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A smol post about Georgi

Procrastinating from my essay, I’m thinking a lot about the minor characters in the series, specifically Georgi. I decided I’d do a wee meta about his character that emphasizes the brilliance of the direction in such a short anime - how it tells other stories and develops characters without explanation. {I also need to get my mind off Vikturi and the new ep a bit lmao}

So we all know Georgi’s routines were based on his breakup with Anya. He’s having a hard time coming to terms with it, and wants to make the relationship work. He doesn’t want to let go of her because he loves her, and it has led to obsession with wanting to get her back.

Like, a real obsession. Poor guy.

But something is slipped into ep 9, when Mickey does his routine about letting Sala go because the relationship is dysfunctional. It’s a lot like Georgi’s situation: he’s in love with the girl but the girl needs to move on. The most important flashback is when he says this:

He’s letting Sala go because he loves her. His love for her means her happiness; he respects her decision to let go of him, as he knows she will be better off without him.

But, who in ep 9 do we see come out of the blue, responding to this routine, as if he understands it completely?

Georgi. And this is what he says:

Georgi relates to how Mickey feels, but at this very part, Georgi has come to a realization: if he loves Anya, he has to let her go.

And so he fucking does, and is seen with someone else in the next episode:


Honestly the directing and writing in this show astounds me. They didn’t need an entire character arc dedicated to Georgi to show how he develops as a character, but a few nuances that connect; from lovelorn and obsessed with an ex, to realizing through Mickey that he can let go and be free.

This show is all about the characters overcoming different obstacles concerning love. It’s brilliant.

Lightwood-Bane Boys/Downworlder Headcanons
  • Since Maia is a werewolf, she is totally Max and Rafael’s idol. (They’re obsessed with werewolves–Maia’s their Fave™.)
  • Maia sometimes stops by to speak to Alec for work-related reasons, or just to hang out with the fam for a bit. 
  • She loves the Lightwood-Bane house; the boys are entertaining and the Dads are easy company. Maia’s super relaxed with the Lightwood-Banes.
  • Max wheezes with laughter any time she does the armpit-fart. Any crude sound effect, really. Maia’s good at making them and Max thinks she’s a riot.
  • Max wants to grow up to be just like Maia Roberts. 
  • Rafael, meanwhile, has a M A S S I V E crush on her.
  • He wants to sing for her–has even written her a song or two–but is too shy as a kid. So instead, he just likes to sit in her lap and play with her hair and basically shower her in compliments and affection. 
  • He does play his guitar for her, though. Maia is openly delighted by it. 
  • (Maia totally knows he has a crush on her. It makes her so happy. She swears to every God that Rafe’s future significant other better treat him RIGHT, or so help her-
  • (Magnus and Alec also know about the crush–everyone does–and solemnly swear to Rafe never to tell.)
  • (They tease him relentlessly after she’s left, though.)
  • Lily stops by the house more often than Maia, mostly to bother Alec (she likes to tease the Dads about Domestic Life) but also to play video games with Max and Rafael.
  • She never goes easy on them at Mario Kart.
  • Max no longer plays it with her.
  • Rafael usually beats her at Super Smash Bros, though. He’s very proud about it. Lily is openly bitter.
  • She teaches the boys how to play Texas Hold'em, which the boys are totally obsessed with. She also teaches them an easy version of poker and rummy. 
  • So whenever Lily is at Magnus and Alec’s Family Fun Nights with the others, Max and Rafe want her on their team for any card games. It warms her little vampy heart. (She loves them.) 
  • Lily is also proud to rub her being Max and Rafe’s “favorite vampire” in Simon’s face. (He shrugs it off but they all know he’s competitive AF–it becomes a game between him and Lily to gain the Lightwood-Bane boys’ attention.) 
  • Lily is definitely the boys’ favorite playmate.
“Warm On a Cold Night” | Rafe x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive


DESCRIPTION: After the Christmas party you and Rafe host every year, the two of you tidy up and get ready for bed.

