a bit obsessed with her work

Craigslist room for rent goes sour.

I was in the process of joining the military, simply waiting for the date to enter service. “It would take at least a month, but no more than a year.” Apartment lease had expired, no month-to-month payment option. Looking for some short-term housing. I was single, worked 2 part time jobs, & had cash in savings. I’m quiet, flexible, simple needs. Just needed the simplest of accommodations. I went to Craig’s List.

Met with a woman who advertised a room for rent. We’ll call her “Jill”. Jill was 20something, single, and came from a wealthy family who bought her this small 3 bedroom house, gave her a nice car, paid her bills. Jill didn’t like to work, she just “sold her art”. She made awful graphic art fan fiction on her PC, probably never sold anything but was completely obsessed with her own work and would talk about it constantly. Jill had pets. So. Many. Pets. Like 20 cats, 4 dogs, a room of birds out of their cages, and several acquariums. A bit weird/slightly skewed version of reality, but seemed nice, had a room available and price was okay. I would pay a flat rate for rent and utilities, provide my own food, and come and go as I please. Neither of us ever signed anything, just details via text and email.

She benefited from my moving in as I had transferred my cable internet connection to her house. Got the modem hooked up and used my own wireless router and let her use it for free. I also have carpentry experience so I helper her repair some door frames and some wood trim in addition to patching up some drywall. Helped her out a lot, all while requesting nothing in return. The first week was nice.

Things fell apart rapidly after that. She became manipulative, started making financial demands. The electric bill was high, I needed to pay “my part”. She had bought enough groceries for both of us without informing me, but now that milk had soured and bread molded I needed to pay for “wasted groceries”. Old busted up door knob on the side of the house broke off while taking out trash, so I needed to buy a new one. Etc…

Individually these didn’t bother me much, but there was a pattern. After just weeks, living expenses had tripled the agreed upon amount. I told her that this couldn’t happen anymore. I would pay the agreed upon amount and buy my own food. Period. This settled things…for a week.

Got back from work. In my room my guitar was gone, and in its place, a bill. A bill from a plumber who had installed a toilet. “My bathroom” needed some work done. Jill had “lost all trust” that I would fulfill “financial obligations” after I “freaked out about money before.” My guitar was hostage, locked in her bedroom until I paid for her toilet upgrade. She literally added a padlock to her bedroom door.

Time to get out. I told her I was moving out the next day (a friend already offered me his guest-room). She could keep the guitar (it was a $100 pawn shop guitar). I wasn’t going to pay to fix her house anymore.

Upon packing things came the modem discussion. She was taking an online class since she now had an internet connection. She would get her own connection “in a few days”. I was angry with her but not yet vengeful. I agreed to let her use it until my connection got transferred.

A week later, called Jill the day before the cable transfer. She said she would drop off the equipment, oddly, only while I was at work. I texted a reminder, “please don’t forget to drop off modem”, and she responded, “left it in a bag outside your front door”. Weird, but whatever. I get home that night. No bag. No modem. I text, “did you leave it at the right house? can’t find it”, she responds, “yes”.

Cable got installed, still no modem. It’ll cost me if I don’t turn in the old one. Now I’m vengeful. She’s extorted money, I’ve been nothing but helpful and considerate, she’s stolen my things, now she’s probably lying and stealing more things - which will cost even more money.

Jill took a pottery class on Thursdays, out of the house for 2 hours. Her front door had a combination keypad for entry instead of keys. She claimed she would change the combo when I left, but probably didn’t know how to do that. Waited until after the time she left. Drove past. No one home. Parked a block away, walked to front door, entered the code. Still works. Straight to her bedroom. Not padlocked anymore. Look, there’s my router and modem, right where they shouldn’t be because they’re in a bag outside my friend’s place. Weird. Grab my modem & router, grab my guitar, insert a spare old burned admin copy of Win'98 into her cdrom, boot to CD, set it to work formatting her hard drive. She can complete Win'98 installation later, complained about Vista anyway. Probably won’t be able to retrieve her “art” and homework.

Back in my car within 5 minutes, at my friend’s place 10 minutes later. Jill’s pottery class still had another hour. I texted, “finally found the modem, bag must’ve blown into the bushes! Thanks for dropping it off! :D” I love to imagine whatever flurry of emotions she must have experienced at that moment…

Called me in a frantic rage 30 minutes later. “YOU STOLE FROM ME!!!” “What?? Jill…What are you talking about?” “YOU BROKE INTO MY HOUSE AND STOLE FROM ME!!!” “Wait…someone broke into the house?? I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about that… What did they take?” Her remarkable psychological gymnast skills. Walks right up to the ledge of almost admitting that she lied to me and stole my things (after-all, such an admission was required for her version of events to make any sense at all) and then psychologically-backflips away. She couldn’t do it. Her story was not compatible with reality. All she could muster was rage and empty threats and that phone call was the last time I ever heard from her. Honestly, at that point the stuff and the money involved was worth less to me than the fact that she had so much rage but couldn’t do anything about it. It brought me a little joy. The strangest part is that she never mentioned her computer at all…

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Could you possibly do headcannons of how the RFA members (+ V and Saeran) kiss their s/o's neck? (Love your blog! ♡♡♡)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this! 
(WARNING: mentions of the sex in Saeyoung’s and small mention of blood in Saeran’s) 


✮ is super shy
✮ little kitten kisses
✮ holds your shoulders gently
✮ loves to press his nose against your pulse
✮ really enjoys smelling your perfume
✮ when things get hotter his hands are groping at your hips to pull you closer
✮ he begins to bite and lick but he’s still gentle
✮ he’s more of a sub 
✮ pants against the skin of your neck while things get heavy
✮ he grazes the edge of his teeth along your skin
✮ doesn’t really leaves marks unless he’s trying to prove something


✎ only kisses your neck after things are a bit heavier
✎ as in
✎ doesn’t casually just kiss your neck
✎ is also really soft
✎ pulls her lips around your skin while pressing her chest to yours
✎ her face in your neck works mostly as a distraction for the both of you
✎ likes the further back parts of your neck
✎ like behind your ear
✎ doesn’t really bite
✎ licks when things are building up during the sexy times
✎ she just really likes feeling your skin 
✎ along with the proof of exertion
✎ also doesn’t leave marks (it’s unprofessional)


✿ is probably obsessed with your neck
✿ loves to watch the muscles tense under his lips
✿ he definitely likes biting you
✿ his licks and nibbles are heavy and full of heat
✿ LOVES leaving marks on you
✿ it’s a turn on for him
✿ so he loves to just tilt your head back
✿ and attack your neck
✿ so that everyone will know you belong to him
✿ likes holding your hair while doing it because he can move your neck however he pleases
✿ likes to gently kiss and nuzzle hickies after he’s made them because he’s a loser  
✿ won’t bite hard enough to break the skin though - you’re too precious 


₩ likes the lower part of your neck more
₩ like around your collarbones
₩ loves the feel of your skin against the bone 
₩ while he kisses it 
₩ and licks in the bow of it when it’s presents 
₩ sometimes he even pulls on your shoulders so that your clavicle becomes prominent 
₩ sometimes bites it but not too hard 
₩ because that shit would probably hurt (it’s b o n e)
₩ he only leaves marks on your upper chest/cleavage 
₩ because only he should be seeing there 
₩ unless he gets really possessive
₩ then he sucks all over your neck and just leaves all the marks 


⌨  boi 
⌨  how things go down with saeyoung really depends on the mood 
⌨  sometimes he just butterfly kisses up your throat 
⌨  but other times your neck is just one big fuckin bruise 
⌨  his favourite area is the end of your jaw 
⌨  between your jawbone and ear 
⌨  he’s kind of obsessed with it tbh 
⌨  sucks on it harshly and presses his tongue down flat 
⌨  after deepthroating him he likes to gently kiss the outside of your throat 
⌨  like a ‘thank you’
⌨  he likes to trail kisses from your neck to your shoulder- where it turns to bites 
⌨  he holds your back so you can’t squirm away from him 


☼ this nugget is so gentle 
☼ he will not bite you unless you specifically ask him and then assure him that’s what you want 
☼ he just really likes kissing you everywhere 
☼ so when he’s spreading kisses over your throat they’re opened mouth and breathy 
☼ it’s really sensual and nice 
☼ kinda hovers his lips over your skin before each kiss
☼ letting out a content sigh against your warm skin 
☼ before admiring it with his mouth 
☼ is really shy with his tongue 
☼ at first you can tell he’s nervous 
☼ because just the tip sneaks out to poke at your neck 
☼ but with your little mewls he gets assured 


⚠︎ this BOI
⚠︎ hoo 
⚠︎ your neck 
⚠︎ it’s basically his property 
⚠︎ hope you like turtlenecks because that’s all you can wear with this boy around 
⚠︎ unless you like people getting worried about all the marks and literal WOUNDS on your neck 
⚠︎ he bites 
⚠︎ like, breaking skin bite 
⚠︎ licks it to make it up to you
⚠︎ also to clean up the blood 
⚠︎ sucks and bites everywhere
⚠︎ he’s less of a kisser 
⚠︎ only when he’s feeling super duper extra affectionate 
⚠︎ will he kiss your neck
⚠︎ when he does kiss it, it’s mostly along your jawbone 
⚠︎ I don’t even know how to describe this damn guy 
⚠︎ honestly, i hope you’re kind of a masochist because ouch

I’m still working on how to write V and Saeran, so I hope this was okay ♡♡

Langst Headcanon

Soo, I’m really new to the fandom but when I discoverd the Langst Tag, I was surprised by how much I needed it! There are soooo many good langst things out here. Well, this is my share:

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Why does everyone obsess over Grease when Hairspray exists? Don’t get me wrong, I love Grease. I do. But I hate it’s message. Sandy falls for someone and when things aren’t working out she changes everything about herself for him. But Tracy. Tracy falls head over heals for Link, and she never for a second thinks about changing who she is. Even when things go a bit sideways with Link. She remains herself and he still is in love with her. That’s a much better message. Like give Hairspray some love people!!!

