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Excerpt: “Taehyung grins, bracing his arm on the table again and scooting closer. His knee brushes against your thigh under the table, and a ripple of tingles radiates from the spot. A thrum of energy spreads over your back and neck, an awareness prowling beneath your skin, stronger than pre-heat symptoms should be. Maybe it really was a mistake to come visit Taehyung with your heat next week.”  (Fox!Taehyung, Shifter!AU)

Genre: Romance, humor, fluff

Rating: pg17+ (dirty language, discussion of heat/mating, sexy thoughts, etc.)

Pairing: reader/Taehyung, [mentioned Minjoon]

Length: 7.2k

A/N: not associated with my other Taehyung fox fic

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“So what’s your plan for your heat this year?”

It takes a moment for the question to sink in before you scramble for the calendar by your bed. “Oh shit, I completely forgot. Fuck, what day is today? What month?”

Minji laughs and rolls onto her back, digging her toes into the carpet. “March 23rd. I kinda figured you’d forgotten, with midterms around the corner and all, but it’s probably time to start preparing for that too." 

"Damn it.” You stare hopelessly at the calendar on the wall. A week and a half. Barely ten days until your heat, and you hadn’t prepared in the slightest.

Heats are the worst part of being a shifter, in your opinion–humans didn’t realize how lucky they were, not to be trapped in a small room for seven to ten days, out of your mind with the need to fuck, sweaty and dirty and swimming in every hormone-driven fluids that your body could produce. You hate your heats. 

“I’m screwed,” you whine, dropping onto your bed and pressing your face into your pillow in misery. 

“Not yet, but you definitely could be,” Minji snickers, and you hear a rustly of fabric, the soft pad of foostepts, before a heavy weight drops onto your back, pushing a muffled grunt from your lungs. “Seriously, though, are you going to spend it alone again? Or are you finally going to find someone to share it with? At least it falls on spring break, like mine.”

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When it comes to Saiko's speech, I remember it being said once that she talks old fashioned. Is it a consistent speech-type thing, or is it more of a deliberate sprinkling of words for flavor?

No, she’s not old-fashioned! She’s actually talking in otaku-ben, an (unofficial) “otaku dialect”. From time to time she’ll talk in different dialects like Kansai dialect or Nagoya dialect, and sometimes she’ll throw in old-fashioned phrases,  but all of it together just sounds like someone has watched a bit too much anime and now just imitates different characters’ way of talking. 

It sort of sounds cute and it’s too bad English translation doesn’t pick up on her speech patterns - although in many cases it would be hard to find an appropriate translation for a certain accent.


Twenty miles, very close to my 10:40 goal pace on a hilly loop. That smile is 100% for real because this run went great. Sticking to my true easy pace, not being tempted to run just a bit faster, makes a huge difference. So does fueling properly.

The New Jersey Marathon is just over 5 weeks away!

Also, this might be a bit different from others’ stances, but I love seeing slightly different interpretations to my character designs when I get fanart.

Like, any gift art to me is great, regardless of accuracy (aside from like… themes I’m just not okay with, like subtly (obviously) trying to inject certain out-of-character fetishes).

How I draw em will still be what’s canon, but for Pivot for instance, I’ve seen interpretations that have given her a more cyber outfit, given her different segments to her body, different arm and leg designs, etc., and yet it’s still recognizable as her. I love that stuff. It’s creative and different and is just as awesome as seeing interpretations that stay more on-model.

Iunno. I’ve seen and heard stories of some people critiquing gift art they’ve received and criticizing the artist for ‘screwing up’ even minor design elements. Just today a friend was telling me someone actually took some gift art she made for them and had another artist ‘fix’ it.

Why the hell would someone do that?


***I tried to switch it up a bit and do something different with the story line so it wouldn’t get repetitive. I hit a bit of writers block for this request plus I’m running out of ways to write threesomes 😂 ***

Warning: Semi smut, not much

A giggle left your lips as Jax continued to kiss along the side of your neck. His beard tickled and you laughed again, reflexively pulling away from him as he smirked.

