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Driveway Fun

My friend called me as he had just recently broken up with his long time gf and was looking for something to do. I invited him to come with hubby and me to a party at my neighbours. So he shows up and we walk over to the party but because my hubby had to go to work the next day even though it was a Saturday he went home early. We stayed and had a good time and around 1am we decided to leave. As we walked back to my place I kept feeling him checking out my ass. He asked me if I wanted to sit in his car and listen to music which seemed a bit odd but I thought sure maybe he just wants to talk about the breakup or something. Well it didn’t take long before we were making out in his car. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and started sucking him while he kept saying oh fuck I needed this. After a bit I stopped, looked up at him and said I want you to fuck me in your car parked in my driveway while my husband is inside sleeping. Then I climbed onto his lap and lowered my aching pussy down on his dick. I rode him hard and fast while my husband slept peacefully inside our house. He came deep inside my pussy just as we saw the bathroom light go on in the house. If my hubby had looked out the window. He would have seen his slut wife getting fucked in a car parked in the driveway where any of our neighbours could also see.

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If I am right, which i hope so, there are people who take care of orphaned kids for a while to help the orphanage or something like that. So, maybe Lance used to help that way, but then he took care of Shiro and they have a connection or something and Lance decided to adopt him. Maybe that's how Lance got custody of a small Japanese boy...? (How do I put this thing in anonymous? Oh well, It doesn't matter. Sorry if there are misspellings, I'm not that good at writing english)

like foster care?  that could be one possibility.  the only thing is I feel like Lance wouldn’t be THAT old. So I don’t know if he would have been a foster parent that early in his life in time to first foster Shiro for a little bit and then adopt him

I started thinking more like he messed around a lot in his first year or two of college and accidentally got some girl pregnant and she dumped the kid on him.   That would make Shiro his actual son then and I don’t think I want it to be like that.

 unless like, Lance went on a trip to study abroad in Japan and just found baby Shiro abandoned or something and was somehow able to adopt him. But I feel weird doing something like that because I’m american and have no idea if stuff like that even happens in japan or how that would work exactly. I guess I could make Shiro a prom night dumpster baby that Lance finds still alive (which is REALLY sad but it happens I guess) and he just works really hard to convince child services that he can take care of him and wins. therefore adopting Shiro.    Tragic backstory 

btw, your english is awesome. I can’t spell well either and its my first language 

Here part 3

Part 3 of Here is now here, Hope you’re still enjoying it. Part four will come at the end of the week and hopefully something between Christmas and New Year as well. We’ll see, it’s going to be a busy time though so I’m not 100% sure yet. 

Anyway, enjoy I x


 Wow you’re a bit eager aren’t you Harry?

I mean it’s 8.30

 Had an early meeting this morning remember?

 Oh yeah how did it go?

 Yeah it was good thanks

Good :)

 So what can I do for you Styles?

 I was wondering if you wanted to go for coffee this afternoon? You gotta say thank you for that lift

 Thought giving you my number was the thank you ;)

And I’d love to you but unfortunately I’ve got a date with someone else

 Oh, who?

 You wouldn’t know him, he’s in that shitty one direction band don’t know why I agreed to go really

 Ah so you’re the reason Louis’ busy this afternoon

Oh and less of the shitty bet you play us on repeat?

 Only to support my friend, but yes I’m meeting with Louis this afternoon I’m afraid

Seeing as you already know that I guess I was option number two anyway so I’m not sure I want to go for coffee with you anyway

 Not at all, never

So when do you want to go for coffee with the best looking member of one direction

 Who Niall? I haven’t really met him so might be a bit of a weird date but if you want to hook me up I’m game

 You’re so funny

Seriously when can we go on a date?

 Whoa who said anything about date?

You when you said it would be a weird date with Niall

 Yeah a date with Niall not you

 I’m not sure if I’ve genuinely overstepped the mark or not now

 I’m joking Harry, don’t worry sorry my sense of humour isn’t great

 I dunno it’s pretty dark I like it

So coffee…


 A whole two days? So you can see Louis as soon as he asks but I have to wait two days

 Enough with the jealousy

I have work tomorrow I’m afraid and have to go get Alfie well now and then pick up my car

 I could drive you ;)

 You’re not driving me anywhere I do silly things like give you my number when I let you drive me

 Was that really a silly thing?

 Well I’m having the longest text conversation I’ve had since high school about going for coffee when I’m meant to be going to get my eighteen month old son from his father who has already called me twice to make sure I’ll be there on time so…

 Sorry I’ll let you go, meet you Friday at Richmond Park

 Ok I’ll have Alfie is that ok?

 Of course it is

 Thanks see you then x

 It’s a date ;) H x

The air was bitter as Y/N walked through the park towards the cafe she’d sat in many times, pushing the buggy as quickly as she could, wanting to get into the warmth of the coffee shop as soon as possible. She hoped there’d be a coffee and a slice of carrot cake, her favourite, waiting when she got there. It was mid-afternoon but the sun was already beginning to fall in the sky casting a golden light over the park and making her breath visible as it left her mouth and touched the cold air. Her hands felt numb from the cold and she regretted not picking up her gloves before leaving her house that morning.

 It had been a manic morning, after a later night than she’d anticipated she’d woken up late to two texts from Josh reminding her to be there an hour earlier than she’d originally planned.

