a bit of foreshadowing right there

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So I was rewatching season one, and I realised something about gasters hands. He has colors to represent powers, most of them match the colors of the souls. He has red, orange, yellow, green, 2 shades of blue, but no purple. Instead, he has PINK. And the pinks powers basically copy anything thrown at itself. I have a strange feeling that this was foreshadowing for Betty, am I right?

nah that was just me screwing up the colors 11 months ago, that’s supossed to be purple but when you add the highlight filter on flash to an object it also lights up the color a little bit making it VERY pinkish

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I just had a thought upon re-reading Voyager - are the bones that Joe Abernathy and Claire examine those of Geillis Duncan? Also, the way that Claire is able to determine her cause of death by feeling the bones foreshadows her healing abilities - once she comes into her full power (when her hair is white). Thoughts? I apologize if this has been discussed before.

Yes - they are indeed those of Geillis Duncan, though Claire doesn’t know it at the time.

This is clearly a bit of foreshadowing for what the shaman Nayawenne tells Claire in Drums of Autumn - that when her hair is fully white, she will come into her “full power.” Up to that point, Claire’s supernatural abilities are hinted at - but not directly addressed.

What’s interesting to me is that even before she returns to the past, Joe Abernathy implies that Claire already has some sort of “gift”:

“Yes, that’s right. I’d be happy to look at it for you, but I think Dr. Randall here might be of assistance, too.” He glanced at me, the glint of mischief in his eyes. “I just want to see can you do it to a dead person, L. J.”

And she proves Joe’s point in her “diagnosis” of the bones:

I held it close against my stomach, eyes closed, and felt the shifting sadness, filling the cavity of the skull like running water. And an odd faint sense — of surprise?

“Someone killed her,” I said. “She didn’t want to die.” I opened my eyes to find Horace Thompson staring at me, his own eyes wide in his round, pale face. I handed him the skull, very gingerly.

…Horace Thompson was looking at me queerly. “How did you know she’d been killed, Dr. Randall?” he asked.

I could feel the blood rising in my face. “I don’t know,” I said. “I — she — felt like it, that’s all.”

“Really?” He blinked a few times, but didn’t press me further. “How odd.”

This echoes a particularly interesting exchange between Claire and Master Raymond in Dragonfly in Amber:

“You do not care for wolves, madonna?” Raymond asked. “Yet the bears and the foxes do not trouble you? They also are hunters, eaters of flesh.”

“Yes, but not mine,” I said wryly, handing him back the age-dark skull. “I feel a good deal more sympathy with our friend the elk.” I patted the high jutting nose with some affection.

“Sympathy?” The soft black eyes regarded me curiously. “It is an unusual emotion to feel for a bone, madonna.”

“Well… yes,” I said, slightly embarrassed, “but they don’t really seem like just bones, you know. I mean, you can tell something about them, and get a feeling for what the animal was like, looking at these. They aren’t just inanimate objects.”

Raymond’s toothless mouth stretched wide, as though I had inadvertently said something that pleased him, but he said nothing in reply.

Raymond is pleased.

Raymond knows that Claire is not only a time traveller - but one of his descendants.


The best part about watching DS9′s Civilian Defense is watching Dukat beam into the station, gloat at the crew for triggering the auto-destruct sequence, and then when he tries to leave realizes that his former boss locked him out of the system and trapped him in the station too. 

But my favorite part is Garak slowly getting annoyed and exasperated with Dukat’s slimy attempts to impress Kira.

He’s progression of done-ness is amazing

Garak hates Dukat so much. And he’s right Kira would never fall for Dukat’s slimy charm. 

One of the things I love about this show is that the actors push back at the writers when they feel it’s not something their character would do, it doesn’t always work but I’m so so glad Nana Visitor put her foot down on any Kira and Dukat romance. 

Also, a bit of foreshadowing there with Dukat’s father, that his ambitions got the better of his love for Cardassia. This is something that drove Dukat to form the alliance with the Dominion in the first place.

