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X-Men Guys Preference: Sex

A/N: I JUST noticed I forgot my poor bb Peter for these things so he’s now added to the list

Also I can elaborate on any of these… I definitely already have NSFW posts for some of them

Requested by: Anonymous

Alex: He’s playful and sweet, with just a bit of roughness. He likes sex to be fun for the both of you. Romance and seriousness don’t come as often but he likes you to laugh and smile the whole time.

Charles: he’s the true romantic. Mood lighting, music, massages before hand… all of that. I also think he’s super big on cuddling after and teasing before

Erik: Romantic but rough is the best way to describe him. He likes to worship you but he also likes to show off a bit and put some real muscle into it.

Hank: He’s a generous lover that likes to pretend he’s gentle but he’s got a secret kink side. Just picture all the fun the two of you could have in his lab and with safe lab equipment

Kurt: I like to imagine that he tries gonna super romantic and sweet but he and you get giggly and the romantic atmosphere is ruined by the laughter the two of you share. Role play is cool for him. He can also last forever.

Logan: He tries to be romantic with you, but he’s more fueled by passion than by love and the two of you can be found doing the do in a lot of odd location based on how the mood strikes the two of you

Peter:Playful and fun but really needy. Honestly he’s just so smitten with you that he wants you at all times. A lot of quickies and him rubbing up against you and teasing you in public.

Scott: He’s Playful and just the slightest bit kinky. He likes to try wild things but will usually just have a routine and relax with you. He loves morning sex.

Warren: He’s rough as hell and emotions drive how he acts in bed. He’s kinky AF. Will get it on anywhere


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Well, I don’t know why srsly

But, well, my friend watched X-men some days ago and we both want to draw fan-arts now. hard. I’m a bit busy with comms so I can draw NOTHING SERIOUS AGain. It was emoji meme and we picked characters from my list and emojis randomly… SO I MADE LOGAN CRY

so sorry


Celebrating your 18th birthday with the X-Men would include:

Fandom: X-Men, Marvel

Request: No…I’m just very obviously hinting that I turned 18 yesterday (26th June)

Pairing: None, you and your favourite X-Men

Notes/Warning: It hasn’t been proofread so beware the typos and grammar issues.

Word count: 732

- Charles being the one finding out it’s your birthday since you didn’t tell anyone

  • Reason for that was the horrible aftermath of Jean’s birthday party 
  • Basically, everyone ended up drunk and passed out
  • Cups, food, and…other things being scattered ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. 
  • So when asked when your birthday is, you always found a way to dodge the question
  • And one beautiful, sunny day Charles accidentally slipped into your mind and instead of song lyrics or dirty thoughts about your crush he found out your birthday was next week
  • He IMMEDIATELY informed everyone and in a secret meeting they arranged a surprise party for you

- On the day of your birthday, everyone kept quiet so you didn’t suspect a thing 

-In the evening Charles called you downstairs into the living area

  • Thinking he just wants to talk about your training or something like that you make your way downstairs in an oversized sweater and a pair of leggings
  • It was really quite. You probably would’ve been able to hear a pin dropping

- Suddenly the lights turn on -“HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)!!" 

- You’re furious at first because you didn’t want your birthday to be such a huge thing

  • But in the end, you’re happy because you were with the people you love most 

- Logan got some drinks for the party 

  • You weren’t allowed to drink yet but were still happy about the present
  • You told him you’d save the bottle of whiskey for your 21st birthday 

- And Jubilee made a mixtape specifically for you and your birthday 

  • And it’s lit, fam ohmygod I’m so sorry about that 

- Raven and Ororo went big and got you an expensive dress from the mall 

  • Since they were totally shipping you and your crush so they hoped you would soon get the chance to wear it to a date 

- Peter got you some sneakers and the game you recently played with him and enjoyed quite a lot 

  • The sneakers weren’t the best or most expensive ones but he knew that you liked to wear them more than any other type of shoes 

- Jean got you a nice, simple necklace 

  • Wearing jewelry on missions was mostly and absolute No-Go for you but that necklace was the only piece of jewelry you took nearly never off 

- Hank noticed your interest in all the scientific stuff he tried to explain. But since he wasn’t that good at explaining he got you a book with simple explanations about every single science topic 

  • While other people might think science is super boring, the way Hank showed you and the book explained the different reactions to you made it really interesting 

