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It’s almost John’s birthday and in an attempt to plan a surprise party for him, you’ve been sneaking around behind his back all week. Only problem is, you’re 99% sure John already knows exactly what you’ve been up to. So, in a fit of paranoia and desperation you find yourself dialing up your closest confidant (the man who happens to have raised you) in the wee hours of the morning, while also huddled in the depths of a hotel closet.

When Winston, your father (and near king of the assassin underworld) answers the phone, he can’t help but let out a small laugh; He can tell at once what you’re doing -hiding from John Wick- from the very obvious way you’re speaking in hushed tones.

“Hello, dearest,” Winston answers, gruff voiced and pleasant as always, listening for a delayed reply. 

“Y/N?,” he asks after a moment of silence.

“Dad?… ,” You whisper almost inaudibly, listening for any signs of John returning. “I can’t talk long.”

Ah,” Winston says, nodding in understanding. “So, where are we hiding from Baba Yaga, now, child of mine? Huddled in some isolated corner, beneath the bed, or perhaps the cupboard under the stairs?”

You roll your eyes, huffing, a bit agitated, “The hotel closet, if you must know, father.”

“I hope this isn’t going to become a habit with you,” Winston replies. 

He can’t help but smirk with the thought: you huddled in the dark, with all manners of coats and dress concealing you from a man who posed no real threat to you, other than being a complete and utter party pooper.

Ah, the things one does for love, Winston thought dreamily.

“I need you to meet me at 5:30, preferably as far away from the hotel as possible,” You say, in an attempt to force the conversation back on topic. “Addy’s going to distract John at the bar, so he can’t interrupt.”  

Winston nods to himself, grabbing a pen and paper to jot down the details. “Will you be in need of anything in the meantime? Some assistance perhaps? I can fake a crisis.”

“Any sort of help from the outside would be much appreciated,” You say. 

Your words are rushed, as you further explain, “Honestly, dad, there’s only so many different excuses a person can give for running out to finish some random errand before they start sounding completely nonsensical.” 

“I’ll send Charon. I’ve been feeling a bit off lately, I’m thinking the flu, perhaps? I would very like to have tea with my only child,” Winston smiles tightly. “You’re welcome, dear.”

“Thank you,” you say, letting out a relieved breath of air.

“I’ll see you at five,” Winston says.

“Five thirty,” you remind.

“Five,” he replies, quite aware of the original time you had proposed, “This way, I know you’ll show up by five thirty.”

A moment later, Winston bids you farewell. You lean your back against the closet door and close your eyes, inhaling a deep breath, as you both hang up. Success, you think, almost triumphant with the thought: Just maybe you’ll actually be able to pull this off without John finding out. 

Then you hear the footsteps; they linger outside the door for a moment, as the person guiding them shrugs off their coat and lets out a weary breath. The door soon opens, betraying you and your hiding place, and leaving you to the mercy of a very baffled man. 

You let out a small yelp, getting tangled in various items of clothing as you fall backwards and tumble out, spilling onto the floor. You lay there for a moment, stunned. 

“Darling, you’re home early!” you say almost manically, meeting John’s gaze as you prop yourself on your elbows and smile at him from where you’re sprawled across the floor. 

“You were hiding in the closet,” John says flatly, not one to be deterred. 

He raises his eyebrows at you, almost expectantly, as if waiting for an answer -something to explain the circumstances surrounding your bizarre greeting, as well as your behavior.

Oh, no… that?” You reply, pointing back towards the closet and scoffing dismissively. “I wasn’t hiding, I was just looking for something… I could have sworn I heard one of my coins fall out of my coat pocket. It seems I was gladly mistaken though.”

John nods, completely unconvinced.

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Assuming you're not tired of drawing him yet... for the clothes meme: T in 🔞 and 🎭 please, if it's not too much trouble. Thank you pally! <3 <3 <3

Its perhaps a bit late but Im doing these as I get inspired. Sorry for the delay! Also… T doesnt really do sexy outfits… its just breaking character. SOOOO I did this instead :’D

I don’t often draw or whatever but I’m currently listening to S2 of @woodenovercoats and while listening I ended up drawing Antigone Funn and thought I’d share.
I head canon Antigone’s aesthetic to be a toss up of Wednesday Addams, gothic romance and widows grabs from the 1800’s because of course she’d be into that. You damn well know, Antigone is staying up late reading gothic romances…perhaps something a bit more raunchier.😏

prompt: “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

For @gavinisabanana​ <3 thanks for all your support!

“I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

Gavin’s back hits the brick wall with a resounding, painful thud. Ryan scowls down at him. He’s more angry than he’s been in a long time; heart pounding, burning ire racing through his veins, and his hands fist in the front of Gavin’s shirt, pressing him against the wall hard enough that he coughs. Struggling for air, his hands go up to grip Ryan’s wrists, trying to pry his iron grip loose.

“Ryan, wait,” he chokes out. He pushes ineffectually at his chest, but Ryan won’t be moved, his glare only intensifying as he stares down at the other man.

There’s a dark, painful looking bruise swelling around Gavin’s left eye, but he’s still got that obnoxious grin on his face. Like this is all a fucking joke to him. God, Ryan could punch him - in fact, he thinks he will. He pulls a fist back and Gavin squeaks and flinches, hunching up into himself as best he can with Ryan’s other hand still tightly gripping his shirt.

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My first request by anon. I worked really hard for this and I know you requested this on Christmas and perhaps I’m a bit late, but Happy Christmas to you too and Happy New Year. You can leave me a message and let me know if you liked the scenario.


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genre: fluff

word count: 7.8k (it wasn’t suppose to become this long, idk what happened along the way)

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x reader

summary: It has been almost a year since her crush on the infamous Jeon Jungook started to bloom. And although they were friends, the thought of him liking her was pretty much impossible. When suddenly her girl friends insists that he’s changing and perhaps, he likes her back. 