It’s interesting I guess because reading Cloture properly I can better appreciate both how monstrous Riliane was in her reign, but conversely see the parts of her that made her worthy of redemption.

I don’t know if mothy added a scene or if it was just one of the things the old translation cut out, but there’s a segment right after Allen returns from Elphegort where, still at nighttime, Riliane is at (some kind of tall building in the garden, didn’t feel like looking up the kanji) looking up at the moon, and she tells him that she wants it. When he tells her she can’t have it, she gets legitimately disappointed, and talks about how Anne loved the moon, and that she had wanted to become something like it (fOReshADOWing fOr mOOn GOdesS???). Allen reflects on Anne a little bit, revealing that, though he’s the one who suggested living with Leonhart, part of him was motivated by feeling unnecessary and unwanted (even though Anne came to visit him from time to time), and that one of the reasons why serving Riliane made him happy was because when she gave him orders it meant she needed him.

It’s a sweet little scene that mirrors her talking about the sun earlier, and even though she’s still putting on airs it’s just a 14 year old girl talking to her servant/brother about how she loved her mom and things associated with her.

She even notices Allen was sick from the carriage ride and gets (however briefly) concerned about it.

AN: When I watch that gif I don’t know whether to laugh bc I know the funny bit right after it or cry bc I know what it foreshadows and oMG I NEED TO STOP RIGHT THERE BEFORE I ACTUALLY CRY. On that awfully sad note, I would like to thank the anon that sent this in. *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Babe, I’m sorry! I know requests are closed, but you get drowned by the other posts and people on my dash and I had to ask while I remember. If you have a waiting list, maybe set me up on it. Pietro imagine where he get’s hurt protecting reader while reader is kicking ass. Reader notices and in turn protects him by kicking even more ass.

Warning: Violence


“Fight Like A Girl”

“Status report, Y/N.” You heard Nat’s voice buzz through your ear piece, but you didn’t answer right away due to the ten men that were coming at you with an intent to kill.

You cast a quick glance at Quicksilver, Pietro Maximoff, who was speeding in every direction around you, preventing more soldiers from attacking you.

For some reason, the two of you had made an unspoken agreement to fight with each other during this battle once you bumped into each other. And, honestly, you were okay with that. He didn’t focus on eliminating one side of you like the others would do, but rather he would thin the herd all around you, so when they did get to you the numbers weren’t as bad. You both were pulling your weight evenly.

“We’re fine." You grunted as you roundhouse kicked a man who was approaching you from the side.

"Alright,” Nat said, equally as breathless. She seemed to be getting hit pretty hard as well. “Update us if anything goes wrong.”

“Will do.” You said quickly as you avoided a punch that was aimed for your face.

The men’s numbers began to grow, and soon there were over a dozen circling you at once. Now, you were good, but not that good.

“Pietro, you mind not letting so many get through?” You shouted at the speeding blur of silver and blue that zipped by.

Pietro stopped for a split second to punch a man who was charging at you. “Sorry, I’m getting a little worn down.”

A man managed to clip your shoulder just a touch with a knife, causing it to sting. Hissing at the newfound pain, you clasped a hand on the cut and kicked the man in the stomach. “Don’t get sloppy on me now, I’m loosing momentum too.”

The numbers kept growing and growing, soon you would have to call in for backup from the others. It wasn’t something you really wanted to do because you knew that there was a good chance they were facing similar situations, but you were swimming upstream in this battle.

You were knocked to the ground, and before you could call in for help, the men ripped the headset off you and smashed it to bits.

“You are finished.” One said with a wide, sickening grin.

You returned his smile, then nailed him in the groin with your knee, causing him to roll off of your with his hands between his legs. You jumped up to your feet and tried to fight off as many of them as you could, but in the seconds that you lost on the ground more men had managed to surround you.

And, one of them had a gun.

