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a davekat comic thing

Twelve years postgame wherein Dave and Karkat have an overly-heartfelt conversation, and Dave makes a confession.

(Contains non-canon events.)

Posting this (kinda late) for davekat week day 7, which was a free choice. So, I decided to do this! :D I’ve been working on this quite a bit for the past few days, so I hope you enjoy! BD

KARKAT: Is something wrong?

DAVE:… yeah.

DAVE: i’ve just had a lot of things on my mind lately.

DAVE: little things, big things.

DAVE: …hey, I just wanted to ask. have I ever…told you how I feel about you? like, as a person?

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Min Yoongi | college!au | fluff? it’s really more just life | 3.1k words

You know that your dorm is made of brick, but you’re pretty sure that brick is not supposed to let sound travel like this.

In which you’d had a terrible day and all you want to do is sleep.

T for some language, mentions of sex I guess I don’t actually understand ratings

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Asgore release his power.

I just finished design Asgore in my comic. But I think I would be change his front armor a little. Sorry everyone ! if i quiet a bit. I want to release my arts like normally . But I forgot how to coloring my arts. Now I guess it not have problem about this. Next I’ll keep my arts looking better. I hope you guys will like it. :D 


judas has changed quite a bit the past couple months. i used to think he was pretty mellow, and he was, but now he’s super grumpy and flares at everything. guess that’s part of the aging process lmao. when I first got him he used to never build bubble nests and when he did they were very small. as of late now he is working on one every day and they get so big. im so proud of my little blue marshmallow.

also you can see his pores in the bottom pic!!

Hello everyone and happy new year! I know this is a bit late (fifteen days to be exact) but better late than never, I guess.

Anyways, this ff is special to me because it’s only my second one since I’ve had this account (which is running on almost five years.) I just wanted to say: thank you to everyone who managed to make my 2016 a lot less sucky.

Now, below is a few of my favorite people and I wanted to do something a little different and write them some personal notes to kick off the new year. Also, to show how much I appreciate them. love you!

@encodednotes mary katherine: where do I even begin, honestly? mkay, you are my best friend. you are so beautiful, charming, funny, witty, and incredibly stunning with words and music. you’ve smiled with me, laughed with me, and even cried with me. I thank you for your random messages and for your handwritten pen-pal letters with hand drawn memes. I thank you for being there for me through everything, even though you’re a few thousand miles away. thank you for telling me about your happy days and sad days, your crushes and hardships. thank you for trusting me enough to pour out your very soul. and lastly, thank you for just being my friend through it all. ily — rachel.

@gemffusion fahad: I know we haven’t spoken in awhile and that’s just fine; but I want you to know I think about you a lot. remembering our deep conversations with each other, and then laughing with the “clique” makes me smile. anyways, I hope all is well with you and that you had a lovely new year beginning. your friend, rachel.

@brooklymbaby sofie: I miss our conversations a lot, hun. and though it’s been awhile, I think about you and the “clique” a lot. although, i hope all is well for you and that you’ve been having a wonderful start to the new year. — rachel.

@allfishswim lauren: it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve spoke but I still consider you one of my closest friends. thank you for the long conversations about life and for helping me power through dark times. hope all is well. ily — rachel.


continuing on.
below is a combination of all sorts of lovely blogs I follow: aesthetic, celebrity, book, and even edit blogs. thank you for posting what you do and being all kind people!


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GOT7 Reactions To You Wanting To Sit On Their Face

Request: got7 gif reaction to you wanting to sit on their face? please and thank u!! i appreciate you and your blog, keep up the good work 💓

Thank you for your request! Gonna try and keep this short and to the point bc I’m tired :-)

-Admin A

Jr.: “You know, I have been feeling a bit hungry lately.”

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Yugyeom: “Oh, we’re full of all kinds of surprises aren’t we? Let’s try it so I can find out if you have any more, hmm?”

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Youngjae: “I can’t imagine anything better.”

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Jackson: “When did you say you wanted to do that? Because I think now would be a great time…”

Originally posted by mark-yientuan

BamBam: “I hadn’t realized you needed me so bad…I guess I’ll have to take care of that, won’t I?”

