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Hey Harley I'm going through a thing where someone I love doesn't feel the same about me and it's been tough. Do you think you could do some cute Tyler x reader things for me so I can be a little bit happier? Thank you ♡

I’m so sorry hon! *hugs and kisses* I hope this helps, and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long for me to get to it. (these are mostly just general cute things, I hope thats okay)

- Tyler scooping you up and carrying you places
- also piggy back rides
- also carrying you on his shoulders
- Tyler tickling you just to hear your laugh
- Kisses all over your faces
- He’s super proud of you all the time
- Day trips to the zoo or the aquarium
- Tyler telling you that you’re beautiful and amazing
- When he finds out someone broke your heart he wants to go break their face
- Cuddling on the couch together
- Messing up his hair so its all fluffy and sticks out in different directions
- Playing games together and getting really competitive
- He gets pouty when he loses
- Taking Chica on walks together
- Tyler picking you flowers cause he’s a soft boi
- Holding hands all the time

Just laying out some of my emotions and hoping it would help lighten how I’ve been feeling.
I promise I’ll be okay and I’ll be back to normal soon. I have a few things queued up which are a bit happier than this post, so I hope you look forward to them. Also, I apologize in advance if I don’t respond to people as quickly as I usually do. “OTL

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organization xiii fest ◦ day xii ◦ nymph

I know it’ll kill you to hear this, but I think I can live with that.

Carl Grimes Imagine requested by anon:

Hi! Loved your last imagine. So I want to to write another Carl Grimes imagine. Can you do a fluffy, that’s not too short, but not too long either about where you and Carl are in the middle of a really steamy scene in the laundry room, when Carol, by accident, interrupts you and can’t keep her mouth shut so she tells Rick? I would really love that!!

Gifs: Not mine

Warnings: Fluff (and very mild smut)

Words: 1113

A/N: I’ll imagine it taking place in Alexandria before Carl lost his eye, and eveyone’s just a little bit happier than in the actual show!


You were throwing all the dark clothes into the dryer when you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and a head rest on your shoulder and a smile appeared on your face.

“What are you doin’?” Carl asked and you let out a small laugh.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” You asked sarcastically as you closed the door to the dryer.

“Drying clothes,” he said.

“Wow,” you said and turned around wrapping your arms around his neck, looking him in the eyes. “How did you guess that,” he smiled and put his forehead on yours and your smile grew bigger.

Words couldn’t describe how happy Carl made you in these dark times. It made the whole situation better, that even in such a bad place love could still be found. He made you forget what was going on on the other side of the walls surrounding Alexandria.

You couldn’t help but feel lucky. Thinking back to the time they saved you from Woodbury. It took some time before you actually dare to even talk to Carl. But once you did, you hit it off. Sadly, when then the Governour invaded the prison, you were seperated from the group, but you found Carol pretty much right after it happened and she kept you safe.

“So,” he said and his hands slowly went down your waist and stopped at the bottom of your shirt. “What shall we do now?” You laughed as your head fell backwards.

“Is this really the time? Your dad’s in the house,” you said enjoying his fingers slowly stroking the skin under your shirt.

“Makes it more exciting.”

“Never figured you for being that type,” you smiled at him.

“Is that a yes?” He asked starting to put his hands further up your shirt. You didn’t stop him. You closed your eyes as Carl started kissing you in a way you could tell he was lusting for you. He pressed his body against yours as he unhooked your bra under your shirt.

Reaching for his belt, you could feel his bulge against you. Quickly, you removed the belt from his pants, and that was the second you realized how much you really wanted this.

Your hands were about to pull down his pants when the door behind him bursted open. “Hey, y/n are the-” The kiss between Carl and you broke within a second. You both stood staring at Carol standing in the doorway.

Her lips were pressed together trying not to smile. “Okay, I’ll just leave!” She said joyfully as she slowly closed the door behind her.

“Oh my god!” Your hands flew up to your face to hide your embarrassment. You felt your hot skin against the palm of your hands. I heard Carl laugh. “Why are you laughing, Carl?” You asked frustrated taking your hands away from your face and turned towards him.