Who Picks the Heroes?  (ZAGSPOILERS)


So we know, according to PREMATURELY RELEASED INFO ABOUT THE UPCOMING SEASONS, that Alya and Chloe are gonna be the Fox and Bee respectively, right?

I’ve seen a lot of people wondering, as I myself have, what they’re going to do to earn or deserve them. A lot of theories around Chloe involve her accidentally getting it, which I think are funny. I’ve made it no secret that I don’t think Chloe deserves to be a superhero, or any sort of power in general, as she is right now in canon. But I digress.

I think the general assumption right now is that Fu is going to give the two girls the Miraculouses after a “test” like he gave Adrien and Marinette. But what if he doesn’t.

What if Fu gives Adrien/Chat and Marinette/Ladybug one Miraculous each, explains a bit about the Miraculous, and tells them to pick. It’s been just the two of them for so long and if they’re going to have to work with new people, they should get some say in who they are. Plus it’d be a good chance to teach the kids a good lesson about evaluating and trusting other people and themselves.

Marinette will pick Alya. She knows how much Alya wants to be a superhero and that she has the perfect qualities to be one. She’s cunning, clever, determined, and brave, among other things. She’s also a bit obsessed with the truth and being given powers of deception could help her find the balance she needs. Because sometimes the truth isn’t the best thing, sometimes secrets have to be kept, and not everyone deserves to know everything. It’s dangerous but she knows Alya can handle it. Plus, it’ll probably deter her from the whole identities thing!

Adrien’s first choice is Nino. Of course it’s Nino. He’s his best guy friend. He’d love for him to meet his Lady and join him in their escapades across the city. And, heck, it’d give him a chance to get back at Hawkmoth in his own way for akumatizing him. But then Adrien starts thinking about the Miraculous’ qualities and powers and about Nino himself and he realizes…Nino isn’t the best choice. Then he thinks about Chloe. Who she is, who she used to be, who she could be. As a hero she can’t be selfish. She will have to put her life on the line and she’ll have to care about people. It’d be tough but he knows Chloe. She’s determined enough to do anything once she puts her mind to it.  He remembers the assumptions made about him the first day of school just because she was his friend and he wonders if Chloe would ever even have the chance to change if she wanted to. Maybe being a hero is what she needs.

Fu approves.

Fic Recs

For those who keep on asking about what I recommend, here are my favorite smuts! I’ll update this as I read more, but these are definitely the ones that make my insides twist and raise my brows- AKA my favorite ones. Keep in mind I totally love a lot of the other works by these writers but these are my absolute favorites. Enjoy the list!

Business by @btssmutgalore

This fic by Dee is my favorite work by her by far, the pure filth and cumplay being absolutely riveting. Dee does an outstanding job as always, and in this story featuring Jungkook and Taehyung, it’s no exception. Definitely something to recommend if you’re into pure filth, cumplay, and dirty talking. No romance involved. After all, it’s just business.

Unexpected by @noona-la-la-la

One of the first smut works I read on Tumblr, and it didn’t fail to impress me. The events are certainly unexpected, and it does play in with the fear some may have for fetishes or kinks they might be ashamed of, which I think this fic does a great job of portraying, especially in making Yoongi’s- and everyone else’s- personalities so flawed and real. It truly tests trust, and does an excelent job at diving deeper than pure filth. The angst is definitely something this fic does outstanding on.

Watch Me by @ellieljade

Not enough words can be used for her brilliance, but this fic most definitely had my eyebrows raised and my jaw dropping as I read this. Typically  Namjoon fics have him as excellent Daddy material, but seeing this new side to him was refreshing in so many possible ways. I was murmuring ‘oh shi’t repeatedly at this absolutely genius smut.

Ignored Warnings by @avveh

Definitely one of the sequels I’m most looking forward to by the queen of rough sex, and fellow name twin, she does a great job at showing how both parties’ get off on acts that others would be perhaps horrified by, and my brows were practically disappearing into my hairline as I read this. The aggressive and almost terrifying nature of Jungkook’s dominance, with the slight violence that would make some think of actual abuse, did a great job with pushing the boundries of the norms in smut, since usually they don’t cross this line, and Emily absolutely mastered it. It awakened something in me that I would’ve never found pleasureable or enticing until I read it, and I haven’t looked back since, admittedly. Easily something that makes my cheeks glow red simply thinking back to it.

Room for Dessert by @avveh

The rough sex queen is back at it again, and another one of her Jungkook fics completely enticed me in a way that was so simple, and yet utterly filthy at the same time. Easily one of my favorite series yet, and the amount of pure filth in this definitelyhas me awestruck. It’s hard trying to switch back to thinking of Jungkook in a light different than dominant, especially after reading this. She definitely earned her two fic spots on this list.

In Bloom by @tayegi

I’ll admit, I wasn’t really a big fan of werewolves or that concept. I thought it was overused and the typical Twilight shit. Until I read this. And let me tell you, my world flipped. Never before have I been so obsessed with wolf!au, but how she writes her archnemesis, Jungkook, (yeah, she hates Jungkook, but fuck she’s good at writing him) had me absolutely mindblown and transfixed. Lu, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

I Hate You, I Love You by @jungblue

This really made me love the best friend aus, and the angst is real. Jungkook screws up, but I like how human she makes the characters, and this is one of those rare fanfictions where I did feel a bit of emotion. An outstanding job done by Tay! Definitely one of my favorite works by her!

Melomaniac by @jungkxook

One of my favorite pieces from the Moonbin loving writer. I can appreciate a good bad boy cliche once in a while, and this one is definitely a great work that I remember her for. Cockiness might not be the best trait, but damn can it be sexy when pulled off the right way. Alyssa does a great job with this, and her works are truly beautiful.

House Rules by @jeonjagiya

How have I not included my favorite work by my girl Iris? Not only is this oneshot something I could picture my future marriage to be like (JK I’ll never find love) it is absolutely AMAZING! Don’t read if you like pot roast a lot. This fic does well in showing pent up frustration, the torture of being held out on, and the anticipation and teasing. Definitely my favorite work of hers, and it got me fucking crazy when I was in teh middle of a diner. Thanks a lot, Iris.

That’s all I have to recommend for now, but those are my top favorites so far!

Ladynoir July Day 30 - Courage

Dark Cupid AU where Adrien discovering Marinette’s valentine goes a little bit differently.

Plagg just wanted some peace and quiet. Forgive his cheese obsessed soul.

(Ao3 Link)

“I can’t believe I didn’t get a chance to tell her.” Adrien sighed in a way that his Kwami would describe as melodramatic. “It took me so long to work up the courage too.”

Plagg rolled his eyes. He was floating above Adrien’s oversized pile of valentine gifts and Plagg was well aware of how ironic that was. If the kid needed a girl so badly there were obviously a lot of options. Adrien didn’t care though. The kid just had to try and get the one girl in the world that wouldn’t even tell him her name. Plagg was starting to get seriously ticked off about it.

“Maybe it was for the best.” Adrien murmured, falling dramatically onto his bed. “She probably wouldn’t have said ‘I love you’ back anyway.” He moaned pitifully into his pillow.

Plagg gave his chosen a deadpan look. “Why don’t you just pick one of these girls?” He smirked. Oh yes. Plagg, you are a genius. “Or are they not good enough for you?” He mocked, his smirk widening into a grin as Adrien turned to stare at him.

“Of course not! They’re just not Ladybug.” He frowned.

“So, only your lady is good enough for you then. Poor girls, none of them holding a candle to the amazing Ladybug.” Plagg watch in glee as Adrien sat up and frowned deeply at him.

“That’s not what I meant.” He said, sounding defensive.

“Why don’t you give those other girls a chance then?” Plagg said innocently. “Surely, that wouldn’t be too much to ask.”

Adrien shook his head. “I don’t love those other girls, Plagg.”

Plagg scoffed. “How would you know? You haven’t even give them a chance.”

“Fine.” Adrien rolled his eyes, marched over to his desk, and took a seat in his chair. “Which one first?” He asked flatly.

Plagg grabbed one at random and threw it at him. “I’m sure you can figure out the rest by yourself.” He chuckled, floating off to do other Plagg things now that Adrien had stopped whining.

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Like Him (Peter Maximoff x Reader) (Run Out On Me PT 2)

Originally posted by quicksilver-gifs

Summary: Peter regrets everything and you dont feel a thing.

Authors Note: Hello angels! I’m sorry for not posting recently, I’ve had a lot on my plate during the past month or so BUT I’m back for now. Anyways here’s the highly requested Run Out On Me Part 2! Enjoy <3

Warming(s): Swearing and angst.

Like Him

You remember crying that night, to the point where you had no tears and your throat was dry from all the sobs you’d let out. You didn’t dare move from where you were, scared that if you returned to your bedroom, you would break down all over again.  So you stayed seated on the floor of your once shared living room, watching a re-run of friends and running through all the possible scenarios of what could have been your future.

If you were scared before, you sure as hell were now. The thought of raising a child on your own scared you, especially with how unpredictable your mutation was and how it was more than likely that your child would end up with one too. You knew absolutely nothing about parenting , let alone looking after a newborn since you’d never had any younger siblings to help care for.

You had no clue what to do with yourself that night, so you just slept. The next day you’d called up your good friend Jean Grey, who you knew from the X-mansion and told her everything. Of course you’d ended up breaking into tears again, but you were happy to know that someone supported you and was ecstatic  for you. You remember laughing as Scott threatened to hunt Peter down and beat him up, but you didn’t care for him. Not anymore. You were also lucky enough to have a secure job teaching along side Charles Xavier, so you knew you were supported in that department too.  

Over the course of your pregnancy Jean helped set up necessary appointments and often tagged along with you if you were feeling nervous, you couldn’t ask for a better friend. Jubilee organised your baby shower at the X-mansion where the gender of your baby was revealed, you were delighted to be reunited with your friends from school as well as your old teachers.  You were practically glowing that day, and even cried due to the overwhelming support you had gotten from everyone.