- Kurt, being the cinnamon roll he is, made you some German treats since he wasn’t sure what exactly you like and what not. And food always worked 

  • He made you some Nussecken, Franzbrötchen and Windbeutel and they were DELICIOUS AS FUCK if you have no idea what I’m talking about pls google it these things are heaven trust me I know what I’m talking about

- The Summer Brothers decided to show off their creative side and made you a self-made instruction on hand-to-hand combat 

  • You recently complained that you were a zero in hand-to-hand combat so the brothers put their knowledge to good use 

- Charles got you the newest album of your favorite music artist 

  • He found out about that while he was already in your mind and found out about your birthday 

- And Erik didn’t exactly know what to get you, so he opted for a framed picture of the whole team and a Notebook where you could write all your thoughts down 

  • He knew from Charles that your thoughts tend to get quite overwhelming sometimes 


  • jk is wasn’t that much of…partying 
  • there was alcohol, yes, but no one got wasted
  • a bit drunk maybe but definitely not wasted
  • mostly just friendly hanging out action 

- Jubilee’s playlist was very well received 

- Nearly everyone complained about you not telling them about your birthday 

  • But after you explained they understood your reason 

-You played some games like Truth or Dare etc. 

  • And you got some nice making out action with your crush while playing Seven Minutes in Heaven

- Overall it was a nice evening 

- And you were happy Charles invaded your privacy

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So, can we get your head cannons on the X-Boys being asked to go dress shopping for date night?

Alex Summers

This boy is fucking whipped and will do whatever you want because he just loves being with you. Plus he gets to help you out in the dressing room.

Scott Summers

He would probably be a little irritated until you walked out of the dressing room with a skimpy little number on and he busts a nut right there and tries to fuck you in the dressing room.

Erik Lehnsherr

Doesn’t mind too much. He will probably drift of in the store and find something to look at. The excited look in your eyes when you find something that you just love is worth it if he has to spend a while in one store.

Charles Xavier

He has endless patience, especially after running the school for so long, so if you’re taking a little too long then he’ll be fine waiting for you. 

Hank McCoy

He’s never liked clothes shopping but will come willingly and probably carries everything you pick out.

Warren Worthington

This boy is just as whipped as Alex and will buy you anything you want and will go where ever you want because, “Whatever my baby girl wants, my baby girl gets.”

Kurt Wagner

He has quite the fashion sense and loves to shop with you because you both pick out stuff for each other and sometimes the choices are a little bit out there but you try them on anyway.

Kissing Preferences- X-Men

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Request: Hiii can u do a kissing preference with the x-men guys? I loved the Meet me in my room series btw❤️

Erik Lehnsherr

Originally posted by lemieemozioni

Because of his past Erik always needs to know that you are fine. He is not a real fan of PDA, but he likes to show the others you’re his. Erik loves fresh kissing, which he normally only does in private. His kisses are always passionate and can get a bit rougher. Especially during sex his kisses are rough, steamy and needy, but he always tries to make you be as comfortable as possible. Erik kisses you pretty often just to make sure you know he loves you and will always be there for you. He wants to make sure every single kiss is memorable

Charles Xavier

Originally posted by ourmagiclovestory

Charles tries to spend as much time with you as possible, but his passion for his job sometimes limits the time you two share together. Whenever Charles can he is with you. He really likes PDA, not in the way of making out in front of other, but with more subtle things, such as holding hands and little kisses on your cheek or forehead. In private he loves to kiss you as long as possible. His kiss are always passionate and you can feel his love towards you with every kiss you share. In bed Charles’ kisses are still passionate but amore demanding and lustful as usually. He loves to kiss you to show that he is thankful for having you, especially since he sits in his wheelchair. If he has no time to be with you he uses his power to let you see some things…

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5am Baking - Charles Xavier

Sorry to the lovely anon who sent this who I lost the request for. I remember reading it and specifically wanting to write it too!

Originally posted by blackinjustice

You had a sudden craving to bake and baking took priority over time. Even if it was just after 4am. Especially if it was just after 4am. 
Charles lay asleep in the bed beside you, his head rested delicately on the pillow and his eyes closed. You slipped out of bed, careful not to wake him and tiptoed down to the kitchen.

After five minutes of painfully silent baking, you decided to put music on. So you did, dancing along as you stirred the bowl of sugar and other ingredients.