Pietro spun around to check in on you, his blue eyes widening when he saw a gun being pointed straight at you. Within a second, just as the man was pulling the trigger, a blue and silver streak cut between you and the deadly weapon, and suddenly you were out of the herd of men.

Pietro’s strong, large arms were wrapped around you from the back, and his forehead was resting on your shoulder. You heard him hiss in pain and mutter something in his native tongue.

You untangled yourself from his arms and turned to assess the source of his pain.

“I tried to knock the gun down as I ran by, but apparently I didn’t do it quick enough…it still managed to get me…” He growled, and his hands shot down to his right thigh.

Blood. Dark red blood was all over his grey running pants, and when you gently moved his hands away you saw the bullet hole.

You threw a glance over his large shoulder to see that the man were looking around for where the two of you had gone, it would only be moments before they spotted you. Pietro couldn’t run anymore, clearly, and you could not carry him. You had to stay here and fight.

“The wound isn’t fatal.” You told him, then helped him to lay on the ground. You ripped off a bit off his shirt and tied it around the bullet hole (much to his horror) tightly to apply pressure. “Make sure there is pliantly of pressure on it.”

“W-what about you?” Pietro asked under his breath. “They aren’t going to just stop fighting when they see that I have been injured.”

You smiled at him the best you could, then stood and turned to face the on coming herd of soldiers.

He protected you, and you sure as hell were going to return the favor.

You took the pistol out of its holder on your thigh (you only saved it for when hand to hand combat was out of the question) and shot at them with perfect aim.

“Pietro,” You yelled loudly so that he could hear you over all of the gunshots and yelling soldiers. “You still have your communicator, right? Request some backup.”

You heard Pietro mutter painfully a, “Yes, Ma'am.” Then continue to talk into the small speaker in his ear.

Soon enough, you ran out of bullets to shoot, so you had to resort to fighting once more. You tossed the now-useless gun at the face of the closest solider, then swept your feet under him and caused him to fall to the ground. You staid right in front of Pietro and defended him the best you could, but by this time you had over twenty men trying to get you.

It got to the point where you knew that you weren’t going to be able to keep going. Your feet were tired, you were all cut up, and your energy was running dangerously low. Every time you thought you were close to finishing them off, a new wave hit. You weren’t giving up, you were just accepting the reality of the situation.

You threw yourself over Pietro with your back to the enemies as a last ditch effort to keep him alive, even if it was for only one or two more seconds.

The both of you twisted your eyes shut and leaned your foreheads against each others as you waited for the fatal blows.

“Out of the way!” You heard the voice of an absolute angel, Nat, scream from the distance.

You looked up as saw the Hulk come barreling in your direction, his eyes narrowed at the group of soldiers.

You rolled Pietro and yourself out of the way just in time before Bruce plowed into them, only a mere few feet away from you.

You were going to live, you were saved.

Pietro, seemingly going through the same mind set, smiled brightly. The way that the two of you had rolled away had caused him to be resting above you with his arms on either side your head.

“You are so kick-ass!” He shouted before he smashed his lips against yours.

Your ran your fingers through his dirty silver hair and tugged him closer to you, both of your lips curled up into a smile.

Bruce continued to fight off the rest of the men, and Nat just stood above the two of you with her arms crossed above her chest.

She cleared her throat with an amused grin. You just flipped her off as you continued to kiss the speedster.

“If you could only know what we really are”

I’ve always thought it was a little bit strange that Pearl catches herself right after that sentence. She also continues that phrase by singing something entirely different - “when we arrived on earth from out beyond your star, we were amazed to find…” - it never really fit with the first phrase. I always felt it was very foreshadowing.

Like, look at how she really does catch herself when she’s sung that phrase:

And in detail:

^ There! she looks down, looks a bit bothered, like she’s realized what she sang, and then quickly changes direction and sings something entirely else:

And then she’s singing about something else.

And now, in this new trailer we’ve gotten, we hear Pearl singing, really omniously, that exact phrase…. in regards to the cluster, and Malachite.

If you could only know what we really are.