Practically the whole X-men team had been with you for the delivery of your baby, and you’d never felt so grateful for anyone in your whole life. They were like a family to you and you’d finally gotten that sense of security back.

So here you were, almost four years down the line with a beautiful baby girl. She was your everything and you couldn’t be more content with your lives at the moment.

A wail from the living room brought you out of your reverie, your head whipped over to the little girl who was playing on the floor in front of the TV. You put down the knife you were using to chop some vegetables and made your way into the living room. There you saw your little girl, eyes watery with tears.

“Hiya baby” you cooed to the silver haired girl. You swear she was the spitting image of Peter. It was like a curse. Every time you looked at her you felt an overwhelming sense of anger that couldn’t replace the love you shared with Peter. This little girl had been brought into the world because of the love you’d once shared. A constant reminder of what could have been. “What’s the matter angel?”

The little girl looked up at you, reaching out for what you could only assume, was a hug. Grinning, you leaned down to pick up your baby before balancing her on your hip. “I’m hungry mama” she whined, looking up at you with those big doe eyes.

You rolled your eyes and sighed, weaving through the various toys scattered around, in order to get back to the kitchen. “But Amara, baby, dinner’s almost ready” you chided “Can’t you wait a little bit longer babygirl?”

Once in the kitchen, you seated your daughter in her chair and placed some paper and crayons in front of her. She pouted before stubbornly getting to work on her drawing. “No mama! I’m hungry now!

You looked back at her from your place at the stove, a knowing look gracing your features. You opened your snack draw (which you usually kept locked because Amara was a sneaky little thing) and pulled out a Twinkie, she was obsessed with them, just like her father. “Alright baby” you cooed, your back still to the little girl “You can have one but you have to promise to eat all of your dinner alri-”

You gasped, dropping the snack as you turned to face your daughter. Her eyes were glazed over with a silver light. Amara’s mouth hung open, it too with a glimmering light. Her hair was floating behind her, along with the objects in her orbit. You quickly went to reach for her, but within an instant, it stopped.  


“Yes baby? Are you ok-?”

“Are we going to the x-mansion soon?” She asked, calmly returning to her colouring. Your brows furrowed, wondering if she was okay.

“No baby I didn’t plan on it. Why?” You questioned frantically, coming to crouch down by her chair. You brushed some hair out of her supple face as she worked.

“I saw you-us and Mr Xavier” she babbled, smiling to herself. “He was doing test thingies. You thought I had a mutation, what’s a mutation? I thought it was just a memory but then I realised I’ve never been before”

You sat back on your knees as she continued her babbling, your hand forming a firm grip on the edge of the table. You looked down at the floor, realising that this was it. This was your daughter’s mutation. You quickly pulled yourself together, running to the counter and grabbing your phone. Swiftly, you turned around, running a hand through your tangled hair as you dialled a number.

It rang once.


Three times.

All the while you observed your  daughter, who was minding her own business as if nothing happened. “Hello?”

“Jean how fast can you get here?”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“I think Amara’s found her mutation”

You twiddled your thumbs nervously as you walked beside Charles. Hank had just ran some tests on your three -nearly four- year old daughter. You let out a shaky breath, as you followed the man to the lab. When Amara was just a baby, you prayed that she wouldn’t get a mutation. You didn’t want her to grow up, feeling the same way Peter did, especially if they were going to be similar.

“Don’t be worried (Y/N)” Charles reassured you, disrupting your chaotic thoughts. You felt your mind come to a stop at the sound of Charles’ voice in your head. “We’ll know what to do”

Silently, you nodded your head as the pair of you made your way through the lab doors. Desperately, you wanted to flick your wrists and slow down time - just for a second - so you could withhold the moment you found out if your daughter had a mutation or not. Yet, the suspense was killing you, you wanted to know.

“Hello (Y/N)!” Hank chirped as he met yourself and Charles at the entrance of the lab. You gave him a sheepish smile as you twiddled with your fingers nervously. “I haven’t seen you in a while! How’s things?”

“Everything is going well” you breathed out shakily. “Amara’s growing up nicely.”

Hank smiled sadly, shaking his head at your nervousness. “I know, but my question was directed at you

Before you could respond, Hank had turned to face a computer. You looked down at Charles, who also had the same look of sadness etched onto his features before he wheeled his way over to her h the computer. You furrowed your brows. Why were the worrying about you?  You were just concerned for your daughter. Livid, you marched over to Hank and pulled on his shoulder. “What are the results Hank? That’s what I’m here for”

“Be calm (Y/N), everything will be fine” Charles assured you. You softly bit your lip and dropped your hand to your side. Silently, you made your way over to a nearby desk and took a seat on its surface, desperately trying to calm your nerves.  Hank tapped away at a few keys before the results appeared on the screen, you heard a faint gasp and instantaneously looked up.

What? What’s wrong?”

You saw the look of concern the two men shared, before standing up and crossing your arms over your chest. Hank looked up at the results briefly before meeting your nervous gaze, he clicked away for a second before showing the results to you. “Your daughter” he began anxiously. “has a mutation-”

“As if that wasn’t obvious enough” you snapped as Charles put a hand on your arm reassuringly.

“A rare mutation” Hank continued, his eyes piercing through yours. “Your daughter, Amara, has the ability to see the near future in short bursts. It’s a result of a  combination of yours and Peter’s mutations. Linking time and speed has allowed your daughter see briefly into anyone’s future”

You gasped, feeling weak in the knees. You fell back against the table, holding onto it for support. Hank rushed over to you, placing a soft hand your back and checking you over to see if you were okay. Your body shook, you were angry at yourself for letting this happen, you were angry at Peter for leaving you when he did. You kept your head down as Charles spoke up.

“Only few mutants have received these abilities before, so we know very little about this mutation but I can promise you that we can help your daughter as soon as you’re ready for us to. We know that being able to see every possible outcome for everyone’s future can be overwhelming and we will do our best to help Amara” Charles spoke carefully, afraid to scare or overwhelm you. All the while you listened silently, weighing out all possible options in your head. Would Amara fit in here? Is she too young?

“You don’t have to make up your mind now, (Y/N)” Charles whispered, comfortingly. “She’s still  young, we can give it a few years”

You nodded silently, thanking the two pen for their time before making your way out the lab to find your daughter. You still had time to talk to her about this, you still had time to give her a better life than Peter’s.

Peter grinned down at the little girl who’d latched herself onto his leg. She was cute. She had a small button nose, her pale silver locks were combed back into a fishtail braid. She had large doe (eye colour) eyes  that stood out against her supple skin.

He’d learned her name to be Amara, she was three and a half years old. How the girl came to be in Peter’s care was quite miraculous. He’d been speeding down the hallway after a long mission (as you would after being extremely exhausted), a little girl had ran out into his path causing him to veer to the right and crash. She laughed at him.

Peter couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity as he held the little girl, gently tossing her up and down in the air, watching her laugh with a toothy smile. She was missing her two front teeth and had these warm (eye colour) eyes that he swore he knew like the back of his hands.  It was like he knew them, knew her.

The little girl - or better yet - Amara clapped her tiny hands together as Peter threw her up one last time before catching her and resting her on his hip. She grinned at him as he crossed his brown eyes and stuck his tongue out at her. “You’re funny” Amara giggled again, reminding Peter of a certain someone. “Just like my mummy”

“Well your mama must be a comedian ‘cause I’m s'posed to be the funniest guy around” Peter teased playfully, boooing the little girl’s nose. She shook her head slyly.

Nuh-uh my Mummy’s the funniest” Amara argued.

“Is not”

Is too

“Is not

Is too

“Is no-!”

Amara!” A worried voice cut through the conversation and the little girl jumped out of Peter’s arms, she quickly ran over to the doorway of the common room she and Peter had been playing in before rushing into someone’s arms. “There you are baby! I was so worried! Kurt said he’d be watching you and-”

“S’okay mama! Peter was watching me!”

Peter’s eyes snapped up to meet the gaze of someone he thought he’d never see again. He could see how her worried expression had twisted and contorted into one of anger and bewilderment. She still looked the same, only better. Her hair was longer, thicker - Peter took note of that. Her curves were more enticing and enunciated than before. Her eyes shone and were brighter than the day Peter had left her. She looked so much better without him, Peter had decided.

Peter” he hated how his name dripped, oh-so venomously from (Y/N)’s soft pink lips. The pair of adults stood opposite each other, it was like a stand off. Amara looked between the two, slightly confused whilst hugging her mum’s legs tightly.

“(Y/N)… H-how’ve you been?” The silver haired male stuttered, afraid of what his ex-fiancé would say. She tsked in response, looking down and shaking her head.

Better without you

The speedster looked down, regret filling his veins, pumping  round his body and flowing back to his heart. He looked at the little girl who stood behind her mother’s legs with a shy smile. He felt stupid for not noticing it before, he had his suspicions but-

Is she mine?” The question tumbled out of his lips before he could stop it. He watched as the anger engulfed her body, she shook with rage but he could see the hurt swirling in (Y/N)’s softened (eye colour) hues.

“What do you mean? - of course she’s yours- I never” (Y/N) paused, begging, willing herself not to cry. Her whole body shook as the fire of rage took over her. “I never cheated on you, Peter. It was you who left me, remember? And what does it matter to you?

Peter frowned. “I want to be there for her, (Y/N)” he gestured to Amara. “ I want to be in her life”

That was it, the final straw. If (Y/N) was angry before, she sure was livid now. Amara could feel the rage radiating off of her mother’s body, the young mutant tugged at her mother’s sleeve, a silent plea for her to calm down but at this point Peter had gone too far.

“Amara go wait outside, baby” the young mother started, clenching her fists.

“But mama, I-” the little girl begun, looking up at her mother.


The two adults watched as the girl backed out of the room, most likely to go look for Jean or Kurt. (Y/N)’s gaze slowly crept back to meet Peter’s, a whirlwind of emotions taking over her. “Fuck you Peter

His brows furrowed. “What?”