Charles woke with a headache, so decided to go and get water. He was too tired to notice the bed was empty and groggily stumbled down to the kitchen. As he neared, he heard music. Puzzled, and slightly more awake, he recognised it as your favourite song. He entered the kitchen, but stopped in the doorway, a smile appearing on his lips. He chuckled quietly, watching as your gentle swaying turned into energetic dancing as you whisked something in a bowl. He leaned against the doorframe, biting his lip to keep from alerting you to his presence with his laughter.

A figure came to stand beside him. Erik’s face showed a completely confused, face as he watched you, dancing and baking at 5 in the morning.

Charles grinned, motioning for Erik to not say anything too loud.

“What the heck is she doing? It’s 5am!” Erik hissed, glancing at you to make sure you hadn’t heard.

Smiling as he watched you, Charles whispered under his breath “I believe she’s dancing and baking.”

“Her music woke me up.” Erik grumbled.

Charles laughed, quietly and at that moment, you turned around, spinning with the bowl. Your hair flipped over your shoulder as you stopped abrubtly to face them and your mouth dropped open slightly.

Erik waved a hand in greeting, “Morning. Sort of.” 

You quickly put the bowl on the counter before you dropped it.

“How long have you been there?” You asked.

“Since your music woke me up.” Erik grumbled, using the metal spoon to press the ‘off’ button on the stereo. With that, he left to go back to bed, merely grunting at your apology.

Charles was in a fit of laughter, so he pulled you into a hug, resting his head on top of yours.

“You’re adorable.” He mumbled, rubbing your back gently.

It was your turn to laugh.

“No, really. 5am baking? I love you.” Charles said, pulling away.

You pressed your lips to his, feeling his smile. It was good to see him smile.

“What are you baking?” 

“Chocolate chip cookies.” You grinned.

“Brilliant. Can I help?” 

“Of course.” You took his hand, leading him over to the counter and turning on the music again, just a bit quieter than before.

And together, yourself and Charles danced and did 5am baking.

X-Men Preferences: How You Sleep Together

Fandom: X-Men

Request(s): None

Warning(s): None

A/N: I just want to cuddle with them, is that so much to ask? I think I’m investing emotionally a little too much in imaginary characters…Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one too! I’ll be back tomorrow with more exciting surprises! Have a fantastic night! (if it’s night where you live, xoxo)

Charles: He always falls asleep long after you do, just because he loves to gaze at your sleeping form. Cuddles are a total must, even when going to bed, because he just can’t get enough of the little time he can get you all to himself. He always takes you in his arms, with your head resting against his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around you, melting you into his soothing embrace. Another plus about that position is he can leave sweet kisses on your forehead and caress your hair until you fall asleep, which of course you love.

Erik: He sees you as the most precious thing in his life and since you are so important to him, he can’t help but fear losing you too. And so it comes off more as an instinct that he needs to protect you all the time. Therefore, when it comes to sleeping, he’s always the big spoon and somehow manages to curl his much taller form towards your own so that you fit perfectly – like a missing piece of the puzzle.

Hank: Look, this giant fur ball A-D-O-R-E-S you and wants to be as close to you as possible, even when you’re sleeping. He pretty much always locks you in a bear hug even in bed and you bury your head in his chest. You can spend hours like that until you both fall asleep, tangled with each other and sharing sweet kisses wherever you can reach without moving too much.

Alex: Before Vietnam, you never slept very close together. Even when you fell asleep close, he slowly drifted apart from you because he always got so hot during the night. He still missed the contact though and draped his arm lazily over your waist or hip. After coming back though, things have changed a lot. He missed you so much those three years, he’s still making up for all the lost time and never wants to be away from you for too long. It’s almost become a ritual for him to wake up in the middle of the night by horrible nightmares, and all you can do is just hold him so you end up being the big spoon for him when he needs it.

Warren: He also loves being the big spoon, but unlike Erik, he keeps a slight distance from you and wraps his wings around you instead, guarding you from the outside world because that’s how he feels safe.

Kurt: You have no idea how that happens, but you and Kurt always end up in the weirdest positions in the morning. Somehow Kurt manages to drift down the mattress every night and ends up with his face in your stomach and clinging on your hips. Most times his tail also ends up curled around you and although the scaly feeling can be a bit annoying when you sleep, you don’t have the heart to tell him.


Never Again.

Characters: Erik x Reader, Charles.