 I’ve got a meeting be here at 9 latest for Alfie

 She’d showered the quickest she ever had, getting wet in cold water, lathering up whilst it got warm and quickly rinsing off before the water had even reached the temperature she’d normally shower at. She’d rushed to get dressed whilst texting Harry, trying to keep the texts as cool, calm and collected as possible to not appear as flustered as she was feeling by the whole situation. Reading back on the texts whilst she waited in the garage for her car, Alfie sleeping in his push chair, she felt she might have taken the ‘treat ‘em mean’ advice a bit too far although she was still meeting Harry for coffee so perhaps not.

 Josh had always been cold shouldered so she wasn’t expecting a warm reception when she finally got to his house. If he wasn’t judging her by her black jeans including baby food stain and grey hoodie that was in desperate need of a wash, he was definitely judging her by the hair she hadn’t had time to brush so was piled up on her head in a messy bun reminiscent of a bird’s nest that had been blown out of it’s tree and smashed to the floor. He’d opened the door and literally looked her up and down, he didn’t say a word but that was nothing out of the ordinary. Unless he needed something, Y/N was always the first to start conversation.

 ‘Hi, how are you?’ She asked trying to appear as genial as possible. She smiled sweetly as he stepped aside so she could enter the house. It was a nice house, the real wooden flooring throughout and the off-white walls made it feel cold to Y/N though. Although she did consider that could be the owner more than the decor’s fault, she was sure it would feel very cosy if it was the right person welcoming her into their home.

 ‘Good thanks,’ Josh told her not returning the gesture to ask how she was. ‘He’s in the living room.’ Y/N turned making for the main room of the house, the biggest of the rooms she’d seen. Marie was sat on the floor with Alfie entertaining him with the wooden cars he adored. Her long black hair fell down her back in thick curls, shiny in the bright winter sunlight that was pouring through the room. She had a white long sleeved top on and it was tucked into blue denim jeans, Y/N could see the Armani Jeans logo but she tried not to take any notice of it. She had to wonder though why Alfie’s father’s fiancé was walking around in Armani Jeans but he couldn’t help Y/N out when she had to get a new pram for Alfie two weeks previous.

 Alfie looked to her as she entered the room and his beautiful, chubby cheeked smile spread across his bouncy face. He squealed a gurgled laugh and fell onto his hands and knees crawling over to the familiar face of his mother. Y/N smiled brightly down at him taking two steps towards him, not being able to wait for him to make it to her before she could have him in her arms. She picked him up from the floor another bubbly chuckle leaving his mouth as she threw him the air before holding him tight against her body. She kissed his cheek.

 ‘Hey baby how are you?’ Alfie had his chubby fingers clasping onto her coat and he just smiled at her. ‘Hi Marie, how are you? Have a nice evening?’ Y/N asked again politely though she’d never had a problem with Marie. She was good to Alfie, better than she had to be considering she wasn’t his mum, she never complained about looking after him and was much easier to get along with than Josh.

 ‘Yeah it was lovely thank you, it was great to have this little monkey again.’ She said tickling Alfie’s side, making him screech. ‘How was the show?’ Marie asked looking back to Y/N, Alfie’s attention now back on his mother, the drawstrings of her hoodie in his hands.

 ‘Went really well thanks.’ Marie smiled, Y/N unsure if she genuinely cared or was just being polite but either way it was nice to be asked. ‘Was he ok?’ Y/N asked turning to Josh who was stood in the living room doorway clearly getting impatient.

 ‘Fine as always.’ Josh said without care. ‘Look Y/N you could have told me Louis would be dropping him and you could have called me back.’ Y/N rolled her eyes not caring for Josh to see.

 ‘I didn’t get until really late, Louis was helping me out because I didn’t have a car and was running late for work.’ Y/N explained though Josh already knew that. She knew Louis had explained that to Josh when he left Alfie with him and she’d already told him her car was in the garage.

 ‘Well it’s not on, why didn’t you call me when you left work?’ He asked the challenge clear in his voice though Y/N was determined not to raise to the bait.

‘I was in the car.’

‘I thought your car was in the garage?’ Y/N could hear the smugness in Josh’s voice and could see it on his face when he thought he’d caught her out.

‘I got a lift.’ She told him, the look quickly wiping on his face but clearly wound up the conversation wasn’t going his way.

‘From Louis?

‘No another friend ok?’

‘Who?’ Y/N was getting fed up with feeling like she was being interrogated by her father. She rolled her eyes again and thought about lying.

‘Josh that’s enough.’ Marie chirped in from beside Y/N. She’d seen interactions similar to this between the pair before and she knew what Josh could be like. He didn’t like to lose anything even a petty argument, and he thought he was in the right - Louis shouldn’t have dropped Alfie off and Y/N should have called him the second she left work and he wouldn’t stop until Y/N caved. Y/N wondered how many times he’d done the same to Marie over stupid things. Y/N tried not to laugh at the thought of Marie sitting ignoring Josh as he ranted about her not wiping the milk frother down after using it or some similar insignificant thing.

‘I’m here earlier like you asked-’

‘You asked her to come earlier, why?’ Marie interrupted. Y/N turned to look at her, she was staring at Josh, one side of her hair tucked behind her ears revealing to Y/N her modelesque profile. Y/N looked back to Josh he was clearly taken back and not sure what to say, he visibly swallowed obviously not expecting that piece of information to be revealed. Y/N assumed he’d told Marie she’d asked to come and get him earlier for some reason.