Fuck. You” (Y/N) spat. “You don’t have the right, you don’t get to do this anymore. When will you get it through your thick head that, you. left. me. You made the conscious decision to leave me, knowing I was pregnant and now you want to come back? I don’t think so”

I raised her, all by myself for three and a half years, and you think I’ll let you waltz back into my life, her life without a fuss? I’m not a push over anymore Peter, I’m not someone you can take advantage of.” (Y/N) let her eyes fall shut as she felt the tears well in her eyes. She clenched and unclenched her fists as her gaze fell on Peter’s. She wanted nothing more in that moment for Peter to fall at her feet and beg her to take him back, she wanted him to apologise, show his emotion, let her in. For once. She knew what she was doing was selfish but she was doing  what was best for a her daughter. Or was it so that she didn’t get hurt? She started at the man she once loved expectantly, the tears threatening to spill over her eyelids.

“Don’t you think she’ll need a father figure” the fast-moving mutant defended quietly, looking at (Y/N) with sorrow-filled eyes.

She was crying now, god how he hated to see her cry. The tears streamed down her cheeks like a salty river. Her slightly hopeful expression faded, and Peter winced as a cold hearted glare graced her features. “You decided that you weren’t going to be a father when you left us ,Peter

Peter watched as his only love called back his daughter to pack up her things. The small mutant grabbed her backpack and tucked away her toys, once she was done she gave Peter a sad smile and a soft kiss on the cheek before running out to meet Jean in the hallway. (Y/N) checked the room over to make sure her daughter hadn’t left anything. She turned to leave, before she changed her mind and glanced back at a crestfallen Peter Maximoff.

I wish I could say you were different from him, Peter” (Y/N) whispered softly, a sad tone evident in her voice. “Your father I mean, when in truth… you’re exactly like him’’

And with that, she turned away and walked out of the room, out of Peter’s life… just as he had done to her.


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anonymous asked:

Valar Morghulis ;) I was just wondering, do you have any A:tLA fic recs, specifically Zutara ones??? Thanks!

Valar Dohaeris 😉

Sure! Here are some more of the gems this fandom produces


  • Together at the Horizon by @dragon-hearted-girl;
    AU After a century, the Avatar has still not been reincarnated, allowing the Fire Nation to continue its conquest of the world. A young Airbender befriends a Waterbender and Firebender, both of whom are living with a terrible curse. Formerly titled “Tale of the Grey Wolf and Golden Hawk”

  • i didn’t know i was lonely (’til i saw your face) by @raisindeatre;
    The “I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in hospital” AU I never thought I’d write. Or: how one car crash, one dancing bear, many, many crossword puzzles and a spot of accidental cohabitation lead to… well, if it isn’t love, it’s certainly something.

  • Love Story by lynny17;
    A meeting of nations years after the war leads to an unexpected romance as a love story unfolds. 100-word drabble series. Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender This is in response to the LJ katara zuko winter drabble challenge.

  • Jasmine and Souchong by @archergwen;
    It’s the Midsummer Festival, and Zuko’s lone night manning his uncle’s tea shop does not go according to plan. ‘He wants to stay like this forever. Just her and an empty tea shop, sugar and smoke on her breath.’

  • The Stalking Series by @emletish-fish;

    - Stalking Zuko: Katara has developed a new hobby. At the Western Air Temple she takes to stalking Zuko. Much silliness and shenanigans follow. In chapter 20: Katara and Zuko return home to the others. Katara hates the F word and she comes to a decision regarding Zuko.
    - Not Stalking Zuko: Katara keeps a journal of all the shenanigans that the Gaang run into. Chapter 49: there is much talk about the future - now that the war is over and everything is changing. Hakoda and Zuko talk. Katara decides that some things in life are worth the risk.

    - Not Stalking Firelord Zuko: The immediate postwar period from Katara’s ranty POV. shenanigans abound. Chap 24:Song arrives in Ba Sing Se. Shenaniagns ensue.


  • Thicker Than Blood by @akaiikowrites;
    “You have to love all the facets of their soul, or your love is pointless.” A Story of the Girl Who Bends Blood and the Boy Who Loves Her. –Zutara; semi AU; giftfic for dancingqueensillystring-

  • Rounding the Edges by @sadladybug;
    It can take some grit and hard work to grind out the sharp edges, but the effort can produce something that shines. A Zutara oneshot in which Katara learns a few new things about Zuko, including the fact that he may be very difficult to live without. Featuring unexpected teamwork, tense training moments, and more than a few awkward conversations. Canon compliant(ish), Book Three beginning sometime between TSR and EIP.

  • Tremors by CuriosityRedux;
    She’s free to choose- if she goes back to the Poles, if she travels, if she stays in the Fire Nation just a little bit longer. She can choose to go back to the life she would have led if she’d never revived the Avatar, or she can choose to forge a new path. And she chooses him. Oneshot. Zutara.

  • Eye of the Storm by @cowlicklesschick;
    There is a moment of calm, where the wind dies down and the torrents ease and soften, where thoughts can be heard louder than words. It is a moment of relief, but also of fear and preparation, because there always another side to every storm, and the calm never lasts for long. Zutara B3 immediately following the Agni Kai.

  • Wooing Zuko by @cabbage-foam;
    Immediately postwar. During a trip to Ember Island to celebrate of the end of the war, Katara feels the need to affirm her sex appeal. Her target? Zuko.

Drabble Series:

  • Inside This Ancient Heart by @somuttersthesea;
    “She and Zuko, on the other hand—she feels like they’ve been old forever, even though they’re still young enough by most standards. The baby in her arms coos and she shifts her gently, cradling her head and smiling, only to see a gratifying, toothless smile beam from rounded cheeks in return.“A series of domestic drabbles written for Zutara Week 2016.

  • On Love and Lust by @theadamantdaughter;
    A collection of Zutara drabbles and one-shots. Some smut, some not. NSFW chapters will be labelled as such. Heed the warnings and enjoy.

  • A Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That by @kangaroo2010;
    No matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the circumstances, deep down, they always knew they were meant for each other. A series of short pieces, written for Zutara Month 2015.

  • you and I will not be shaken by @beifonc;
    In which Zuko is an awkward barista, Katara is obsessed with ‘vandalizing’ her customers’ food, and they bond over a love for instant noodles and microwavable food. In which Zuko rambles about space at ungodly hours, and Katara is desperate to shut him up.A series of Modern AU oneshots or my excuse to write drabble and not work on my WIPs.

  • 31 Kisses by @darkelf19;
    A clumsy Zutara story told through 31 kisses. Written for Official Zutara Month 2016 @ Tumblr. Officially Zutara, but it could pass as any ship. Each chapter will be a perfect 100 word drabble. Enjoy!


  • A Week to Know You Again by @elledix;
    After the first year of their engagement, Katara felt she and Zuko were already drifting apart. In the Fire Nation, their time always belonged to someone else. Now, in the South Pole for Suki and Sokka’s wedding, they hoped to find each other again.

  • The Business Trip by @thispieceofwork;
    Zuko’s been gone for two long months and Katara has needs. Takes places between Ch 10 of Confused and the Epilogue. Some PWP fun.

  • Agni’s Fever by @sohhng;
    She decides that she loves him for both the fire lilies and the brimstone on his breath. Oneshot. Zutara. ‘Zuko’s hands snag around her wrists. His body is a long line of tension, and now that he’s reared up on his knees to match her stance, she notices that his chest is as bare as it is soaked. “You can’t even begin to understand what’s happening to me.”“I’m trying to understand,” Katara grits. “Isn’t that what you wanted from me from the very beginning?”’

  • A Challenge Met by @sharkflip;
    Katara and Zuko meet and reconcile during Day of Black Sun, with the outcome expected in a story written for Zutarotica. AU for the Eclipse.

  • Love Amongst the Embers by @mmmisora;
    After the Ember Island Players’ performance, and with the help of a little rice wine, Zuko and Katara decide to rewrite an alternate ending to their story. Oneshot, Zuko/Katara. Rated M.

Hope this was useful!  I’ve got another fic rec list here, if you want to check that out :)

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Continuation of this. 

Things have been different ever since she made the deal with the gods to bring him back. It’s like all of the darkness that he normally keeps hidden away has been brought to the surface. He’s quicker to anger, more reckless than ever, and he is insatiable.

No one can keep up with him in training anymore. It’s like the Curse of Achilles but without the drain in energy afterwards; Once he gets started, he’s unstoppable. No one stands a chance, and so people stop trying.

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I’ve creeped around tumblr without a blog for a long, long time now. I don’t really know why but recently I felt it was maybe time to get a blog myself after all, since I was spending so much time here anyway. I don’t know how long it’ll last – I don’t have a good track record with any kind of social media. But for now I’ll keep this little corner of the internet for myself. Which is not the point at all.

Around New Years I picked up the first of the All for the game series and since then devoured all of the books, read all of the extra content, re-read the books a couple of times and then obsessively checked for new fanfiction every day. I don’t think I’ve had a book (or books) that inspired me to draw as much since I read the Silmarillion. Since I mostly picked up the book because I saw @defractum post about it I only felt it was right that the resulting art went to her and she was kind enough to post it.

Normally I would keep it at that. Buuuuuut it kind of really annoyed me that the format didn’t really work with tumblr. So I revised it a little bit and since I’m here now, I’ve asked @defractum if it’s ok to post it again and she was awesome and said yes ^^ So here it is. Nathaniel to Neil over the ages.

(also can I say how creepy it is that the middle one looks so much older than the other ones even though I used the same base???)

Say It With Flowers

So this was supposed to be posted around Valentine’s Day… whoops.

Summary:  It’s Valentine’s Day and flower shop owner Lucy is feeling the blues. Mainly because her crush keeps buying odd numbers of roses- and she has no idea who they are for.

 Pairing: Natsu and Lucy

It’s very cheesy and fast-paced fluff. Enjoy 

“Thank you for shopping with us! And Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Lucy waved at the man leaving her shop, dropping her hand and her smile once he was gone, “Ugh, can this day be over already?”