Warnings: Physical violence, mentions abusive relationships, swearing.

Authors Note: I do not support any form of abuse in any kind of relationship. If you are in an abusive relationship, or know someone who is in one, please seek help. Thank you @mm277me for the request.

It was a particularly quiet day.

You were sitting in your king-sized bed drinking a warm cup of lemon water. Gazing out the enormous window, the golden sun peaked through the trees, the rays illuminating your skin. Wearing only underwear and your love’s shirt, relaxation flowed through you. In the midst of day dreaming your mind snapped back to muffled yelling and a sudden slam of the door.

“Erik?” No one answered back.

“Erik,” you asked again, with still no response.

You set your cup down on the mahogany nightstand and shuffled into the den. Erik was hunched over the dining table, back facing you, his muscles stretching his shirt. He was heaving as his fists were clenched together.

“Erik,” you whispered.

Erik exhaled a frustrated breath and shook his head.

“Erik, baby, what’s wrong?”

“I thought you were asleep,” he murmured.

“I woke up ten minutes ago, maybe fifteen,” you replied. You carefully walked up behind him and put your hand on his shoulder, “what’s buggin’ you, baby?”

He replied flatly, “Shaw.”

“Charles brought it up again, didn’t he.”

“He doesn’t understand, I have to stop him. He killed my mother.”

“He doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

“He doesn’t want to fight.”

“He doesn’t want you to bite off more than you can chew.”

“Are you actually defending him,” Erik turns to you, “ of all people?”

“I don’t want you to go after Shaw either, not right now.”

“Why,” Erik growled, “because you couldn’t handle a bit of blood either?”

“Excuse me?”

Erik began to prey on you causing you to walk back into the bedroom, him inches away as he growled, “ you know Charles wants you, and you know he could influence you if he wanted to.

You were brought to a halt by the foot board of the bed, “I know that he wants me, but he can’t influence me, and you can’t beat Shaw, not today.”

He latched onto your wrists and pinned them against the wall.

“You’re weak,” he snarled in your ear, “you’re weak and you know it.”

“Let me go Erik.”

“What do you think you’re gonna do, huh? What do you think would happen?”

You could feel his hands strangling the circulation out of yours, with great pain you pleaded, “Erik, please stop, it hurts,”

You fought to get out of his claws but the grip tightened.

“Get the fuck off me!” You then kicked him in the stomach. He fell to the ground, winded, and tried to run. Erik pounced on you and grabbed you by the shoulders bringing you down with him. The two of you began to scuffle, rolling around on the floor until you managed to get on top of him and pin him down this time. You punched him twice, as hard as possible, making his nose bleed.  

Erik was out cold and you sprung up to successfully escape.

You were speeding through the hallways and corridors to get as far away as possible.

About to run out into the gardens a pair of hands reached out to you, “stop, what are you doing?”

You froze in your tracks to the sight of Charles, he rushed to you, “what’s going on? What happened?”

You stuttered, “I was in my bed, then a I heard a - and he came - and we - then he - then I - and he’s on floor and now I’m - and I -”

“Shhh,” Charles whispered, placing his hands on either shoulder,”  don’t worry, love, I’m here.”

You nodded, still winded.

“Come with me and we’ll talk after some tea, yeah?”


Charles sat you down in the kitchen and made you a cup of chamomile tea, “here,” he said, “this should help you relax.”

“Thank you,” you sniffled.

“Now, what happened.”

“I was in bed a-and he came in, and was just so angry about Shaw. Then, before I knew it, he was holding me against the wall, then I pinned him to the floor and punched him, then I ran and now I’m here, a-a-and…”

“You don’t have to go on,” he assured.

You looked to him and saw guilt in eyes, ”its not your fault,” you said.

“Maybe not, but you still got hurt pretty bad.”

“I’m fine, really,” you insisted.

“I beg to differ,” Charles pointed.

You looked down to see purple marks on your wrists, bruises from Erik’s hands.

“It’s nothing,” you shrugged.

Charles scowled, “and this has never happened before?”

“No, never.”

“Well if this keeps happening you need to let him go, I don’t want this to turn into abuse.”

“Believe me,” you laughed coldly, “he wouldn’t be around if it was.”

“Well, good,” Charles nodded.

You spent the next few days in Charles’ quarters. You slept in his bed while he took the couch in the other room. He insisted and you couldn’t say no. Charles granted you a vacation from training but you would look out his window to see Banshee flying around ever so often and the occasional red flash coming from Alex.