This one’s a bit short; just a little fluff to keep you warm through the holiday season :)

Inspired by this song (Warm On a Cold Night - HONNE) 

You can hear the gentle clink of the stemmed wine glasses and low hum of the dishwasher downstairs as you slip the straps of your evening dress off your shoulders. A light chill crosses your bare skin as you stand in the closet, closing your eyes briefly as the familiar haze of champagne swirls through your head.

It was the third annual party you and Rafe threw every Christmas Eve. Tonight’s party was a tad bit busier than the previous ones; Rafe had invited a few colleagues from work, and one had brought a lady friend whom you tried your hardest to make pleasantry with despite her obsession with collecting coins. You, complacent with your group of friends, tried to include her in your conversations, but it was difficult when the topic was always diverted back to her extensive collection.

You sigh gently as you pull on a soft sweater and whip your hair up in a quick ponytail, happy to finally be done with the night. Clicking the closet light off, you head down the dimly lit staircase towards the dining room where muffled jazzy Christmas music plays.

Downstairs, your fiancé leans over the kitchen counter with his back to you. He reaches for the last of the empty dessert plates on the table, the muscles of his back straining gently against his shirt. The sleeves of his white button-up are rolled quickly at his elbows and you catch a whiff of his dark cologne mixed with the slightest of whiskey.

Rafe doesn’t notice your presence behind him, so you spend a little while longer admiring the love of your life standing before you.

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Do you have a favorite comic book character you identify with? I am now totally obsessed with all things Black Widow. I went down the rabbit hole a bit of watching Scarlett Johansson’s work in The Avengers and Iron Man. I am also obsessed with her stunt double, Heidi Moneymaker. You can watch her work on YouTube and she’s incredible. - Bridget Regan [x]


Marvelous Circular Tattoos by Eva Krbdk

Eva Krbdk etches beautiful circular tattoos, engraving a snippet of her creation on people’s arms, a bit of her, living forever.

Krbdk’s miniature creations cover everything from scenic watercolor paintings to intricate black and white dot works, each piece holding intricate details, all confined within the circle.

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reread update: finished The Great Hunt. that took…what, two days? uhhhh I don’t have any explanation, I really don’t

some takeaways:

  • I don’t know how I fuckin forgot about the massive fight in the sky. but yep, definitely forgot about that. 
  • also is that horrifying bit with the Portal Stones and the alternate lives where I got my obsession with that trope? maybe, we will never know
  • Egwene’s sheer savagery when she’s finally freed from the leash gives me life and is also such perfect foreshadowing for where she goes moving forward, because as much as Nynaeve has a visible temper Egwene has a different kind of…ruthlessness? that the Seanchan definitely bring out in her. and understandably: the a’dam is one of the more inventive torture devices in any work of fiction I’ve read.
  • one of my few quibbles so far on reread is how quickly people seem to fall for each other, whereas later in the series I feel like the relationships are much more organic. like, the fact that Min is already into Rand, and the rapidity of Lan and Nynaeve’s relationship, just isn’t all that convincing to me. 
  • first mention of Tuon!!! can’t wait for my tiny fierce Daughter of the Nine Moons
  • Lanfear why are you so awful. no seriously why
  • and here we see the first appearance of Rand’s weird “I Cannot Kill a Woman” thing, like, Rand, cut that out (he won’t cut it out)
  • also: Rand doing nothing and confusing all of the Cairhienans cracks me up more than a little.

will I manage to read something else before I go tromping off into The Dragon Reborn? probably not but we’ll see!

Life Is What Happens

I was trying to explain to someone how I wished the epilogue had gone, and this happened.

Life is What Happens by Annerb (Harry/Ginny, PG, future AU)

“Harry?” Ginny asks.

Harry sits across the room at the old roll top desk, an array of papers in front of him. “Hmm?” he says, clearly distracted and only half-listening.

Ginny isn’t sure why she’s waited until he is buried in a report to broach this conversation. She’s had his undivided attention for most of the evening. They have learned the necessity of it, of carving time out for each other during the last few hectic years. Harry’s gotten pretty good about it, despite his tendency to obsess and his job’s ability to flow over into his private life with the fury of a tidal wave. For an Auror, there really is no separating work from home.

Like many things, that seems a bit more problematic today.

