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All the drama and fighting going on this fandom needs to stop for like two second and just needs to focus on this, even if they aren’t a Zayn’s girl.

Like this needs to be in every news broadcast there is and needs to be shouted from the rooftops to the rest of the world because I don’t think many people know and appreciate how amazingly smart and intelligent the beautiful Zayn Malik is.

Everyone needs to know that he is more than just a pretty face and an incredibly amazing singer with a voice and passion like no other.

No matter who your favourite is, everyone has to admit that Zayn Malik is not only the most beautiful person in the world who has the most amazing voice in the world, that he also helps out with so many charities and all the good for this world, but that he is one of the most smartest and most intelligent human being in this world.

I think people underestimate Zayn and think that he is just another member of a boyband, “so what, he doesn’t do much beside sing.”

No. Zayn Malik is beautiful with and incredible voice, that is caring and kind who spends his free time helping out charities and things, but also a very intelligent human being and he doesn’t show it enough. I think Zayn and the rest of the band need a bit more respect than that.

Because Zayn truly is the best human being on this planet.

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I actually think them playing Stockholm syndrome tonight was an attempt to save face. All this band has been faced with lately is criticism. Criticism about the tour, the setlist, the lack of band interaction, Zouis partying, ect. I think playing a popular song from Four was their way to try and pacify fans a bit. Instead it backfired and actually created more anger than before. Dear oh dear, it's times like this a decent management team come in handy to glue the pieces back together

I think I kind of agree with you actually. A lot of fans have been getting fed up lately and they’re getting pretty vocal about it. So maybe they did decide to sing SS to pacify us in a small way. We’ve been practically begging them to sing that and No Control since OTRA started. So hooray it seemed like 1DHQ was finally listening to us and taking our ideas into consideration. Unfortunately the execution of that plan was… rocky lol. Good intentions perhaps. At least we got to hear it. Buuut it seems to have veered off course and backfired. One step forward, two back. I’m curious to see if it was a one time thing or if they’ll keep it on the setlist for the rest of the Japan dates.

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what do you like about ziall and niam?

Ha! Haha!  You’re my favorite <3  I was sad I got to talk about Narry and Nouis and then the next question made me discount all the other Niall ships.

So Ziall is probably my favorite.  Did I say you can’t ask a Niall girl about which Niall relationship they like best?  Whoops.

I mean, I do appreciate and obsess about all of them.  I just have a very soft spot for Ziall and I’m a bit Ziall-deprived right now so I’m allowed to play favorites.

With Ziall, there’s just such a gentle fondness.  Niall is the baby of the band (by the boys’ own admissions) and Zayn is the gentle dom, so they go together so well.  Again, Niall isn’t really the type that needs taking care of or asks for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not nice when it happens.  I feel like the way Niall indulges Louis is the way Zayn indulges Niall.  Zayn will keep Niall company when no one else will.  He’s the one who was out with Niall in Las Vegas for his birthday this year too.  Niall always accommodates for everyone else, so it’s nice when someone focuses just on him and his needs.

Zayn is super protective, and honestly Niall is the one with the most issues that I know of.  He has asthma, a bum knee, possibly dyslexia?, claustrophobia that includes having too many people around, stage anxiety in front of smaller crowds, he bites his nails and can’t stop fidgeting which are generally signs of anxiety.  Niall handles it all pretty seamlessly, but Zayn is a protector and if you’re looking for someone to be protected, Niall’s a good candidate.  

I thought Zayn was about to blow a gasket outside the airport in LA when Niall got pushed down.  I still think it’s hard to tell why exactly he was so furious from the videos, but they’ve been in mobs before and we haven’t seen him like that, so I assume he was reacting to Niall’s situation.

Niall can make Zayn smile in a special way.  Zayn has very close relationships with all the boys, and at least one or two of them get their own smiles, but Niall has a special one.  Niall’s enthusiasm and cuteness have always come across in a very pure form to Zayn I think.  Zayn’s not naturally outgoing and upbeat in all situations, so I think Niall’s attitude still amazes him sometimes.

Niam was actually my first ship in the fandom.  X Factor era Niam is the cutest thing.  I can’t get over how stiff and nervous Liam was during that period and how the only times he relaxed were around Niall.  Even though people jumped on Niall immediately when they made it through the first round of individual cuts, you can see Niall was trying to turn to get at Liam first.  With so many people who wanted a piece of him, Liam was the one he wanted to hug first.

Even though Liam seems to try to protect Niall, I think Niall really protects him more.  I think Niall was probably always aware of how much Liam needed someone, so he become that person for Liam.  I get the sense that when Liam’s bored, stir crazy, or a little down, Niall’s the one that sits through it with him.  Niall’s the one that keeps him company and lets him talk it out.

Liam for his part smothers Niall with displays of affection when he gets a chance.  He picks Niall up and manhandles him around, sings sappy lines straight at Niall, and becomes Mrs. Horan periodically XD  It’s funny how Niall sometimes has this “couldn’t care less” look on his face but lets Liam do his thing anyway.  It’s like Niall’s playing hard to get and Liam’s pursuing him or something.

For his part, I think Liam is Niall’s sounding board too.  Liam seems to know a lot about how Niall views himself as a person which makes me think they’ve talked quite a bit about anything and everything and also deep stuff.  I think Niam have a very similar dynamic to Zouis and Narry in that Niall and Liam are very very even in their relationship.  

Both Zayn and Louis view themselves too much as Niall’s big brother for it to be completely even.  Ziam and Larry are different because they’re romances as well as friendships.  Lilo and Lirry have a lot more push and pull and tension, although not the bad kind.  Zarry I can’t get a good read on still. That’s why to me, I think Narry, Niam, and Zouis are the relationships where things come with extreme ease because there are key characteristics where the personalities of the people involve match.  For Niall and Harry it’s their energy and positivity, for Louis and Zayn it’s their sense of responsibility but also mischief, and for Niall and Liam it’s their grounded centers and the way they open up naturally without drama.

Ah, that felt good! XD

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So they want us to know that Louis is headed home (via Jay) & Eleanor is in California, with a chunk of ambiguity about whether El & L were in LA at the same time. It's like they want to be able to go in any direction with their level of togetherness. Near enough that they could be said to be meeting up, far enough away that they could be said to be drifting apart. That or Oli is now in charge of bearding arrangements & he's just smoking too much of the good shit to keep things clear.

 Oli is now in charge of bearding arrangements & he’s just smoking too much of the good shit to keep things clear. THATS IT. THATS THE ANSWER. It all makes sense now. Everyone can go home!

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