The fight kept replaying in your mind, everything happened so fast. The blood, the bruises, the yelling. It was a 24 hour news reel of pain and regret and despair.

You started to weep, “Erik, Erik…”

Your tears were interrupted by a creaking doorway, you wiped the droplets away, not knowing who it was that was sauntering towards you.


“Darling, I’m so sorry.”

You jumped from the bed and into his arms, sobbing, “I’m sorry too.”

“I shouldn’t be in here but I had to see you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Charles told me to leave you alone, but I just couldn’t.”

You chuckled, “you made the right choice.”

“Please forgive me, baby.”

“I do, of course I do,” you looked up to him and you changed your tone,” but if you do this again you’re gone.”

“Of course, darling, of course. Never again,” he cried.

Hand in hand you went back to your room, laughing and kissing one another.

Charles was leaning in a doorway, watching you cheerily walk with Erik. He sighs and walks outside to check on the other’s training.

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How They Act When They Have a Crush (X-Men)

A/N: Also could be title “How they Treat their Crush”.
This is all during the new Films’ timeline. just as a btw.

Raven Darkholme (Mystique):

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She ignores it. No good can come of that. She isn’t what you deserve. But despite never admitting to her feelings, she would still try to give you what she thinks you do deserve. A safe, happy, life. She would protect you with everything she has. Anything you need, she would do her best to get for you, big or small. She may not think she deserves you, but she knows you deserve the world.

Charles Xavier (Professor X):

Originally posted by maryanne-spears-timberlake

He would be very polite. A bit bumbly though. He would really respect you, holds you in high regard. On the occasion he is feeling a bit more confident, he might even try a line. Though he may be a bit scared to act on it.

Hank McCoy (Beast):

Originally posted by theinsatiablevoid

Oh bless this sweet child. If he has a crush on you, please don’t tease him….too much. He turns into a mumbling, clumsy mess around his crush. It really embarrasses him, so much so that, as much as he hates it, he avoids you. He doesn’t want you to think he is stupid or an idiot, but he just can’t keep his head on straight when you’re around.

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto):

Originally posted by harlieco

He would keep it to himself. Erik is scared of getting close to someone again. He doesn’t want you to get hurt. He’d be as polite and civil as he could be when you are around, but he would try to keep his distance. Even if it gets to the point where he thinks he has to never see you again. 

Jean Grey (Phoenix):

Originally posted by hardyness

She tries. I’ll give her that. The girl tries to be smooth. But she doesn’t quite cut it. At least not a lot of the time. She makes up excuses to hang out a little longer, and is always thinking of fun things to do together, but oops, looks like Jubilee and Scott had to cancel, guess it’s just you two. 

Scott Summers (Cyclops):

Originally posted by claracivry

He is a bit better at trying to be smooth, but not by much. By some sort of bad luck, something always happens and totally ruins the mood. He tries really really hard. He asks Jean every other day to look in your head to see whether or not you like him back, to make this easier, but she refuses for the sake of your privacy. He asks Kurt to pop in on your conversations to see if you talk about him, but again, he won’t do it. But even with failed schemes, he treats you amazingly everyday. Some teasing here and there, but just treats you like you think you should be treated.

Logan (Wolverine):

Originally posted by namarie-elessar

He can’t hide his attraction to you, so he tries to pass it off as just sexual attraction and nothing more. Dirty jokes/lines, and crude gestures. He doesn’t do the lovey dovey junk. But when you look away, his eyes stay on you. You are the first thing on his mind when he wakes up, and the last thing before he falls asleep. He worries about you. But he’d never admit any of this, not even to himself and definitely not to you. It’s a weird feeling, a strange part of himself that he isn’t ready to explore, he’s not sure if he ever should.

Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver):

Originally posted by future-mrs-rogers-peterm

Is it possible to be subtle and so obvious at once? Somehow Peter achieves it. Sly lines and invitations, that are oh so cheesy. He talks a mile a minute around you, always running to get to where you are, and when he is finally with you, he takes his time. All of a sudden he’s in no rush, which is strange for him. His fingers aren’t tapping, and his leg isn’t shaking. When you’re around, he wants to make those moments last. He’s all cocky until you do the smallest thing. The smallest smirk or wink his way, and he just melts. Bumbling, staring, weak in the knees, mess.