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When Y/N was 15 years old living comfortably in the city of London, her parents decided to move to Manchester. At first, she started to dislike the city very much and wished she could just go back home. Back with her old friends and also with her crush. But as the time passed she realised those friends were fake and her oh so called best friend started dating her crush right when she left. As a result, she stopped disliking Manchester and learned to tolerate it.

Everything started to change when she got into the music program. She played the piano back in London where she was considered the best, but once in Manchester, she was just average. Originally, this frustrates her to no end, but it only fueled her to practice even more. Sometimes she would stay in the music room all of the lunchtime and a little more if she could, while at home, she practiced more than studied. Unfortunately, this meant her grades started to fall, but not enough for her parents to notice.

She didn’t have any friends back then, so it was easier for her to drown herself in practice and homework. At first, she told herself she just wanted to improve, but slowly she started realising she just wanted to shut herself from reality, from the past and the future. Maybe from the present too. However, a guy from her music class started to notice her. He was Asian, perhaps Korean, but she was not sure. He looked at her a lot during music class and sometimes talks with his best friend, who looked Asian as well. She found out from the girls that sit next to her that he’s quite popular, but he never showed a certain interest to any girl. Y/N actually didn’t care about the guy status at school, she just wanted him to stop looking at her.

But then one day she was practicing at noon in the music room, she heard the door open and she tried to ignore it until she saw the two guys. It was the guys who always looked at her at class, his best friend, and another guy, who looked two years older. They ignored her, though they most likely heard the piano, and hid behind some instruments while telling each other to shut up. She stopped playing.

“Why did you stop?” the older inquired, while the other two told her in quiet voices to keep playing. She just looked at weirdly them and then someone else entered.

He looked shorter than the three guys hiding, but she recognised him to be two grades older than her. He was also Asian, like the others, and he looked cute. As is in really adorable. He had chubby cheeks and an eye slightly smaller than the other. Almost as her had got hurt there long ago. Although the adorable guy was clearly angry, and she was pretty sure the other males in the room were hiding from him, she wasn’t sure if she should inform him of their whereabouts or continue her piano playing. Just then he started looking around until he noticed her, his serious gaze fixing on her.

“Are you new?” he asked and she nodded, not daring to talk. “Did three guys came here? Korean like me, but… taller. ” He clearly didn’t like admitting the last part.

“I- um,” she looked at them for a split second and they were signaling for her to not say anything.

“I… no. I have been practicing for an hour and I haven’t seen anyone come here, especially with your descriptions,” she said and he groaned.

“Those fuckers, where are they?” he muttered angrily as he left.

She looked at them and whispered he left, and the guys stood up with a sigh of relief. The older one came towards her and hugged her out of nowhere, making her tense for a second. When he didn’t release her, she patted his back until he let go, the other two smiling at her.

“You’re a lifesaver. If Jimin had found us we will be worse than dead,” the guy said with a big square smile and then offered his hand. “I’m Kim Taehyung, but call me Tae.”

“Hi…” it was all she could say.

“I’m Kim Yugyeom,” another said, and she looked at them in confusion.

“You’re brothers? You don’t look alike,” she commented, and they shook their heads in amusement.

“Kim is just a horribly common name in our country,” Taehyung said and she nodded.

“I’m Jeon Jungkook. You’re in our music class, right?” he said with a sweet and shy bunny smile and she nodded. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” she said and they smiled.

“Y/N, good to meet you,” they replied, and for the first time since she arrived in Manchester, she genuinely smiled.

“Oh cmon, why don’t you do a favour for your senior?!” Tae protests and whines loudly.

“Who told you to take History for your Sixth Form, and literature? Seriously, since when you read?” she questions, quite annoyed.

“I read more than you think and I have always liked History. I just need you to help with this one assignment. Plus, Mr. Bennett is driving me crazy with his crazy assignments. Please, just this one! I won’t ask for help on anything else for the rest of the year.“ His whining continues and Y/N sighs.

“Is that seriously all you have to offer?” she says and then he pouts. Fuck Kim Taehyung and his cute little pout. It always got him what he wants. “OK, I’ll help you, but just this one time. If you ask me for help again then I swear I’ll kill you.”

“You can’t even kill a fly,” he retorts and she glares at him. “Ok ok, I promise I won’t.”

“Good, now leave before I change my mind,” she says annoyingly and he smiles widely as he starts leaving.

“I love you, Y/N!” he says making a big heart and then running off.

17 they say, 17 my ass, he’s still in primary school, she thinks and then shakes her head as she head to the library.

It’s been a year since she met the idiot that is Taehyung and her classmates Yugyeom and Jungkook a few things changed. She stopped obsessing over piano practices, although she still practices daily and her skills have improved greatly. She started to make new friends, which included Jungkook’s friends and a few girls in her year. She still misses London, the city that she calls home, but her thoughts about Manchester have changed. She’s come to love and appreciate what she has here, especially a certain someone…or should she say bunny?

They weren’t close compared to her and Tae or even Jimin. Perhaps she’s closer to Seokjin and the rest of the guys, who are in Uni than she is to Jungkook. The one fondly referred to as ‘bunny’. She still remembers when some girls in their year said he was almost indifferent to the opposite sex, some thinking he was just a cold person or even gay. But she later realised that was not the case when they started to become friends. Jungkook is shy from nature, especially with girls. The guys and sometimes her tease him about the matter, which makes the poor guy even shyer.

It was really contradicting, in her opinion. Jungkook is a really handsome and talented guy, which is why he’s so popular at school. Girls want to go out with him, snog him around in the school halls, and other things she finds too disgusting to even think about. For a lot of people, he’s a heartthrob. For her, he’s just a simple dork: A dork that somehow stole her heart in a different way than he stole others’.

