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he's a bit late, but lori would still like to give frajyle some hydrangea! - lampentdaily


Unlike his distant personality with others, Frajyle is quite happy to see one from his line. He appreciates the flower, accepting it from Lori and puts it along his mask. “Thank you for your generous offer. Unfortunately, I came unprepared and was not expecting to exchange flowers with many or none at all.” He doesn’t know many pokemon, and it seemed silly to exchange flowers with a stranger. Though he supposed in this case, it was okay.

“I can present you with a flower of your own, if you wish. We can head to the Flower Forest, but if you’re fine without one, then I suppose that’s fine as well.”

Followers, Please Read

Since I’ve started the blog I’ve gotten a fair share of followers (little over twenty) and I get a lot of likes and occasional asks or feedback. I really appreciate all of you guys for following the blog and liking the prompts, but if it’s really not too much, I would appreciate it a lot if y’all could reblog a bit more often?

Why? The blog was made to help Wander Over Yonder fans create content for the fandom and for Trending Twenty-Sevenths. Reblogging helps more people to find the blog and use it as they please. Likes are good, and very appreciated, but I would just like to know that more people are seeing it so that they can use the prompts and suchmore.

If for whatever reason you don’t feel comfortable reblogging or don’t want that kind of content on your blog, that’s absolutely fine, I just wanted to have the message out there, though, that while likes are nice, reblogs help more.

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Can I just say that this blog really cheers me up and the mods are great? I had to put down my dog yesterday and am still hurting a lot, so seeing happy pictures of my ow otp softens the blow.

I’m so sorry to hear about your dog, but I’m glad our blog could help you feel a little bit better. Hearing about how positive McHanzo can be for people makes me want to keep running the blog, even when I’m not always feeling it.


Hey guys!

Sorry for being a bit inactive lately. We’re moving to Cali in less than two weeks, so we have a lot of packing to do. Fortunately, we won’t bring pretty much any furniture, because the person who is taking over the lease after us asked if she could buy the furniture from us. Of course we said yes, because that means that we can buy a lot more new furniture for the new house! I’ve been to Cali once since I spoke to you all last to shop for some furniture and put it in storage there, so we’ll at least have beds to sleep in, haha! 

I haven’t really been feling like myself lately. I’m tired all the time, and I think I might have food poisoning or something, because I’ve been very nauseous. And no, I’m not pregnant, I’m on the pill, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m gonna get this move over with, and if I don’t feel better by then I’m gonna go see a doctor.

By the way, I think you have given Aaden a new obsession @billionaire-heiress! Ever since you gave him that teddy, he’s been obsessed with stuffed animals! Everytime he sees one, he just has to have it, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he throws a tantrum! So his bed is almost covered in stuffed animals right now, haha!

Love, Raegan

Heya guys. This is bit of an announcement.

Before you guess…… No, I’m not going on a Hiatus.

This is more of just me saying I’ve been tired. Super tired.

And also this is me giving a heads up that RP replies and Asks are probably going to be slow as they’ve been already. I’m going to try to get to things this weekend so there would be at least a bit more activity than there’s been lately, but a lot of stuff has been wearing me down and honestly I feel like I could be focusing a bit more on populating my new art blog with art.

But ye, you’d probably see a tad bit more stuff on my art blog (@spacedork-art) and on my personal (@thespacedork) soon.

Contacts are all the same but I’m probably going to be less likely to have much of a full-fledged IM tumblr convo. I mean I was already terrible as it is with IMs honestly….

But yes

To summarize:

  • I am tired (Not of my muses. They are still my babies.)
  • I need to start doing more art more. Especially for myself
  • Things are gonna be slow… or maybe not. It might completely pick back up right after I write this who the heck knows? I certainly don’t.
  • And yes go ahead and still ask questions I’ll try to respond to them eventually

the world of this blog

  • park jimin and jeon jungkook are besties &/ lovers
  • you can ship them either romantically or platonically or both
  • the other members can be mentioned as they are literally best of friends but since its a jikook blog it circles on jungkook / jimin / jikook
  • no other ships related to jungkook/jimin are allowed, though other ships can be asked via jikook (namjin, taegi, etc) but not v often
  • jikook are busan born, but is now in seoul
  • they live together in one apartment, the other members live next door
  • minor nsfw requests are accepted btw //winkeu//
  • ANY AUs ARE ACCEPTED HERE!! so ya’ll can request any prompt/au for them

if no requested AU, i’ll go with this:

  • park jimin is a dance major, part time barista at starbucks
  • jeon jungkook is an art major, part time sports coach           

the admin

  • you can call me kila
  • this is my main account
  • i lov making friends so dont be afraid to message me
  • is a jikook trash ///// (i view them kind of romantically tbvh)
  • currently in college forgive me for unanswered asks
  • my general art blog is @kilachu / trad art is posted in my instagram
  • if you wanna talk to me on private, lets talk via kkt <3

dats it if you have any questions for me or jikook bbs dont hesitate to ask!! pls send us asks a lot!!

* i might update this from time time ~


All around smooching to end the night on a happy note (。・ω・。)ノ♡

your fave is problematic: phillipa soo
  • cheekbones way too sharp
  • hair always extremely soft and nice looking
  • does tons of charity work ?? like ???
  • was the first to jump up and cheer for the person who won an award she was nominated for
  • portrays eliza schuyler hamilton who was a known to be progressive and generous
  • loves being called a cinnamon roll
  • is a cinnamon roll
  • rides her bike through new york ?? like that’s so dangerous and eco friendly ??
  • had a bowl-esque cut as a baby
  • gigGLEs
  • gardens (in new york ?? who does that ??)
  • likes peach tea ?? why peach ?????
  • has j groff officiating her wedding
  • tried to bleep out the word ‘fucker’ during a live performance
  • is extremely close with her female coworkers
  • impersonates emojis and occasionally warms up by beatboxing
  • went to julliard
  • sike ! she’s the cutest button on this planet, way too good for the world
  • do u think she would adopt me ???