‘I’ve got a meeting.’ He defended weekly. Y/N thought she might have been wrong earlier, maybe Marie didn’t lose arguments with Josh as often as she had over the time she’d had Josh in her life.

‘In two hours.’ Marie nearly shouted. Y/N focused her attention on Alfie preventing him from putting the strings of her hoodie in his mouth. She felt slightly awkward and a lot like she shouldn’t be there any longer. ‘I’m really sorry Y/N.’ Marie said drawing Y/N’s attention again who shook her head and smile at Marie.’

‘It’s ok, it’s not your fault, I’ll leave you guys to it.’ She said making for the doorway, walking past Josh without saying a word. The push chair was ready to go in the hallway, Alfie’s bag packed and resting underneath the seat. She easily put Alfie in it, Alfie content, well rested and happy to be with his mum again. Once sat in the push chair she put his puffer jacket on him zipping it up and putting the small New York Jets beanie that her brother in law had bought for him on his head. She tucked a blanket around his legs pressing a kiss to his nose and handing him the stuffed, dirty, cream rabbit he hadn’t put down since the day he was born. Y/N stood from the pram, Josh had disappeared from the hallway but Marie stood looking on.

‘Thanks for having him Marie.’ Y/N said stepping forward past the push chair. Marie shook her head a sweet smile on her face.

‘It’s never a problem, he’s his dad Y/N we’ll have him as often as you need, whenever you need, just call me.’ Marie told her for which Y/N was thankful. Y/N stepped forward again holding Marie’s shoulder and kissing her cheek before turning back to the pram.

‘Thanks Marie, see you later.’ Marie held the door open for Y/N as she pushed Alfie out of the house and into the cold air. Despite the severe change in temperature she was glad to be back with her baby boy where she belonged and out of that house.

Alfie gurgled happily in the pram as Y/N pushed him up the small path to the cafe. He’d been content and smiley all day, mostly wrapped up in his pram looking a lot like a marshmallow. Y/N was relieved the worst part of her day had been over within fifteen minutes and first thing. Finally, now though she could relax with a cup of coffee and her best friend who she was sure would be more interested in entertaining Alfie than her.

The windows of the cafe were steamed up so Y/N couldn’t see in as she approached but the people inside could obviously see her as the door opened for her. An elderly gentleman stood on the other side a woollen vest over a cotton shirt made it obvious he had stood from his seat to open the door for Y/N and didn’t just happen to be leaving as she was entering. She thanked him kindly and pushed the pram through the door scanning the room for Louis. She spotted him sat towards the back of the room looking at his phone.

‘Look who it is Alfie?’ She cooed pulling the hood of the pram back. Louis looked up at the sound of her voice, his trademark, bright smile spread across his face at the sight of them. ‘Hey.’ Y/N smiled taking her hat from her head and un doing her coat.

‘Hey hun, hey little man.’ Louis made himself busy taking Alfie from his pram whilst Y/N sorted herself out and took a beaker of blackcurrant squash from the bag under his pram. Louis unzipped Alfie’s jacket and took it off him whilst Y/N sat down sighing, Louis placing Alfie on his lap his hat still on his head. ‘How’s your morning been?’ Louis asked bouncing Alfie on his lap.

‘Oh my god Louis, I think we caused a bit of a problem between Josh and Marie.’ Y/N said pointing at a coffee that she could tell was a cappuccino and asking if it was hers. Louis nodded and pushed a slice of what she knew was carrot cake towards her. Even after eight months away Louis never forgot her coffee shop order.

‘He deserves it.’ Louis joked wickedly, Y/N nearly choking on her coffee.

‘Louis.’ Y/N scalded to which Louis simply shrugged. Alfie made a sweet little noise drawing Louis’ attention for a second. Louis opened his mouth wide along with his eyes before blowing a raspberry to which Alfie let out a loud, excited laugh. Y/N smiled as Louis repeated until Alfie got bored becoming interested in the beaker of juice Louis had in his hand.

‘So, what happened?’ Y/N shook her head at Louis putting her coffee cup down for a second.

‘I’ll tell you in a bit, let me devour this first.’ Y/N said pulling the large slice of cake towards her to which Louis chuckled. ‘Someone else joining us?’ Y/N asked pointing to a third coffee cup she noticed with her fork. She cut a small piece of the cake with the same fork as the chair opposite pulled out from under the table, Y/N looked up to it. ‘Oh Harry, hi.’ Y/N said a little taken back by the site of Harry his hair fluffy and dishevelled, glasses sat in amongst it and what can only be described as a holiday dad shirt adorning his body, undone by three or four buttons. Surprisingly though Y/N found herself thinking he looked good in it.

‘You don’t mind, do you? I was at a lose end and Lou asked if I wanted to come along.’ Y/N shook her head at Harry who was staring straight at her as she held onto her fork filled with cake.

‘No not at all,’ She told him smiling and he relaxed against the back of his chair. ‘Gets me out of Friday quite nicely.’ She joked winking putting the cake in her mouth. Harry smiled knowingly his tongue licking at his canine tooth. Louis looked between the pair confused.

‘What’s happening Friday?’ Louis asked though not looking up from Alfie who was playing with Louis phone. Y/N shook her head and told Louis not to worry Louis doing exactly that and thinking nothing of it as he held his phone Alfie tapping at the blank screen.