Something’s gonna be revelead about the gems that the Crystal Gems have been trying to hide from Steven… and it’s not gonna be pretty.

Why I Think Kile is Going to Win Eadlyn’s Selection.

I am a huge Keadlyn fan. This isn’t intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. I am just trying to figure out of my favorite OTP is going to become a canon. If you won’t judge me on my findings keep reading!



When Maxon and America first told Eadlyn about the selection she freaked! When she then finally agreed to it, she ran out and ran into KILE FREAKING WOODWORK. Then, they talked for a bit. When Kile and her walked away fro each other, she was thinking, “There were bigger problems in my life right now than the state of Kile’s manners. I couldn’t waste my time quibbling with people or being distracted by anything that couldn’t put the Selection to death.” 

Then who of all people gets into the selection? KILE FREAKING WOODWORK

▶︎The Exchange◀︎

Eadlyn’s parents were saying how she needed some romance after she went into the selections, and she was stubborn about it, but then she gave in. Guess who she then went to? Our boiiiiiiii- KILE WOODWORK

Then, when Eadlyn actually goes to Kile, Eadlyn said to Kile that he could have anything he wanted. Kile told Eadlyn he would want to leave the palace. Eadlyn says fine.


▶︎Kisses Galore◀︎

Eadlyn and Kile kiss exactly 3 times.

1st kiss: When Eadlyn asks Kile to kiss her for publicity and then this happened➳ 

Kile leaned down, lips meeting mine, holding them there. Then his lips parted and closed and parted again. I drew a breath in the moment between kisses, sensing he would come back again. He did, and thank goodness, because I hadn’t been kissed like this before and I needed more.—-having the urge to hold him in that pose all night.—-Was he feeling that funny warmth creep into his arms and chest and head, too?—-I watched him go and told myself that the only reason I was smiling like that was because the cameras were hidden somewhere, not because of anything Kile Woodwork had done.

2nd kiss: Eadlyn invites Kile it her room and says to him, “Kile Woodwork, do you want to kiss me?” Then this happened➳ 

I wrapped my hand around his head, pulling him to me, and an instant later his arms were around my waist. It was the perfect balm for a long day. Kile’s kisses were direct and slow, and he made it impossible for me to think about much else. We toppled onto the bed, holding each other as we laughed. “Of all the things I thought would happen when my name was called, I never dreamed I’d ever kiss you.” “I never dreamed you’d be good at it.”—-We lay there, laughing so much we were nearly crying. I played with a button on his shirt, and he twirled a piece of my hair between kisses, and the world shrank to just the two of us.—- THEN THEY STARTED YELLING AT EACH OTHER AND THIS HAPPENED➳ —-Kile rounded back, staring me down. I was sure his anger was reflected in my face. I waited for him to scold me again, as he’d done a thousand times growing up. But his eyes softened, and before I knew it, his hand was at the base of my neck, pulling me to him. He crushed his lips to mine, and I simultaneously hated and adored him for it. All I could think of was the way his mouth moved and how I seemed so fragile in his hands. The passion slowed, until the kisses were so soft they tickled.—-“You are so spoiled, and you are so obnoxious … but I’m here.” With a final kiss, he opened the door and left. I gazed around my room, dizzy with confusion. Why was he trying to get me to open up when he clearly couldn’t stand me? And I didn’t like him either! Sometimes he could be just as bratty as Josie.

