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Day 5: Mythology and Creatures

A/N: I bring you a Hades and Persephone AU today, lovelies. It reads a little bit like a myth/fairy tale. Also, there was supposed to be a Klaus POV to this but I’m a writing sloth and ran out of time. Shhhh. If you’re interested in the part 2, let me know and I’ll finish it and post it at a later date. I hope you like it because I’m not sure how I feel about it. 

Anyway, happy reading! :)


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Fill Me With Your Kissing Death

Long ago, back in the days when wolves still trotted and crouched low in her honeysuckle eyes, hungry for something with no name but afraid to prowl too close to the surface of desire, midnight rose like a chariot from a tomb to tickle the soles of Caroline’s feet. It tilled the earth. Exposed her lampshaded dreams like cartilage. Snapped denial against her two bony kneecaps until she screamed out the letters of her own fate. The rattle roar of ghosts she’d long refused to know stepped out from graves beneath her skin. They zipped into her throat with ease because they were no longer shunned for their shouts which demanded wicked mercy; they were no longer lonely. Cracking open the dual riot in her heart.

Midnight vined her through with darkness pronged in hush. All of that guileless power licking love into old scars until they felt jagged and whole again instead of split open and dripping red with shame. It happened at a time when hunting for blood was deemed wrong for any spring darling because ‘sunlight should be enough to fill up anyone who’s been blessed with a green raindrop touch’; but also in a moment when Caroline could no longer crush the wildness inside. That part of her desperate to grow thorns from her thumbs…that part dying to poison herself with the freedom to seethe.

She’d grown weary of lying. She’d grown so sick of pretending to flourish in a half-life where she spent all her time courted only by the warmth of the sun. For what of the moon? Or of the knifing feeling of night as it’s swallowed like ice through the lungs of the guilty?

What about the withering of seeds after August’s multitude of sins have sucked out all the colors except grey and black? How about the rickety quiet of branches swaying somberly because they’ve paid for their crimes in crumpled brown leaves? Why should it be so wrong, Caroline wondered, yet feel so right, to harness Nature’s brutal tools? Why should it be so terrible to bury the weediest of weeds back beneath the dirt where they belonged?

What if—what if it wasn’t?

Stunted, that’s how she felt. Stuck.

Her head spun and spun in clouds too bright. Her chest heaved, gasping for a squall that tasted of swords and teeth and sweat instead of a rain scented in pinks.

Deep down, Caroline craved transformation and piquancy because she knew she needed more room to cultivate the dueling extremes the gods had planted inside of her. She needed a different kind of garden. One that’d accommodate her bloom-wilting, shiver-burning, rain-droughting ways because the pleasure to shine wasn’t enough anymore.

The sun felt muted.



Warmth was too tepid, too predictable…

It would never fill her up. It would never be enough.

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Four seasons with your love, will come once again…
Four seasons with your love, will stay within me…

anonymous asked:

who is lady ragnell?

Called Dame Ragnelle in the source material (”The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle”), a fun fairy-tale-ish bit of Arthuriana and one I read in retold form as a kid and have loved ever since.

So King Arthur kills a deer while out hunting in a land with strong mystical connections, as one does when one is a legendary king. A knight appears, by the name of Sir Gromer, and objects to this life choice. He tells Arthur that in a year’s time, he has to return to the same spot with an answer to the following question:

What is it that women most want?

If Arthur doesn’t have an answer–the right one, mind you–Sir Gromer will cut his head off.

And Arthur, because he’s an honorable fellow and it never occurs to him to say “fuck that, peace out, I’m the king of the land and if you want my head you can come fetch me,” instead says “oh shit” and goes home, where he kind of broods about it.

Into this story walks Sir Gawain–he of The Green Knight fame, one of Arthur’s core knights in the legend (and Arthur’s nephew in many versions of the tales)–and he asks Arthur why he’s so sad.

Arthur tells him, and Gawain sensibly suggests traveling around asking various women what they desire most, which is at least slightly more useful than sitting around brooding, so they do it! The survey results, as one might imagine, are inconclusive when they compare notes, because even a millennium ago dudes didn’t seem to realize that women are distinct human beings with different desires and ambitions even when those dudes are a king and a knight who are legends for their nobility BUT WHATEVER.

Anyway, they’re fucked.

And when Arthur rides out into the woods to brood about this, into the story walks Dame Ragnelle, The Ugliest Lady Arthur Has Ever Seen. (In other versions of the tale, because there are non-Arthurian versions, she’s called The Loathly Lady.)

She tells him she has an answer to his riddle, but she’ll only give it to him if Sir Gawain consents to marry her.

Arthur is feeling pretty desperate, so he brings it up to Gawain, hating to ask it of him, but knowing Gawain is loyal and will do it. Gawain says yes, even when Arthur says “seriously, buddy, when I say The Ugliest I mean it,” so when he goes out to meet Sir Gromer and Ragnelle stops him on the way and says he’s in trouble unless he tells her Gawain is hers to marry. Arthur feels pretty shitty about it, but Gawain said yes, so he relays this answer, to Ragnelle, and she gives him an answer:

Choice. Women want the power to make choices about their own lives and selves.

It’s better than any other answer the survey returned, so Arthur relays it to Sir Gromer, who says “god damn it, my sister gave you that answer but it’s legit so I guess you keep your head THIS TIME” and lets him go free.

Arthur goes back to the palace, and there’s much rejoicing, but Arthur isn’t rejoicing too much, because now his nephew has to marry The Loathly Lady, who shows up and insists on the bargain being met.

Gawain, being a stand-up guy, marries her, and after their wedding feast, where Arthur’s whole court pretty much stares at her very rudely, takes her back to their chambers, where he vows to himself to treat her as if she were desirable, which … go you, buddy? I guess? And when he looks up at her after deciding that, suddenly he’s looking at the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

Ragnelle explains she was cursed to wear that form all the time until a good knight would marry her, but that now, for half the day, she can be beautiful. She puts the choice to him: would he have her beautiful at night, in their bed, and have the court make a mockery of their marriage by day? Or would he have her beautiful by day, when everyone could applaud him for breaking her curse, and ugly at night?