‘Oh no Alfie, what’s that on your hat?’ Harry chirped squeezing the bobble of Alfie’s hat. Alfie looked up at Harry reaching for his hand. ‘Not the Jets.’ Harry joked, gently taking Alfie’s hat from his head. Alfie giggled and reached for his hat. ‘You don’t want that mate, here this ones much better.’ Harry said reaching behind him and presenting a green and yellow beanie. Y/N laughed recognising the team colours of Green Bay Packers due to her New Yorker brother-in-law who insisted on watching American Football games everytime they were on, even if they were re-runs. Harry placed the hat on Alfie, the size of it drowning his head slightly. Y/N giggled as Harry moved the hat to clear Alfie’s vision. ‘Much better.’ Harry said smiling.

‘I have got to take a photo of that for Ryan.’ Y/N laughed taking her phone from her bag and quickly taking a photo of Alfie looking up at Harry making sure not to get Harry or Louis in the photo who was behind him smiling on just before Alfie took the hat and threw it on the floor. Y/N laughed loudly, Harry and Louis also chuckling as Harry leaned off his chair to pick the hat up. ‘What can I say he’s a true Jets fan.’ Y/N joked Louis now distracted by holding onto Alife tightly as he stood on Louis’ lap stretching forward reaching for his beaker. Harry pushed the beaker towards the little boys small hands so he could reach it.

‘A dun wan at.’

‘He wants your biscuit.’ Y/N told Harry, Louis chuckling as Alfie pushed the beaker to the side reaching out for the biscuit on the saucer of Harry’s Americano. ‘Alfie that’s not yours.’ Y/N told him Alfie looked at her with a cheeky smile, continuing to reach out for the biscuit whilst staring at his mum with a wild look in his eyes. ‘Alfie, you have to ask Harry nicely if you can share his biscuit.’

‘He can have it I don’t want it.’ Harry smiled. Y/N shook her head and widened her eyes at Alfie encouraging him to do as she’d asked.

‘Pls.’ Alfie said looking at Harry. Louis chuckled again.

‘Please can I have your biscuit Harry.’ Y/N encouraged. Alfie loved speaking at the moment, it was like he’d discovered he could do it and didn’t want to stop, he repeated everything and Y/N was encouraging it as much as she could.

‘Pls cana bisc Ry?’ Harry smiled and nodded unwrapping the small biscuit for Alfie and handing it to him. Alfie hummed happiness before leaning back into Louis and putting the biscuit in his mouth and sucking at it before biting off a small piece.

‘He’s talking loads, he wouldn’t stop yesterday in the car.’ Louis told Y/N to which she smiled whilst watching Alfie eat the biscuit carefully. His chubby fingers held onto it tightly scared it would get taken away from him.

‘How much could you understand?’ Y/N joked Louis shrugging. ‘No I’m joking he’s doing well but he repeats everything, you have to be careful.’ Y/N warned knowing how peppered Louis’ speech could be sometimes. Alfie cried out as his biscuit fell from his hands to the floor. Y/N pretended not to see trying to avoid the meltdown that she could anticipate.

‘Mama ma bisc.’ Alfie cried out reaching for Y/N. She looked at him and could see the tears in his eyes. ‘Ma bisc.’

‘Oh no,’ Y/N said looking at the floor. ‘You dropped your biscuit.’ Alfie nodded sitting back against Louis again, tugging at his bottom lip. ‘Yucky now, eugh.’

‘Yuck.’ Alfie grimaced to which both Louis and Harry chuckled. ‘Ew.’ Y/N nodded smiling. She reached into Alfie’s bag that was beside her in his pram searching for the toy car she knew was in there. She pulled it out and Alfie’s eyes went wide with excitement the biscuit on the floor forgotten as she handed it to him. He held it up for Louis to see. ‘Lou lou.’ He said quietly. Louis chuckled and nodded entertaining Alfie for a few moments until Alfie took the car for himself wheeling it around on the table.

‘I need to go to the bathroom Alf, you want to sit with your mum? Louis asked lifting Alfie off his lap. Alfie pouted and shook his head earning a chortle from the rest of them.

‘Can I have him for a bit?’ Harry piped up sitting forward, putting his coffee on the table after taking a sip. Harry looked from Alfie and Louis to Y/N who smiled and nodded.

‘There you go Alf, you can go and sit with Haz.’ Alfie giggled as Louis passed Alfie over to Harry who was blowing a raspberry at him. Harry sat Alfie on his lap facing him continuing to make him laugh loudly with silly faces. Y/N smiled sitting back in the soft chair enjoying some time to enjoy a warm cup of coffee without having to worry about what Alfie was getting up to. Harry turned him around on his lap so he could play with his car on the table again, Harry joining in.

‘They’ll be photos in the papers tomorrow saying I’ve got a secret family.’ Harry joked looking up at Y/N as he handed the car back to Alfie who was gurgling away and talking to himself. Y/N rolled her eyes chuckling before looking at Alfie and his car. The wooden car had been part of a set he received for his first birthday but he instantly took to the car and hadn’t left it alone since.

‘Sounds better than my actual situation.’ Y/N said thinking out loud and letting her feelings about the morning’s interaction with Josh and Marie get the better of her. Her eyes went wide and she looked up at Harry who looked completely unfazed by what she’d said apart from a slight grin he was wearing, probably due to her clear embarrassment. ‘Oh my god I’m so sorry Harry, I didn’t mean-Oh Jesus.’ She stuttered her free hand rising to her forehead.