Lucy Heartfilia co-owned a flower shop with her best friend, Levy McGarden. And today was their busiest day. And since Levy had big plans with her boyfriend, Gajeel, Lucy had to cover the whole day herself.

“Not that it matters,” Lucy grumbled to herself, arranging a new set of roses, “I don’t have anyone to spend the day with anyway, might as well get in some overtime.”

The door opening startled Lucy, simply because of the whirlwind coming after it.

“WHAT?! That’s such a lie!”

“I heard it from Mira, so it’s no lie.”

Lucy looked over her shoulder at the two standing in the shops doorway. Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel, the two loveable idiots she had known her whole life.

“Hey guys,” Lucy yelled over their arguing, “what are you doing here?”

“I need some flowers for Juvia,” Gray put his hand over Natsu’s mouth to make him stop talking, “got any Lilies?”

“Yeah!” Lucy skipped over to a counter, wiping her hands on her apron, “I’ve got all these, we have some fresh ones in the back I’ll get for you.”

“Thanks, Lucy,” Gray zoned out once he started looking at the colored petals.

“LUCY!” Natsu whirled the blonde around to look at him, their chests bumped against one another’s, causing Lucy to blush, “Tell Gray he’s wrong!”

“About what?” Lucy lightly pushed the man away from her, she was already single on this romantic day, no need to flaunt her ‘secret’ crush in front of her.

“He thinks he looks better than me!”

Blinking, already done with this topic, Lucy sighed. Why did she fall in love with an idiot?

“I do look better than you. I told you even Mira said so,” Gray said, not even bothering to turn around.

“I was asking LUCY!” Natsu roared, “You think I look better, dontcha Lucy?!”

“Um,” scratching her cheek, Lucy said, “you guys both look good-”

“Look!” Natsu lifted his shirt to show off his impressively toned torso.

“N-Natsu!” Lucy covered her eyes, desperately avoiding her desire to look. It was absolutely the last thing she needed was for Natsu to know just how attracted she was to him.

“What are you hiding for? You’ve seen me shirtless before…” If Lucy didn’t know better she would have thought Natsu sounded sad.

“Put your shirt down, pyro,” Gray glared at his frenemy, “can I get a dozen of the dark blue and light blue, maybe mix them up?”

“Sure!” Lucy jumped at the chance to leave the room, “be right back!”

“Wait! Lucy!” She heard Natsu yell once she was behind the curtain in the back room.

Placing a hand over her heart, Lucy willed it to stop pounding.

“He’s your friend… just your friend…” she kept muttering to herself as she made the most beautiful bouquet of her career for Juvia. The woman deserved it after all.

“Wow. Thanks, Lucy!” Gray said when she finally came back out, “those look great.”

“You’re welcome,” Lucy made sure to give him Levy’s exclusive 'friends-only’ discount, “I’m sure I’ll know if she likes it.”

“You might hear tonight with how lucky I’m going to get,” Gray grinned devilishly.

“No one wants to hear about that,” Natsu had his arms crossed, his face buried into his scaly scarf.

“Jealous?” Gray smirked, handing Lucy his card to pay.

“No,” Natsu lowered his face even farther in his scarf before walking deeper into the isles of flowers.

“Sorry about him,” Gray began, but then snickered, “but hey, he is your best friend.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Lucy handed the gorgeous bouquet to her honorary big brother, “go easy on him, would you?”

“I never agreed to that,” Gray groaned, moving before Lucy could smack him, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Lucy.”

“You too, Gray,” she fixed a few arrangements around the door after he left, only then realizing, “Natsu? Are you still here?”

“Yeah!” she heard him near the back of the store, “Can you come here?”

“Please no mess, please no mess,” she pleaded as she slowly made her way to Natsu.

“I didn’t make a mess,” Natsu growled playfully, “I just wanna buy something!”

“Oh,” Lucy tripped over her own feet, Natsu was standing in front of the counter. He was in ripped work jeans and a red and black coat, his ever-present scarf covered most of his face.

“And what can I get you?” Lucy smiled, trying not to show how awful it felt to sell flowers to her crush on Valentine’s day.

“Two red roses.”

Blink, “Two roses?”

“Yeah,” he grinned his famous grin, “just two.”

“And he calls me weird…” she did as he asked though, “You said Red?”

“Yepp!” he was bouncing on the balls of his feet like a little kid.

“Alright,” she made the two flowers look pretty, not as nice as Gray’s, but still pretty.

“Keep the change!” He said as he laid a $20 on the counter, “See ya, Lucy!”

He grabbed the roses and bolted out the door before Lucy could reply.

“Bye,” she sighed as she cashed out the transaction, putting the change in a special slot in the register, “wonder who he’s giving it to…”

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How Wren is still Charles, why he’s A.D. Who ‘Charlotte’ really is and how almost every plothole is fixed:

Before I start this theory, please read my “Jason Killed Charlotte” theory and feel free to check out my other thoughts, theories and feelings I’ve had about Pretty Little Liars by clicking here

I also updated my icon and header (mobile) for the end of the show we all love/hate.

*Disclaimer, 99% of this is my own theory, with a couple small details thrown in from other peoples posts that make sense to me.


Charles Drake is sent to Radley for giving his cousin Alison a bath in too hot water, almost burning her and drowning her. This was an accident but Kenneth DiLaurentis did not want his mentally insane sister in-law’s child living with his wife, himself and his two children. Charles is sent to Radley Sanitarium, where his Mother resides, or used to. (I can’t remember.) He slowly begins to grow up, missing who he believed was his Mother, Father and two siblings, Alison and Jason. He makes friends with some of the other children in the children’s ward.

Here he meets a young girl named Cecilia who was in Radley for brutally attacking and killing her twin sister with a knife over stealing her doll.

Cecilia became infatuated with Charles and fell ‘in love’ with him very quickly. He would tell her stories about his baby sister and younger brother. She would let him play with her dolls, even calling one of the blonde ones “Alison.” 

  Their (twin’s) parents were very hurt by their situation, their mother, maiden name Young, committed suicide and their father, Scott Montgomery quickly became suicidal himself, and started to lose his sanity. 

There was Charles and Cecilia, and then Bethany showed up. Bethany and Charles became friends very quickly and Cecilia begins to get jealous. In the night, when it’s dark she grabs a knife, needle, scalple, something,  when the nurses and doctors aren’t looking and hides it under her mattress. Then, when Bethany is sleeping her ‘friend’ and roommate Cecilia goes over to her bed and begins to cut and slice her face. This way, Charles can’t find her pretty, right? She makes sure to not get any blood on herself, wipes her prints from the blade and places the  makeshift blade into Bethany’s hand as she is screaming and crying, Cecilia also begins to scream and cry, running back to her own bed. She tells the doctors she was sound asleep and she hears Bethany screaming and she rolls over to see Bethany harming herself. Nobody knows who to believe and Bethany and Cecilia have now switched rooms. (Bethany is now with Rhonda or Lelsi at this point.) Bethany is growing up and is traumatized with her face severely scarred. She has no idea what she is supposed to look like as a growing tween/teen. 

But Charles still thinks she is beautiful and begins to spend more time with Bethany while she recovers, not taking sides against his two best friends. He still spends time with Cecilia but never the two at the same time, as they hate each other. Bethany hating Cecilia for what she did to her face, and Cecilia hating Bethany for ‘lying about her accident’ (stealing Charles from her) Charles and Bethany are in love and Cecilia has no idea. Until… (Wait for it.)

At the age of 16, Jessica comes back for Charles and helps him fake a suicide so he can get out. He gets a fake I.D., travels and leaves the Country. Going to the U.K., where his favorite Doctor and Father-Figure with rapidly approaching dementia was from. 

Charles keeps in touch with Cecilia and Bethany in his journey across sea. He is unrecognizable to everyone except Cecilia, who gets out and goes to UPen under the name Cece Drake. Cece is a nickname from Cecilia and Drake is from Charles’ mother’s maiden name. She needed something to go by to try and live a new life.

Bethany on the other hand, is not doing too well. Her ex-boyfriend’s (ended on good terms, she knows he needed to get out) Mother is dating her Father and this upsets her. Cece had told Jessica that she was Charles’ girlfriend, and Bethany seemed crazy. Jessica liked Cece and wanted to protect her from her true identity getting out. Jessica believed that Cece’s mental illness had been ‘cured’ and she began taking care of her, even setting her up with her son.

Now, Charles had been coming around Rosewood for awhile watching his sister and her friends interact. He wasn’t sure how he would get back into their lives just yet, but he was having a good time observing.

(Wren, just to the left of Ali’s head. I took this screenshot from a youtube video, but someone had another picture where it’s clearly Wren.)

But before he can get his family back together, it’s Labor Day. Cece finds out that Charles has kept in touch with Bethany and is seeing her again. She lures Bethany out from Radley to meet her as “Alison.” Tells her she’s her boyfriends sister and she wants to meet her, that she will be wearing a yellow top (and a purple bracelet?) and she’s sending her one just like it. She talks to a college friend and is seen by Jason.

Bethany finds Cece in the top and excitedly tries to introduce herself as Charles’ girlfriend. But Cece turns around and reveals herself and Bethany screams (Spencer hears this) when she recognizes her former roommate and attacker. Cece hits Bethany and leaves her to suffer. This is when Melissa sees Bethany whose scarred face is covered by her blonde hair and she rolls her into an open makeshift grave from the construction of the Gazebo and fills it in. Cece confesses to Charles what she’s done and Charles is pissed. Cece runs off and as he finds ‘her’ again, he makes eye contact with his ‘Mother’, signalling for her to look away as he bashes the rock into ‘Cece’s’ skull. But when she falls, Charles sees this is his little sister Alison. He is distraught and leaves as Jessica buries Alison in another open plot due to construction. 

Within the next year, Charles forgives himself for ‘killing’ Ali and decides to get revenge on Cece. But he can’t find her. So he begins dating the last person he knew she was with. Melissa Hastings. Who even lives right next to his parents. Bethany’s body as Alison is found and Charles attends his ‘sister’s’ funeral.