We all know the answer, of course, and so did Gawain: he told her, in the end, that it’s her life, her self, and she should be able to make that choice for herself, not him.

Which, of course, in the way of fairy tales, is what breaks the spell, so she can be her beautiful self all the time.

And they all lived as happily as anyone ever manages in Arthurian legend.


after a long time procrastinating up until the last minute, i’ve finished my contribution to the @touhoushipcollab!! 

with the seasons theme in mind, i thought of a headcanon i have where wakasagihime often can’t surface in winter since the lake freezes over, which leads to kagerou feeling sad and lonely for the whole season. i wanted to make this happy and sweet though, so i gave it a nice ending where waka’s able to stay above the water! 

i also wanted to take this opportunity to test out more of clip studio paint’s brushes, which i think was a fun experiment! it may have turned out a little messy, but i think it gives it a bit of a storybook fairy tale kind of feel. 

please go check out all the other submissions! they’re all absolutely fantastic and i’m so happy to have been part of this collab!

omfg y’all. It seriously just now occurred to me… that the running joke in Daesung’s Dome Tour earlier this year was “Show me something!” So now he’s gone and done it and named his next tour the D Show. The D Show.

What’s he gonna show us? His D? We gonna see One Night D-LITE come out to play?

Why. Why is he like thisssss

Kitty Bandit’s Ultimate Laven Fic Rec List

Okay, since it’s Fic Rec Time again, I figured I’d finally, FINALLY rec you all my favorite Laven fics. These will be stories that I’ve personally read and enjoyed. It’s obviously not a comprehensive list of every fic out there, but these are ones that I find absolutely amazing.

By Bottlecapmermaid (@thefearofcod on tumblr)
I’m Only Happy When it Rains (Vampire AU)

By LadyCosmos (@ninjalc on tumblr)
First Christmas
 (Canon; Fluffy; Little bit o’ angst)
Baby Come Home (Canon; Angst)
Rapunzel Retold  (Fairy Tale AU)

By Errantknightess (@errantknightess on tumblr)
Cold Side of the Pillow (Canon; Fluff)
Open Wounds (Canon; Angst)
Before the Light Fades Away (Canon; Angst)
Almost There (Canon; Angst; Breaking my heart every day)
Laven Week 2015 (Various; Multiple chapters)
After the Storm (Canon; Angst; Fluff)
Raspberries and Honey (Canon; Fluff)
Something Sweet (Canon; Fluff)
Ink on Paper (Canon; Fluff; Little bit o’ angst)
The Hardest Thing to Say (Canon; Fluff)
Violets are Blue (Modern AU – Flower Shop & Diner; Fluffy; Cute as fuck)

By Dhampir72 (@dhampir72 on tumblr)
Love in the Beauty of Chaos (Canon; Angst; Rip out my gd heart; I died)

By Salmonellagogo (@salmonellagogo on tumblr)
Stranger on the Shore (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; I’m dead– this fic ruined me.)

By Echoresonance (@echoresonance on tumblr)
What a Lonely View (Canon; Angst)

By The49thname (@the49thname on tumblr)
Two Sides of the Same Coin (Various; Multiple chapters)
As the Snow Falls (Canon; Fluff)
And So We Fall (Canon; Angst; NSFW)
Duality (Fantasy AU; Angst; NSFW)

By ApplePi (@ninfia on tumblr)
There is Peace in his Arms (Canon; Fluff)
Those Who Wander (Urban Fantasy AU; Mystery)
Words Left Unsaid (Canon; NSFW; Angst; Nosebleed Material)

By Zodiac_Attack (@novastellaluna on tumblr)
We’re not Broken, We’re Living Life (Modern AU– College; Trans!Lavi; Angst)
Black Ink and Rose Petals (Modern AU– Flower Shop & Tattoo Parlor; Fluff; Cute as fuck)

By Albenkind (@the14thnea on tumblr)
Taste the Flesh (Canon; Omegaverse; NSFW; Nosebleed Material)

By Lightningwaltz
Recorded History (Canon; Angst; NSFW; Nosebleed Material)

By Lovecraftian
Casual Haunts (Modern AU; Humor)

By Miko
Don’t Break Your Heart (Canon; Angst; NSFW; Broke me)

By Ouchness
Bad Weather (Canon/Canon Divergent; NSFW; Nose Bleed Material; Angst)

By Voiceless Freak
Midnight Occurrence  (Canon; Poetry; Rape; NSFW)

By Sirbartonslady
Lost Reason (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst)
Via Dolorosa (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst)
Deo Volente (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst)
Je Vis en Espoir (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst)
Angelus (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; NSFW)
My Little Lovely  (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; Lavi and Allen as parents)
Life Becoming (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; Lavi and Allen as parents)
Ten of Eight (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; NSFW; Lavi and Allen as parents)
Canta Libre (Canon/Canon Divergent; Angst; Lavi and Allen as parents)

And there you have it! My list of recommendations! If you check out any of these authors, please please please leave them kudos/likes/favs/comments. Spread the love!!!

Hey here’s an illustration I had done for an exhibition about the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales. Yeah it’s a bit creepy:) I wanted to go for a painterly look with this one, I’ve been inspired by Goya’s wonderful paintings (the image is really big so tumblr messed up the quality).

It comes from a tale called “The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn what Fear Was”. Here’s the part that inspired me: “And as the wind knocked the hanged men against each other, and they moved backwards and forwards, he thought to himself: ‘If you shiver below by the fire, how those up above must freeze and suffer!’ And as he felt pity for them, he raised the ladder, and climbed up, unbound one of them after the other, and brought down all seven. Then he stoked the fire, blew it, and set them all round it to warm themselves.”