She likes him for his dorkiness, his bunny smile, his shyness and how kind he’s with his hyungs and everyone else. She likes him because of his heart of gold and all those little things that make him Jeon Jungkook. All those girls only liked an illusion and not the real Jungkook, but she did, the real him is what matters to her. She just wants him to be himself and to see him happy. They weren’t that close, but close enough for her heart get warm in happiness whenever the little bunny was around.

Without realising a smile starts growing in her lips and she starts giggling to herself as she walks to her locker. Lunch time is ending in a few minutes and she needs to get ready for her next class. When she gets there she takes her textbooks and makes sure she has a pen. She smiles at the pictures in her locker, which were all of her friends; Jungkook was even in a few ones standing next to her. Once again she starts grinning and closes her locker happily. But the moment she starts to walk to her classroom someone comes running and stumbles into her. She falls to the floor along with all her stuff and when she looks up the person keeps running without noticing.

“Y/N!” Someone yells coming to her and when she looks it’s a worried Jungkook. She starts picking her stuff, but suddenly he’s helping her with her books and helps her stand. She looks down a little bit embarrassed but he makes her look at him. “Are you okay?”

“Thanks, Kookie. And I’m good. It was an idiot who came running without looking. He didn’t even notice I fell into the floor,” she says smiling a little and he looks at her face and her hands.

“You don’t have any bruises, that’s good,” he says smiling as well and then the bell rings. “You’re going to class now, right?” She nods. “Ok, then we should go together. What do you think?”

“Fine with me,” she says and they both walk to their classroom.

As the time keep passing by Jungkook slowly starts to act a bit weird. At first, Y/N didn’t want to think about it, but the little bunny felt more awkward around her and was beginning to treat her differently from everyone. He wasn’t mean to her; he’s so pure to even harm a fly. On the contrary, he acted like a complete sweetheart around her. Although he seems nervous half of the time he always makes sure she’s okay. Whenever she needs help at something -and even when she doesn’t- he’s there.

She told herself he’s just being a good friend, but her girlfriends start to confuse her a lot. They always told her he was crushing on her and whenever he was around they’ll throw knowing looks at them, making the poor guy more nervous. A part of her thought it’s impossible for someone as kind and handsome as him to like her back. Jeon Jungkook it’s pretty much what most girls will call perfect. Caring, talented, honest and handsome -that is him.

He wasn’t that pure, though. He loves to pull pranks on his elders. A complete meme, he is. Always so extra and making all of them laugh all the time for what a dork he is. But that’s what made him more real and perfect to her. She hates thinking that way, but she felt like Jungkook deserves someone just as kind as him, someone just as bright and with his sense of humour. Someone prettier and more talented that she could be.

Yet, for her friends, the only girl Jungkook likes is her.

“He was totally going to hold your hand, but he didn’t because he was so shy,” Minan says and Y/N rolls her eyes.

“Shy or not, Jungkook is not one for skinship,” she argued, but Anne just giggles.

“Oh, c’mon. Do you remember that time he held you because you almost tripped and he ended up holding you longer than necessary?” Anne says between giggles.

“That has nothing to do with it! He was just surprised since I almost fell on my face,” Y/N keeps protesting and they just roll their eyes.

“He always get all heart-eyed and blushes when you’re around,” Anne says and before Y/N can protest even more Jimin and Hobi came and they both sit with them.

“Who gets heart-eyed for whom?” Hobi questions.

“No one,” Y/N tells them annoyed, but then Minan and Anne tells them before she can shut them.

“Jungkook over Y/N. She doesn’t want to believe us that the bunny is crushing on her,” Minan explains as she holds Hoseok’s hand and he smiles at her sweetly before pecking her lips.

“Y/N, I didn’t know you’ll be this blind. Seriously, that guy is always freaking out when you’re next to him,” Jimin mocks and Y/N shakes her head.

“That doesn’t mean he likes me, he just gets nervous around girls,” she says and they all roll their eyes at her.

“He doesn’t get that nervous around us,” Anne and Minan asserts and she sighs.

Just then she looks at the hour and her eyes widen: she was late for tutoring. She picks up all her stuff and finishes eating her food faster than the wind before running without saying goodbye. She is late, later than ever before and Jungkook must have been waiting in the library for almost half an hour. What if he got tired of waiting and left? It shouldn’t be a big deal anyways; he will still come to her house after school. But she hates making him wait and causing him to lose tutoring time, especially since he’s been freaking out… He’s been freaking out because he’s starting to fail in their last essays about Shakespeare and literature theory.

At first, she didn’t understand why he picked English literature for his Sixth Form since he’s focusing on music and art. He kept insisting how it can help him with his writing related to his songs although it didn’t convince her that much. She still agreed to help him and so far there has been some progress. However, there won’t be progress if she comes to their meetings half an hour late. When she gets to the library she starts looking for Jungkook, but she doesn’t see him anywhere so she begins to worry he left because she was late.

She keeps walking and decides to look at the novel section, but when she gets there she saw a tall guy with his back to her and an open book in his hand. He was reading the book while wearing earphones and perhaps hearing music as well. She almost doesn’t recognise the guy until she sees his Timberlands and his hair. It’s pretty obvious that is Kookie. With a smile she walks towards him and then she suddenly hugs him from behind. Scared he jumps a little and looks over his shoulder. When he sees her he blushes a little and then smiles shyly so she lets go slowly.

“Sorry for taking so long, I got caught up with the girls in the cafeteria,” she says and he closes the book.

“Don’t worry, I was reading while I waited for you,” Jungkook says and she smiles a little.

“I thought you don’t read much and that’s why you need my help,” she chuckles and he blushes a bit more.

“I don’t, but I just started reading The Hobbit and it’s not that bad,” he says and she nods.