Ginny gnaws at her lower lip. She considers that she waited until he was distracted because she’s a coward, and this is easier to say while he’s not looking at her.

“You know how we talked about having a family?” she says.

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vaniileiinkeks  asked:

Since suddenly i can't walk much, because my knees just don't want to work (i really don't Know why) What would J, Harls and Jerome (big brother, yeah you got me obsessed with this) do if this happens to CP suddenly? Just out of nowhere. Love you're Blog, But you probably already knew that! ♡♡

Thank you so much hun!!! :)I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better and everything works out. Don’t hesitate to message me and let me know how things go.

The whole family would take off of their work and other escapades for a bit to stay with her at home and make sure she’s okay. They’d all have a sleep over in the master bedroom and just be with her to show her they love. Joker would carry her around anywhere she wanted if she couldn’t  walk. Jerome would constantly be putting on magic shows to  make his little sister smile and keep her mind off things while Harley uses her doctor skills to try and think of a cure for her, calling ivy or crane. Their main goal is just letting the daughter know that it doesnt change anything and shes still the clown princess

Caught In A Web - Criminal!Michael AU - PART ONE

what happens when two thieves are obsessed with each other?

PART TWO  -  masterlist

Michael’s POV:

They called her The Spider. They called him The Hornet. The Hornet - otherwise known as Michael Clifford - had been following his rival’s work obsessively ever since he moved into the rich neighbourhood, quickly noticing her presence in surrounding areas. Michael wasn’t a cop or a detective, just a boy with a bit too much spare time on his hands.

The Spider was a criminal, a thief like Michael. Unnamed, no face, just someone who outsmarted the police time and time again. Michael never failed to admire the way she’d effortlessly hack into security systems, no matter how complex the coding was; and managed to pull off stunts with ease, in and out of a building in minutes leaving no trace. She gave Michael a run for his money when it came to efficiency. Recently she’d been hitting the rich town hard, making Michael’s job hard too, he had to work overtime to hack the firewalls imbedded in the security systems whenever he wanted to perform his own heists.

Today Michael sat crunching his cornflakes, invested in a new article about The Spider’s antics. She had robbed a Tiffany & Co in his town yesterday and took over £25,000 worth in diamonds. Michael’s read the words in awe, that little voice niggling at the back of his mind. She was in his town.

He had been considering pulling off his own stunt in attempt to get The Spider’s attention for some time. He’d carried off countless robberies before but this one would have a little twist.

He could do it. And he was going to. Today.

Michael was plotting the whole day, looking up building plans of the store and spending around 2 hours cracking into the enforced security. He was shaking as midnight rolled around, not from nerves, but from excitement.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror, his body cloaked in black and his bright red hair disguised under a balaclava. It wasn’t Michael’s usual style but The Spider wore one and Michael needed the message to be obvious.

As he snuck out the front door, he exhaled loudly, watching his breath fog in the cold night air. He was going to do this. Finally. Adrenaline pumped through Michael’s body as he headed to the jewelry store, stopping outside it before placing a device of his own invention to the glass wall. Security will be tighter today, that was obvious, but hopefully nothing Michael couldn’t handle. His code cracker flashed green as it unlocked the keypad on the door. The redhead wiggled his card through the gap between the door and grinned as he heard a click. He was in.

Now the trick was to not set off the automatic lights, stay in the shadows. He plastered his back to the wall and slowly crept around the perimeter of the Tiffany’s. He ended up at the cash register, cracking it open to find the lack of notes he expected. Now for the difficult part.

He needed to get to the jewelry encased under the glass counter. He didn’t have a particular want for the adornments but he needed to prove himself. He took out his personalised pocket knife from his jeans and began chiselling at the glass. It didn’t take him long as he had modified the knife to be sharper than most.

He got bored easily, leading most of his possessions to be updated or personalised in drastic ways. His bedroom alone had a burglary system and an automatic lock with a keypad entrance. He liked it that way, especially as his profession came with an all round feeling of paranoia.

Quickly shoving the jewels into his satchel he pulled out part two of his plan, the can of black spray paint.

This was it. This was how he was going to get The Spider’s attention.