The Tests In Origins

So I don’t know if anyone noticed this about the tests, but after watching Origins after the Christmas Special, I realized there was a bit more depth to them than I first thought.

It’s an old fairy tale cliche. A fairy or a god is in disguise of some poor old soul and they see if someone deserves a reward or punishment depending how they treat the old soul. This is what Master Fu does with both Marinette and Adrien.

But something always stuck out as odd to me. While Marinette’s test had a lot of possible candidates, Adrien only had three other people besides himself and more than that, there was no danger of a car in his. But after seeing the Christmas special, I see what the tests ACTUALLY were.

There is that whole making sure the person is nice enough to help someone in need, but there’s also the details of it.

In Marinette’s scenario, the car makes a time crunch. But there’s also the crowd. Everyone is on their phone, distracted, not paying attention. The test isn’t to see if someone is just kind. It’s seeing if someone Will Notice and Act. Because that’s what’s necessary for Lucky Charm. To take in your surroundings, notice what you need, make a plan, and act on that plan. The test is not just kindness, but a test on how well she would be able to use the powers. 

Then there’s Adrien’s test. The test is actually directly made for Adrien, none of the other three are candidates. Why? Because Adrien’s scenario is harder to find and this is why I realized it after the Christmas special. Adrien’s power is that of destruction. This is a terrifying power in the wrong hands. This takes a very particular personality.

Master Fu doesn’t fall when Adrien is running to school. He falls when Adrien is about to get into school. When it would be harder for Nathalie and Gorilla to grab him without causing a scene, he could be inside before they have a good grasp on him.

Fu falls then because Adrien is given the choice. Does Adrien go for what he wants, or does he go to help even if it means losing what he wants? Adrien does the latter, and now he has to get through Nathalie and the Gorilla to get to the school. Less of a scene, and he’s lost his chance. But he doesn’t show any bitterness to Fu for it.

Adrien’s test was not just that of kindness, but if given the choice between being selfish, or being selfless to the point of hurting himself, he’s going to chose the latter. It’s a test to make sure if the hero of destruction ever breaks, instead of destroying the world, he’d destroy himself first.

Bookmas Series: 23rd December 2016
A review my my lovely cousin Anna Reid all the way from Australia!

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

Rating: 10/10

I know what you’re thinking, 10/10 surely thats a bit of an over statement. But I promise you if you’re a fan of fiction and you’ve got a bit of an imagination (and a love for the circus), you will absolutely love this book.

I was introduced to this book by one of my best friends, who explained the book as a written artwork. Erin Morgenstern is an artist as well as an author which definitely comes through her writing - I think the main reason I loved the book so much was because you can get completely lost in the world she creates. The colours, smells and characters become almost tangible and I often found myself reading for several hours at a time because I was completely transported.

The book is a bit of a fantasy/fairy tale, set in Victorian London centred around a circus - Le Cirque des Rêves (the Circus of Dreams). In the novel, the circus “appears without warning and leaves without notice”, only operating between sundown and sunrise. It centres around a few of the lives of both patrons and circus members, but in particular two young magicians, Celia Bowen and Marco Alistair, who discover that their performances matter just as much outside of circus hours as they do inside of them, questioning the future of the circus’s operation.


Is Eggsy Prince Gary of Sweden now?

Short answer: Yes, if the king allows it and Eggsy wants to.

Long answer: Pweh, where to start? It’s sort of a weird thing making commoners royalty, historically speaking. Every monarchy, still-existing and otherwise, has their own quirks and stories about this (King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom springs to mind), and even if it’s not as much of an issue today as it once was, the heritage of those issues are still there. So if you stick with me for a condense lesson in recent Swedish royal history, I’m going to lay out three concrete examples for you at the end that might be useful to look into for fic writing purposes at the end.

Before the cut, though, because this is important even for those of you who don’t want to read almost 2000 words on the subject: Eggsy can opt out of being a prince and still marry Princess Tilde.

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Rise Up

Chapter Two

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 3592
Warnings: Swearing

Song: Higher by Creed

Sitting at a table away from the others you twisted your fingers together in your lap. “I feel like a zoo exhibit. How ‘bout you?”

Chuckling softly, Matt muttered, “They do seem to be doing an awful lot of staring.”

After introductions all around, and a few moments of shuffling, you figured it would probably be best if you and Matt took a moment to talk, get to know one another a little bit before… whatever came next.

Returning to the common room where Clint was belting out Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, Steve had led you to the farthest corner of the room with the least amount of chaos so you and Matt could talk. But you were feeling distinctly like the fish in the fishbowl, the eyes on you hard to miss.

“This is… weird,” you muttered, giving a sigh.

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SVT Ouran AU  -  Minghao

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

request: Hello~ can I please request a Host Club au with The8? Something like Ouran High School Host Club

a/n: thank you OurAnon for requesting! who knows! this might be another series! i hope you enjoy reading this anyways!!



-sweetie kid!

-ok so you know how you got the really snooty rich kids

-*cough cough the rich kids of instagram my college is full of them lmao cough cough*

-well guess what!

-our lovely minghao isn’t one of them! 

-instead he’s a really quiet and sweet chinese kid who really likes martial arts and getting to know people 


-for his host club type i would put him as the natural type

-he isn’t flamboyant or silent or anything like the other hosts


-speaking of seungcheol

-he was the first one to find minghao 

-he was jus chillin in the library reading his homework for that week

-and seungcheol just came over like

-”hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,first year,,,,,,wanna be a host?”

-and minghao is like 

-”host?? what is that??”


-and minghao is just like wait what’s going on?????