“It’s one of my favourite classics, now hurry, we have lost half an hour for our tutoring session,” she points out as they walk to a table and then sit ready to start. “We’re reading Romeo and Juliet and the teacher wants us to write an essay concerning our thoughts in the play and what this had to do with first love.”

“I’m going to fail the play, you know that?” he laments quietly as he lies his head on the table.

“You won’t, now stop being a baby and tell me how we relate this play with first love.” she insists and he sighs. “C’mon, we already have the first part of the assignment done.”

“First love can be blind, it’s the first person that you had ever felt for and made you feel loved. It can make you do crazy things, such as going against your family or perhaps even dying for them because you think there’s no one. Because that’s mostly how first love is. No one else had made you feel like them so when they’re gone you’ll think there’s no one else and will prefer to die. That’s why Romeo killed himself when he thought Juliet was dead. Since she was the first he never thought he’ll fall in love again, and nor did Juliet after he killed himself. She could’ve found someone else and fallen in love once again, but they didn’t know because they were blinded by their first love,” he explains carefully and she looks at him shocked.

“I thought you were going to fail this essay,” she says and his eyes widen.

“It was good? When I told Tae he said there was something left,” he says and she nods.

“Tae is right, there’s something left. Will you consider this a tragedy or just romance?” She questions and he thinks for a moment.

“Tragedy, obviously. They died because they were blinded. They confused lust and others things with true love. Because first love it’s not always love in reality and sometimes we confuse it and we end something we can regret. It’s a tragedy because what they thought it was love ended up killing them,” he finishes and she smiles.

“That was good, Kookie. See? You won’t fail. You’re actually good at this,” she assures him and he smiles.

“It’s because you’re helping me a lot, Y/N,” he says and she blushes a little.

“It’s nothing,” she brushes off and they keep discussing the play more.

Today they are getting their grade for the Romeo and Juliet essay and Y/N could notice Jungkook is nervous. Although Tae, Namjoon and her, who are more experienced in English literature, told him everything was great he’s still nervous. She looks from her table to his and he appears anxious. He is shaking his right leg while he looks at his hands almost desperately. Their English teacher is still passing their essays when he passes next to Y/N and put her essay in front of her.

She isn’t surprised to she got a 99 since this is her best class after all. Actually, she is more worried about Kookie, even if they revised his essay more times than needed. When their teacher gives his essay she looks at him nervously and even crossing her fingers. Then she notices his eyes widen and for a second she got worried. Until his infamous bunny smile can to life and he looks at her excitedly making her grin back.

“I got a 95,” he mouths and she understands perfectly as she gives him two thumbs up.

“I told you, you did great, Jungkook,” she mouths back and if it was possible, his grin goes wider.

At the end of class, she runs towards him, who was giving her his back and hugged him tightly. He tenses for a second but then smiles fondly when he notices it’s her. He tries to hug her back, but it turns a bit awkward and the both of them pulled away as he starts blushing. She chuckles at his cuteness as she starts talking.

“We need to celebrate this achievement. What do you think, muscle bunny?” She asks excitedly and he grins.

“What to do you have in mind, teacher?” He says mockingly since he knows she doesn’t like being called the teacher.

“I thought about skipping maths and chemistry and have a Marvel marathon in the music room, but if you’re going to call me teacher then we should head to class,” she says picking her stuff and then he runs towards.

“I was joking, Y/N. Forgive me, I won’t call you like that ever again. I don’t want to see Ms. Brennan today. She keeps looking at me weirdly,” He says and she grins evilly.

“I’m not sure, I don’t think today is a day to skip class,” she teases and gets out of the classroom as he follows her desperately.

“Oh c’mon, I’ll buy ice cream after school,” he insists and then she stops and looks at him. He knows she’s a sucker for ice cream.

“What flavour?” She asks him before giving in.

“Chocolate,” he guesses right away.

“Ok, let’s hurry if you don’t want to get caught. We have a marathon to catch up,” she says and he grins as the both of them go to the music room without being seen.

Once they’re in the music room they take the look through the films they have left for moments like this one. Jungkook takes the first Iron Man film and she rolls her eyes when he grins like a little kid on Christmas and sits on the floor with her. They take some sweets they usually hide here and then they waited for the movie to start. Like Kookie, she loves Marvel, but her favourite superhero is actually Captain America instead of Iron Man. When they went out to watch Civil War with the rest they had to keep the two of them away from the other before they slit each other’s throats.

But today they just watch the movie calmly, with Kookie’s cute reactions every now and then and her eating his sweets. He’s so engrossed in the movie he doesn’t even notice until the door opens and the two of them look scared thinking they got caught. Instead, they see Yugyeom and Hoseok glaring at them. Just then Kookie looks at his sweets and frown as he looks at her. “Did you seriously eat my sweets?”

“It’s not a time to fight over sweets. You traitors went to have a Marvel marathon without us,” Yugyeom accused and then he and Hoseok sit with them.

“Hyung, shouldn’t you be in class? You’re in your last year of Sixth Form,” Jungkook directs to Hoseok and the older one just take what the younger one got left of sweets.

“I’m graduating in a month, let me live before I get forced into the horrors that are the life of a Uni student,” He says as he eats and watches the movie calmly.

“Do you know those are Jungkook’s sweets?” Y/N tries to confront him, but he just shrugs.

“Yes, but I still don’t care,” he says as he keeps eating them happily and leaving Jungkook glaring at him instead of enjoying the movie.

The rest of the day Yugyeom and Hoseok stayed with them making Y/N very annoyed. This was supposed to be a time for her to be alone with Jungkook. They barely spent time alone since most of the time he gets shy around her and leaves, or because their friends are always in the middle. Actually, she has started to plan a way to confess to Jungkook and today would have been a perfect time. Until Jung Hoseok and Kim Yugyeom came to ruin it.