‘Y/N it’s fine, don’t be stupid.’ Harry said laughter in his voice. Y/N looked at him, looking as if she felt sick. Harry shook his head and reached across the table taking her hand. ‘I wouldn’t have even thought anything of it if you didn’t say anything, forget it.’ Harry said reassuringly squeezing her hand. She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes at herself feeling like a prize idiot.

‘Ok what is going on with you two?’ Louis’ voice interrupted the moment between Harry and Y/N, Harry quickly letting go of her hand, clearing his throat and looking down at Alfie. Y/N chuckled at Harry’s actions as did Louis. It made Y/N feel like she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t have and she knew Louis wouldn’t mind what they were up to. He cared, of course he did, and he’d always give advice about what he thought was best but he’d never tell Y/N she couldn’t do something or shouldn’t, especially when it came to who she was seeing not that she was seeing Harry.

‘Calm down Haz, you can do what you like I just wish one of my best friends would tell me.’ Louis said sitting down. Y/N and Harry looked at each other and shrugged.

‘Nothing’s going on Lou.’ Y/N told him as she pulled one leg up in the chair resting it under the other and reclining as much as she could in the soft chair. Louis raised his eyebrows at Y/N not bothering to look at Harry who was fully caught up in a barely understandable conversation with Alfie. ‘What?’

‘Well what’s happening Friday then?’ Louis asked to which Y/N sighed wishing she’d never made the joke earlier on.

‘We were going for coffee, he gave me a lift home last night and to say thank you I was going to take him for a coffee ok?’ Louis smiled knowingly winking at Y/N who shook her head at him before turning away looking at Alfie who was bashing his car on the table. ‘Oi you terror, none of that.’ Y/N said leaning forward in her chair and grabbing his hand to stop him from continuing. Alfie simply giggled mischievously, ‘You’re a horror Alfie, do not do it again or I’ll take it away.’ Alfie smiled, ‘Understand?’ She warned he nodded still smiling. She let go of his hand but didn’t take her eyes off him. He gently tapped the car against the table as, Y/N predicted, testing the limits. ‘Ah.’ She raised her eyebrows at him. ‘I’ll take it away.’

‘Come on Alfie let’s play with it nicely.’ Harry encouraged, taking Alfie’s hands and pushing the car gently along the table. ‘That’s a good boy.’ Harry praised gently letting Alfie continue on his own but not taking his eyes off him allowing Y/N to relax back in her chair and turn her eyes back to Louis who was looking at her with a face that was saying exactly what she was thinking. Harry was really good with Alfie and the pair appeared to have hit it off straight away, Alfie comfortable on Harry’s lap leaning in against his chest as he got tired and pushing his car up and down his shirt.

The three of them continued to sit and talk amongst themselves the afternoon light slowly fading until it was practically dark outside. Louis didn’t miss the opportunity to take Alfie from Harry for one last cuddle before going home. Alfie was getting sleepy the toy car forgotten on the table as he curled into Louis his eyes falling. Y/N knew if he fell asleep now she’d have an early morning the next day but he’d been denied his full afternoon nap so she had anticipated he’d feel tired earlier than he normally would.

‘So what are you two going to do Friday now then?’ Louis asked tapping Alfie’s lower back gently as comfort as Alfie slowly settled into him. ‘I mean you’ve done the coffee thing.’ Y/N shrugged sitting forward and packing the few things she’d taken from Alfie’s bag back into them. This wasn’t exactly a conversation she wanted to have with both Louis and Harry present but it was typical Louis not to worry about that.

‘I dunno Louis, maybe Y/N and I will talk about it later.’ Harry said clearly sensing Y/N’s discomfort as she didn’t look up from Alfie’s bag. She did hum in response though, agreeing with Harry.

‘Well I was just going to suggest why don’t you do something in the evening, I could look after Alfie.’ Louis suggested and Y/N understood then. He just wanted to baby sit for her. Y/N nodded her head but still didn’t say anything.

‘Maybe like I said we’ll talk about it later.’ Harry said again to which Louis rolled his eyes. Y/N did like the idea though, she hadn’t been out in London in the evening in a long time for anything other than work. It would be nice to spend some time in the city at night especially when she could relax knowing Alfie was being well looked after at home by Louis.

‘Well I best take this little one home.’ Y/N said standing from her chair and taking her coat from the back of it slipping it on over her hoody. ‘Thanks for the coffee Lou.’ She said to him moving the pram so Louis could stand up. He did so pecking Alfie’s head before placing him gently in the pram trying not to disturb him.

‘No worries, let me know about Friday night yeah?’ Y/N nodded chuckling before wrapping her arms around Louis shoulders and kissing his cheek, Louis doing the same.

‘I will don’t worry.’ She reassured moving out of the embrace and turning to Harry. ‘See you later Harry.’ She smiled stepping over to him her hand taking his shoulder as they both leaned forward to kiss each other’s cheek lightly.

‘Yeah I’ll text you or call or something.’ She nodded smiling as she turned back towards the pram Alfie now tucked in and in his jacket thanks to Louis, his eyes still gently closed.

‘See you soon.’ She sung as she walked towards the door pulling the hood of her jumper up over her head to brace against the cold.

Hey, how was the rest of your afternoon?


Was good thanks, was nice to see you for a bit


Yeah bit of a surprise yet again haha
Sorry about what I said


Don’t worry about it seriously if it makes you feel better I’d forgotten about it so maybe you should do the same and we can just pretend it didn’t happen


Sounds good
So Friday…


Yeah hey if you don’t want to do something in the evening don’t let what Louis said make you feel you have to


No I was thinking it might be quite nice actually if that’s ok with you?
But thanks


Yeah suits me to a tea
Can I come get you from yours?