He immediately cheats on Melissa with her sister, Alison’s friend Spencer. This is to get closer to having a brother sister relationship with his dead sister, since he never had the chance. In the UK he had weaseled his way into a Doctor’s degree for whatever he needed to become a Doctor, but cheated his way through college. 

Years go by and he begins to give up on finding Cece, almost settles down with Melissa again in the UK. But Cece turns up. He has forgiven her for killing Bethany and has been working on his mental health. She tells him she’d done the same. But she wants his help playing a game. He agrees, but she’s obviously not healthy yet. He still works with her for a bit to finish up what she had been working on, convincing him that his sister Alison was still alive and that coincidentally she had been her friend, without knowing that was his sister. 

They don’t find her right away, or at least this is what Charles/Wren thinks. (He just misses her as Cece pulls her away after her dance with Spencer) He moves on and decides to try and fix his familial problems in a healthy way, but it’s too late. Cece has become obsessed with him all over again. She builds a life-sized ‘dollhouse’ and kidnaps the girl who had been torturing his sister and her friends. (Mona sent Ali A messages before she went missing)

She gives him Mona and Alison’s friends as a bunch of dolls (entirely because of her obsession with dolls) and even set up a room dedicated to him as Charles and not Wren, so that he can tell his story and get his life back. He begins to play along, even going as far as to try and meet up with Jason. 

But to Charles’ knowledge, Jason ‘calls the cops’ on him at the arcade. Charles runs, and gives up once again on the family that “never wanted him”.

He tells Cece to let everything go, and set the girls free. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he is Charles DiLaurentis anymore. He goes back to the UK. Again. But Cece still loves him, and demands that his story is told. So, she takes on the identity as Charles and had already killed the only person that could 100% identify that she is not Charles. (Jessica.) She killed her because she found out that she wasn’t Charles’ biological Mother and that Mary was.

It is only AFTER Jason’s failed meeting with Charles that it is revealed that maybe A is a female? 

This is also even better for Cece, who wants to punish Jason for ‘not giving Charles a chance to explain himself’ and pretends that since she and Jason dated, he dated his transgender brother. This makes Jason sick- BUT (Insert the whole plot of my “Jason killed Charlotte” theory here)

So ‘Charlotte’ calls Charles from Welby, and promises him that this time, she is really getting better and she asks for his forgiveness. Even proving that she has a boyfriend (still british, but this time its Rollins) and won’t become obsessed with Charles again. And she mentions that, Oh, she only hit Bethany with the rock, but his girlfriend, Melissa buried her alive and she is the one who truly killed her. Charles breaks up with Melissa for good this time, but they remain roommates because he is now A.D. and is blackmailing Melissa. Then Charlotte ends up dead (Hi, Jason.) and Charles feels responsible, since she was probably killed for ‘being Charles’. He becomes to learn things as A.D. Awful things. He only wanted to find out who killed Charlotte, but he finds out that he isn’t Charles DiLaurentis, but Charles Drake (Father unknown to him at this point.) And to make things worse, he finds out that he has a sister that was adopted by the Hastings. It was Spencer, but that didn’t matter at first because he understands that no matter who it was, he had been in an incestual (is that a word?) relationship with his sister. He begins to take things easy on Spencer, only making her go visit Toby for the letter from their Mother, Mary. 

(Puzzle piece next to picture of Charles in the soul room)

And he’s still A.D. and hates Hanna for rejecting him that one time, invites his ex-girlfriend’s cousin Aria to join the A-team and is torturing his cousin Alison and Emily because Cece had told him that Alison had ‘known’ about Charles and didn’t give a shit about him, and that she only wanted to be close to Cece.

But wait! If Charles and Lucas so obviously came up with the A game….how did it get to Mona, who really started things?

Alison bullied both of them. Lucas showed it to Mona before she got popular and ditched him for Hanna. 

Charles is finishing the game and ending things once and for all. 

Melissa was Black Widow, Cece Redcoat, and Wren/Charles as the man in the black hoodie. 



EDIT #1: 
prettylittlequeenie pointed out to me that Mona has already confessed to being the one who hit Bethany. I believe (Since my theory involves Red Coat being Cece;) Charlotte enjoyed Mona’s work and when she went to visit her in Radley, as red coat and not a patient, she either convinced Mona to work with her to continue to bring down the liars or blackmailed her into it. This is proved multiple times (and doesn’t contradict what I was saying earlier about why Cece kidnapped Mona. She was playing Mona and still took her (it was all staged) and gave her to Charles as a ‘peace offering’)

Mona knew it was Cece in the Red Coat and even though she says “I didn’t know it was Cece, I was so drugged up blah blah blah.” It only makes sense that she was still working with her when…

She was drawing and storing all of her blood to splash around the house when Cece “kidnapped her”. It also explains why Mona did not go with the liars to Radley when she wanted “To hear how the story ends.” The truth is is that she knew Sara and Cece were going to blow up the whole building or wing with themselves and the girls inside of it. Mona didn’t go to avoid her own death.

Mona said she hit Bethany to help Charlotte finish the game (Even the liars notice the shows plotholes, lol), and knew that the only ones able to confirm she said that would be dead.

I hope that’s cleared up now, and thanks for pointing that out. I was going to put that in there but I completely forgot.

(End of EDIT #1)

anonymous asked:

little prompt for you if you want: how about instead of being an awkward baby gay coming into her gayness alex is just plain awkward and very very gay and maggie basically has no gaydar to speak of? like maggie goes "i didn't know you were into girls" and alex is like "uh, i thought the leather jackets and the bike and the boots and everything were like neon signs" or smth like that you get my point right? anyways i love your writing!

She leans against her cop car and stares up at Alex with skepticism and maybe a little bit of hope in her eyes.

“I think I read you wrong.”

She hopes, she hopes, because her entire body is smarting, aching, reeling, from the pain of what her ex had said to her, the things she’d accused her of.

And Maggie, self-esteem shattered, is sure her ex had been right about all of them.

She is hard-headed, insensitive. Obsessed with work. Borderline sociopathic (well, that wasn’t her exact diagnosis, but hell, her ex wasn’t to be expected to know all the right terms, right?).

And she knows her ex was right, too, when she’d accused Maggie of having eyes for that damn FBI agent.

She’d tried not to, and she would never have done anything about it  – she was nothing if not loyal – but she couldn’t help the feelings. Alex was…

Alex had rescued her, Alex had walked into the line of literal fire for her.

Alex had cared

So she didn’t have words for Alex.

Except, now, maybe – because it really feels like Alex is asking her out, and hell, she thinks now the word might be gay – the word she hadn’t dared to hope for, because anyway, if she was straight, Maggie couldn’t be tempted any more than she already was.

“What do you mean?” Alex is tilting her head and smiling confusedly and her voice is nervous, nervous, nervous.

“I… I didn’t know you were into girls.”

And the nerves seep out of Alex’s body, now, because suddenly, Alex is laughing. Maggie blinks and furrows her brow, crossing her arms defensively across her chest, because she’d thought Alex was straight, sure, but she’d also thought Alex was just fine with her being a lesbian.

“Problem, Danvers?” And suddenly Maggie’s voice is hard, cold, defensive, protective. The voice she’d honed in Blue Springs. The voice that served her well on the force. The voice that didn’t feel like her at all, and yet felt like her whole life.

Alex reaches out and touches Maggie’s elbows, shaking her head now. “No, no, Maggie, no, I’m sorry, no, no, nothing’s wrong. I just… how could you not have known? I thought the leather jackets and the bike and the boots and the, like, everything, were kind of neon signs.”

Her grin is awkward, now, but with just a twinge of confidence, and her eyes flit down to Maggie’s lips, and Maggie’s gulps, because oh. Oh. Oh.

“So… you wanna keep each other company, Danvers.”

“You don’t wanna celebrate singledom, fine. You can be all sullen and quiet, that’s okay, or you can drink as much as you want and I’ll make sure you get home okay, or you can vent as much as you need to, or all of the above. I’m a good listener, Sawyer.”

Maggie tilts her head. “And… venting is all you want?”

Alex smiles softly. “You’re still hurting, obviously. So for now, yeah.” Her eyes flit to Maggie’s lips again. “For now.”

Maggie loses her breath because Alex wants her, and Alex wants to take care of her.

Of all the things she’s used to, this isn’t one of them.

“So what’d you say about a great pinball bar?”

Alex smiles, and Maggie swears she might be blushing. And it feels… like life might be beginning again.

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to get something with Mal and Evie being cute where Evie is teaching Mal makeup/clothes/hair whichever and Evie is doing it to Mal and Evie let's Mal practice on her?

Yes! I think this is the second Malvie prompt I’ve ever gotten, I’m so excited!

Also, this was inspired just a little bit by JennaMarbles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xv3uTh9nJY

“Oh, shit, E! I got your skin, I’m sorry!” Mal dropped the tweezers and reached for Evie’s, cradling her face. “Crap, you’re bleeding just a little bit, damnit.” She reached up with her sleeve, paying no mind to how her purple shirt would stain, and dabbed at Evie’s eyebrow.

But her girlfriend, sweet and patient and so many things Mal was grateful for at that moment, didn’t even flinch. “M, it’s okay. I knew this was going to hurt.”

“It didn’t hurt when you did it to me though,” Mal argued, wiping at the smallest speck of blood on Evie’s skin. “I mean, it wasn’t pleasant, but it didn’t really hurt.”

“That’s because I knew what I was doing,” Evie grabbed Mal’s doting hands and locked their fingers, kissing the delicate knuckles. “I wasn’t going to do anything that I knew would hurt you.”

Mal scowled and pulled away. “Then why are you letting me do this to you?”

“Because you wanted to learn,” Evie answered simply. “I knew you weren’t going to be perfect at this, I was prepared. You’ll get better.” She cupped Mal’s chin and lifted her head so Evie could study her own artwork. “But, can I just say, I did a fabulous job. Those arches are gorgeous. I mean,” she leaned forward, pecking Mal’s pout, “not that you weren’t beautiful to begin with.”