She wants to tell him everything when no one is around them so when he rejects her she won’t feel embarrassed around the whole school. She’s pretty sure he doesn’t feel the same, but after a complete year of holding up, she can’t hold it back. After all, she’s always open to her friends and she hardly holds in her feelings, until she started falling for Jungkook. However, she already got tired of hiding and she wanted to tell him. Yet, at the same time, she’s scared how their friendship will turn into after he rejects her. He’s already shy around her, how will he feel when he finds out she has some feelings for him deeper than a simple friendship?

Jungkook is a nice person, he surely won’t push her away intentionally, but he can do so unintentionally. Which in her opinion it’s worse because he’s not meaning to, but he still hurts her. Perhaps the fact that Hoseok and Yugyeom interrupted their alone time was a good idea. They gave more time to think and realise perhaps she should wait a little longer. But how much longer will she be able to hide what she feels towards him?

She has no idea, but she needs to try a little longer. Just for the sake of their friendship.

Although they’re starting summer in a few weeks, Y/N was packing her winter clothes in a backpack. They all planned to go to the Chill Factore. She has gone there a few times with them and even took some skiing lessons, but either way, she keeps falling on her face or crashing with strangers. It’s always an embarrassing experience. But everyone wanted to go once again and she couldn’t say no. Not with Tae’s puppy eyes and Jungkook’s bunny stare, she just couldn’t. She knew once again she’ll be having an epic fall and with her crush watching her for the fifth time already. She needs to prepare herself mentally for it.

When she finishes packing and doing some quick breathing exercises she takes her backpack and goes out of her room. She says goodbye to her parents and when she goes to the door she finds Minan and Hobi waiting for her. The sweet couple hugged her excitedly and the three of them headed to Hobi’s car. Inside the car, she’s surprised to see Jungkook and Yugyeom since she thought they were going with Jin or even Taehyung. Jungkook gives her his trademark bunny smile and she can’t help but smile back as she sits next to him.

“Are you ready for this month’s epic fail at Chill Factore, Y/N?” Yugyeom teases and she glares at him, but before she can say anything Jungkook also glares at him.

“It’s not funny, Yugyeom, she can get seriously hurt,” he scolds him and then looks at Y/N. “Are you sure you’re going to ski today? If you don’t want to we can look the shops around together.”

She only shakes her head and smiles kindly. “I’m good, Jungkook, don’t worry. I’ll make sure to not fall this time. And if I do it won’t be anything new. I just have to keep trying until I can finally do it.”

After that, the ride to the park turns calm and soft music plays in the background. As she hums the songs quietly she looks around at the Manchester’s landscape, one she has already got used to. She already knows the names of almost every street in her area and the most important buildings. Sometimes she wondered if Manchester could possibly take London’s place and become into her new home. She certainly has a better life than the one she had back in her old neighbourhood.

“What are you thinking about?” Jungkook asks her quietly and she looks at him. Suddenly she remembers that just like him he’s away from home, but he is even farther.

“Do you miss South Korea?” She questions back and he looks at her a bit surprised at first.

“Of course I do, a lot actually. But the hyungs and Yugyeom makes it easier. I still consider my home is back to Seoul and I might go back when I finish my undergrad, but I still like Manchester. It’s the closer I have felt from home. Although I think it’s because the people that surround me and not the place itself. If they weren’t here Manchester will feel lonely and dark. Were you thinking about your life back in London?” He tells and she chuckles.

“You read my thoughts,” she keeps chuckling. “Sometimes I miss it, but other times I look back at how lonely I actually was. I had a few friends, but they just were those annoying posh fourteen years old. Now the friends I have are always there for me and they always make me feel so warm. You guys make me feel at home,” she confesses and he smiles a bit shyly.

“You also make me feel at home,” he confesses as she notices a soft blush on his cheeks and without a second thought she kisses his right cheek. His eyes widen slightly and just then the blush turns deeper as he looks away shyly. “I-I wasn’t expecting that.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispers a bit shy, but he shakes his head.

“I-I was just surprised, you don’t have to apologise,” he whispers back and then the two of them are smiling to each other.

Once they reached Chill Factore the rest were waiting for them. She greets them all and they all walk to the entrance. Suddenly she feels a hand crashing with hers and she looks to see it’s Jungkook. She tries to ignore it, but then she feels that same hand grabbing hers softly and she feels her cheeks burning. It surprises her when she looks at him and she doesn’t see any sign of shyness or discomfort. Instead, he just keeps walking with a straight face.

Inside the building, they change into their winter clothes before getting ready for skiing. It was only a big jacket on top of her clothes and a beanie along with a pair of winter boots. It’s pretty cold there, but not too much to have put on more clothes or scarves. They all get ready and go to pick their equipment for skiing until someone gives her a scarf. She looks up confused until she sees him.

“I heard it’s colder there than usual, so I think it’s better for you to get extra warm,” he says kindly and she shakes her head.

“I’m fine, Kookie,” she insists and tries to give him the scarf, but he doesn’t let her.

“Just in case, keep it even if you’re not gonna use it now,” he says, she chuckles and takes it since she didn’t have any other choice.

The day went out smoothly, she didn’t fall which was surprising for everyone. The guys still find ways to keep mocking her, especially when Jungkook was being too close to her today. She tried not to think about it like everything else, but Minan and Anne kept saying it was something. Even some of the guys started to point out Jungkook was being so different around her lately and he has been changing. Normally she tries to ignore their words, but today it was hard. Kookie is not really someone for skinship, but today he has been overly close, but also shy like other times.

He is kind like he is to everybody else, but the way he treats her is still different from how he treats the rest. With Anne and Minan he’s also kind and sometimes shy, but he also teases them a lot like friends normally do. The way he worries for them is not the same way he worries for her. If he worries about them it’s normally because one of them is sad and he wants to be a good friend by comforting them. When he worries about her it’s because of those same reasons, but also because he’s just like that with her. He’s worried she’ll gets hurt, he’s worried she feels out of place if she’s eating or not. At first, she thought it was a pity, but the way he looks at her tells it’s something more meaningful.

