, almost IMMEDIATELY, said
“Colorguard isn’t a part of the band, they’re just there so they have something to do the first half of the season. They’re just decorations.”
“Look, we are as much a part of band as your section is. Just because we don’t toot horns doesn’t mean we don’t contribute. We add effect to a show, we accent the music and showcase the talent of a band.”
“anyone can wave a flag around. I create actual art, actual music.”
“Listen here, you huge asshole. I don’t judge you for choosing an instrument that sounds like a cow prolapsing (intestines come out from vag) so don’t judge me for choosing to 'wave a flag around’ or next season, I’ll "accidentally” hit you so hard with a flag, your reed will stick out the back of your neck.“
then, a few minutes later,
"Hey, I want to apologize-”
“I don’t care.”
“I want to say it was rude of me-”
“I don’t give a shit. You wanna talk to someone who cares? Well, you won’t find someone like that here.”
DO NOT let someone tell you that your passion isn’t worthwhile or unimportant. I refuse to accept his apology. He can suck me ass


Season 3, Episode 16: Romantic Weekend

The way Red responds to Eric’s question is just awesome. He’s not sarcastic by making up some name or naming some celebrity, he doesn’t even say something along the line of ‘Who do you think?’

No, he tells Eric flat out that he’s there with Kitty and calls him a dumbass for thinking otherwise.

His words, the way he says them, the look on his face, it’s like Red is shocked, upset, even a bit disgusted at the idea of being at a hotel with anyone who wasn’t Kitty.

He had told himself that this date would be a bit of excitement, an isolated incident in a life that had become a little too routine, and nothing more.
He tried not to think of the way he’d given Alec an out, and how Alec had looked at him and said with devastating simplicity, I like you. Magnus had always thought of himself as someone who could wrap words around people, trip them up or pull the wool over their eyes when he had to. It was amazing how Alec could just cut through it all. It was more amazing that he didn’t even seem to be trying.

Dear Diary,
I’m starting to feel empty inside.. I.. don’t have many friends these days.
All the friends I did or do have never really were there for me either way.
I have a habit of going on auto-pilot and I wonder about the little pleasures
in life that use to seem attainable. I imagine myself having “girls night out”
then crashing at my best friends place because i’m too wasted to drive
myself home. I dream about cooking 5 course meals for my man and him
genuinely liking every bit and piece of my hard effort, down to the sautéed
asparagus seasoned with lemon. Or sometimes I even hope that someone
would hit me up  spontaneously to take a trip to the beach right before sunset
just to get stoned and share secrets we never could sober. I don’t know..
I guess I just haven’t found my outlet. And some days.. I feel I never will.
I look around and I see everyone. But I don’t think anyone sees me. Let’s
face it.. I fucking suck. I suck at being social, I suck at relationships.. I suck
at life, overall. I’m not worth it.

Night Time

Summary: Dean get’s bored while staking out a suspect’s house, and his hands start to wander 
: DeanxReader
: 702
: Light smut (fingering)
AN: Two challenge piece done in two days!! Yaaasss!!! This is for @torn-and-frayed‘s Songs of Season One challenge. My song was Night Time by Steve Carlson. I know it’s a bit on the short side, but I’m quite fond of how it turned out.
Constructive criticism welcome!


You were sat staring out of the window, studying everything about the house across the street. At first glance, it was just like every other house: neat hedges, healthy mowed lawn, well-trimmed flower beds and clean, white walls. But you suspected that the occupant was far from normal.

“You done staring at the poor guy’s house?” Dean asked sarcastically, and you shot him an irritated look before returning to your vigil. “I’m telling ya, Y/N, it ain’t him. It’s got to be the Nurse” he insisted, and you banged your head against the window in frustration.

“Dean” you hissed, trying not to lose your temper, “why would it be the Nurse? Why would she be draining peoples’ blood when she is in a prime position to steal blood bags? I’m telling you, he’s the Vamp. We’ve just gotta be patient” you growled.

There was a moment of silence, and then you heard Dean start tapping away at the steering wheel of the car.

“You really have no respect for my theories, do you?” you snapped, turning to glower at him.

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Okay okay okay so if you watch the episode 3x11 extended promo, and look closely at the above clip, in the background you can see someone walking out of the room Clarke’s in, they’re walking away through the curtains on the doorway just behind her.
Bellamy? The figure looks like him I suppose. Perhaps he takes her away after he hauls her away from Raven/ALIE? Calms her a bit? We know from the promo Bellamy says not to let anger get in the way of what they have to do, so perhaps that’s addressed to Clarke here.

…Although we know he’s still angry at her, she’s probably angry at him, and she looks like she’s been slapped in the face, so maybe they each dish out some hard truths while they’re at it?

Who knows? What I do know is that it will be tense and angsty and angry and the air will be fucking super-charged like it always is with them and it’ll be fucking awesome.

EDIT: I’ve realised it could be a Jasper/Clarke confrontation like we see in the season trailer! Either would be just fine by me!
“All That Could”

Summary: The Negan aftermath.  Just sort of randomly came about with a bit of Rick dialogue.  Fleshed it out to this little scene.  Here’s a bit of mood music.

Originally posted by rick-rhymes

“How do we fix this?” she murmured, more to herself than him.

They were standing across from one another in the kitchen, home, a small respite from yesterday’s nightmare.  Their family was smaller, now.   One gone, one taken, and one who decided to leave.

Michonne looked at Rick, who looked decidedly better, considering.  For hours after, he had checked out.  He was just…gone.  He was here, now, with her, but still so broken.  

They both were.

“I don’t know if we can.  Don’t know if I can…”

Michonne walked over to him, wrapping her arms tightly around his shoulders.  He choked back a sob, arms squeezing at her waist.

“Thought I’d lost you,” he whispered.