His heart was pounding in his chest as he began spraying the wall behind the register. He worked quickly albeit messily, and stood back to admire his work. A huge drawing of a spider’s web covered the once pristine white wall.

Michael ran home. The fastest he’d moved ever on a job. He threw his head back and laughed as he felt his blood pumping through his veins, this was why he worked. Exhilaration flooded his body as he watched the orange sunrise streak the sky.

As he traipsed to his bedroom he peeled off the balaclava. He flopped down in his bed and abandoned his bag on the floor - which now contained jewelry worth thousands of pounds. He had never been so eager to fall asleep, he hoped that his crime would be reported in the local newspaper soon and he needed to see if The Spider would notice.

Y/N’s POV:

“Hey, Y/N!” Your roommate called to you from the kitchen of your apartment.

“Yeah?” You stuck your head out your bedroom door, pulling on shorts.

“I think The Hornet is trying to talk to us.”

“What? What The Hornet Hornet?” You walked into the kitchen seeing Q poring over the newspaper. Her laptop was open as well, you assumed displaying more articles.

“Look! He hit our Tiffany’s yesterday and drew a spider web on the wall! He’s even wearing your mask.”
“No fucking way!” You grinned as you grabbed the paper.

Sure enough, there was a picture of the store’s wall, a black spray painted web covering half of it. You quickly scanned the article, it seemed like The Hornet’s work. You’d been a fan of his work ever since you’d teamed up with Q and secretly wished that one day you’d accidentally bump into him on a job.

“Seems as if we have an admirer.” Q smirked up at you, taking a bite of her toast.

“This is fucking cool.” You turned to her, “We need to tell him that we saw this.”

With that Q’s face dropped, “No! No, Y/N. We’ve filled our crime quota this month, we can’t hit twice in a week! That’s how people get caught!”

“Come on! He stole 10 grand because of us! He also cracked the harder security codes.” You tempted Q with The Hornet’s obvious intelligence.

She gave you a glare as you bounced on the balls of your feet, waiting for the go ahead, “Okay fine.”

“Yay!” You cheered, sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar, “Let’s play.”

Suiting up for another robbery just as you had completed one gave you a buzz. You pushed your earpiece in, and pulled the tight mask over your hair and face.

“Can you hear me?” Q spoke into your comms.

“Loud and clear.”
You walked into the living room, seeing Q in her sweats surrounded by multiple screens.

“Remember, this is just a vanity robbery, don’t get carried away.”
“Yes, mum.” You joked, but Q knew how you could get when you were pumped up on adrenaline.

Just the second robbery you did together had resulted in you stealing around £6,000 more than you intended to. But Q quickly forgave you as you bought her a new computer.


“Let’s do this.”

You clung to the dark shadows of the street as you exited your apartment building, making your way towards the supermarket. It was a bit low-end for you two but it was far too risky to visit Tiffany’s again. You went round the back of the large building, looking for the loading docks and finding the chutes they used for transporting boxes into the store. You grinned as the chutes lay unguarded.

This was too easy. You had to hold back a laugh as you slid into the gigantic storeroom.


“Straight ahead, turn left when you get to aisle 12.”

You blindly navigated the maze, sighing in relief as you saw the door into the shop.

“Hey, careful, this door is armed.”

“Hack in then.”
“Hang on bossy,” You heard the tapping of fingers on a keyboard. “Go for it.”

You opened the door, wincing as it squeaked a bit and you slipped into the main building. Passing the sweets aisle you shoved a few chocolate bars in your bag, much to the protesting of Q in your ear. You hovered around the toy aisle too.

“Y/N, we do not need a battery operated karaoke machine.”
“But I want one!”
“Ugh you’re no fun.”

You rummaged in your backpack, curling your fingers around the spray paint can and tossing it around in your hands.

“Front window, yeah?” Q reiterated your plan.

“Yup, almost there.”
With one last shake of the can you began painting on the huge glass window that sat at the front of the store.

“Hurry up, someone just pulled into the car park.” Q spoke into your ear.

“One second!” You hissed.

You had to perfect the letters, if you painted in your own handwriting they could trace it back to you.