“Calm down,” he said and stepped in front of you. There you stood. You with your bra unhooked and Carl with his pants open.

“Can you hook my bra?” You asked and turned around. Taking yout hair over your shoulder, you felt his hands go under your shirt and hooking your bra again. You turned to look at him again.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed!” He said holding your hands smiling at you.

“Carol almost caught us having sex! We’re eating dinner with her tonight. What if she tells Rick or Michonne or anyone else?”

“You have to control your nerves and stop worrying!” He said pullung you in for a tight hug.

“You horny son of a bitch,” you laughed as you could still feel his bulge. He started yo laugh along, understanding what you were talking about.


Rick and Michone was having small talk by the dinner table while everyone else sat in complete at utter silence. You filled your plate with food and started to eat it. Your mind was running wild only thinking about if they knew what took place earlier that day.

“So,” Michonne said and raised her voice. “What did you do today Rick?” She asked him.

“Well, I made sure the walls were well protected,” Rick said. The second the last word left his mouth Carl dropped his fork and the sound of it hitting his plate echoed throughout the room and you stopped chewing my food. You dared not look up from you plate.

You could hear soft chuckling in the background. “It’s important to stay protected,” Michonne said. Your eyes closed. This couldnt get any more awkward. 

“We need to make sure,”Rick said. “That we’re always protected. From the desease.”

“And to make sure we don’t get another Judith,” Daryl said, straight out, putting an end to all the badly hidden hints. You took a quick glance at Carl and could see that his face was also red like a tomato. Once again, your hand was again over your face.

“Since the world went straigh to hell, you never got to learn about the birds and the bees… And their consequences,” Rick said.

You put your hands on your cheeks and looked at Carl. He wasn’t looking at Rick. “I can’t believe this is happening!” Carl sighed and rubbed his eyes.

You looked at Carol who seemed to be enjoying her time sitting at the end of the table. She looked up at you and made eye contact.

“I’m full,” you said and took your napkin off your lap and put it beside your plate still full of food. You pushed the chair out and stared exiting the diningroom. When you had reached the bottom of the stairs you heard Carl speak.

“I’m full as well!” He said. His footsteps came closer, and not long after he stood right behing you. He whispered a sorry as you started to walk up the stairs.

“Remember protection!” You heard Michonne yell after you. You stopped in your tracks and turned around letting your head fall on Carl’s shoulder hiding your embarrassment.


A/N: Here you go, anon. Not too short, nor too long. Hope you like it, and thanks by the way. I’m glad you liked my imagine. By the way, happy to take requests. (Please come with requests.) http://imagine-multifandom.tumblr.com/ask


L.O.V.E.  -  Johnlock Edition

That last video I made was really sad, so I made one that’s a bit happier :P

So yeah, my face is on this which… is not so great but honestly this picture makes me happy. I got to cuddle Tyler again 9 days ago in Rome and I was reminded what sunshine in human form looks like and how important it is to always do the best you can and be the best version of yourself because it doesn’t take much to make the world a better place to live in sometimes.

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Stupid Feelings (Part 3)

Originally posted by farous

Part one here    Part two here

Anon requests: Omggggg I looooooved stupid feelings!!! Will wait for part 3!!! Love your writiiing!!!

If I slip ya a twenty do you think you could make stupid feelings pt 3 but with a little bit happier twist ;) P.s. you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I’ll respect anything you do because you’re a wonderful writer

please do a part three of stupid feelings it’s so angsty it fuels my soul

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Based off of Taylor Swift’s “Clean”, (Y/N) goes through the healing process of losing a best friend.

Warnings: a lil angst

Word count: 934

A/N: This is the last part. sorry if you guys don’t get enough closure with this, but so far all of my other imagines / series have had happy endings, and although this isn’t exactly a sad ending, it’s not happily ever after and i’m very satisfied with it.  i hope you guys like it, enjoy!

