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My Comet Experience August 23 evening

I recorded audio which i will trade/gift so feel free to message me and also if you see an asterisk * next to a bullet point that means you can hear what I just described in my audio because I sat right on stage and it’s sooo cool (like footsteps, singing, and slamming into the rail above me) 

(Sorry if I repeat myself from the last post I don’t remember what I wrote then)

-I sat on stage this time!!! Alex was my pierogi boyyy and I said Hi Alex! And he said Hey!! And placed his hand on his chest and then proceeded to give us the basket to pass around and explain the rulesss. He was so funny I love him

-After the pierogis Nick C was just standing above me facing the orchestra so I went “Hi Nick!” And he had to look for me for a sec and then he asked how I was and talked about how the dumplings needed chutney or some sort of sauce… ok nick… lol It was a bit random so I just kind of smiled and yeahed it all (he’s gr8 tho I love him) 

-Before prologue started Lucas was standing near my pit and he pointed to me (I’m assuming because I was wearing a Comet Tshirt) smiled, and wiggled/raised his eyebrows (literally died a lil)

 -Kennedy was on for Helene tonight! Her voice is very different from Amber’s but I actually enjoyed her a lot! Her and Lucas definitely did not have the chemistry that he and Amber did though 

-Also Nick B’s costume change into Bolkonsky is incredibly quick wow

-I’m really sad I missed Scott by a day because I’m seeing Dave twice now but anyways I made eye contact with him a lot 

-Private and Intimate life Paul hobbles in as the servant, and the first time I saw the show I thought it was hilarious because I was in the mez and couldn’t see his face but this time noooo it was so scary. His eyes are literally rolled into the back of his head 

-Bolkonsky screamed NONSENSE instead of songstress? * 

-Mary pulls the young suitor from where I was sitting! He played into it and was great! * 

-During No One Else Natasha was holding onto the rail above me and made eye contact and held it with me for like 5 seconds while she sang!!!

-I think I said this in my last post but Andrey in the snow and the blue lighting is so beautiful and he’s so handsome and she’s so cute ugh i love it a lot

-Andrew and Brad sat on the steps by me and caressed each other and sang some of the lines in the beginning of The Opera * 

-I love the music when they announce Dolokhov and Helene so muchhh (also you can hear their footsteps as they run past me!) *

-Kennedy and Nick also did not have that chemistry Amber had but it was still great 

-Ok but in The Opera 1 Paul’s change into the opera outfit??? How did it he do it in like 2 seconds??? and 2 he was standing right above me and he opened his mouth and made the loudest most high pitched scream I’ve ever heard I was thoroughly SHOOK * 

-Anatole’s Entrance is godly as usual

-I love the part where Andrey is getting injured at war i just think it’s so cool for some reason?

-He’s as handsome up close as at a distance… Lucas is a beautiful boy but when he sang “I never remove my smiling eyes from your face” he was right above me and he was starring into Denee’s soul and his eyes were so wide and it was pretty scary tbh I was like whoa

-The whole seize me from behind thing happened right above me and I could hear Lucas kiss her neck * 


-I was so hyped for the duel it’s one of my favorite songs to see live

-“Dear Andrey’s betrothed” and Anatole’s just like ehhh 

-Drink drink gonna drink tonight gonna drink tonight gonna drink drinkkkk Dolokhov’s dance was performed right above me and wth is it 😂 it’s bizarre I love it *

-lots of grinding, Reed’s sparkly high heels omg

-Lucas and Grace come down into my pit… I’ve heard what happens and oh it happened. First Lucas’s butt was literally in my face blocking my view of what he and Grace were doing (not that I’m complaining) but he was so close and so I touched his vest hehe ( i doubt he felt it really it was pretty thick) he whips her and then they switch places and Lucas is standing on the steps and unzipping his pants and Grace is down on her knees and then whoop the lights come on and he zips back up (you can HEAR the whips in my audio) * 

-When dolokhov got shot he fell into the rail and spit on everyone 👍 * 

-Dust and Ashes the main cast and ensemble stand in the rear mezz and some in the orchestra and sing 