Finally clicking the lid back on the can, you were done.

“Get out of there, now!” You heard Q irritably sigh, knowing that the risk just made you want to hang around more.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.”

You ran back to the store room and within no time you were home.

“Have fun?” Q greeted you, her computers no longer showing CCTV footage but displaying lines of code.

“Of course,” You sat down on the couch next to her, “Want a KitKat?”

Michael’s POV:

Michael woke up with a headache, he was awake till late the night before updating his folder full of all The Spider’s crimes. He liked to keep track, mostly for enjoyment but partly for ideas.

He threw on a Def Leppard tank top and sweatpants, plodding into his kitchen to see that he had run out of energy drinks and there was no cereal in the apartment.

“Great.” He huffed to himself, pulling on shoes and wincing at the harsh sunlight as he stepped into the street.

He furrowed his brows as he turned the corner to the local supermarket. Police cars were parked outside and a small crowd was gathered by a barrier of police tape.

Michael pushed to the front of the crowd, stopping short as he saw the sign. For him.

A huge spider’s web - just like the one he had drawn - was covering most of the window. Only this time a poorly drawn bug lay in the centre of it. A hornet.

Michael felt his mouth dry up as he read the words underneath the painting.


He backed away from the scene slowly, trying to avoid the gaze of police officers as he walked down the road. As soon as he was out of sight he began running and didn’t stop until he got home.

He slammed the front door as he got home and rested his back on it, catching his breath and contemplating what this meant.

“Fuck yeah!” Michael screamed, giddy like a schoolboy with a crush.

The Spider got his message, she saw him. He ran upstairs, tripping over his feet in his haste.

He couldn’t stop smiling through planning his next heist. He had to show her he got saw the sign.

This didn’t feel like crime any more, it felt like sport

Mephisto: Honestly he was okay with it until his s/o bent down and pointed at his shoes and yelled “What are thoooosee?” at top volume.

Shura: She’d probably record her s/o for a bit, unless they got obsessive with it like, cmon, we’ve got work to do. This doesn’t stop her from enjoying her s/o have fun with something.

Amaimon: For a guy like him – one who normally likes messing with people at times and then the other 90% of the time just being lazy- there’s only so much “LeBron James” screaming that he can take before shoving some candy into his s/o’s mouth.

The ones who join in immediately: Shima, Shiemi and Rin. If they weren’t up to date with what vines really are, they are now. Memes are flying and there’s really no stopping them, except for Shiemi, who’s just in it because it seems fun and makes her s/o happy.

Those who get tired of it after a while: Bon,Izumo,  Kone and Yukio. They’re the ones that would either be a bit annoyed with it at first and then get used to it, or have it the other way around. 

Vegan Guacamole Burgers are the best thing ever. I’m sorry for posting quite many burger pics (sweet potato burgers last week, now guacamole burgers) right now, but as it seems I’m currently a bit obsessed… 
Pictured is a dark/whole wheat ciabatta-bun stuffed with homemade garlic guacamole, cucumbers, rocket salad, a vegan burger patty topped with melted “cheese” and a fair amount of barbecue sauce plus some cute baby tomatoes. Thanks to my sister Julie for being my hand model with her rad nail polish…! Would you be interested in a burger recipe? I’m currently working on one, but it would be great to receive some feedback from you guys! 
Thanks & enjoy your weekend, xx Amber :)

hello, everyone!

so I’ve been a part of the tumblr community for as long as I can remember (honestly I can’t remember much, I’m surprised I can manage my exams) but been basically nonexistant on the studyblr side, until one of my friends told me that I should check it out because apparently my notes were “studyspo” and I had NO idea what she meant.

it took a bit of willpower, but I finally brained an URL and found a theme and decided to actually do it and introduce myself. my name is Lauren (she/her), I’m 18 and from Malaysia. I began the A-level programme last year, and will be sitting my AS exams in May and the A2 in October 2017.

coffee doesn’t work for me, but I am a HUGE tea fan and have over 3 boxes in my room alone. I carry at least 5 types of tea in my schoolbag. I’m kinda obsessed with the stuff. I also adore muted colours, although my pencilcase is a bright green so I don’t lose it.

