a bit late perhaps

“Dear Unicorn Diary,

I will forever live for the bright sparkle of recognition in Cat’s eyes after she kissed me.

She finally remembered.

Her voice as she spoke seemed a bit shaky.  ‘Well, Kiera?  A few days late, perhaps, but worth it, hm?’

I might have nodded.

Then I spoke.  Lucy always tells me I shouldn’t speak unless I know what’s going to come out of my mouth.  ‘Miss Grant, that was our eighth first kiss.’

I can’t remember if I covered my big mouth with my hands.

Alex is going to kill me.



Happy 5th Anniversary, Resonance of Fate! [28.01.10]

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"You're givin' out free opinions, Boss?" The Admin smirked. "Sure. So, be real with me... with respect to gettin' outta my jurisdiction. Do I need to step off, or nah?" Of course, Plumeria knew intellectually that if G had a problem, he would come to her. But things had been a bit intense of late; she felt that perhaps a check-in may be warranted.

Ya Boy’s Opinion on Shit || Accepting

[ ☠ ] — “Girl if I needed you to step off I’d tell ya too; ya got the power ya got ‘cause ya keep me in line and prevent me from goin’ Primeape shit on everyone,” Guzma answers, looking over at her from his phone.

“It ain’t like you doin’ anythin’ outta line or over stretchin’ boundaries. Now know this: I’ll tell ya the MOMENT you do, close or not. That’s what you deserve, to know the truth. We didn’t go through fuckin’ hell together just for us to lie to each other… Y’hear?

Only once does it come around

w/c: 1.3k

a/n: a instagram au (or something like that)

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