3rd kiss: Kile and Eadlyn bump in the hallway after the whole kitchen group date and Eadlyn is overwhelmed and upset about what people think of her, so she automatically put her lips to Kile’s because she said she wanted “the world to stop for a minute.” Then this happened➳ 

He grabbed me by the wrist and swung me into the nearest room, slammed the door, and pushed me against the wall. He kissed me harder than I’d kissed him, apparently not bothered by his lip so much if he knew what was coming. “What’s this all about?” he breathed. “I don’t want to think. Just kiss me.” Without a word, Kile drew me to him, his hands lost in my hair. I grabbed fistfuls of his shirt, holding on to him tightly. And it worked. As we swayed together, everything else stopped mattering for a little while. His lips moved from my mouth and onto my neck. These kisses were different than before. They were aggressive and demanding, pulling all my focus. Without thinking about it, I dragged his shirt upward. He laughed devilishly into my cheek. “Okay, if clothes are coming off, we really ought to go to a room. And you should probably know my middle name.” “Is it Ashton? Arthur? I feel like it starts with an A.” “Not even close.” I sighed, letting go of his clothes. “Fine.”—-I shook my head, tracing a finger down his chest.—-“Is my kissing that bad?” I started laughing, thinking back to the other night in my room. It had seemed so alien when Kile wanted to talk to me, but I wasn’t completely sure why I thought that now. I could have had a new outlet, a new perspective this whole time.—-I straightened my clothes, knowing that going to work would distract me. “Let’s do something soon. Not a date, just spending some time together.” That crooked smile spread across his face. “I’d like that.” He started tucking his shirt back in, and I fought the blush that I could feel on my cheeks. How had I gotten so out of control?—-I remembered how angry I was when I saw his name comeup the day of the drawing, like I was being cheated somehow. Now I didn’t care how that form ended up in the pile; I was just glad it did. I hoped that he felt the same way.

THEN THE HENRI KISS: I really did love it. To all of you Henri shippers I get why you love them together. I REALLY DO! I just want mention one thing after that kiss… Guess who popped into Eadlyn’s mind after that kiss? KILE FREAKING WOODWORK!

▶︎The Hint◀︎

Keira Cass tweeted this a few days ago, and one very interesting part of the heir popped into my mind…

Camille and Eadlyn have a bit of bonding time, and then this happened➳ 

“Isn’t there one person who fills your heart and takes up all your thoughts?” As she {Camille} said it, a name popped into my head. And I was so surprised that anyone came to mind at all that I didn’t have time to absorb exactly who it was.

I HAVE EVIDENCE OF WHY I THINK IT IS KILE! (You should not be surprised)

So he {KILE} was just being discreet on the Report! I furrowed my brow in thought. Or maybe he was simply planning to pass his time kissing me. Or maybe he’d been deeply in love with me since he was seven and was only now finding the courage to stop teasing me and say so. Or maybe— —-Why did Kile—for goodness’ sake, Kile!—keep popping into my mind?

That means that Kile does pop into Eadlyn’s mind often! Even after Henri and Eadlyn’s very adorable kiss Kile pops into her mind!

XoXo! (Sorry if there are any grammatical errors) 

P.S. Kiera Cass, you are amazing and wonderful. You make worlds come alive and all of us selectioners love you! @partylikeawordstar

Thoughts on 1x10
  • how are we up to the 10th episode THIS SEASON HAS FLOWN BY
  • well apparently Intro Theme Song Guy is still alive
  • and he just HAD to bring up the Michael Moore thing in the creepiest way possible didn’t he
  • but where is Gustav (again)
  • breaking the fourth wall there a bit are we Red?
  • Gareth stop trying to get into rooms full of bug people it’s making me nervous
  • aww he never stops asking Laurel how she’s going no matter what the circumstances :)
  • they’re really foreshadowing moving to Wall Street in Season 2 (please CBS give us a renewal)
  • “I’m trying to be more accommodating across the aisle.” *looks at Laurel*
  • annnnnd now Laurel feels realllyyy guilty
  • “It’s infectious” lol great pun Rochelle
  • “I’m in… something right now.” In other words, there’s just no getting over Gareth Ritter
  • awwww they’ve come so far from where they started when they would use each other to get what they needed for their political agenda, and now even though it would have been so easy to drag Gareth through the mud, Laurel refuses because she knows he’s a good person and it isn’t him that’s the problem :)

“Boredom becomes a stone”

“Before it gets too heavy and falls”

These lyrics in the latest dbs opening could really be foreshadowing that goku will regret his “easy going and not care about anything ” -attitude (which he has right now in dbs) and that his character finally will be again a bit more serious like in the good old days in DBZ and Not so dumb anymore like how he is portrayed in dbs right now 🙄🙄 it’s just too much

Alright this is my first time writing something like this, so forgive me if it ends up all over the place. 