What if they were all right and Jungkook has been feeling something towards her? But it still doesn’t make sense to her. How can Jungkook fall for her? There’s nothing that extraordinary about her and she always thinks a guy as extraordinary as him should deserve a girl just like him. He’s so more talented that she will ever be. She just good at school and playing the piano, and yes, she’s good at it. But Jungkook is so good at a lot of things. Like dancing, singing, sports and a lot of more things.

So whenever she thinks about it, doesn’t make sense how someone so multi-talented like him will like her. However, those excuses start to become more stupid as she keeps thinking about them. If he likes her, it’s because he thinks she’s good enough. He’s not perfect, but to her, it’s like he is. There could be tons of better guys than him, but in her eyes, there’s no one better than him. And if he likes her back it’s because he thinks the same. With that realisation, she wonders if she should tell him, but just then they’re in front of her house and she needs to say goodbye to all of them.

She goes straight to her room and changes into some more comfortable clothes before she decides how to tell everything to him. A text message is the first out of her list since she never liked confession through text messages or phone calls. She likes the idea of making confessions through love letters, but the idea of confessing in person appeases her even more. However, she thinks a letter is perhaps the safest way she can confess to him right now. So she goes to her desk and takes a few papers along with a pencil and an eraser. She takes a deep breath and starts writing.

To her surprise, the right words start coming to her mind and she writes them down. Everything coming out smoothly and she can’t help but smile. She stays focused writing her letter when she hears her phone. At first, she ignores it since she thought it could be text from Anne talking once again about Jungkook. But just then her phone keep buzzing and she gets annoyed enough to pick it up in order to shut it off. Just then she realises it’s not Anne talking about Jungkook, but Jeon Jungkook himself texting her. Right away she unlocks her phone to read the messages.

[Jungkook] Yugyeom I swear if you make fun of me I’ll use you as a bowling ball next time we go bowling, I fucking swear. But I have to tell someone how I feel before I go crazy. Seriously, this is all driving me crazy. What’s wrong with me?

She notices he’s texting her thinking she’s Yugyeom and she was going to tell him he was texting the wrong person until she found herself reading the other messages.

[Jungkook] Y/N is driving me crazy, I never thought it was possible to feel like this for someone, but apparently it is. I know I liked something about her since the first time I saw her. Remember how I would always look at her at music class and you’ll tell me to stop being a creep and just talk to her? Do you think she noticed? She hardly paid attention to me. And back then I thought it was perhaps only a crush. I swore it was only that when you guys asked about it. But it has been a little more than a year and nothing has changed. Just gotten deeper.

She reads the messages three times still not believing what she just read. He has been crushing on her since last year even before they were even friends. How is possible she never noticed?

[Jungkook] You know this is the first time I feel something like this for someone. Do you have any idea what should I do? I feel like asking Namjoon hyung, but I’m actually scared he will make fun of me.

[Jungkook] I like her a lot, so much more than I thought. Like today I felt so happy around her. For once I didn’t get as shy as I do most of the time. And she looks so beautiful today, does she knows how beautiful and smart she is? How she makes me feel?

[Jungkook] I swear, she’s driving me crazy, Yugyeom-ah! ㅠㅠ

She still couldn’t believe what she just read. Her friends have been right all this time, he does like her back. He does feel the same for her and she can’t get over the shock. But she wasn’t meant to find out, not right now, that message was actually intended for Yugyeom, his best friend. However, he somehow confused both contacts and text her instead. Has he realise his mistake and is now wanting to ignore her?

[ Y/N ] Kookie, did you see the contact name before sending those messages?

She texts him although she knows he didn’t. Either way, he won’t have text her that stuff. She looks at her phone for a while and she can see he read it, yet, he doesn’t write anything back. She waits a bit more hoping he does, but no, he never did. She put her phone down and try to keep going with her letter. But she can’t stop looking at her phone like crazy.

Groaning she throw the papers in the trash. There’s not a point to give him that letter when she already knows how he feels. Now she has to find a better way to confess to him. Tomorrow is Monday so she can confess to him at school, she just has to make sure that no one interrupts them. Perhaps she can tell Anne about her plan and Minan as well. She has to tell him.

The next day it was impossible to talk to Jungkook. He was avoiding her and he was making a good job of it. It makes her feel bad, whenever he comes with an excuse to not talk to her or how he avoids her eyes. She told herself he’s just embarrassed about his mistake to even face her. But whenever she tries to reach him he’s running away before she can say a word. She’s frustrated as the days keep passing and he keeps avoiding. Summer starts and she’s still not able to confess towards him.

Her frustration keeps growing stronger that she almost text him out of anger and tell him everything. But before she can start writing her phone starts ringing and answer right away when she realises it’s Jungkook.

“Jungkook,” she calls out his name because she actually doesn’t know what else to say.

“H-hi, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a coffee and then go to the park,” he says softly and a bit nervously. She can even visualise him scratching the back of his neck as he looks at the floor shyly.

“Of course I want to. At what hour should I be ready?” She asks him with a soothing voice to calm him down.

“3 o’clock will be a good time. Do you want me to pick you up?” He asks and she smiles a little.

“I think it’s better that you pick me up. I’ll be getting ready now, see you at 3,” she tells him and she can feel his little bunny smile before he answers.

“Perfect, see you at 3 then,” he says and then he hangs up.

She starts to pick what she is going to wear. She decided to go simple with some jeans and black blouse plus a pair of black sandals. Before Jungkook called she had already showered so all she had to do is to do her hair and her makeup. Just like she did with her clothes she went simple with her makeup so she didn’t take much time. By the time she finished getting ready there were 10 minutes left before he came to pick her up.