what you can probably expect to see from me includes:
♕ my german-learning journey (I intend to take the TestDaF soon and go to university in Germany to learn mechanical engineering)
♕ studyspo pictures (I’m going to start the 100 Days of Productivity challenge to get myself ready for my exams)
♕ occasional tears because exams are constant
♕ masterposts
♕ and a super-fun blogger!

do drop me a message if you want, I’d love to be friends. and reblog this if you’d like me to check out your blog. I don’t follow many people here just yet and I can’t wait to see everything you guys have.

what’s up! i’m tassha  ( turning 20, she/her, gmt +8. ).  a bit about me would be I’m a business minor and a music (violin) major who as an obsession with books and music - particularly rock - and, of course, tom hiddleston. enough about me: I’ll be playing tessa macfayden; here’s a bit of info about her!

if you’re still reading, thank you so much! hmu or like this post if you’d want to plot!

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Deconstructing Snape's "Obsessive Love"

Usually, Snape’s love for Lily is discredited with the word “obsessive,” so I wanted to examine that a bit. See, I would probably describe his feelings as obsessive, but I hesitate to use that word at all because it has been thrown around as meaning “Snape never loved Lily; he was obsessed with her.”

However, if we can manage to separate the word obsessive from its context in the Snape debate–Severus is an obsessive person. It’s unlikely he ever cared about much of anything un-obsessively, whether it was potions, (Defence Against) the Dark Arts, or Lily. This is a guy who waxed poetic about “the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes” and a million other things. Snape is…really dramatic. 

The anti-Snape rhetoric tries to fit Snape’s story into a narrative that goes like this: A guy is obsessed with a girl, but he doesn’t love her. He thinks he loves her, but really, he loves the idea of her. He doesn’t actually see her as a person; he doesn’t even really know her.

And that narrative is pretty common in real life and in fiction. It’s the basis for understanding the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope. So it’s easy for a lot of people to say that’s all Snape’s story is. 

However, there’s no reason to believe that Severus did not see Lily as a person. They were best friends for about five years. I do not believe they could’ve been best friends without Severus truly knowing Lily–her likes, her dislikes, her dreams, her fears, her everything.

Yet simultaneously, Lily probably did represent an idea to him. To explain it very simplistically–the idea of someone who loved him and cared about him (and before that, the idea of a potential friend who could do magic). Eileen probably loved him, but she clearly neglected him, and his parents’ relationship was an unhealthy one, so Severus didn’t have much of a model of what healthy love would look like. If you’re starved for love and affection, you latch onto the first person who shows it to you. That could’ve been the basis of Snape’s feelings before he really got to know Lily. But he did get to know her.

He needed her more than she needed him, most likely–love was more freely available to her. He had no one else. His love was likely to be intense–maybe more intense than hers ever could’ve been. That’s what happens with an intense person like Severus. He was as fixated on his love of Lily as he was fixated on his hatred of James.

It’s unfortunate we have to spend so much time denying that Snape’s love was in any way obsessive in order to prove it was real. I really want to talk about Severus as an intense and obsessive person. Because he loved Lily as a friend, and it was genuine. And he also loved her obsessively, because that was his nature, and because his time as her friend was likely the only time he was happy. Because knowing her, appreciating her, valuing her only made that feeling more intense. It wasn’t an uncomplicated love, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t love.

I love how different kinds of intelligence are portrayed in each clone. 

Sarah didn’t finish high school and, yet she’s the one who’s leading the whole club throughout the whole search for Castor and what not. 

Cosima is working on completing her PhD in Experimental Evolutionary Developmental Biology, but she sucks at being able to think quickly on her feet ( I mean, “as a lesbian…supporter”) and also is a bit naive when it comes to relationships (Shay, Delphine, god knows who else) 

 Alison on the other hand has a hard time dealing with her shit ( drunk at her own party,almost overdosing on pills at her play) but clearly is amazing at running a business and has the most creative mind when it comes to selling drugs and hiding bodies.