Originally posted by bambamn

Mark: “You’ve saved me the trouble of asking, jagi…”

Originally posted by gots7

JB: “Oh, baby girl, do I need to give you some attention?” 

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anonymous asked:

I have the flu so I'm sitting in bed craving kanej. Any chance you could write something for them pls and thank you btw you're a goddess and I love your stuff

sorry i haven’t been online so idk when you sent this but…that could mean you’re maybe, hopefully, feeling a bit better by now?? regardless, i’m wishing you well!! ♡ and tysm.

they don’t belong here, but barrel rats are a difficult breed to shoo away. not that anyone tries. it’s getting late, most of the university district all sound asleep apart from the gathering having pints and academic debates on the bridge.

kaz and inej sit at the fountain in the courtyard enjoying almond cakes and coffee, but mostly the serene ambience.

at night the fragrances of the flowers intensify. even the canals are pretty when the moon shines down on it, the silver light glinting across the small ripples like dancing stars. it’s nothing like the barrel here, which is precisely why they love it so much. they often come here to escape the dense clouds of coal smoke and the smell of rot. here, there are no hassles or drunkards to get in the way of enjoying their alone time. just peace.

clusters of heliotrope are potted around them. inej thinks they smell like vanilla, kaz thinks they smell more like cherry pie. they playfully argue about this and she splashes him with the fountain water. he laughs when the wind mists the cold water against the back of her neck and she ducks into her hood. “what’s the depressing suli proverb about what goes around comes around?”

her smile is a starburst of light splitting through the shadows her hood casts over her face. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.”

students straggle along the cobblestones without looking twice at them. some silently converse among themselves, others have their noses pressed into books as they head from the closing libraries to their dorms. kaz’s eyes rivet to them, wondering how they could exist in the same time at the same place, but be from entirely different worlds. 

when he looks at inej her head is tilted back, her hood fallen just enough for him to see the concentrated way she’s watching him. he leans in, his smirk slow and sinuous, “is that scheming face?”

she flushes. “i don’t have a scheming face.”

he pulls her hood the rest of the way down to get a clear view of her face. smoothing the disrupted hair back in place he teases, “seems to be a night of denial for you.”

“do i really have one?”

“were you scheming?”

she pauses. “kinda?”

“then definitely. what were you thinking about?”

she offers her hand and he fits his fingers between hers. “nothing devious really, i just need a lockpick to help me.”

he nods and says, “okay,” but he really means always. she smiles and squeezes his hand, but she actually means i know.

I’m wicked smart. They’ve always said that. My grades have never been stellar, but I have this ability to find the quickest, most effective path between two points and do exactly what’s necessary to take it. Really, I’m not into overachieving. Sometimes it means pushing myself, but usually it just means being deliberate in my actions. It’s weird. A lot of people perceive my actions as unstructured or random, but they really, truly are not. I meander, but I do so with purpose. I never did my homework because I realized that I didn’t need to. That I didn’t need straight As to get where I wanted to go. It just wasn’t necessary, so I didn’t strain myself. And for what it’s worth, I’ve almost always been right.

Dominant Jumin [Jumin Han x MC/Reader]

A one-shot that was supposed to be shorter and now it’s not but whatever! Dedicated to @preciousluciel who needs some more daddy Jumin in his life. I should’ve spent more time on this, tho.

Title: Dominant Jumin
Relationship: Jumin Han x Reader


Jumin’s come home after a late night at work, you have a glass of wine and decide to cheer him up.

Rating: Explicit

You find it a bit funny how every time you see him, it’s like that one day when you first stepped into the penthouse. You don’t know why, but you guess that it’s that unforgettable feeling you get when you see someone that you’ve talked with a lot for the first time. Strange, isn’t it… The dark hair, sharp eyes, straight neck. Still as charming and still as beautiful right now as he was then.

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a little farmers market thing

The op of this post said i could write something based on their headcanon so here it is.