“I’m still here.”  Her voice was quiet, but steady.

Rick pulled back a bit, taking her in, marveling.  His face broke a bit as he stroked her hair, disjointed, short strands sticking out from amongst the rest while splatters of blood marred her cheek and neck.

“Rick…I still believe in you.  This wasn’t you,” she said with certainty.  “I need you to know that…okay?”

Rick sighed, shaking his head.  “Yesterday Abraham asked me…asked if I was afraid–afraid of being in love again.  I told him I was.  I’m scared because…being with you means the rest of the world falls away,” he admitted.  “And not being with you means the world falls apart because, being with you?  I forget what I’ve lost.  I forget to be in pain.  Being with you means I lose myself in you.  There’s nothing more that I want to do than that, Michonne.  But it’s not safe to…”

Her eyes welled, fearing what he was going to say next.  Rick shook his head, cupping her cheek.

“I need you,” he clarified.  “I need you to guide us through this.  I need you to take point.  I know that you can.  They’re all looking to me.”  He grabbed her hands, eyes still locked on her.  “But I’m looking to you.  I need you to help me with this.  I can’t do this without you.  Michonne, please.”

Michonne swallowed, taking a steadying breath.  “Rick…I’m right here.  I’m not leaving.  We’ll beat this.  We’ll beat him.”

He kissed her with a firm press of his lips–a promise–then leaned his forehead against hers.  “We will.”

I think Lance would be a very happy fellow if he found himself going out with Mama Smoak. (Laughs.) I don’t think he’d know what had hit him. He’d be sitting there thinking, “What the hell is going on in front of me, but I’m very attracted to it! I don’t know why but I can’t help myself!” I think it’d be a very interesting scene to happen because it’d be hilarious! As the seasons tick by now, Lance is still looking for a little bit of love, and she looks like she provides just the right amount.

Paul Blackthorn on the chance we’ll see Quentin & Donna Smoak scenes on Arrow [x]

I am all aboard the Quentin/Donna train called #SmoaknLance.  Said it the second Donna came to Starling City. They’re perfect for each other.  They’re that opposites dynamic I love that you just know will click and have smoldering chemistry.  You heard it here first, thecwarrow.  Now quit filling my screen with people I don’t care about, get back to Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and make some time on the show for Quentin and Donna.

okay im not saying you have to ship eremin but please dont insult it because it is probably one of-if not the best- developed relationships in snk, and let me give you a lil bit of info whY BASED JUST OFF OF THE FIRST SEASON IF THE SHOW TO KEEP IT SIMPLE.
1: Eren protected Armin from the bullies and stuff and always looked out for him
2: The ocean. THE OCEAN.
3: When Eren went titan for the second time, he grabbed armin tightly as he transformed to protect him and mikasa from the canon
5: eren jumped into a titan’s mouth to save armin?? AfTer getting his leg bit off??
6: constantly so close to each other?
7: lol remember how armin didnt really want to join the survey corps? but he did bc eren wanted to so he followed with mikasa?
8: remember when armin held eren’s hand and cried when he discovered eren was still alive?
ik i must’ve forgotten stuff its too late at night for this please add on

I love Carrick. I have respect for Carrick. You never hear anyone that’s played with Carrick at Manchester United have a bad word to say about him. Ultimate professional, understanding and loves the club by the way. Don’t get bought into this ‘Michael Carrick doesn’t show passion’ and all that crap. He loves Manchester United. You see him on a team night out when we won the league and he can be the loudest of the lot. So, the idea that Michael Carrick just comes in as a bit of a mouse that does his job unnoticeably is rubbish. If you look at Louis van Gaal at the start of the season and we were struggling, ask yourself who wasn’t playing? Michael Carrick wasn’t playing. Now he’s playing and the club went on a great unbeaten run. I think he would be first or second on Louis van Gaal’s team-sheet because he brings control and authority. Manchester United fans get it. I wanted Bryan Robson and someone to run through brick walls and coming out with bandages wrapped around his head. That’s what Manchester United fans want. But then when you play with Michael Carrick you think there is authority, control, peace. When you are on a football pitch playing against Liverpool or Manchester City, you need peace around you as well. You sometimes don’t want people running around like blue-arse flies. Scholes and Carrick together was peaceful. It was like going into a bar and hearing a piano playing. It’s relaxing. Listening to some good rock is good and you like that too but sometimes it’s nice to listen to a piano. Carrick’s a piano. There you go, there’s your line.

You are my Legend Star

Finished the sketch I made a few days back  in celebration of the key visual of the 4th season being revealed on Friday. I have to say that I really love the outfits. It’s just a bit of a shame that for some the outfit isn’t entirely visible. Filled in the gaps here and there, but I sorta wished I had drawn his other/visible side, but picture flow didn’t work out that well like that. But this side realy makes him look like a prince of some sorts. Purple being a royal colour really isn’t helping.

I think Haruka looks so sweet. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the story (though I doubt it in a way?), this is the first time she hasn’t been drawn in normal clothing (school uniform not included).

The title makes it even more cheesy than the sketch was. Hope you like the finished version!

You may not upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way.

Doctor Who: A Look Ahead at Season 9 - Clara's Changes and Danny Pink

“Clara’s perspective on her own life and actually what she wants out of it I think has changed, and she’s lost Danny and went through a period of losing the Doctor as well and I think that changes someone.” - Jenna Coleman

“Clara gets over Danny. She probably harbors a slight suspicion- I was discussing this with Jenna -that it might never have worked out anyway. She was too ready to lie to him, and he was just a little bit controlling as well so… she’s a bit controlling. But, you know, desperately sad that she lost a tremendously good and noble man. But, no, she’s not pining. Her fate was always going to be time-traveling mania, that was gonna be her life, so she is loving it.” - Steven Moffat (source)