Mal huffed, folded her arms and gave her trademark frown. “How about this?” She had actually put effort into this outfit, considered the top and bottom and even the belt separating them, it better have been worth it.

But Evie shook her head. “No, M, it’s too much.”

“Too much what?”

“Too much purple.”

Mal groaned. “Purple matches with purple. Simple as that.”

“No, purple clashes with purple. You look like…a grape.”

“Excuse me?” Mal sneered and her flickered just the slightest bit of emerald.

It didn’t work as she had hoped.

Evie had long ago stop fearing her, probably around the time she learnt Mal liked to cuddle during movies and had an obsession with fruit. “Imagine if I wore my blue dress and my blue leggings together. That wouldn’t look very good, would it?”

“Oh please. You’d look fabulous even if you wore absolutely nothing.”

Evie didn’t fight the grin and waited for Mal to realize what she had just said.

“I mean… Shut up!” Mal’s ears turned pink at the tips. “You know what I mean!”

“I do, but I also know you meant what you said,” Evie purred with a wink. “Now, let’s get you in nothing,” she trailed her hand down Mal’s arm just to pull back and place her hands on her hips, “so I can show you how to properly match.”

“Where are you going?” Evie snatched Mal’s wrist, pulling her away from the door.

“Ugh, princess, you were the one who complained about us being late to class and now you’re stopping me?”

“You can’t go out in the hall looking like that!” Hissed Evie as she dug through her purse.

“Like what?”

“Like it’s obvious that we were just making out in the bathroom!”

“But we were just making out in the bathroom,” Mal pointed out before pausing. “How can you tell by looking at me?”

Evie gestured to the mirrors before setting her bag on a sink to rummage deeper.

Mal startled at her reflection, her hair was a little messy and her eyes were wide, but her lipstick was smeared terribly. A faint pink was all around the outside of her mouth, even touching her chin in one long streak. She groaned before wetting a paper towel to scrub at her face. “Why doesn’t your make up look like this?”

“Because I,” Evie chirped as she pulled out what she was looking for, “wear smudge-free lipstick.”

“That’s a thing?”

“Of course. And it’s a life saver with how often you’re pulling me away for things like this.”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it.”

“I never said I didn’t,” Evie conceded, pulling Mal’s face toward her and rolling the lipstick on. She fussed and dotted, before deciding that Mal looked acceptable for third period. “There!” She pecked Mal on the lips. “Now you look like a girl who never even think of making out two feet from a toilet.”

As Evie scrubbed her face with a cotton wipe, Mal watched suspiciously, turning the little bottle over in her hands. “This shit’ll keep my pillow from looking like a finger-painting?”

“It’s make-up remover,” Evie scrubbed at her cheek. “Take away all the make-up, which means none of it will end up on your pillow tonight because it won’t be on your face anymore.”

“All I have to do is rub it on my face?”

“Yep!” Evie showed Mal the wipe in her hand and laughed at the face her girlfriend made. “Takes it all off, then you just throw it away,” she tossed the wipe into the trash can beneath their sink and smiled at Mal. “All done.”

Mal hesitated before following what she had seen Evie do. Shake the bottle, pour some on the rag, then…

“Here, let me help,” Evie pulled the wipe from her and brought it up to Mal’s face, rubbing in gentle circles. “Bye-bye blush and concealer,” she sang. Her movement by Mal’s eyes were soft, feather-like, and she worked slowly and carefully.

She pitched the wipe into the trash and took a silent moment to just look.

“There,” Evie whispered, “let’s get to bed.”

“You know,” Evie mumbled later that night, “you’re so damn pretty without make up. Your skin is clear, your lips are plump, your features are so delicate.”

Mal scoffed. The last word she wanted to be associated with was delicate, but she wrapped her arm around Evie’s waist. “You are too. I always thought you mother was so crazy when she told you to put all the crap on.”

“Yeah, but sometimes I think it’s fun. Like how I can express myself with all the colors on my face, if I feel happy and bright or if I’m serious and moody.” Evie yawned. “I don’t want you to think you have to put it all on for me. You’re so gorgeous even without it.”

Even in the dark, Mal fought down the blush. “Yeah, but you have fun using me as a model.”

“You’re the perfect model,” Evie drawled, speaking slowly as sleep worked its way into her head. “You put up with everything I want to do. Thanks.”

“No problem, princess.”


Evie pouted from her seat on the floor. “I’m sorry you’re stuck doing this.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not your fault the beaker shattered.”

“It wasn’t Doug’s fault,” defended Evie. “It slipped out of his hands.”

“Well, it should be his hand with six stitches in it.” Mal didn’t keep the anger out of her voice, only her hands. She worked the brush through Evie’s hair again, separating the strands to lay just as she wanted them.

“He did get a little cut on his thumb if it makes you feel better.”

“It…surprisingly doesn’t. This whole being good thing blows.”

Evie laughed and relaxed further against Mal’s legs, sighing at the gentle fingers brushing against her neck. “You could have just helped me put it up in a bun or something.”

“If you want it braided, it’s getting braided. Hold on,” Mal twisted the ends, pulling a hair tie around the bottom. “Done. Go see.”

Evie pushed herself off the ground with her good hand, wandering over to their floor length mirror. “Wow,” she breathed, “this is…”


“Really good, M.” Evie twirled the braid and studied it. “I’ve never seen this before.”

“It’s a rope braid. I saw it online and thought it looked pretty cool.”

“Definitely cool,” Evie agreed. “Do you… Can you do my hair everyday?”

“Really?” Mal perked up. “You like it that much?”

Evie turned and smiled at her. “I like everything you do, Mal. But this is…M, this is super cute.”

Mal stood up and reached for Evie’s hand, placing a small kiss on the line of stitches across her palm. “Consider me to be your personal hair dresser, princess.” She leaned up to kiss Evie’s throat and grinned at the little noise her girlfriend made. “Afterall, I learnt from the best.”

Whew, I’m not sure how this turned into a 5 +1 fic, but I kind of dig it!

I hope you enjoyed reading it. I am still taking prompts and requests!

My dark artifices forshadows and pipe dreams

- Kitty… obviously.

-A few things could happen with Julian and Emma. Either she dies just long enough for the parabatai rune to dissolve and clary throws reanimate rune on her (working like shock paddles). Or clary comes up with a rune that can dissolve it.

- Dru is going to go through some major life changing shit. Like becoming obsessed with tavvys safety.

- Alec is going to propose to Magnus.

- Julian could go either way right now I wouldn’t be surprised if he went dark AF. Then Emma has to pull him out of it.

- I think we are going to experience a bit of the madness of the parabatai curse.

- Ty will become obsessed with Annabel due to her killing livvy and because they look alike.

- Something is going to happen with a duck and kit

- Tessa is going to tell Jace and kit she’s their grandma … ok no that won’t happen but I can dream.

- We find out that Will Herondale has info on what’s making the warlocks sick and Tessa must transform into him to get the information!!!….. another thing that won’t happen but I can dream.

-Emma goes to live with Tessa and Jem

- Church saves everyone

- The key to everything is the little trinkets church brings to Emma. Seemed unimportant in the beginning… or is it?

-Julian becomes monster dad and no one leaves his sight!!

- BIG fairy threesome!! Cristina gets feelings for Kieran and Mark and everyone is cool with it!

- Diana and Huntmaster flex over here seal the deal.

- I know I already said it but I’ll say it again!!! KITTY!!!! At minimum a kiss. A sweet little comfort kiss. With tears and giggles.

anonymous asked:

Ello! I'm a big fan of all your work, and I just want to request a prompt if that's alright. Sometimes I like to imagine that the Sonic Boom characters are really just older versions of themselves from the games, thus their personalities has changed a little. For example, Amy is no longer openly obsessing over Sonic. I was wondering if you can write a story that takes place between the Modern!Sonic timeline and Sonic Boom timeline where Sonic starts to notice and question Amy's new personality.


Aw, thank you so much! This is a wonderful concept to work with! I hope I do it justice ^^


“Oh my hero!!!” A small Amy Rose held her arms out to embrace him.

Why does she do that? Can’t she tell I’m-

Sonic let the strange girl embrace him, but he stepped back a bit; exaggerating his movements as he tried to lightly put his hands to the sides of her shoulders.

With a light tug, he was able to have her let go.

She never seemed to care or notice that he would let her have her movement, before moving on.

But as she got older… She would take any opportunity to try and get closer to him.

It was so exhausting…

Sonic looked up from the outdoor table at the ‘date’ Amy arranged, wagging his foot out that balanced on his knee while he waited anxiously for the day to be over.

At the end of it, Amy insisted on him taking her for a run, even when she would voice that she was getting tried of him simply carrying her all the time. 

She wanted something more… something interesting.

I was always nervous it wasn’t enough for her anymore…

Sonic frowned as she once again would hug him… but this time,…

Before he could even lightly touch her shoulder, she already started to pull away.

At first, he smiled shyly, but now he looked surprised.

Her face… was distant.

Why is she so sad?

Was it something I said?

Sonic began to look over his shoulder, and realize that Amy wasn’t as enthusiastic about keeping up with him on his adventures like she used to be.

Life began to shift, and suddenly she was more interested in little projects here and there then chasing after him.

Puzzled… Sonic took the opportunity to engage her back into his life.

When Tails mentioned an Island where a small village lived, and that they could spend some relaxing years there while Eggman set up camp; he took the chance to see her again.

 With Eggman building a lair there… it was probably best the team hung out there to make sure he wasn’t up to no good.

Would the village be able to defend themselves without him and his team? Pfft.

Sonic smirked and raced off to get Amy, trying to find her anywhere he could.

Amy… Amy… Where are you?

It was always easy for Amy to find Sonic.

And for the first time…

He envied that.

Amy… Amy… Amy..?!

He spotted her in a shop, not having seen her in quite some time.


He was shocked to see her so grown… a figure in a new look, a lady instead of a child.

She turned around and smiled. The features on her face still resembled the girl he knew… but something was somehow…



“Oh, Sonic!” She happily waved.