The drought was the very worst

When the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst

It was months, and months of back and forth

You’re still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore

It had been months since I talked to Jughead. Although avoiding him was brutal, I knew that this was good for me.

The most painful part was not avoiding Jughead, but rather the sudden lack of his presence.  Over the course of a few months, we had formed a close bond, and then it was suddenly ripped apart.  It was like having a drought right after a heavy rainstorm.

Hung my head as I lost the war, and the sky turned black like a perfect storm

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning gone was any trace of you,

I think I am finally clean

Healing is a process.  Every day I spent without Jughead was agonizing, but I kept repeating to myself that healing is a process.  I cannot heal if I return to the pain.

Did it hurt that I constantly saw Jughead with Betty?  Yes.  Was it painful to see them smiling and happy at Pop’s together?  Yes.  

There was nothing left to do

When the butterflies turned to dust that covered my whole room

So I punched a hole in the roof

Let the flood carry away all my pictures of you

Cheryl was scrolling through my camera roll on my phone when she suddenly stopped and sent me a distasteful look.

“Really, (Y/N)?” she asked, rolling her eyes as she showed me a picture on my phone. It was a selfie Jughead and I had taken together when we used to talk to each other.  “I thought you were getting over him?”

“I am,” I responded, snatching my phone out of her perfectly-manicured hand.  “I just wanted to keep this.  It’s my last picture of him.  The rest are deleted.”  She shook her head in disapproval.

“Delete it, honey,” she advised.  “It’s for the best.”

The water filled my lungs, I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing

Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning, gone was any trace of you,

I think I am finally clean

I think I am finally clean

Said I think I am finally clean

It was a rainy night, and I was locked in my room.  Tears would not stop rolling down my cheeks.

“This is pathetic,” I whispered to myself, gripping my blankets.  “Pull yourself together.”  Clenching my eyes closed, I tried to calm myself down.  “I’m over it, I’m over him.”

The next morning, I woke up with puffy eyes.  I examined my appearance in the mirror, rubbing my face in a helpless attempt to make it look like I wasn’t crying.

“Healing,” I muttered.  “I’m healing.”

 10 months sober, I must admit

Just because you’re clean don’t mean you don’t miss it

10 months older, I won’t give in

Now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it

Ten months. It had been ten months since I had spoken to Jughead.  I spotted him with Betty less and less.  Part of me wondered if something happened between the two of them, but then I also realized that maybe I just don’t care anymore.  Maybe I’ve finally moved on.

It was freeing, being healed.  I could walk down the hallways and look all his friends in the eyes.  I could talk to Veronica without sadness pressing down on my chest, I could wave at Archie in the hallways.

But I still could not return to Jughead.

He was still my source of pain, and even though I knew that my heart had healed, the pain would come rushing back if I started talking to Jughead again.

 The drought was the very worst

When the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst

 Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning gone was any trace of you,

I think I am finally clean

Veronica and I became close friends, and soon I found myself being welcomed by her whole friend group.  She was aware of what happened between me and Jughead the previous year, so she made sure to keep him in the dark about our blossoming friendship.

I sat with her, Kevin, and Betty at lunch one day.  Betty had become my friend, and I found myself able to enjoy being in her presence without thinking about Jughead.  We were laughing about something when Archie approached us, Jughead following.  He stopped at our table, and we fell silent.  Jughead and I immediately locked eyes, and I knew I could not avoid this any longer.

Maybe I had it wrong.  Maybe avoiding Jughead wasn’t the best way for me to cope.  As I stared into his eyes, I realized that I was not fully healed until I could talk to him again.  Until I could look my once best friend into the eyes and greet him, I was not completely okay.  The corners of his lips tentatively twitched upwards, hesitant about whether or not it was okay to speak to me.  Before he could utter a greeting, I beat him to it.

“Hi, Jughead.”

 Rain came pouring down when I was drowning

That’s when I could finally breathe

And by morning gone was any trace of you

I think I am finally clean

Finally clean

Think I’m finally clean

Think I’m finally clean