 And then there’s Helena, who by all means seems to be the child of the group, enjoying childish games, eating like a toddler, and dancing out to her favorite hits; but cross her once and you will never see a more experienced and capable assassin, willing to go to any lengths to protect herself and her family.

anonymous asked:

Helloooo!! Could you write about y/n having a little sis who's obsessed w/ the twins and you take her to go to them on tour then maybe y/n and Gray fall in love and y/n's evil lil sis does everything in her ability to attempt to break y/n and gray up and it works for a bit but then they get back together😅💖... I love you blog btw 😂💜✨ idk I just think it would be interesting 😁❤️

Hey, so I really love this idea, but it seems like it would be a little long… So I’m going to write it in two parts! I’m excited for this one, both parts should be up in a couple hours! (Sorry, I just have a ton of hw..) xx

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I honestly didn't like birthright at all, all the retainers loved the people they worked for way too much. I couldnt branch out and make their supports with anyone but the partner they had to work with (ex. Hinata + Oboro) The birthright plot seemed the most boring to me, while Conquest was a bit too much for me from the stuff happening with Azura and her not explaining shit ;; Revelations was the only time I really liked anyone, and was able to actually enjoy supports, or anyone really

Honestly every royal seemed to have at least one retainer at least sort of obsessed with them. Conquest and Birthright. Still, the only ones that were hard to pair off was Effie and Hana, and I couldn’t even pair them with their partner retainer because their supports with them were just as bad. Oboro obviously was written to have a crush on Takumi but it was hardly overwhelming and everywhere. Birthright’s plot was pretty standard to me but at least it didn’t make me want to scream into the void like Conquest did. And I’ll take standard over “incredibly forced please we want to be edgy” any day. Still, I think they probably should have just stuck with Revelations instead of three games and made Revelations magnificent.


 ( history ) 

The child of The British Men of Letter’s, Toni Bevell and a man she never spoke of, William Bevell lived a relatively regular childhood. the only irregularity was his shapeshifting abilities, his mother made him promise to keep them secret and so he did. He managed it for a good 12 years until one night everything changed. His mother had to go on a trip. She kissed him goodnight and then left. But when she came home, that was when he realized how much things had changed. 

Toni changed after her encounter with the Winchesters. The sweet mother he used to know was gone. She was neglectful and obsessed with her work. One day she even asked him to use his abilities, the one she previously made him swear to never speak of or use, to catch another shapeshifter. Will was unsure, and a bit scared too. He was only 13 at the time. But eventually, he said yes. Things didn’t go according to plan though. The shapeshifter his mother wanted captured turned out to be only a few years older then him. Not only that, but his mother had lied. She wanted the other shapeshifter killed

It was then Will made a choice. He saved the other shapeshifter and run away with them. They didn’t have much of a home, or steady food. But they became like family, and for Will, that was better then what he had before. It was a few years later when the two found someone else. They weren’t a shapeshifter like them, but they were supernatural. They decided to take them under their wing and protect the two of them.

 But everything changed the day they were attacked by hunters. In order to survive, they had to split up. It was then they made the plan to meet up in Sioux Falls, they heard a rumor it was a ‘supernatural safe haven’. 

Will is still desperately hoping that that the rumor was true, Sioux Falls was a supernatural safe haven. And that the people he cares for most come join him soon. 

Please consider: A Giantkiller Serial Killer AU

A Cassandra/George, bad-wrong obsessive serial killer AU. Imagine the spiraling obsession! the terrible bloody flirting!

Points to consider:

1. Bodies in dark alleys, no obvious cause of death, golden craft-store glitter all over their hands.

2. Hard-boiled detective George! Methodical, combat-vet George working her way through chains of evidence and 4am coffee. George, who can’t help seeing the elegant efficiency in the murders and falling a little bit in love, the way she always loves beautiful things that want to kill her. (Also: George’s past as a short, female, intersex, mixed-race soldier and police officer! The adventures she’s had, the ops she’s run, the shit she’s flatly refused to take)

3. Jack as her junior partner, all shiny and earnest and convinced that he can save people! If he just works hard enough and helps hard enough and believes hard enough he can save them all because that’s what heroes do, right?! 

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