“I thought you said you liked my beard.”

“I do, just not on my neck. I rather you give me beard burn somewhere else.”

Jax’s baby blues sparkled as he watched you coyly smile at him. he knew exactly where you liked to have his beard chafe you. his hand was settled on your thigh and he gave it a squeeze, ready to lead you back to the dorms. That was until Opie appeared out of the blue, a shy smile on his lips.

“Hey Ope.”

You smiled at him in return, his large stature looking not nearly as intimidating as he stood with his hands in his pockets.

“I hope i’m not interrupting anything here.”

Both you and Jax answered at the same time, though with opposite answers.

“Yes you are.”
You gave a chastising look Jax’s way, a way of you telling him to be nice.

“You gotta learn how to share Jax.”

It had been a good 6 months since you had come to Charming. Six months since you had met the club. Six months since you had became a Croweater. The people in town had made it seem as if it was the lowest of the low, the dirtiest job to have in Charming but it really wasn’t. You were able to work as a bartender at the parties, pulling enough to keep yourself comfortable. The club gave you protection, fun and a place to feel like you belonged. You loved all of the guys, enjoyed being around them, and over time you had picked up little things about them. their favorite foods, how they liked their coffee or tea, what they liked in bed or what little things you could do to help. You had learned about their personalities and one thing you had learned for sure was that Jax didn’t like to share.

He wasn’t necessarily attached to you, you were just friends, but he was always a very possessive person and that didn’t change when it came to you or any of the other girls. He knew that you were with other Sons and he didn’t have a problem with that, but what he didn’t like was to have to share any of your attention when it was ‘his’ time. Opie didn’t really like it either but annoying Jax and getting you was a win-win.
Jax scoffed at your recommendation and grabbed your hand, gentle pulling you to stand as he looked at Opie.

“You can tag along if you want.”

With that and a smile, Jax started walking with you to the back, his hands on you before you had even made it to the room to make sure he got to you first.


“God Jax.”

You reached behind your head with one hand, placing it on the back of his head and holding him to you as he thrusted into you from behind. He kissed along the back of your neck while Opie had his mouth and hands on your breasts. Your senses were in overload as the two men ravaged you. Opie kept you upright, in front of Jax, your neck and chest sporting hickies from the both of them. Opie reached down and slid on hand down the front of your body, stopping at your lips and beginning to massage you, adding that little bit of extra stimulation that you needed. Jax groaned as he felt you tighten around him and reached around your body only to find Opie’s hand already there. He shoved his hand away, earing a growl from Opie and a pout from you. Opie replaced his hand quickly though, his other arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you from Jax, taking you into his own arms before laying you down.


Opie ignored Jax and leaned down to kiss you, Jax making a move to push him out of the way again. A shoving match ensued and you rolled your eyes, letting your own hand travel down to pleasure yourself while you waited for them to finish their little spat. It was going to be along night.

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I need some beachy book recommendations if you could please! I'm going to Mexico next month and will be spending time at the beach. I want a couple of fiction books that would be good for the beach. Any suggestions? Thanks lady!!

Hey! I’m jealous! That sounds wonderful!! I always stress a little bit about recommending books because everyone has different tastes, but I cannot more highly recommend The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.  It’s totally an addictive read, but also will really make you think!  Something cute and light I recently read was The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I will always recommend any Fredrick Backman book!  The Trespasser by Tana French and The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis were good, recent thrillers. I’ve only recently discovered Neil Gaiman and have enjoyed his writing so far. @sunisonmyside recently recommended The Unseen World by Liz Moore and that one was great!  SOOOO many great choices out there! :)

You can always look at the “read” books on my Goodreads, too! :)  Enjoy your trip, friend!!!! :)   


some stuff I’ve been wanting to finish for a while! as you may or may not have realised, i like clowns and confetti……. 