My friend and I were recently re-reading the Spider-man/Deadpool comics when we realised something.

In issue #4 we meet Jenny, the succubus, and we see ‘Leo’ (Aka Peter) immediately smitten, or at least very attracted to her

Jenny is obviously a very good looking blonde and blue haired woman, I mean she must be right? Peter is sort of reduced to a stuttering mess.

Hold on.. Isn’t there someone else we know that is blond and has blue eyes??

I mean. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I read that panel and the way Peter acted it just seemed so weird..

Both my friend and I believed it was an “Oh no. He’s hot.” kind of moment for Peter. And as I was thinking about this, another thing hit me. Could issue 4 be foreshadowing a bit? It may be a bit of a stretch, but hear me out. After Thor comes in for the ‘Emergency date’, it’s revealed that Jenny is a succubus. And even after that, Peter still shows interest.

I know, I know, I can hear some of you saying it’s because she’s a succubus but stay with me. I mean, when Peter first meets Jenny he is very attracted to her.

(^^^ Peter obviously likes blondes and blue eyed people remember Gwen?) And even after she shows her ‘true’ form Peter still is attracted to her. What if that’s what they’re doing? I mean at first I was a little mad, and wanted for Peter to fall for Wade for how he looks now and not how he looked then. But what if they’re going to do the same for Wade? They can have Peter like Wade, but when Wade goes back to the way he looks Peter will still like him.

I don’t know, I could be reaching for straws here, but it could be a possibility. I do hope that’s the route they go for. Feel free to add stuff, or correct me but I just had to put this out here and see if anyone else made a similar connection.(Sorry if the pictures are terrible)

There’s one bit of Brad-Pitt-is-really-a-mind-ghost foreshadowing that we’re pretty sure even the most devout Fight Club viewers mining the DVD for senior yearbook quotes didn’t pick up on, and that is the freaking pay phone.

Right after Norton’s apartment explodes, he calls Tyler on a pay phone to ask if he can crash on the couch at Tyler’s rancid hobo tomb. Tyler doesn’t answer, so Norton hangs up. Immediately the phone starts ringing – Tyler is on the other end, having hit *69 to redial the last number that had called him, because for some reason a man in designer clothing living in a giant decaying shack feels the need to screen his calls.

As soon as the phone starts ringing, however, we are treated to a revealing close-up.

It’s tough to see, but read that line directly underneath the word “TELNEX” – it says “No Incoming Calls Allowed.” Meaning it is not physically possible for this telephone to receive incoming calls. Meaning Tyler cannot possibly have called Edward Norton back. 

5 Brilliant Clues Hidden in the Background of Movies

So I watched this scene again, I saw something I did not notice before ( for good fangirl reasons ).

When you stop focussing on swan queen and look at all the other people in the diner it almost seems like they are all on a date. It has a bit of a romantic feel to it. I may not be right but if I am … you have these couples on dates…and then you have Emma and Regina, Emma just ditched Hook…Regina broke up with Robin…you even get a shot from behind where you see the whole setting with people and them next to each other, you could easily assume they were on a date as well. 

If this is not foreshadowing …………………..well I would be disappointed lol.

Mysterious Blue Orb?


So, I didn’t see a lot of people mention this yet so I might as well, but this was a big old weird bit of foreshadowing, right?

The thing that I picked up of significance was that Garnet seemed to know exactly what it was but adamantly shut down Steven’s curiosity. Whatever it is, Garnet doesn’t want to mess with it, and she also feels the need to shelter Steven from it. Pearl, too, looks at it and then seems to avert her eyes, though that could admittedly be a jump on my part - but it’s my feeling that if either Garnet or Pearl didn’t know exactly what it was, they would have investigated it.