-so poor minghao is just being dragged through the hallways by this prince character who introduces him to the other hosts 

-so he asks seungcheol what he gets out of being a host

-and seungcheol goes out and says that he gets to miss out lessons that he’s good in 

-ie science and maths 

-and that he actually gets to make new friends and converse with people

-he said (and i quote)

-”being a host is an enlightening experience in which you get to meet new people and make friends. it’s basically freshers but without the alcohol and the 8am hangovers”

-bearing in mind that minghao is pretty good in those said classes

-and minghao wasn’t exactly making any new friends due to his studies

-so fuck it

-he might as well join the host club

-so going up to seungcheol

-he just looks him dead in the eye

-and is just like

-”sign. me. the. fuck. up”

-well not in that way but from the way that seungcheol was shaking he might have well of said that

-seungcheol’s so happy because his host club is getting bigger

-but he’s still a little confused,,,,as to why the school needs a host club

-and seungcheol just said

-”it’s to entertain people who have too little time to do so themselves”

-and minghao is just like

-”ok?? i guess…”

-so for him business was slow 

-but in the first week or so he got a couple girls asking to see him the next week since they were rlly stressed and needed a new host and they saw him and stuff

-and minghao is like “wow ok this is going so fast !!”

-until,,,,they see him in the hallway 

-and they say that they can’t do it because of their studies

-which is a defeat 

-but he doesn’t mind 

-which makes him the natural type

-he doesn’t get upset 

-but he’s a little defeated because well,,,,he was kind of looking forward to it

-the next time he comes in it’s a fancy dress special


-policeman minghao


-so every other host is wearing a police outfit from another country 

-so what is minghao wearing? 

-the chinese police outfit of course

-(i’m using the hetalia police outfits for reference im so sorry that im a huge weeb–)

-sitting at his table he noticed that his flower was always a light pastel red

-which was really pretty to look at 


-he was too distracted by the flower to notice that you were right there

-observing him

-you were just look at him looking at the flower

-and he was so pretty!!

-wait….a second who are you??

-you’re a first year but you’re in a different class

-but you knew minghao through a friend

-you two rarely talked but maybe a hi in the hallway was exchanged

-”hi minghao..”

-”o-oh hey y/n…what are you doing here?”

-”ah….the regular host i see isn’t here due to their studies….so i might as well see you today. is that ok with you?”

-”oh sure take a seat. tea?”

-”yes please”

-you were so cute that he couldn’t help but to have his cheeks display that feeling of love going through him 


-even though it was the first proper time you two have talked 

-you two became attached to each other like wooooooow

-you two were always smiling to each other 

-and it became so cute

-that you kind of just switched hosts with your friend

-so now your host was always minghao 

-and your friend got your host 

-over the time that you were with minghao 

-you accidentally grew….to like him

-a lot…

-and minghao….was the same…


-there was nothing to say that a host couldn’t date their princess…..right?

-even though minghao was biased towards you

-he had to keep a professional outlook on this whole thing


-he kind of found that keeping this professional facade…kind of made him like you more

-he was attracted to everything about you….

-your smile

-your laugh

-your eyes

-he found everything about you so….appealing to him 

-well…..maybe there’s a chance for him to tell you how he feels? maybe

-since the profits from the host club don’t go back into the school and are funded straight into club activities

-the club hosts a fancy schmancy ball from time to time

-it was so fancy that they got servers for this thing to go around giving otu drinks and snacks

-think of it as like a school dance or formal

-and just times that by the size of the whole school budget

-it’s that fancy 






-your friend got you a dress that was really cute 

-it was a dusty pink and it was really light and flowy and it was so cute woowowowowoww

-so when you got to the dance with your friend

-minghao saw you 

-and was just like 

-minghao on the outside: (●♡∀♡)

-minghao on the inside: (●♡∀♡)

-heeeee was so in love in that moment!!

-you smiled and you couldn’t look more beautiful in that moment than you did 

-his heart - stolen

-by who - you 

-and your heart - still his 

-so while you’re just at the drinks table 

-minghao comes up to you and he’s just in awe about how you look and how beautiful you are 

-”you look amazing…”

-”oh thank you minghao..you look great too!!”

-cue the 3 minutes of really awkward silence while standing by the drinks

-then the little baby peaked up the courage

-”hey…..can i have this dance?”


-and hand in hand 

-you two jus kind of made it onto the floor

-now trust me when i say that this scene 

-looked exactly like a fairy tale

-it was so romantic

-the best bit about it was that it was quite a slow song and it was so pretty 

-but the best thing about this was the fact that you looked like you were glowing with beauty 

-and minghao couldn’t do anything else but smile 


-a brilliant idea

-he remembered seeing a really pretty place on one of the top floors of the building 

-so he’s like to you

-”hey can i show you something?? i promise it won’t be bad or anything…”

-so you’re like “fuck what is he gonna show me i’m sCAREEDNMEJFVN”

-but lil y/n there’s nothing to be scared of 

-so you agree and he just whisks you away into the building

-but there’s one thing you notice

-he’s been holding your hand this entire time 

-so when you two get upstairs he just leads you to a really pretty window

-it’s huge too

-and you can see everything that’s going on downstairs and it’s very romantic and every–


-romantic scenery 

- + minghao 

- + you

- + the feeling of that one shot in the my house mv by 2pm

- = ??????? cONFESSION


-to put it lightlyYES

-there’s a little edge that he just leans on 

-and he’s still holding your hand

-”it’s so pretty here…”

-”yeah….but i see something prettier…”

-you’re just like???

-and then you see him stand up and turn to you 

-and he just squeezes your hand while he’s smiling and i’m pretty sure your soul has melted and is making an exit through your brain 

-”i’ve been thinking about this for a long time…..and the thought of you makes me so happy….and i guess….if it’s ok with you….we could be more than just a host and a princess?”

-”minghao…..are you serious?”


-”w-when did these feelings come around for me…?”

-”when we first started to talk”

-”oh…so the same time as i started to get feelings for you…that’s good to know!”