8.00 sound good?


Perfect, see you then


Cool see you then, have a good evening


And you love x

Let Me Love You

Okay, but imagine this:

Harry is a famous pop star who owns his own record label. He’s also a bit of a prick, who comes off as someone who only loves himself. Oh, and his cat, Bandit. He’s closed himself off after his mother’s death, trying not to think about his father’s alcoholism. He sees the world as a selfish place, where only the selfish can succeed. And succeed he did.

He is hard on his employees, demanding they start early and work late, threatening to fire them if they don’t do as he pleases. But he also pays them pretty well, which is why they put up with his shit.

Louis is Harry’s right-hand man, who has been Harry’s best friend since childhood, and as much as he tries to change Harry’s behavior, nothing he does helps.

Then one day Louis comes into Harry’s office, plopping down into a chair. He announces he’s hired a new music producer for the label to replace Zayn. Then he starts chattering about how good the lad is at his job, and how intelligent and beautiful he is. Harry sighs, trying to ignore Louis, and when that doesn’t work he looks up from his work, directing a pointed stare at Louis. Louis of course doesn’t take the hint and only leaves when he’s done gushing.

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“Hey, sorry to bother you guys I’m looking for uh…” you trailed off looking down to the piece of paper in your hands. “Steve McGarett, do either of you know where to find him?” you asked, looking between the two men. One was smaller with light hair, the other tall with brunette hair. “That’s me” the taller one chuckled, raising his hand. “Oh hi” you laughed. “Y/N” you introducing, hold your hand out for him to shake. “I’m the new cadet I was told to come find you?” you said unsure of why really, having not been totally informed. “Oh right, sorry I didn’t think you’d be here yet. Bit early aren’t you?” he laughed. “Gotta make a good impression” you nodded with a smile. “Well I’m going to be training you in to everything around here. We’ll be spending a lot of time together and I guess that means I have to be twice as early as you to keep up” he joked playfully.

Anger (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Length: 1942+ words

Genre: Angst

TW: Sexual Assault / Rape / Suicide / PTSD

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

“So?” Lisa asked, sitting beside him on the couch. She handed him a beer, and he nodded at her in appreciation before she sipped at her own up of wine.   

He hummed a questioning response.   

“What do you think of Y/N?” She asked. 

“She’s,” Dean started, pausing to think of a neutral response that sounded natural. “A very nice girl. A little closed off, but you guys seem to get along very well." 

Very well,“ Lisa emphasized, laughing a bit. "We just clicked you know? From the moment I talked to her in our cooking class, I knew we would become best friends. Oh, speaking of cooking class, I signed us up for a class this Friday. You can get off early, right?" 

He nodded. "Yea, of course."  

"You don’t like her, do you?” Lisa asked, analyzing his face, obviously disappointed.   

Dean shook his head. “It’s not like that. I just- I don’t know- Maybe I just don’t trust her as much.” And that was an honest response. Dean had no idea who she was anymore, after leaving him.   

“Give Y/N a chance, Dean,” Lisa said softly. “She’s been through a lot.“ 

Dean raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to continue.   

Lisa sighed, shaking her head. “She was hurt before. There was this guy, Richard, or as I like to call him Dick." 

The green-eyed man tried to hide his confusion, in all his time knowing her, she’s never mentioned a Richard.   

“She dated him before she moved here. They were together for a long time." 

Then he got angry. Did she cheat on him while they were in a relationship? Of course, their relationship was never ideal, but he never thought she would have cheated.   

“She said he wasn’t much of a relationship-person. He kind of reminded me of you early on in our relationship. He was so unwilling to put effort into the relationship, but Y/N was a romantic. She never gave up on him. Even though he didn’t give her what she deserved- the flowers, the dates, the compliments, nothing like that, she still insisted that there were other ways he showed his love, but to me it looked like he was just using her for sex. She said that was when he lowered his defences, and showed her how much he loves her, but I thought that was ridiculous- You can’t just say ‘I love you’ to a person after sex, and then ignore them the very next day! It wasn’t a healthy relationship, but she always defended him- even now. I think she still loves him, if you ask me. When I asked her why she never left, she told me she thought he loved her too.” Dean swallowed thickly, having flashbacks of their time together every time he blinked. His heart felt like it was being squeezed, remembering how much pain he made her go through. He had insisted that it was for her own good, that he was protecting her from the demons that have haunted him. And seeing her in this part of town, with a normal life, he thought he’d done his job. He succeeded.   

“But something happened.” Lisa paused, sighing sadly. 

Dean tried to think of an event that was horrendous enough to end their relationship. He always thought it was a long-time coming. Months of ignoring her, and being cold to her had finally gotten to her, and she ended things. Panic struck in his heart.   