We could literally assume a million things from this so there’s no point in speculating too too much, but if I were to take a shot, apropos of nothing other than the fact that it looks mildly like a bubbled gem, it would be that a gem of some importance is bubbled within, maybe even Blue Diamond herself, given the color, and the fact that we’ve been seeing so much of her lately - but again, that’s a shot in the dark.

All I know is, the fact that they dedicated several seconds of screen time to it means that it is very important, and may even be addressed soon.


Remember Liza? When Don Falcone, enraged because she played on his feelings for his mother, choked her to death, her scarf fell on the floor in Fish’s club. Liza’s wearing the scarf in the photo on the top left; on the right we see Falcone as a child and his mother.

Gertrude found the scarf in the club after Oswald took over; when she picked it up, he flinched, but allowed her to keep it. She’s seen wearing it in the bottom photo when she meets Jim. I feared the scarf was a bit of foreshadowing.

And, for the record, I don’t care how much Falcone wanted Oswald dead-I think he’d agree that what Theo did to Gertrud was heinous.

A Thought:

Inspired by @lightcomingthroughthedarkness​‘s post about Luna and the Blake Siblings:

Perhaps it’s foreshadowing that Luna, Emori and Indra (the only Grounders we’ve met so far who have siblings, all have dead siblings. 

Perhaps there’s an even darker bit of foreshadowing behind the fact that Luna was directly responsible for her brother’s death, killing him.

Also I can’t help but think about Luna’s conversation with Octavia and the way some of it is phrased: 

Luna: ”You don’t want saving. You want someone to fight with you.” 

Octavia:  “Damn right. We’re at war. Luna, you can’t just ignore that. Lincoln would’ve wanted you to help us.” 

Luna: “By becoming commander? I don’t think so. Lincoln knew our rules. We take people in who are done fighting. Done killing. Look at you. Fighting is all you know. Death is all you know. Lincoln would have never brought that here.”

Luna very clearly says here that Octavia doesn’t want to be saved, that death is all she knows. 

I believe that the Blake siblings only have two options right now: Octavia goes through what I’ve been terming her “dark phase”, where she makes horrible choices and hurts people she loves, because she’s hurting but eventually realizes that she’s chosen the wrong path and begins to take steps toward the “right” one, or (the path which I think is more likely-given what we know of Season 4) she continues to make questionable decisions and hurt those she loves and it ends in her death.

I also highlighted “take people in” and “done killing” because I believe it’s important to the overall arc of Season 4. I do believe that Luna and her rig will play a pretty serious role in the saving of humanity next season, as water is a known deterrent to radiation. I think Bellamy’s blatant refusal to kill the A.L.I.E. infected Grounders/Sky People, his hesitance to kill the Grounder who was attacking Murphy in the elevator until he realized he had no other choice (kind of similar to Luna’s refusal to kill Derrick until she had no other choice), his refusal to fight back against Kane, even when Kane was actively killing him, are all indications that Bellamy is done killing. 

These are incomplete thoughts so if anyone wants to finish them…

@jane-doe07 @abazethe100  @anyone else who has thoughts about this.

Top 20 Steven Universe Episodes

Tumblr is a buzz with Steven Universe right now. A lot of people want to start watching, but 50 episodes is a lot to get caught up on. 

These are the 20 most plot important episodes of Steven Universe. 

While the other 30 are certainly fun, awesome, and full of foreshadowing, plot set up, development, and wonderful bits, these 20 should be enough to get you caught up to present without too many critical gaps. I’ve bolded the PARTICULARLY important ones. 