-”right….w-wait you have feelings for me too?”


-you’re both little bunnies and he’s the cutest thing he’s just so happy that you like him back !!

-he’s so happy…that he pulls you in for a hug 

-your face is so red !!

-but you hug back because aaaaAAAAAAAAAH 

-but when you two look to each other

-you don’t realise how close you two are

-you might as well kiss 

-you were THAT close to each other

-hey…kissing doesn’t sound so bad at this moment

-so what does this lil-fairy-kid-cutie-pie-love-of-my-life-but-my-heart-belongs-to-mingyu-but-i-have-a-very-soft-spot-for-him-i-love-my-small-martial-artist-baby do?

-his hand elevates from your side 

-cups one of your cheeks

-and just leans in slowly



-he just kisses you

-don’t fuckin lie you wanted him to kISS YOU TOO YOU LITTLE FUCK

-ok yeah his lips are fuckin soft what does he use to fuckIN MAKE THEM SOOOOOFT HEEEEEEEEElp

-h my god

-you’re caught off guard cause so many thoughts just go through your head

-”will minghao get in trouble for this”

-”will he be able to continue in the host club?”

-”why are there not fireworks where the hell are the fireworks what the–”

-you think about fireworks you get the fireworks

-so one goes off and of course you’re gettin into this kiss

-but you didn’t realise that one went off

-so boi 

-you get SHOOKETH

-and you accidentally jump a little

-and minghao is just like there laughing because you squeaked a little because fuck how are you this cute 

-”did the fireworks scare you?”

-”a-a little…yeah”

-he laughs a little more before placing his arm around you 

-and you two end the night watching the fireworks and it’s so pretttttyyyyy

-and this whole scenario is making me wanna watch ouran again

-go watch ouran

-where the fuck is the second season

-funimation/nippon tvn get started on it 

-“you and y/n have gotten close huh?”

-”how close are we talking seungcheol?”

-”like…..dating close….you know?”

-”you could say that”


-”and wait for it to kick in…….”




-plot twist minghao kept his role at the host club the end

Can we all take a moment to appreciate just how precious Lotte is?

I mean besides being a meek and soft-spoken girl, she seems like the kind of person who doesn’t expect too much from her life and other people. Maybe it’s because of the bullying she experienced as a child, but it feels like she’s content with just being… there. Letting life pull her along for the ride, or something like that. That’s probably why she doesn’t always object to Akko’s crazy schemes, right?

Then comes episode 10 where she’s suddenly thrust into a grand party with Akko and Sucy, and thanks to the latter, a bunch of male suitors are completely smitten before her feet. She’s like “I’m not that interesting at all” but the guys are bombarding her with question after question about herself. Probably for the first time in a long while - perhaps ever - people are showing an active interest in Lotte as a person. They actually want to learn more about things that make Lotte an interesting person, even if she denies being one. She is desirable, just like the heroine in those stories she loves so much.

Then the magic runs out, and suddenly the fairy tale is over. The boys walk away, confused and disinterested, almost as if they regret ever showing any interest in Lotte.

“Of course this would happen,” she tells herself.

She chuckles and acts like it’s fine.

As if this is normal.

Lotte Jansson is just a “boring and average girl” after all.  How dare she expected anything more. Life isn’t a fairy tale like in the books.

But even if was a fairy tale, for bit, just a bit, she wanted to believe it was real. For another moment longer, she wanted believe that she was the princess of the story.



In very personal interview, Prince Gary of Sweden talks about his marriage to Crown Princess Tilde and his first year as part of the Swedish Royal Family, and opens up about how tailoring made him into the man he is today.

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Shadows Rise II

It’s done! So this is the fluffy chapter. (To make up for everything that will follow) The song for it is Feel Invincible by Skillet, and since it’s so long, I added another song for the second half, Watching for Comets, also by Skillet. Also @ace-anxiety-sanders @pointless-blog-name
Anyway enjoy the fluff!

Part I

Roman wasn’t entirely sure how he’d made it back to base. He had a few vague memories of stumbling out of the museum, but that was it.

But he had made it, which was why he was now sitting wrapped in blankets, a cup of tea in his hand as Patton fussed. The empath kept checking him over for injuries, asking again and again, if Roman was sure he hadn’t taken a head wound. Meanwhile, Logan frowned at the two of them, another mug of hot tea in his hands.

Roman still hadn’t told them what had happened. He couldn’t bring himself to say it out loud. That would make it real. He didn’t want this to be real.

Continuing to ignore Patton’s concern, Roman closed his eyes, letting his head tip back in exhaustion. He could still remember when he’d met Virgil. They been so innocent then.

Roman had snuck out of the house. Sure his mom had grounded him, but he wanted to practice flying again. He was sure he’d figure out how to land properly this time!

He made his way into the woods, happily skipping past the trees. There was a large rock in the center of the woods, he could use that as a jumping off point.

But as he got closer though, he began hearing the sound of loud, taunting laughter. Furrowing his brow in concern, Roman began to creep along more stealthily. As he reached the edge of the clearing, he peered over the bush.

In the center, on top of the rock Roman had planned to jump from, there was bunch of older kids. As Roman stared at them puzzled, one of them moved, revealing a boy Roman’s age cowering in the center, dark tendrils flickering in and out aound him.

“Not so powerful are you now, freak,” one of the older kids spat, grabbing the boy by the collar and dangling him over the edge of the rock. “Think your stupid little shadows will save you now?”

Roman’s eyes grew wide. He had to do something! He only hoped that he’d be able to get high enough. He wasn’t that good at getting off the ground yet. But he shoved aside his doubt, and took a deep breath. He could do this.

Just as the bully began to let his grip slip, and the boy screamed, Roman took off running, taking an enormous leap…

And then he was flying!