She takes her purse and phone as she goes downstairs. As she waits for him she goes to the kitchen for a bottle of water and few cookies, just in case she wants a snack while they’re in the park. When she hears someone knock the door she looks at the hour and sees it’s already time. With a smile, she goes and opens the door to be greeted by Jungkook.

“Hey,” he says a bit nervously and wave at her.

“Hey, are we going to walk to the coffee shop?” She asks him and he nods.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he says, she shakes her head and the take his hands surprising him.

“Of course I don’t, let’s go,” she smiles and then they start walking.

The walk to the coffee shop was way too quiet for Y/N liking. Jungkook keeps holding her hand but she could see how he looks at the floor and sometimes he scratches the back of his neck as if he’s looking for the right words to say.

“Why did you want to go out?” She starts since she knows he won’t say anything unless she starts the conversation.

“I-I think there are some things I need to… explain,” he says still looking at the floor.

“Kookie, if there’s something you want to explain you have to look me in the eyes,” she tells him and he sighs before looking at her, but he’s still too nervous. “Now, what you want to explain?”

“First, I’m sorry for avoiding you this last week. I just was way too embarrassed to face you after what happened,” he says scratching the back of his neck again.

“Second?” She encourages him to keep going.

“I talked with Namjoon hyung, I tried not to, but I needed advice right away. Just like I expected he made fun of me, but at least his advice was good or that’s what I think so,” he starts blabbering nervously and she stops him.

“Jungkook, let’s go straight to the point. Take a deep breath first,” she orders him and he nods and then takes a deep breath. “Ok, keep going.”

“I like you, but you know that already because of the messages. I just wanted to give you a full confession in person since you weren’t meant to find out like this. Since the first time I saw you in our music class I have a crush on you, but I don’t remember when I exactly started to feel something for real. I know it all started when you become to get close to everyone else, specially Minan and Anne. I saw the way you were with them and I wanted to be close to you just like you were to them.

“But I have always been too shy, you already know that. The guys are always making fun of me because of that, but you didn’t. You never have, instead, you always make me talk or explain myself better to you like just now. And that’s one of the many things I like about you. But you’re also so smart, damn, I always feel so dumb around you,” he chuckles a little and looks at the floor again.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t like me back, though. There are some guys smarter than me and are not so shy. Fuck, I even avoided you for a whole week because I was afraid to confess. Sometimes is so hard for me to talk to you, but other times I just can’t stop ranting like an idiot. What’s attractive about that? Nothing I guess. I hope my feelings for you don’t bother you, I’ll most likely move on over time. Do you remember Romeo and Juliet? You’re just my first love, that doesn’t mean I won’t find someone else later, right?” He rants again and she looks at him. “Shit… I’m ranting again, aren’t I?”

“Why I’m always like this? I’m sorry, Y/N, I think this was a mistake,” he says letting her hand go. “I think it’s better we-”

“Can you let me talk for a moment?” She asks and bit annoyed and he looks at her a bit taken back. “I like you too, Jungkook. I don’t find you unattractive just because you’re shy or because you think you’re dumb. Actually, I think you’re one of the greatest guys I have ever met. You’re kind and sweet, you’re hardworking and honest. You’re better than most guys in our school so you don’t have to think so lowly of yourself. Don’t think you have to be like other people just so I can like you because you’re already perfect they way you are. I already like you and I don’t want you to change the way you are.”

He looks at her shocked, not believing anything she just said. She could see it in his eyes so with a groan she pulls him towards him and kissed him. He tenses, but she doesn’t stop kissing him, instead, she kiss him harder to make him react. Suddenly his arms go around his waist and she can’t help, but smile. He starts to kiss her at the same pace, but he doesn’t catch up so she slows down the kiss. His lips are soft and sweet, for some reason she always imagined he’d taste like mint, but instead, he tastes like blueberries. Not like she doesn’t like it, it’s actually addicting.

After kissing for some time now Jungkook is the first to break down the kiss and then he smiles widely at her showing up those bunny teeth she loves so much.

“So I was worrying for nothing?” He asks with a chuckle and she smiles.

“We were both worrying for nothing. I also thought it was impossible for you to like me back,” she confesses and he chuckles and gives her a peck.

“How could you think that? You’re amazing,” he says and caresses her cheek.

“The same way you thought I find you unattractive. Look at you, you’re so handsome,” she shakes her head.

“Fair enough,” he smiles and looks at her. “Actually I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“Honestly, me neither,” she grins before giving him another kiss, but he breaks down.

“C’mon, we still have some coffee to catch, but this time it’ll be our first date. How’s that sounds?” he offers and she hugs him.

“Amazing, as long as you don’t keep ranting some stupid nonsense again,” she says and he pouts cutely.

“You’re mean, but I promise I won’t. Now, let’s go,” he takes her hand and the two of them keep on their way to the coffee shop with a big smile on their faces.

They are each other’s first love, and that perhaps doesn’t guarantee them they’ll last forever. But they don’t mind. For now, they just want to live in the present and love each other the best they can until the time came, if it ever came. Because for now Jeon Jungkook is the only one for her, and Y/N is the only one for him. 

to anon~ I hope you’re satisfied with the scenario. If there’s something, in particular, you want to change just let me know.

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Nightmare: Garchomp prof ends up laying an egg, but now the government wants to take it from him to study!

Anonymously send my muse nightmares. See if you can touch upon their deepest fears.

…He has no idea how this happened, honestly.

Sure, he’d been eating more and had the strangest urge to build a nest out of his bedding, and was perhaps a bit more territorial as of late… 

Which, okay, in hindsight, was actually kind of telling.

But one moment he’d been fast asleep, and the next he’d woken up with what he’d assumed were some horrible stomach cramps, and now… There it was. An egg. 

