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Sand and Scars

Sorey has a whole collection of scars from fighting hellions, and, as scars do, they itch. But he’s lucky enough to have Mikleo to help.

This one is a straight up dose of fluff, filed under my headcanon about Sorey having a tong of scars.

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“Okay, someone please remind me why we’re trekking through this godforsaken place again?”  Rose said with a scowl, and wiped her brow.  The party was half a day out into Zaphgott Moor, and starting to feel the effects of desert travel.  All except for Lailah, who was absolutely loving the heat.

“Oh, you know, Lohgrin, Lords of the Land, mutant hellions, and other things of the ‘stupid task variety.” Edna said.  She, at least, looked somewhat cool under the shade of her umbrella.  But she had been grumbling on and off about some personal vendetta against the concept of sand, so no one was surprised at her annoyance.

Sorey frowned at her flippant tone about their duties, but he supposed he couldn’t blame anyone their complaints.  As far as himself, he had decided that the Moor was fascinating, with such interesting geographical features, and new plants and animals to examine.  The caveat, of course, was the dry air and hot sun, which made Sorey feel as if every drop of water was being sucked from his skin.  He hadn’t expected how it would feel as if it was stretched too tightly across his muscles and bones.

He sighed, and fished out a water skin to pass to Rose.  “The sooner we get all of that done, the sooner we’ll be on our way.”  And truthfully, he wouldn’t mind that either.  Along with the stretch and pull of his skin came the itching.  Sorey peeled his glove halfway up his hand and pushed his sleeve up a bit to expose a scar, one of many he’d collected from his time fighting hellions.  Normally, the skin was raised and white, but at the moment, it was red and angry.  He dug his nails into it, which only made it more angry-looking, and hardly helped with the itch.

Sorey should have expected Mikleo to notice right away.  There was hardly a thing that got past his sharp eyes.  “Stop that,” he whispered, low enough that the others wouldn’t hear.  His hand took Sorey’s scratching one, and gently drew it away.  “You know it will just make things worse.

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A Place Called Sanctuary Part One

Summary: To Jungkook, the apocalypse was a blessing–a blessing shaped like a nightmare for more reasons than one. 

For the anon that requested this: “And I would like to request a scenario where Jungkook is a boy, who is caught up in his past life, which was so bad, that he has been traumatized by it. Like he is very cold, hates everything and doesn’t show his feelings at all. But then he meets a girl, who is very bright and lovable. She shows him the positive things in the world and helps him out to be a bright person. And even though Jungkook is very distant and cold to her at the beginning, at the end he should be very protective and caring because of his feelings for her. And could you please include the quote “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.” 


Part Two /  Part Three / Four / Five

“I found him!” One of Hanseul’s men shouted from the street behind him. He heard their boots stamping on the busted asphalt, the whirring motorbikes of their leaders trailing the group that had been chasing him since May.

Jungkook cursed, spinning around quickly and bolting back down the alley he’d came from. In sheer panic, he dove through the nearest window around the corner, the broken bits of glass digging into his shirt as he dropped onto the shards on the concrete below. He scrambled across the dust, rolling up to his feet even though it sent a flare of pain to his knees after his hard landing; but, it only lasted a moment before he was booking it deeper into the shell of a ransacked and gutted building, past the wire shelves that remained, past the busted remnants of a wooden closet door, past a carpet that reeked of rot and mold, past a splatter of red on a dirty white wall, past the items left behind in an apocalypse.

He curved back out into a different back alley, the maze of the city a well-known map in the back of his brain–he’d lived there long enough to know the tips and tricks of the place. After deeming the coast clear, he slipped in-between the overgrown and vine laden bushes to the entrance of his safety–his home. Actually, it was an old basement, one whose main entrance had long since been buried by the rubble. He covered up the makeshift exit with a nearby empty bookshelf. He would have been fine without it–you couldn’t find the entrance through the bushes unless you knew it was there–but he knew he could never be too safe. Anything less and he would have been dead in January.

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Episode 4 of ’Doctor Stranger'

Too much feels. It’s not until this episode that I can say, yes, I do love this show. This will be a bit wordy.


Finally, it feels like a drama that has hit its stride. Some people may think the pace has slowed down too much, but I think it slowed down just enough for us to take things in.

All the characters are in their places – the mechanism and ecosystem of the hospital is getting clear. Doctor Han Jaejun is cultivating a team to treat the prime minister, but their comraderie has a falsity to it. Meanwhile, Park Hoon will presumably make his team from the scraps.

But the star of the show is definitely Park Hoon. And I am not just saying this because I am a Jongsuk stan. This episode could honestly be subtitled as “Park Hoon: Rise of a Legend”. From the moment he stepped into the conference room, he was a star.

I’ve stared at Jongsuk so much these past two years that you would think nothing would shock me anymore, but that moment he waltzed in, long coat all a-billowing and lens flaring, I was sold. Park Hoon is a charismatic fucker who can take over a room. Yet, later on, when they found out that he is from NK and threw scraps of money in his face. The pain and humiliation that flickers on his face, that was even better. Delicious to see him being pushed to the corner a bit – because he fights back like a wolf.

If Hoon is MVP, then Oh Soohyun (Kang Sora) gives him a run for his money. She plays the whole gamut of emotions barely brimming under her calculated surface. She is calm when facing her jerk brother and genteel when with her lover. But Hoon breaks through all that and we see a strong-headed girl who cannot lie to herself much longer. When she finally breaks down in the end of the episode, we cry with her because sometimes even the best intentions do not have a happy ending.

The woman who brings them together is Soohyun’s mom – in the end, they both want to save her because Soohyun wants to reconnect with her, and Hoon notices Jaehee’s bracelet on him and he grabs that as his last chance.

Hoon: “There is something I want to ask her.”
Soohyun: “There is something I want to tell her.”

When it comes to life and death situations, if you don’t grasp the chance, it could have been your last chance. Somehow I thought of the Sewol Ferry children and passengers. :( Btw, I felt that Soohyun is like the grown up version of that little girl, giving Hoon 500 won to save her mother.

Ultimately, I appreciate it when the show takes time to explore the characters and how they affect one another; if people value plor development over letting the characters breathe a little, then I just have to say we have to agree to disagree. (Lol of course I could be overthinking it and there is just less discussion on Naver tonight because ‘Secret Love Affair’ is airing their finale.)

Meanwhile, I leave you with one more Glasses!Hoon.