Soaring determinedly upwards, Roman caught the boy. He immediately latched on to Roman’s neck, his hands scrabbling frantically. Roman had done it, he’d saved the day. Now came the hard part, landing.

But Roman had an idea. Instead of trying to land on the ground like he normally did, Roman let himself barrel into the kids on top of the rock. As he slammed into them in full force, Roman made sure to keep his arms carefully locked around the boy in his arms.

Once he’d stopped tumbling, Roman pushed himself up, and set down the boy behind him to glare at the bullies.

“Get out of here, you meanies!“ he yelled, puffing up his chest.

The three stunned looking boys scrambled to their feet.

“Fine,” one of them yelled, “You can be freaks together!”

With that they ran off. Roman watched them go before turning to the boy behind him.

“Are you alright?” he asked worriedly, kneeling down in front of him. “They didn’t hurt you did they? My name’s Roman, I’m eight, and I can fly, and I’m super strong. They said something about shadows, is that what was around you earlier? That’s so cool! Can you show me?”

Roman stopped his babble of words when he realized that the kid hadn’t responded yet, but was just staring at him with wide eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked again, now even more concerned.

“I’m, I’m okay,” the kid finally stammered out. “Um, my name’s Virgil. I’ll be eight in four months, and I can sort of control shadows, I guess.”

“Can you show me?” Roman said excitedly.

Still looking hesitant, Virgil cupped his hands. A small ball of darkness formed within them, drifting upwards to create a small tendril that waved at Roman.

Roman felt his grin widen.

“That’s awesome!’ He gushed. “I’ve never met anyone else with powers before! But you’re just like me. Hey, we should become superheroes!”

“Really?” Virgil said, looking up at Roman with surprised awe

Roman nodded.

“Yeah, we just need cool names,” he said.

“You should be Prince,” Virgil piped up, before blushing a bit. “Because, well you were just like fairy tale prince when you saved me.”

“I love it!” Roman shouted, “What about you?”

Virgil frowned.

“I don’t know" he mumbled, “I can’t think of anything good.”

“That’s okay,“ Roman assured him. “We can figure it out later. let’s go practice!”

As Roman grabbed Virgil’s hand, he struggled to keep himself on the ground. Right now, with his new friend by his side, he felt like he could do anything.

Roman skidded around the corner. Valerie had told him that some kids had cornered Virgil out behind the theatre. Despite Roman protecting him as best he could, Virgil was still bit of a bully magnet. And there were a lot of bullies in middle school.

Roman could see Virgil ahead of him, his back up against a wall. He clenched his fists, prepared to dive in, but then-


Darkness exploded out from Virgil, pushing back the bullies that surrounded him. One of them, the one that had been closest to Virgil, slammed against the opposite wall, falling to the ground unconscious. The other bullies now covered in scrapes and bruises, were quick to book it.

Normally Roman would go after them, make sure they really had learned their lesson, but his concern was with Virgil, who had dropped to his knees and was now staring at the unconscious bully in horror.

“Hey, Virgil” Roman said gently, putting one hand on his shoulder. “Virgil, you okay?”

“I didn’t mean to,” Virgil whispered. “I didn’t mean to, I just wanted them to go away, and I hurt him, and I didn’t mean to, and I’m sorry. And oh god, Roman what did I do?”

“You defended yourself,” Roman told him, dropping down to wrap his arms around Virgil.

“But I lost control!” Virgil protested. “Again! And this time I hurt someone, what if this happens again?”

Roman suppressed a frown. It was true, Virgil did have trouble controlling his powers. Over the last three years, Roman had gotten better with his powers, with only the occasional misjudged strength or bad landing. But Virgil frequently lost control, especially when he got emotional, shattering glass, ripping curtains, breaking plates, etc. So Virgil’s fear wasn’t that far-fetched.

But then Roman had an idea.

“We should go flying,” he declared.

Virgil’s expression changed from horror to confusion. “Wha-why? Roman, I hate heights.”

“And that’s why you should do it,” Roman nodded decisively.

“You’re insane,” Virgil hissed. “What if I lose control? What if I hurt you?”

“That’s the point,” Roman grinned at him. “You’re worried about losing control. Well this is my way of showing you that you don’t have to worry. Because if you can face your greatest fear and keep it together, you’re going to be fine.”

“And if I can’t?” Virgil said flatly. “If I can’t keep it together.”

Roman looked dead into Virgil’s eyes.

“I trust you,” he said firmly.

Virgil held the gaze for a few minutes more, before finally looking away, his cheeks red.

“Okay,” he said quietly. “I’ll try it. Just don’t drop me”

Roman struggled to keep a stupid grin off his face.

“I would never,” he swore, holding out his arms. “Hop on.”

As Virgil hesitantly climbed into his arms, Roman felt as though his heart might burst, it was pounding so hard. And as they took off, with Virgil clinging even tighter to him, Roman fought to keep the blush off his cheeks.

“See,” he whispered softly, “Told you it’d be okay. We’re fine”

“Yeah,” Virgil mumbled, “I guess we are.”

Roman beamed. He was on top of the world.

Roman couldn’t stop pacing. Virgil would be here any minute. He paused to check his reflection in the mirror again. He had to look perfect.

Today was Roman’s sixteenth birthday. While he was having a big celebration on Sunday, he’d decided to spend his actual birthday with Virgil. They were going out on a picnic.

Roman had planned everything, from his wardrobe, to the food, to the location. Everything was in place. He could only hope that everything with Virgil would work out just as well.

Just then the doorbell rang. Roman sprang to open it. And sure enough it was Virgil waiting on his doorstep, a badly wrapped present in hand.

“Hey,” he drawled, thrusting the package forward. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you,” Roman smiled at him. “Here I’ll grab the picnic basket and we can head out.”

As he headed towards the kitchen, Virgil trailed after him, his hands shoved in his pockets.

“So where are we going anyway?” he asked.

