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Type the first few words (my name is, I live, I enjoy…Etc) on google and let word suggestions do the rest…

My name is khan.

My age is in french.

I live my life for you.

My body is a cage.

I am looking forward to seeing you.

I enjoy my own company.

My ideal partner embarrasses me.

My turn ons are hugging & depression.

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Can you describe each member's individual style? :)

They honestly all have a really similar overall hiphop/street style but there are a few slight differences…these are just my observations and opinions and not necessarily fact, you may have different views on their fashion so please don’t think this is the end all be all of their individual styles.

Jin is classic. He likes his sweaters and cardigans and lots of muted colors like greys, blacks, and whites that are versatile in outfit choices. His style in my opinion is the most refined and sophisticated out of Bangtan. He knows what looks good on him and wears it well. He picks functionality over statement pieces, he has the timeless look down pat. He’s like the epitome of the cool Seoul city guy look. 

Suga has the best fashion in my opinion (trying not to be biased here lol). He dresses literally from head-to-toe, whereas I think a lot of the members get dressed with a top and bottom in mind and then last minutely pick shoes and/or hat/accessories…Yoongi I think envisions the entire outfit before putting it on. He’s really versatile and understands how to be both fashion-forward and fresh without overdoing it. He knows how to put together simple outfits made up of only a white shirt and jeans without them being boring, and he can always wear a full blown outfit with different layers and multiple accessories. 

J-Hope has a stylish but somewhat typical hiphop style, but he also can go from super chic in black and white to really bold in a matter of seconds. He loves hats, they all do, but I feel like he really really really loves his hats in terms of not just one style lol. He has his buckets, his beanies, his snapbacks, his brimmed hats, etc, and knows which outfits to pair which particular hat and pattern with. I think Hoseok likes his comfort more than being super duper uppity, as in terms of being fashion forward versus stylish but easy to throw on together and just be cozy and cute lol.

Rap Monster has I think the most wide range of styles followed by Suga, he goes from hipster to hiphop to classy to chic and it’s hard to really pin him down to one style. He likes his solids, his patterns, his all-black from head-to-toe look, and everything is always killer. Every once in a while he’ll have an outfit that I’m a bit ehhhh on but it’s not terrible (i.e that pink patterned tee and Odd Future donut socks was a bit…odd…not my favorite look on him lol). He’s a Supreme junkie, likes fun glasses, and statement pieces in general. He can play both sides of the coin of unique and chic depending on his mood.

Jimin loves his tees, tanks and snapbacks. His style has been the most static in my opinion and he doesn’t really change up his looks much but he picks solid outfits and they look good on him. I haven’t really seen anything too exciting or fashion-forward on him to say much other than he looks good lol.

V has quite the unique style. I’ve noticed he likes his overcoats and turtlenecks in the winter, and loves patterns and statement pieces…and apparently DIY cut-outs. His style is overall great but every so often will pull an outfit out and I’m just like @.@ because of how odd it is, still good, but odd. He has a really quirky personality and it definitely shows in his style choices. He doesn’t wear a lot of branded items lately, he seems to like more of the chic look and throwing in a statement article. 

Jungkook is like a puppy who follows his hyungs, he doesn’t quite have his own style yet. He always looks good but doesn’t wear anything really fashion-forward. He wears a lot of basic outfits with color-coordinated accessories, a cute but rather juvenile way of accessorizing. I’m sure as he’s exposed more to fashion he’ll step out a bit more in the future. Jungkook always has fabulous backpacks though, he has that category down. 

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Why do you call your SO "mate"? I mean, call your SO whatever you want, it just sounds a bit . . . odd. Like you're trying to be animalistic.

LOL, well, it’s complicated.

We’ve been cohabitating for over nine years but are unmarried. I could TECHNICALLY call him my boyfriend, but that makes our relationship seem a bit…um… “less serious”. I was calling him my “partner”, (and even though I happen to be bisexual), it’s still a relationship between a person with a male body and a person with a female body, so I feared I was misusing the word in a way that was disrespectful to people that were in same sex relationships.

So that leaves me with the terms “significant other” (which is so unpleasant and cumbersome to say) or “mate” which I like a lot because it’s also is a word for “friend”.

So that’s it! It’s awkward! But better than potentially being disrespectful AND better than calling him my *shudders* boyfriend or significant other.

… Most of the time I just call him Boop-Nine-Thousand anyway. I like that best.

just got home and i am soaked and exhausted. after about 5-6h of sleep last night i left home at around 10am and just got back at 1am. there were no taxis at the train station so i had to walk home 20 mins in pouring rain. cooool

anyway, big weekend was loads of fun but i can barely see to type (just remembered i’m still wearing my contact lenses, def best purchase of the last week, it was so great being able TO SEE) so i’m just gonna make a list of the things i kinda remember. i’ve not watched any live footage or interviews yet so my memory is a bit hazy soz

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