He was used to her at least running up to him…

He shook himself out of it, and walked up. “Tails found out where Eggman was vacay-ing too. Want to ruin his fun?” He smirked, gesturing a thumb behind him.

“What do you mean? Like… we’re all going to live there?” Amy blinked her eyes, as Sonic opened his own excited ones and nodded, leaning up.

Amy’s eyes widened, and he was proud to show off his height now~

“Yep! What do ya say!? Up for some more adventures?”

“An island..?” Amy looked away smiling as she seemed to think about it.

She put a hand up to cup her cheek. “Oh! Beaches and jungles! New adventures! And everyone being so close again! How could I refuse?!” She excitedly squealed, kicking a leg up and out.

“Heh, nice try, Amy.” Sonic stuck his nose up, “But just because the island is small, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to catch me off guard or anything.”

It was mostly said to be sarcastic and humorous, but he was surprised by her response.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter. It’ll be fun to hang out, but I’m more excited about getting a tan!” She turned to the fabric and picked something out. “Besides, you’ll probably see me fighting off Eggman too! I’ve changed a lot in a few years! Oh, I see you let your hair grow out on your arms? Nice!” she lightly went to feel, before giggling and turning back, flinging a brown fabric towards him.

“Hmm… This one is good, but maybe this outfit won’t go well with a scarf..?” she kept looking around, before flapping her hands out as if giving up. “Oh, who am I kidding. It’s a ISLAND! I won’t need a scarf!” she laughed and dashed out, before waving off to him.

“See you at Tails’s, Sonic!”

He held the brown fabric… almost hurt by the fact she didn’t flirt back or even try too…

He looked down at the scarf…

“…Maybe you won’t try…” he tied the fabric around his neck like a bandanna, and then smirked, turning around. “But I haven’t given up so easily! And I know you haven’t either!” He dashed towards Tails, admiring his new fashion statement.

He held it up by a hand before taking a sniff and looking up. “All she needs is another push… shouldn’t be a problem!”


Arriving on the island, Amy acted more like a ‘chum’ than she did beforehand…

It was easier for him to be around her, but odder for him to see her the way he used too.

It was kinda sad for him, to see her not even try and make a move, but also made things more comfortable in that he could always be around her and not feel the need to keep any walls up.

They ended up getting closer…

And when Amy did make plans for something, she never called them ‘dates’, and he was able to say ‘yes’ to more alone time with her.

He… kinda liked that.

It was casual, easy, free…

“That was fun, Ames!” Sonic stated, walking her home one day before she stopped laughing and turned to look at him.


She seemed almost touched, as he turned around and put his hands down from behind his head, scratching his nose and avoiding her stare.

“Oh yeah. I thought it’d be a good idea for a nickname. It doesn’t bother you, does it? I know it’s not really original or nothing, but it’s quick, rolls off the tongue, kinda cute when you say it right and well-”

She suddenly hugged him.

He was surprised, it had been a long time…

His arms came down and so did his eyelids, but she pulled away right before he could even try and return the embrace…

He nervously moved back as if he wasn’t going to hold her back.

“H-heh.. what was that for?” he acted cool, playing it off as he lightly rubbed his arm, growing… strangely more awkward and nervous than he ever had before…

“Oh, just a thank you…. Sonic.” she smiled… something he could never pull his eyes from.

He smiled back.

“Glad it made ya happy,… Ames.” he winked.

She nodded and continued to her home, “Well, this is my place. Sorry for the hug, by the wa-”

He slammed his hand on the door at lightning speeds, suddenly stopping her from advancing as she flinched back, and turned to him as he leaned on the door.

His elbow now kept it shut as he looked to her and then away, trying to once again seem ‘casual’ and ‘cool’.

“Sorry? F-f-for what? I’m used to it. It’s been a while. Ehem. Are those shoes new?” he looked down.

She raised an eyebrow, but didn’t seem to realize he was stalling…

“Hehe, the whole outfits new, Sonic.” she looked down and moved her shoes around, showing off before flipping her hair and posing a second. “Haven’t you noticed?”

“More than you’d think…”

“Huh?” she blinked her eyes open as he stared at her…

“Bah-wh-wha-whelp!” he clapped his hands and moved off the door, before gesturing to it and swaying his arms out that way. “You’re probably tried and haa~ So am I~” he stretched and faked a yawn. “You should get to bed. I’ll um… just… walk around here.” he kicked a foot out, putting his hands behind his back and whistling as he took off with a merry little bounce in his step.

she was still suspicious, but figured- this was Sonic we’re talking about- and looked up, shaking her head at even thinking the thought, before heading inside.

When she closed the door… Sonic turned back to it, his smile suddenly becoming a genuine look of missing her.

Now that Amy’s holding back… I’m starting to want some of the old days back…

He sighed, his shoulders coming down as he looked forlorned and kicked a rock out.

Guess I’m just a few years too late…

His eyes suddenly lit up as he looked to her window.

Or maybe.. just too slow!

He looked around and a few feet away, there was a sunflower that was lying on the ground. Probably blown off from the strong winds the islands got.

He opened his mouth wide into a grin, and looked back at her window.

He took some courage and grabbed the flower, heading up to the window.


Before he could surprise her, he heard her conversing on the phone.

“Boyfriend? Oh please! I’ve moved on since then!”

His face sunk a little… his excitement leaving him suddenly…

She waited a second before responding to the person on the phone. “Emhmm. I’m a new woman now! you know what that means! The world is mine for the taking and I don’t need any stinkin’ man!”

Sonic dropped the flower into the room and dashed off.

“Haha! That’s right! And this time..-”

Well, if that was the case… might as well just let life take it’s course…

Get close while I still could be close…

-What he didn’t hear-

Phone: So you’re not gonna call him your boyfriend anymore?

“Boyfriend? Oh please! I’ve moved on since then!”

Phone: Oh.. you’re taking on a new strategy then!?

“Emhmm. I’m a new woman now! You know what that means! The world is mine for the taking and I don’t need any stinkin’ man!”

Phone: hahaah, that’s right! Only a ‘Hero’ will do!

“Haha! That’s right! And this time…-

                                         I’m gonna make that Sonic respect me!

                                                        With his own free will….

                                                                He’s gonna fall and chase me into love!”

Phone: Good luck, Amy! Me and Cheese are rooting for you! ‘Chao Chao!’

Amy hung up the phone after saying goodbye, before almost stepping on something that crumbled slightly under her feet.

Reaching down, she touched her heart and admired the beautiful sunflower, before looking around and up at her roof’s window.

“Did you get blown in here, little fella?” she smiled and looked down at it, putting it into a water jar.

“There. Now you can flourish in a new home!” She lightly stroked the petals. “Much like something else I hope will grow..”

(I thought the progression would look something like this..? xP Idk)

(x) sequel

Greatcoat- Hux x Reader

Requested by @mp938368

Prompt:  Hux loses his greatcoat, and finds it on his s/o.

Hux frowned as he looked around his bedroom, rubbing his arms.

“Maker it’s cold in here,” he muttered to himself. He checked the time and sighed- he was already late. His greatcoat was nowhere to be seen, and as he made his way to his post, he reasoned that he must have left it somewhere on the Finalizer.

Once again, he frantically rubbed at his sleeved arms. “I never noticed how cold it is..” he whispered, scanning the room for his coat. He checked the bridge, every room he could think off, and every post: nothing.

“Sir, there is an un-”

“Ask somebody else,” Hux snapped, glaring at the young officer, who nodded, wide-eyed, and ran off. General Hux sighed, settling down on a chair and putting his head on the desk. He had never once gone a day without his greatcoat- he was going to have to try and survive.

Throughout the morning, he strode around the room, eyes narrowed and cold, asking anyone to try and test his patience. He would bark out orders, his voice an icy hiss.

“Is everything all right, sir?” someone dared to ask. He turned around, studying them- perhaps they had stolen his coat! When he found no evidence of this crime, he turned his back to them, scowling even more.

“Get back to work.”

When Kylo Ren made his way into the room, Hux had to clench his fists to stop himself from hitting the man.

“What do you want, Ren?” he asked through gritted teeth. He could practically hear Kylo’s smirk from underneath his helmet.

“Am I not allowed to pay you a visit?”

“You!” Hux accused, jabbing a finger at Ren. “You stole my greatcoat!”

Kylo amused, turned away. “I did no such thing, Hux.” he paused. “Though I do suggest you visit your wife.”

Hux stood for a moment, confused before it dawned on him- Y/N! Of course! His wife would surely know what had happened to his coat!

He rubbed his hands together, begging for heat since he had lost his precious pockets. The moment he caught a break in his work, he raced through the halls to find Y/N. He ran into Captain Phasma, apologizing when he bumped into her.

“Cold out, isn’t it?” she said in response. “Broke the heaters. No greatcoat?”

Hux mumbled something angrily and pushed past her, continuing on his way. He pushed the door open forcefully, calling into the quarters.


“Hux!” she shouted back from the bedroom, sounding nervous. Hux walked into the bedroom.

“Have you seen my-” he faltered when he found the greatcoat- on Y/N. She looked at him sheepishly.

“Your coat? Yeah…” she stood up, pattering over to him.

“Oh- you…”

“I’m sorry,” she said, shaking her head. “It was so cold out, and I missed you, and they couldn’t fix the heaters, and it smelled like you and I couldn’t find my-”

“Ssh,” he shushed her, taking her hands. “You look so beautiful in my coat.”

She giggled, turning red again. “Do you want it back?”

“No, love,” he replied, pulling her into his arms and lifting her up, twirling her around a bit as she laughed. “It suits you.”

“Are you sure? You’ll be so-”

He cut her off with a kiss. “I insist.”

“Well, only if you insist,” Y/N kissed his cheek. “Now, don’t you have work to do?”

Hux grinned. “Not without my greatcoat. I might as well take the day off.”

Her eyes widened. “Really? You never take the day off- you’re obsessed with work?”

“And with you,” Hux smiled and sat with her on the bed. Although it was cold, he had never felt warmer.

Request Something  Masterlist  Thank you for reading!