-Ok so Kennedy’s Charming was so good! She doesn’t have the Angry voice Amber has but her version was amazing and her voice went so high like wow I was not expecting it 



-Letters is my jam and then Paul sat on the steps next to me and I mouthed “Paul!” And waved and he smiled and waved back and we lip synced a bit together. He also had some sort of squeaking quacking thing whenever he would move his body it was probably supposed to be to the beat but he was off lol * 

-Also a guy had to get up and hand Natasha the letter and he played the part well too! He did like a courteous bow sort of thing after he gave it to her

-Preperations gets me lit ok and nick literally showers lucas with spit when he holds him against the rails

-Balaga is soooo much fun everyone where I sat got a shaker. Balaga is literally everywhere one minute he’s in front of me the next he’s in the rear mezz (what a madman). He stuck his tongue out at the people in the swivel chairs once or twice in front of me and he pointed at me and smiled big when he ran by 

-Ok I sat LITERALLY right underneath the Anatole and dolokhov kiss and… their lips did not touch?? Dolokhov was whispering something in his left ear and then he put his mouth super close like he was teasing him with a kiss but didn’t and then dolokhov did like playful? hand motions by anatole’s chest and smacked his butt (last time i saw the show im pretty sure they did kiss though)

-Slightly disappointed but just being right beneath them during their dance is like the best thing ever so


-I didn’t have a glass so I raised my pierogi box and Brandt clinked his glass with my box and some others where we sat :) 

-Some people at the table beneath Anatole weren’t raising their glasses so he yelled at them and forced them to raise them lol

-I love the abduction dance moves so much and idk if I mentioned it in my last post but CHEF BELTONS HIGH KICKS 👌👌👌 

-“May your numbers be numbered and counted…” Dave that’s not the lyric but it’s ok 😂 *

-Gelsey and Billy came into the pit and she sang in my face *

-Ok my best friend was sitting in the abduction seat and I’m not even gonna go into it because it was *no words* but @carnovalesque described it perfectly so thank you 

-Lucas’s hair got so messy in Pierre and Anatole and his petersburg was on point 

-I love Andreys voice so much also he didn’t punch/ shove Pierre he just jabbed him a few times in the chest 

-Dave struggled to find his sleeves and that made me happy because when I saw Oak he didn't 

-Only negative I really had was that Dave really didn’t show much emotion, maybe he was just off tonight idk 

-But anyways I love the bows so much it’s literally one of my favorite parts everyone has their own bow and their individual song music playing 

-The show was incredible and everyone was so good tonight!!! Sitting on stage was amazing but tbh if it’s your first time I recommend NOT sitting on stage cause there’s so much going on around you it’s pretty hard to keep track of what’s even happening, but if you just want to have fun then yeah sit on stage! and our audience was so enthusiastic it was amazing! the first time i went it was a matinee so it was pretty tame but tonight there was so much clapping, and cheering, and whistling WOW i had so much fun :)

anonymous asked:

do u mind helping me w/ a personal style q? kinda have figured out my main fashion inspirations and its basically goth school school kid (like margot tenenbaum + eloise + julia cumming from sunflower bean + wes anderson films in general + random bits n bobs from the 60s-90s like disco n nick cave) and was wondering if u have any tips for wearing this in a cool way as well as what are good basics/items to have in my wardrobe :-)

this is the cutest ask i’ve ever gotten <3. i think those are great sources to draw inspiration from - very classic girly with a bit of an edge? 

wardrobe staples:

  • well constructed skirts in solid colors (you don’t have to go full on schoolgirl with the pleated miniskirt thing, the idea is to have a defined silhouette)
  • blouses (collared shirts are a pretty obvious choice, but you have tons of room to play around with these - ex: getting some bold 60s-style prints, or wearing t-shirts for a more 90s grunge feel)
  • ankle boots (or w/e height you want, really)
  • simple black dress
  • a signature jacket that you can wear with anything 

threw together a quick mood board as well, hope this was helpful! :)