“You know that big rock in the forest,” Roman said absent-mindedly, as he grabbed a few last minute items. “We’re going there.”

“Sounds good,” Virgil replied softly, “Sounds good.“

When they finally arrived, Roman was quick so spread out the picnic blanket, and pull out the food.

“Wow,” Virgil said, eyeing the spread in disbelief. “You’re sure you’ve got enough food there?”

Roman rolled his eyes.

“I can always put the leftovers in the fridge,” he huffed. “Now come on, sit down,’ he whined, pulling at Virgil’s arm.

Chuckling a little, Virgil let himself be tugged, until Roman had him right by his side. Roman smiled at him, as he pulled the strawberries closer. So far, so good.

But as they were finishing their lunch and were preparing to pull out dessert, things started to go wrong.

“Oh come on,” Roman wailed up at the clouded sky, where rain was starting to come down. “On my birthday, really!”

“Here, I’ve got it,” Virgil said, reaching out his hands. A wave of black spread out from them, forming a perfect dome, keeping the two of them dry.

Virgil let his hands drop.

“That should hold for at least an hour,” he said turning towards Roman, “Sorry it’s not as what you were looking forward to though.”

Roman shook his head, his eyes filled with awe.

“No, it’s perfect,” he said. "It’s amazing. You’re amazing.”

Virgil snorted. “Yeah, sure.”

“No, you are,” Roman said seriously, clasping one of Virgil’s hands in his. “You really, really are. You are so amazing. For as long as we’ve known each other, you’ve made me feel like no one else has. Like I was invincible, that I could do anything, even become as superhero like we joked about when were kids.”

“God, Princey,” Virgil whispered, but Roman held up a finger.
“No, just let me finish first,” he said before taking a deep breathe. Here went nothing.  

"I may have been the one to save you when we first met, but Virgil, you are my hero. You make me feel brave, and strong, and confident. And that’s why I’m hoping that I’m not making some huge mistake right now-“

“It’s not. You’re not.” Virgil blurted out, cutting Roman off.

“Really?” Roman managed to say, desperately hoping this wasn’t a dream.

Virgil laughed, the sound a little wet.

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

Roman was more than happy to comply.

Roman was staring at the ceiling of his dorm room, pointedly avoiding thinking about homework. He glanced over at Virgil, who was playing on his phone. They had been in college for a month, and so far it was good. Luckily they had both fallen in love with the same one. Beyetou University had a great theatre program for Roman, and well, Virgil had mentioned the financial aide, but not his major.

Roman rolled over and started him

“So what do you want to do?” He blurted out.

“Crawl into the shadows and never come out. It’s easier than linear algebra,” Virgil replied without missing a beat, glancing up from his phone.

“Why are you taking that again?” Roman asked, legitimately curious.

“I needed it for Gen. Ed. credit, and I wanted to get math out of the way before I forgot everything from high school,” Virgil admitted. “But since I forgot when my registration time was, all the other math classes were full.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” Roman hummed. “But seriously, what do you want to do? Like major-wise? I’m, of course, going into theatre.”

“Yeah, no duh,” Virgil snorted, "You’ve only wanted to since forever. But I don’t know, I’m not really good at anything.”

“Ok, that’s a lie.” Roman said indignantly, "You’re good at lots of things. Come on, there must be something you’re interested in, something you want.”

“Well, I guess… “ Virgil trailed off, ducking his head. "No, it’s stupid.”

“Tell me” Roman said, sitting up.

“It’s just,” Virgil began slowly, "I’d just really like to leave my mark on the world, but in a good way. Be remembered for more than just hurting people.”

Roman could feel his heart melting. This boy. He smiled at Virgil, before pulling him into a kiss.

When they finally broke for air, he said with a wink and a grin, “Well maybe we’ll both end up being superheroes like we said when we were kids.”

Virgil snorted, flopping back on the bed.

“Yeah right, Princey, that’ll happen.” he drawled,  "You’re so full of it”

“That’s what she said,” Roman replied teasingly, wiggling his eyebrows.

Virgil glared at him. “I will smother you with this pillow,” he threatened. “Shut up!”

“Make me,” Roman replied smugly, laughing as Virgil lunged at him.

The two wrestled for a minute, before Virgil finally managed to pin Roman down. Roman could only grin at him in response, not at all sore about losing.

“You know I love you,” he said suddenly, letting his voice fill with the awe he always felt.

Virgil turned beet red, looking away.

“Yeah I love you too, you dork,” he muttered, before leaning down to press his lips to Roman. Roman smiled into the kiss. He had the best boyfriend.

“Virgil?” Roman called out quietly, knocking on the door. “Come on, open up.”

“Go away,” came the muffled shout.

Roman sighed. “I’m not going anywhere,” he said firmly. “And I will break the lock if I have to.”

There was a pause, and then the door swung open revealing red-eyed Virgil.

“You should just stay away from me,” he muttered, trying to scrub the remains of tears off his face.

“Now you’re just talking nonsense,” Roman said shaking his head, reaching his arms out to pull Virgil into a hug. “It wasn’t your fault.”

Virgil just laughed bitterly.

“Really?” he muttered sarcastically into Roman’s shoulder. “Because it sure seems like it. I’m the one who couldn’t keep my cool. Couldn’t keep my power in check. I’m the one who hurt that guy.”

“He was harassing you,” Roman said, “You were scared, it’s understandable.”

“When I was 11 maybe,” Virgil said, pulling back. “But I turn 21 in a week! I shouldn’t be having these problems anymore. I just keep on hurting people!”


“No, Roman, I’m serious” Virgil said, his voice cracking in distress. “What if there’s something wrong with me? What if this is the only thing I ever do, the only thing I’m ever good at?”

“That’s a lie,” Roman broke in. “You are so much more than this. So much more than your powers even. I love you, Virgil, so just trust me when I say, everything will be all right. You will be alright.”