the confetti is a mesh with double-sided square planes floating in the air, alongside a single plane “rug” underneath it, all with transparency enabled. you can thus make the confetti any shape you want (flower petals? tiny snowflakes?), and choose if you want there to be any on the ground or not. keep in mind the colour of the confetti is affected by light, so your colours may look a bit different from the texture image in-game depending on the light sources. (also, it’s not animated in any way, so it’s mostly just for screenshots.)

the facepaint comes in two simple styles with varying coverage. the nose is maxis’, cloned as a standalone (necklace) accessory, and with a recolour added. the shape of the sim’s actual nose affects the clown nose. 

should be BG compatible, let me know if there are any problems. (i wonder if the clown nose came with a patch though.) read my ToU here

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YES PLEASE. also, tbh she’s never really been my fave, and Star’s personality is a bit different, just a bit different, in this au.

Claiming period officially starts today.

This time we’re gonna do things a little bit different. We are gonna send a link to the artist and betas with a google drive document with all the outlines and you guys are gonna claim them there, making a comment on the fic you want to work with, that way you can see if a fic has been claimed in the moment and chose another one. I’m gonna send them via IM starting 12 pm central time zone but to make things fair the claiming won’t start until 5 pm central time so everyone has the link and starts at the same time. The document will notify me when the comment was made and if it’s done before time is not going to be validated.

Each story has this at the start of the outline_

depending if you are a beta or an artist you’re gonna select the word that applies to you and make a comment with your url, that’s how you’re going to claim the fic. Here are the steps you have to follow:

Select artist or beta, whatever applies to you:

Then you are gonna add your url as a comment

And you have officially claimed a fic.


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Hello! Could I please have a headcannon with everyone (RFA+V+Saeran) finds out MC has eczema that makes big patches of red irritated skin that's bumpy and scars with spots everywhere? Eczema is generally caused by dry skin, irritating/uncomfortable clothing, and the weather. Lots of people with eczema had little pain unless they break the skin while scratching (Sorry I felt like explaining it might help)

A couple of my friends actually have eczema, but still, thank you for explaining! I did a skin condition headcanon here but since this is a bit different, I’ll still write this.

-He noticed sometimes you would rub on the red marks and then hiss in pain.
-That’s when he began getting concerned.
-He asks you about it and you tell him you have eczema, and he feels really bad for you.
-You assure him it’s usually painless, just at the moment your skin is really irritated so it stings.
-He’s actually heard of the condition before, but never known anybody with it, so he doesn’t know what it’s like.
-Whatever it’s like, he wants to help you out.
-He’ll research some remedies and ask around people he knows for any advice they may have.
-He just wants to be useful and help ease any discomfort :)

-He hates that it can be so uncomfortable for you.
-He knows what eczema is and has worked with some people with it. The only thing he really knows it that it can be irritating.
-The boy knows self-care and self-grooming like a professional.
-So, he’ll help find special skin care treatments to help you out.
-Lotions, ointment, foams, anything that he’s heard will help get rid of the red spots.
-He also doesn’t smoke around you because he’s been told that kind of thing can cause flare ups.
-He’s working on quitting anyway, and this is just another one of the many reasons he’d like to quit.
-Just for you~

-She’s known a few people with eczema, so she knows that it’s relatively painless.
-That doesn’t keep her from doting over you though.
-She’ll buy you lotions or ointments to help with your irritated areas.
-She wants to keep it from hurting as much as possible.
-Jaehee actually keeps lotion with her in her purse, both for herself and now also for you.
-Very considerate about the whole thing too. She’ll ask what kinds of things you’ve noticed can cause your eczema to flare up and makes mental notes to make sure to keep you away from those things as much as possible.
-She’ll keep any dietary triggers in mind while running the cafe with you and all.

