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but you know skam is all about realism right? so i really think it's long overdue to show a couple that's not fucked up in some sense. i mean. we had eva with a break up, noora with a messy messy situation in formof a big douche and then isak being a side piece for most of the season. and seriously? most (teen) couples aren't this dramatic. and to show a muslim couple that's drama free? iconic


*takes deep breath* First of all, Isak was NOT a side piece?! Even broke up with Sonja after he spent 36 hours with Isak, alone in his room, sharing a joint and talking about the universe. The fact that he was “seen” in an unwilling kiss with her at the end of that week, has nothing to do with that. Even though Isak would hate him, if he knew he had bipolar so he’d forsaken their relationship. 

Okay now back you Sana. YES! ABSOLUTELY! I soooo want a nice, cute and lovely healthy straight couple on this show! And Yousana is cute as can be! It would be sooooo iconic! 

But like…Yousana is a little too good to be true too,right?!

Like last time I had a crush…oh boy…that was a disaster! It’s almost NEVER returned[feelings]!  

Come to me anytime! I love these anon questions! <3 

Shouji’s a pretty protective guy. 

A couple words on the 1dff community...

In typical Kath fashion, I’m going to throw some psychology at all of you:

In positive psychology, there are two schools of happiness and well-being theory – hedonia which defines happiness as ‘feeling pleasure’ and eudaimonia which defines happiness as ‘living well’. Ryan and Deci did an examination of eudaimonia through the lens of self-determination theory (a theory about intrinsic motivation), and found that eudaimonic happiness is dictated by three things: the need for autonomy, the need for competence, and the need for relatedness, “feeling connected to and cared about by others”. 

I’m sure you’re all like, “Kath, shut up and get to the point”, so what does this essentially boil down to? To be happy, we need to feel connected to people, to feel like we belong.

That’s what makes a fic community like ours so important – connectedness. We could all be sitting alone, writing up a novel that might one day be published in complete and utter solitude (what a concept, writing for money, wouldn’t that be wonderful…), but we’re not. And I can’t speak for anyone else but the reason why I write fic and post it on a public forum like this is because it fosters a connection with every single person who reads it and gives me feedback, the kind of connection that can be hard to find offline especially if you’re an introvert like me.

(that’s why feedback is so important but that’s an issue for another post)

We all started here because of a shared love of one direction; I think it’s safe to say we stay for the people. I have never met a group of people so warm and open and accepting, so friendly and welcoming, so supportive and encouraging, so talented and wise and outspoken and emotional and everything in between. I have made so many friends through my writing that I wouldn’t have made otherwise, fostered connections that have gotten me through some of the toughest times I’ve had over the last few years. I am the person I am today because of all of you, my fellow writers, the readers who have stuck with me from the first chapters of my now deleted first fic, every single person I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to since I first started posting fic. I owe all of you the world and I don’t think a simple thank you would ever suffice, but here it is:

thank you. you have all filled my need for relatedness. I am much (eudaimonically) happier for having met all of you.

there’s a couple of people I’d really like to thank:

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