Virgil just looked at floor. Roman stepped close once more, taking Virgil’s hands in his.

“Please,” he said gently, “For me?”

Virgil leaned into Roman, hiding his face.

“I want to believe you,” he whispered.

Roman let his arms come up around Virgil.

“You know what you need,” he said, hooking his chin over Virgil’s shoulder. “You need to go flying.”

“Really?” Virgil said, a half-heartedly joking tone in his voice. “You sure you still trust me?”

“Always,” Roman replied. “Always.”

This may not have been my best idea, Roman thought nervously, as he tried to fly even faster. At the very least, I wish I hadn’t flown out over the ocean.

While flying was normally a great way to show Virgil how much control he really did have over his powers, and thus a good way to cheer him up, Roman had neglected to check the weather before they’d gone out. A storm had blown in fast, and now they were surrounded by dark clouds.

Roman squinted ahead of him, trying to see through the rain. Were they near land? He could feel Virgil shivering in his arms, they had to get out of the storm.

But then bolt of lightning cracked right next to them, blinding Roman and startling Virgil. As Roman veered sideways, blinking frantically trying to get his vision back, another strong gust of wind hit them, leaving him spinning uncontrollably, no longer sure of anything.

It was then he felt it. Virgil’s grip began to slip.

Desperately, he tried to hold on to the other, but the rain water had left his skin too slick, and Virgil slipped through his fingers, screaming as he fell.

Immediately, he dived, trying to catch Virgil before he hit the ground, but he still couldn’t see!

“Virgil!” he called out, feeling terror began to rise as he plunged downwards. “Virgil, please!”

He listened as hard as he could, trying to hear a reply, but it was no good. Even Virgil’s earlier screams had already faded away. Heart pounding, he tried again. This couldn’t be happening

“Virgil!” he screamed. Please, please let him answer. “VIRGIL!”

But it was too late. He was gone.

Roman re-opened his eyes. He had searched for days on end, trying to at least find Virgil’s body, but he hadn’t succeeded. In the end, they’d been forced to hold the funeral with an empty casket.

But Virgil hadn’t died. He had survived somehow, had found his way back, a miracle that would have thrilled Roman under any other circumstances. But like this? As the monster Virgil had always been terrified of becoming?

Roman couldn’t even begin to guess what had happened to make him that way, but he was sure of one thing. This was his fault. Everything that had happened to Virgil in the last five years was because of him.

He let out a shaky breath, trying to hold back tears.

He would never forgive himself for letting Virgil fall.

Once Upon a Time: Lana Parrilla divulges why she's here to stay

Once Upon a Time is undergoing a major overhaul heading into season 7, which means new characters, new locales, and even a new curse. To keep track of all the big changes, EW will bring you interviews with the cast — new and old — along with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis over the next two weeks until the ABC fairy tale drama’s return.

Following the exits of six castmembers, Lana Parrilla is one of three stars returning full-time for Once Upon a Time‘s rebooted seventh season — and now we know why.

When OUAT returns, viewers will discover that Regina, formerly the Evil Queen, is now a denim-clad bar owner named Roni, who lives in the Seattle neighborhood of Hyperion Heights. No, Parrilla is not playing a brand new character; this is her cursed alter ego.

Here’s what’s happening: When Henry looks to his family for help, Regina is among those who answer the call, which ultimately gets her trapped in Hyperion Heights. But it’s this new version of her character that actually made Parrilla want to return to the world of OUAT as the show undergoes an ambitious reboot. Read our full interview with the actress below to get scoop on Roni. [Editor’s note: This interview was conducted before the news that Rebecca Mader would be returning.]

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Was there something the OUAT bosses said that was instrumental for you in sticking with the show?
LANA PARRILLA: Yeah, one thing I think we’ve seen over the years is Regina has had love, she’s lost it, she’s gone through so much tragedy, and changes, and challenges, and I actually started thinking, okay, well, are there more stories to tell, especially with last season with the Evil Queen and Regina, and getting to this place of accepting oneself, and accepting both sides, and really experiencing inner peace, which ultimately is, in my opinion, a great happy ending. However, there’s still more of her story that’s unknown. I know they want to see her happy with someone, and that’s something I want for her as well, and so they said, “We don’t feel like Regina’s story is over yet.” She’s such a beloved character, I love her to bits, I love playing her, I’ve always enjoyed playing her, both sides, all eight different versions, or whatever it is [laughs], and they said, “We still want to tell her story,” and then they pitched the whole idea behind Roni, and how she was going to be the voice for the people. She was going to have a Norma Rae kind of quality to her, which is something that I feel I have anyhow. I’m always defending and standing up for the underdog and the little guy, and so that really resonated with me, and it’s also such a powerful, strong message as a woman to be that kind of leader in a community.

So I thought, “You know what, I like this.” I had no idea that Roni was going to look the way she looks, and I’m still discovering who she is, but it got me really inspired and intrigued, and I felt like I want to do this again, I want to come back, and I want to tell another story, a different side of Regina, but I also want to be able to see if she can find love again, and maybe, hopefully, it won’t be tragically ripped apart from her. So however she finds love, wherever it is, what we notice in the first couple episodes that there’s moments for her, everyone has a partner, everyone’s having babies, everyone’s doing great, and Regina is just enjoying her family and stuff, but there’s something missing.

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anonymous asked:

I want to read up on fairy tales, what would you recommend?

Well, first of all, just read a lot of them. And–this is crucial–read folklore from other traditions, stuff that isn’t typically called fairy tales, to give yourself a good understanding on the gut level of how fairy tales are unspecial (they’re just a particular slice of world folklore; when you get down to it it’s all the same messy preoccupations filtered through different cultural conventions, reference points, etc) and how they are special (i.e. the cultural-historical specificity of the particular stories that have ended up in this category). 

But I suspect this is not what you are really asking. So:

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