1.2 Laser Light Canon 

1.7 Bubble Buddies

1.10 Steven’s Lion

1.12 Giant Woman

1.16 Steven he Sword Fighter 

1.23 Monster Buddies

1.24 An Indirect Kiss

1.25 Mirror Gem

1.26 Ocean Gem

1.35 Lion 3: Straight to Video

1.36 Warp Tour

1.37 Alone Together

1.38 The Test

1.40 On the Run

1.43 Maximum Capacity 

1.44 Marble Madness 

1.45 Rose’s Scabbard 

1.46 The Message 

1.48 The Return (Part 1)

1.49 Jail Break (Part 2) 

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Okay, so Adrien’s shirt got me thinking today.

Those three stripes he has on there are yellow, green, and blue, right? And the base color is black? Has anyone else gotten a feeling like its referencing the 2D version a little bit?
See, the yellow is to represent Felix’s hair, the green to represent the mask, and the blue to represent the eyes, while all in a black suit.
I could be very wrong, but are small detail like this foreshadowing to Felix and/or the 2D series?

right so here’s what is (probably) going to happen

i’ve been thinking about this a bit and here are my theories on how the end of the dark swan arc and the start of the underworld arc (which seems PRETTY darn likely at this point) is going to go down:

  • killian and regina are going to join forces in the midseason finale, they introduce papa jones aka the 5b villain (davy jones or some variant thereof). they find a way to save emma but it’s going to take one of their lives and killian is prepared to do it. some complications and emma’s choice to give up the darkness play into it, as it’s been well established that it can’t go without her volition. but in short, “the price” is major foreshadowing so yes.
  • regina FINALLY steps up after struggling this entire half season to figure out who she is and how she has to actually be a hero. it’s no coincidence that she’s in a bit of a quandary right now and scuffling to find her footing and understand what she’s supposed to do. she’s not the EQ but she’s reverting to it as an armor and persona and she’s not a savior either. she’s trying but she isn’t quite getting it.
  • thus, after emma sacrificed herself, regina will sacrifice herself for killian, because she knows that killian is what emma needs to really pull her back to the light after the darkness goes, and emma can’t be without him in this fragile post-dark swan period. regina finally figures it out and actually makes a real sacrifice and atones for the damage she has caused emma and the charmings. emma laid herself down as a challenge. if regina finally gets it and gives herself up for it, she will have literally died to fix the harm she inflicted on the family and actually understood the magnitude of what she needs to repair and give up, not just trying to have it both ways. either that or both killian and regina “die,” but i really think regina’s sacrificing herself for killian at this point.
  • this way you parallel 5A and 5B, and CS and OQ. in 5A emma’s dark/trapped/distant/not herself, she and killian are suffering and apart, they’ll need TL to save them. regina gives herself up for killian at the end of 5A, they’re reunited, you get 5B with CS together and killian with emma helping strengthen her post-dark swan trauma, not forcing emma to be alone and without her TL while trying to learn how to be a hero again. in 5B, regina will be the one apart from her TL (robin) because of sacrificing herself for killian and emma’s happy ending (because literally, to make the parallels obvious, killian IS emma’s happy ending). regina will actually measurably pay back the debt she owes emma by allowing her to reunite with her TL and taking on the burden herself, as well as going to the underworld to face her past and her murders and to deal with it, which obviously she really needs to do.
  • the fam bands together and will go get her of course, but this will also be a very killian-heavy arc because his dad is davy jones; he’ll also be working to support emma post-dark swan. this way they (and the fans) don’t have to endure another half season of separation and pain. you need to return emma and killian to each other in 5B to heal the wounds of 5A, and you get regina having finally REALLY DONE SOMETHING to make up for the harm she has caused.
  • hence killian being davy jones’ son, and emma being the savior, how do you solve a problem like maria this in the end of 5B?
  • TLK
  • tl;dr; regina does the right thing, gives herself up to let emma and killian get back together, underworld arc where she has to face her demons, we meet davy jones, we don’t have to deal with another half season of CS angst, and regina finally meaningfully atones for her past deeds and brings the foreshadowing full circle. it’s an arc about regina finally sacrificing for emma’s happiness, not the other way around, and emma getting to have killian with her in 5B instead of separated. character development all around.
  • qed.