ETA: now jaradel and I are co-writing this verse, over at AO3!


How he can wear flannel in this weather is anyone’s guess.

But Bitty doesn’t mind the way he sweats as he moves carts of ripe tomatoes and bulbous squashes from truck to table. A bead glistens at his forehead, slides down the slope of his nose to linger on the tip of his chin. His arms stretch taut, muscles bunched, around the crates as he hefts them. The mop of dark hair above his eyebrows is damp, misshapen from the press of his baseball cap, discarded at the side of the register. As Bitty watches, a tuft of bangs becomes unmoored from where he’s combed it aside and flops down almost to his eyes. He doesn’t move to dislodge it. Bitty itches to cross the aisle and slide in behind the Zimmermann Farms table, lift one hand and brush it out of the way without a single word.

He bites his lip and looks down at his own table. Really, he should be rearranging the scones or sorting the loaves or something, but every single week, as this “Mr. Zimmermann” (Bitty has no idea of his first name) unloads his wares, Bitty’s reduced to a staring, flushing mess. Nobody ought to look like that. Nobody especially ought to look like that when they’re toting vegetables. It almost makes Bitty want to eat a healthy diet. Or grow green beans. Or something, some excuse to have a conversation with this square-jawed, droopy-eyed farmer who, when he smiles at a customer, makes Bitty’s toes curl up in his sandals. Maybe he should pick up some rhubarb for a pie.

Yes, rhubarb… and it’s a little early in the season for pumpkins, but when fall rolls around maybe he’ll have pumpkins and … and oh dear Bitty is staring isn’t he.

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more lockscreens !! 💖 my friends find it hilarious that two of my favourite things are leaf man and actual literal plants so have some planty leafy i guess ?? 🍃

infawrit10  asked:

Okay so... my friend and I were going through a bit of a rough patch... and... I watched your GS stream yesterday... I watched the sing a ma jig thing, and I thought of her because she likes that kinda shit. So I sent it to her, and now we're talking again... I don't know. I just found it kinda funny that I repaired a friendship with a fuckin' sing a ma jig 😂 thank you I guess?

Sorry for the late response!  I wanted to share this with the other GS members and I totally forgot about it.  I’m really glad you guys are talking again!  It’s kind of amazing that such a stupid little excursion into sing-a-ma-jigs ended up being a meaningful thing to someone.  Thanks for sharing that!!  


Wes: Well… Now that that’s over with. Wanna hang around and chill for a little bit before it gets too late? I think Yuki is still here too.

Morgan: You had me sold until you said Yuki.

Wes: oh come on. Im sure she would make the absolute best friend ever.

Morgan: Sure. whatever. As long as I’m not alone with that cavity inducing, discarded piece of cotton candy i’l be ok i guess.

anonymous asked:

What is that about a PJO musical, is that real?

YEAH IT IS. There is a PJO musical, I remember it touring around college campuses and small theaters a few years ago, and this is the same show I believe, but I guess it’s gotten a bit bigger now. It’s gonna be showing at a theater in NYC (not on Broadway tho) from late March to early May. You can read about it here and even listen to a song from it that was released with the news today! Apparently it’s gotten really good reviews for being really accurate, which is something we never got from the movies, so that’s pretty neato lol


I just felt like sketching my neglected fankids because I’ve thought a lot about them lately

Anyways, these are Hanna and Eric. I don’t know a lot about them yet because I am currently working on the story. As for now Hanna is travelling around the Pokemon regions to collect gym badges (although she pays more attention to sightseeing and befriend the new Pokemon she comes across). Eric is too young to receive a travel license so he helps Iris manage the Dragon-type specialized gym she runs.

I tried not to make them such Iris and Ash clones in the sketch but I guess I need to improve their designs a bit more.

More info will come later :)

tag game

I was tagged by the lovely @hale-moon, thank you kodie<3

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i tag: the multifandomteam, @ochocolate, @mayaschuyler @deaconhills @rnagnusbabe @cityofisabellelightwood @sabhart @danahscott @isakyacki @aphrodittee and @alaynesasna

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