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  • Blake: You're back from the arcade early.
  • Yang: Yeaah, we kinda got kicked out.
  • Blake: Oh no, what happened this time?
  • Yang: Nora went around getting electric shocks from the machines before having a go at the strength-o-meter to win a giant stuffed bear. Let's just say the arcade now has a nice open roof.
  • Blake: Seriously? Well at least you behaved yourself.
  • Yang: ....
  • Blake: Yang, what did you do?
  • Yang: I was playing air hockey with Ren when I got a bit over enthusiastic that I won and may have snapped the table in half. On the plus side look at this toy bee I won you! I got Ruby a monkey and I got Weiss a fluffy penguin too!
Tips For Your Weekly Ritualistic Sacrifices:
  • Don’t do it alone! You need a friend to make sure nothing goes wrong in case you accidentally get possessed. Plus it’s a fun bonding activity!
  • Use fresh ingredients. Nothing is worse than an expired sacrifice. The Ancient and Immortal Beings tend to be a bit picky.
  • Start early. You know what happens if you forget to do a sacrifice one week! Living without your skin certainly wouldn’t be easy, so it’s best to get a head start.
  • Only sacrifice those who have done you a great wrong. It’s very important that you don’t sacrifice someone innocent. If you do, well, being stuck in limbo for all eternity might not be so bad?
  • Have fun! This is the time when you get to truly let loose and be yourself. Feel free to get creative! 

So it might be a bit early to be theorizing the plot/elements/character(s) of Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS but this just came to me and I love this idea to much not to share it.

Anyway, I think we should be getting some more characters in the next news update for the new series, this being the main female and rival probably, but I also hope we get to learn more about Yusaku’s family if he has one that is.

Why do I say that? Well what if he doesn’t have one? As much as I would love to see this genius having a younger sister (just so I can compare him to my all time favorite anime character some more), if he doesn’t have one, this would make this theory make a lot more sense (not saying he can’t have one with the same theory but I don’t want a repeat of Yuya’s family).

What is this theory you might ask?

Well, what if Yusaku isn’t human?

Yes, that is a common theme with the Yu-Gi-Oh protagonists (our last one was a freaking demon spawn for calling out loud) but what I mean by this is…

What if Yusaku is a computer program that was brought to the real world?

Yes, we don’t know that much about him or any of his backstory to say that and heck, we don’t even know how insane this VR system really is, let alone the plot to this show, but if this whole thing is so advanced, I would assume there would have to be artificial life forms that were created and exist in Link VRAINS (one of them having to be a main villan at some point I would take it).

Now keep in mind this. Yusaku is a hacker and a very skilled one at that. He probably knows his way around computers like he knows the back of his own hand. Yes, I know people can be freaking geniuses without being a computer but if he starts doing stuff that he really shouldn’t be able to do as a human, I’m calling something is up. 

I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time something like this happen coughbrunocough and we all know how Yu-Gi-Oh is with its plot twists.

So if he is a program, what is he doing in the real world? At the moment, I’m going to say he’s some kind of giant anti-virus without knowing it for some kind of major plot point later on and to hide it from the enemy, he was sent to the real world with his memory wiped? If that is the case, I can see him throwing a heroic sacrifice to active the anti-virus (but you know he’s going to live afterwards).

Or you know, I could just be making stuff up without any solid evidence or without any idea of what this show is going to be about plot wise. But I know how Yu-Gi-Oh works at this point so I wouldn’t be surprise if this was the case (and if so, I’m going to freak out). 

But what do you guys think? You all think this could be possible or just think I’m crazy/stupid to be coming up with stuff like this even before the show airs? XD


My number one recommendation on this subject is “The Origins of Sex: The History of the First Sexual Revolution” by Faramerz Dabhoiwala. He basically places the sexual revolution that we often associate with the 1960s, maybe even 1920s at a stretch, as actually first occurring in the 1660s and building up through the 18th century and early 19th century (before the Evangelical revivals of the 19th century). It focuses firmly on Britain, but it’s exceptionally interesting and looks at all sorts of things, such as gentleman’s clubs, gender roles (and how they were inverted), pornography and sexual celebrity (i.e. being famous for having lots of sex), as well as literally everything else. I also recommend “Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire” by Erik Berkowitz. This is a little bit more general in that it focuses on places OTHER than England and it also looks at a wider time frame. Oh, and I just finished Dan Cruickshank’s “The Secret History of Georgian London,” it was a monster of a book but holy shit. So. good. and. so. scandalous.

The history of sex and sexuality is so fascinating because it transcends other aspects of history, I find? Like, politicians would visit brothels together, do their thing and then sit around having political discussions within the space of the bawdy house, women on their knee, afterwards. They’d literally get ideas for legislation in the act of sexual intercourse and then tell all their mates later. Most of London was built on funds collected by the sex industry, more so than any other industry. Any old building I see is there because someone gave great head in 1743. Forget all these great men, the only reason London stands now is because they spent too long with their pants off. Porn was, in many cases, distributed by female shop-owners who prided themselves on cheap erotica so women made lucrative trade. It doesn’t just tell us about how people were having sex, but about other aspects of their experiences too. Sex was just the center-point. Also, like….dirty humour has always been A Thing. Dick jokes have been funny right from Year Dot. I find that infinitely fascinating, that humans have never fundamentally changed. I just find it so wonderful that the one thing I have in common with some 18th century duchess is the fact that we both crack up at a joke about the length of a guy’s penis. Sex and desire transcend the historical boundaries.

Exo Reaction: You send them nudes when they’re at work.

Lay: *Freezes and starts drooling*

Xiumin: *As happy as he can be in that moment*

Chen: “Oh yes, can’t wait until I get home..” *Dirty thoughts*

Kai: *Doesn’t know if he can keep working after seeing the pictures* “Gosh, she is so sexy, I’ll go home a little bit earlier”

Sehun: “She will be punished when I get home” *Horny*

Suho: “Well, we all know what’s gonna happen when I get home..” 