-He assumed you had eczema because he saw it on your arms when he first met you.
-It wasn’t that he was upset by it, but he just saw it when you shook his hand.
-He’s concerned that it is uncomfortable for you and wants to make you feel better, so he’ll ask you if you’re arm is okay.
-You reply with “Oh, yeah, it’s just eczema.”
-He says “Yes, I thought so. But is it bothering you? I could have someone bring something to help you if it’s bothering you.”
-He’ll get you really effective and helpful lotions if you’d like him to.
-You won’t have to worry about dietary triggers because Jumin takes care of all of that.
-He’ll also make sure to keep the penthouse at the appropriate temperature and reduce any exposure to irritants like smoke and pollen that could cause flare ups.

-Since he’s such a self-proclaimed super genius, he knows what eczema is.
-When he sees the red on your skin, he knows what it is.
-He doesn’t really say anything about it because he doesn’t want to upset you. Plus it’s not like it bothered him. He just wanted to know if it hurt you, because if it was hurting you, he wanted to help.
-It’s mostly painless, and he knows that, but still.
-If you bring it up in conversation or complain about it, he’ll ask if you would like his help.
-When he met you and found out you had eczema, he researched different products and remedies that could help you.
-He’s prepared. He’s got so many bookmarked tabs on his computer just for you.
-You have significantly less flare ups because of him.

-He can’t see much,
-that’s how most of his hc start out I’m so sorry
-but he can feel bumps on your skin. Also, sometimes you wince when he brushes over them.
-Obviously, something is wrong.
-He’ll ask you about it, hoping that it isn’t a sensitive topic because he doesn’t want to offend you.
-You tell him it’s eczema and it makes total sense to him now.
-Since he lives to help others, he’ll buy or make you some things that could help like medicines.
-He tries his best to keep environmental triggers like temperature moderated so that you don’t have flare ups, but there’s only so much he can do.
-He kisses the red spots to make them better ^-^

-He’s noticed it but of course didn’t know what it was because his whole life has been so sheltered.
-He was hoping it wasn’t some sort of terminal disease or it wasn’t painful.
-You explain what eczema is and promise him that it is typically painless and not life threatening.
-Sometimes it bothers you and he can tell.
-He’ll ask him brother for help because he has only just learned what this condition is, he of course has no idea how to handle it.
-He follows his brother’s advice and buys you lotions and other medicine to help you out.
-Since sometimes food can be triggers, he’ll keep you away from those things.
-Really, he’s just glad it’s not as bad as he first thought it was.

Ok you guys have no clue how much I want to come back like omg. I MIGHT be getting my computer back for only next week and holy shit I’ll be drawing so much for this blog I swear holy shit I miss you guys,,, so ya!! Just letting you all know we are going to restart this account when I come back! The babes may look a bit different as well cause a bit of art change :0 see ya soon!! - mod jack

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Hello! So I'm a big fan of Jane Austen's books, specially Pride and Prejudice, and was wondering if you would recommend Persuasion?

Oh absolutely! It’s honestly been quite a while since I read Persuasion, but if you are already a fan of Jane Austen then I would certainly recommend Persuasion to you. The protagonist, Anne, is slightly older than most of those in Austen’s, so that is something a bit different to explore. I hope that you enjoy it if you decide to read it!

He can take pride in this, in reforged paper and the look on Emi’s face..

Shigeo says I am an esper, and it doesn’t feel like resignation or trudging forward to face an enemy he doesn’t want to fight. It doesn’t feel like bragging.

Emi’s hands are trembling as she reaches out to take her novel back, and her voice breaks a little bit, but she’s smiling.

It’s a different smile than the one she wore when she said this is all right, even though it wasn’t. Even though it wasn’t at all.

He likes this one better.

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What would you do if a gem called Topaz became canon? Would you switch the name to Citrine or something?

Hmmm that ’s a really good question :0 it would depend. If topaz will look kinda same or accurated to mine, then i would just have To change her a little bit. But if she becomes a totally different gem, then i’ll start a gem crew with new gems that i already have on mind uwu~