Well, at least he wasn’t dying, like he’d originally feared, but he still had absolutely no words to describe this bizarre situation. Was it even viable? Would it hatch? Dear Arceus, what would even hatch out of it?!

Still, he felt pretty attached to it. He did his best to keep it a secret in the following days, fearing what would happen- But somehow they found out, and they wanted him to hand it over. “Sure thing,” he said with a smile.

He fled with it that night, trying to hide away and dodge beams of light from various helicopters. He held the egg close, keeping it warm under his coat. He made it out of the city, but the pursuit continued. He was finally cornered in a cave. He huddled down in the back of it, tugging tranquilizers out of his tail, and growling warnings at the people outside when they tried to coax him out.

Despite his exhaustion, he looked down in surprise when he felt the egg move. It was starting to hatch! Finally he’d see what-


His eyes drifted open and he lifted his head, blinking. Oh… 

Great, it seemed he’d never know what it was, now.


Perhaps a bit late for the 2 year anniversary but early for the 2.5 million subscribers milestone

I’ve really enjoyed this guy’s videos in the past weeks, especially when I was stressfully awaiting a reply whether I got into animation college or not (spoiler alert: I got in). This is probably all I can do as a way to say thanks so… thanks Mark uvu I’m not sure what the pose is supposed to be though oops


Send me 💔to have a conversation with a deceased character from my muse’s past.

It is, perhaps, a bit too late at night when a figure steps into the Abbey. More or less. His footsteps make no sound, the doors do not move as he goes through them, despite his going through the motions of opening them. He walks through solid wood without any trouble, washed out and faded at the extremities.

A ghost. Specifically, of some noble man, dressed in all the finery one would expect. Not particularly tall, nor overmuch handsome, but with a kind face. Even with the effects of his unlikely state, he seems kind.

But nonetheless, he makes his way through, into the Sanctuary itself, and finds a pew, gathering himself to pray. 

His voice carries through the old halls, deep and somewhat distorted by an unknown effect. Even to those who would speak French, it’s hard to make out, unsettling those upstairs meditating, those scourging themselves for a chance to walk about into the Light’s good graces. Something about it likely being a little late for his words. Something about a wife.

Surprisingly sentient seeming, for a ghost.

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fmk Snape, Grawp and Cornelius fudge (I'm so sorry I'll give you a less gross one too I promise)

(i’m answering asks from like two weeks ago haha sorry i’m a bit late)

F: fudge. perhaps i could slip him some polyjuice potion?
M: grawp…he seems, you know, nice. and caring and compassionate in a non-creepy way unlike some people on this list
K: lol bye snape


Happy 5th Anniversary, Resonance of Fate! [28.01.10]

“Dear Unicorn Diary,

I will forever live for the bright sparkle of recognition in Cat’s eyes after she kissed me.

She finally remembered.

Her voice as she spoke seemed a bit shaky.  ‘Well, Kiera?  A few days late, perhaps, but worth it, hm?’

I might have nodded.

Then I spoke.  Lucy always tells me I shouldn’t speak unless I know what’s going to come out of my mouth.  ‘Miss Grant, that was our eighth first kiss.’

I can’t remember if I covered my big mouth with my hands.

Alex is going to kill me.


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How would Hanzo show affection for his s/o? :3


  • When his s/o might probably think that Hanzo is too good for them or something like that he’d be like: “I’d gift you a fucking palace if only I could”.
  • Can accidentally say “I love you” instead of “could you please pass me that thing?” and then act like nothing happened.
  • Asks sudden out-of-nowhere questions like “And what’s your favorite season?”
  • When Hanzo and s/o are at some official event, Hanzo always plays it cool and cold, but when they finally do carve out a moment to be alone, he’d be like: “I can finally claim what is mine.” This is followed by the most passionate kiss in their life. 
  • If s/o is late for home (from work perhaps), he gets a bit grumpy and frowns much, but never really scolds them.
  • Talks very quietly with his s/o. It’s almost impossible to hear what he’s saying sometimes.
  • Believes that butterflies in his stomach are actually a big drill.

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umh prompts?? how about "I joked about being hungry enough to eat a horse and you took me to the stables and oh god you'll never let me live this down will you."

This realm was difficult.

Talking phones everywhere, some with more than just Emma buttons. Netflix, not a terrible thing, but so many movies about him that did not feed the ego well at all. There was no chimera to feast upon, no dragons or golden geese. There were so many things to learn about. Henry had suggested he make a list of them, “like Captain America” the boy had said, and so Killian grabbed a small notebook and began to try it out. 

The first thing he wrote down was “Captain America.” 

One night Emma came home with Henry in tow, both looking exhausted and worn down, squabbling- something about Henry following his Savior mother into the woods for a rather intense battle with some pixies. Half of their weariness probably came from the fight with the little winged nightmares, the other from the fight with each other, but since Henry had in fact managed to find a way to rid of the creatures it seemed like Emma was actually in debt to him- or so was his argument. It was decided that neither of them could handle bickering when they’d been starving in the woods all day, and though Emma was clearly not about to let her boy off that easy, she had that hungry look in her eye that meant trouble. 

Keep reading

Still Clearly Up To The No-Good Things

Title: Still Clearly Up To The No-Good Things
Author: snsk
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,800  
Summary: “Tails,” Harry intoned to no-one in particular. // “Harry,” Draco said kindly, “perhaps it is getting a bit too late for you. You are gibbering again.”

This fic is completely awesome!!! It’s from Ron’s POV, and Ron is absolutely brilliant! He’s realise that there’s something very odd going on. Draco’s made his way into their lives and he clearly is up to no good. And he’s right, only not in the way he, Ron, is thinking. And probably not in the way you’re thinking either, but I don’t say anything else because it’s hilarious and you have to see for yourself. :D