Kurt Wagner (Night Crawler):

Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

He doesn’t have a lot of experience with crushes or relationships or romantic feelings. This is new to him. Honestly, he wouldn’t know how he should act. Should he be confident and stroll up to you, giving you a huge kiss without batting an eye, or should he do small things, let you figure out his feelings at your own pace. Because of this, he goes to everyone for advice, and he takes all that advice. One day he’ll be confident, the next he’ll be shy. He changes drastically each day. He just wants to impress you, just please you, and make you smile, because by God does he love your smile.

Ororo Munroe (Storm):

Originally posted by wearewakanda

She would be pretty blunt about it. In a way that you can’t tell if she is being serious or not. She would ask you out, and compliment you with no second thought to it. You deserve to know how amazing you are. Even if you may not feel the same way (at least she thinks you don’t) she isn’t going to stop trying to make you feel special.

Jubilation Lee (Jubilee):

Originally posted by greatgotham

Sort of like Ororo, she is a bit blunt and upfront. She compliments you a ton, and always lets you know how much you mean to her. Though because of her usual, loving attitude, these compliments and declarations get written off as just friendly love and nothing more. It’s a bit frustrating for her. She’ll continue to try until she’s blue in the face. (sorry kurt/hank/raven)

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I have read your works! And I love 'The Stars Incline us, they don't bind us' so muuuuuch. If this is not too much to ask, can you make cherik fic rec? Thank you! Keep writing, awesome!

thank you very much, i’m glad you enjoyed my stuff! :3 

since this blog is exactly 5 years old today, what better occasion is there to do cherik fic rec post, as lurking around cherik fic rec tumblr posts waaay back in the day is actually what originally brought me to tumblr in the first place. the following list is in no particular order, and odds are i like multiple fics by the authors included but i was determined to limit myself to one from each (though in some cases, this was a veeeery close call, haha).

anyway, the actual title of this list is coincidentally the main criteria i used in the interest of not having it stretch on for miles, which is to say:

Cherik Fics Pan Has Reread An Embarrassing Amount Of Times Throughout Her XMFC Fandom Tenure:

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Colors Part 2

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely

A/N: And here is the much-requested part 2! I an shocked by the response to this story. Based on notes it’s my most popular one so far! Thank you so much! Hope y’all like it! Sorry it took so long! Let me know what you think!


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Flirting has always come naturally to Charles.

It’s inevitable really- Charles is friendly, and charming, and tactile, and his telepathy gives him somewhat of an unfair advantage when it comes to winning other people over. Charles tries not to be so lazy as to rely on his mutation all the time, but when he’s had a few drinks it’s easy to get complacent, and to take certain shortcuts.

Of course, when it comes to Erik, flirting is never that easy…

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Colors Part 6

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here. Read Part 5 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience, violence

A/N: So, this won the contest! I knew I needed to post this soon, given the awful cliffhanger I left y’all with last time. Well….I’m not gonna say anything else really. Just….consider yourself warned. 


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It’s Been A Long Time - Charles Xavier x Reader

It’s Been A Long Time - (Charles Xavier x Reader)

Words - 2294

Warnings - Reader has time manipulating powers. Few swears, I think. 

AN - Thank you to Nonny, for sending me a Charles Idea. I’ve been wanting one of these, all day. This is also my first Charles x Reader, so feedback is much loved.

London, 1959

Sitting in the University Coffee Shop, was not how one expected their morning to begin. However, after the heating in your Dormitory had broke, and your roommate had scarpered off to her boyfriend’s Dorm, you had nowhere else to go, which was as warm, and provided a nice cup of coffee.

So here you were, sitting in one of the armchairs, indulged in a book, whilst your eyes darted from the pages, to your drink, warm and inviting. You reached your hand, picking up the china cup, taking a sip, before the door of the Cafe opened, letting in a blast of cold air. 

Entering from the doorway, was a man. Blue coat, dark hair, and blue eyes. You were sure you’d seen that face around the Campus, always with a beautiful blonde girl. His eyes darted around the room, before settling on your for a moment. Feeling what he was doing, he pulled his gaze away, a grin on your face.

Who was he? Why was he staring. It didn’t bother you. Your eyes turned back to to book, hearing his footsteps approach the counter, and then his voice, asking for a drink.

Focus on the book. Focus on the book. Focus on the-

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