Chanyeol: *Leaves work early saying that he’s not feeling too well* “Guess who’s gonna get some?”

Baekhyun: “She’s got to be kidding with me” *Horny as fuck*

D.O: *Doesn’t care if anyone sees his happy dance*

Luhan: “Excuse me, did Y/N just beg me to punish her?” 

Kris: “Haha, this night is gonna be fun”

Tao: *Thinking about all the things he’s gonna do to you tonight*

@claramarch replied to your post “There’s… an anti malec tag… who could possibly have anti feelings…”

I felt it was too rushed in the first season (especially compared to the books - I’m still sad about all those missed opportunities for great scenes) but that doesn’t make me anti malec ��

Oh definitely finding it rushed isn’t the same as full on not liking it, although tbh I didn’t find the books much better. Mind you, I never finished the series, so I don’t know what happened beyond the first few books. But the show has shown more of the process than the books did which I remember mostly being off screen. And it’s still early in the relationship as well.

As for being rushed in the first season, I’ve seen that complaint before but I’ve always been a bit confused by it?? Aside from Magnus saying Alec unlocked something in him when we hadn’t seen Alec do much yet to explain why that was, most of their development was pretty straightforward. It’s not like they made any promises to each other or like Magnus was already in love with Alec, but he recognized that Alec was at risk of throwing away his entire life which kind of increased the urgency of their situation and made Magnus come across stronger than he probably would have if the situation had been different. Which we know, because once that situation was resolved, he slowed right down and was incredibly patient with Alec while he figured everything out.

I mean, most shows throw two characters together with barely any interactions whatsoever. Magnus and Alec didn’t even go on their first date until partway through the second season which is already more than most television series do. And we’ve actually gotten to see nearly every step of their relationship so far, as well as them actually communicating. Maybe it just feels faster because you’re getting to see it sooner even though it was already happening off screen in the books too lol.

Derek Hale Fluffy smut!

derek hale fluffy imagine! You wake up to find blood on your side of the sheets in Derek’s bed.

Enjoy! (ps having major feels as I am on my period and well yeah you know)

You are spending the weekend at Derek’s place while you have a break from school. You are an early riser as is Derek. You wake up and pull the sheets off of you sitting up, as you get out of bed to brush your teeth you turn and see there is a blood stain on the sheets “oh damn it”
You say in a yell whisper not wanting to wake derek “shit” you moan annoyed this happened and you see derek beginning to move a bit and he roles over “good morning” he says softly in his morning voice opening his eyes smiling at you “you okay?” He says confused why you were standing next to the bed not answering him “your sheets” you say motioning and he looks down seeing the blood spot and he looks back up “it’s okay I have a washer and bleach” he says motioning for you to come back in bed and you smile shyly and get in next to him as he sits up “it’s okay” he says rubbing your thigh and you blush “its just annoying” you say looking up at him and leans in and kisses you and you smile kissing him back. “I bet it is annoying” he says and you smile “yeah” you add leaning your head on his shoulder and he pats your leg “you want pancakes for breakfast?” He says and you looks up “chocolate chip?” You say excited and he smiles “yeah I think I can do that” he says kissing your forehead and you smile getting up out of bed and derek follows you “I’ll get the sheets in the wash and start breakfast in about 10 minutes” derek says and you nod walking toward the bathroom “I’m going to get cleaned up and be out there to help” you say shutting the bathroom door.

“Do you want to make the batter or poor and flip them?” Derek asks and you think for a second “I’ll go with the flipping today” you say getting out the griddle and he nods going to get the ingredients. You watch derek make the batter and when he pokes you add the chocolate chips to the wet side and when ready give them all a flip until the batter is gone.

“They look so good I’m so hungry!” You say taking a few off the plate and adding maple syrup and derek following as you both go sit on the couch. You sit criss cross apple sauce (hahaha I couldn’t help but laugh at that from when I was a kid! Anyways back to the story!) across from him and dig in.
“It was the right choice making them chocolate chip” derek says and you nod smiling still chewing some. You both finish your pancakes and you scoot over to snuggle yourself into his arm “thank you” you say looking up at him a bit “for what?” He asks slightly confused “you did the sheets and were super cool about it all” you say and he kisses your forehead “it’s okay really it’s natural and I mean I don’t go through it every month so the least I can do is help you out, hopefully make it less stressfull” he says you sit up looking at him “I appreciate it derek I really do” you say and he smiles and you lean in placing your hands on his chest and kiss him and he pulls you in and you laugh, now sitting on his lap “blood doesn’t bother me anyways” he whispers in your ear and you blush “I hate being on my period” you say shaking your head and he pulls you in closer rubbing your lower back and butt “i get super horny but also at the same time don’t really want anyone touching me and I hate it because I want you so bad Derek” you say annoyed “I have an idea” he says pulling you in to kiss him “what?” You say excited and unsure as well “you could just dry hump me, you know just use my leg and I could assist” he says shyly hoping you like the idea and don’t think he’s crazy “I don’t want to get blood and you know stuff on your leg” you say shyly “no no it’s okay I want you to I want you to be pleased” he says reassuring you “really?” You say surprised “I’m not gonna lie I have a feeling it will also be really sexy to watch” he says looking up at you “oooooh I see” you say sarcastically and derek laughs “don’t pretend you don’t agree” he says smirking and you laugh giving him a small nudge “come on I promise it’s just me” he says kissing up your arm giving your neck a quick kiss" and you smile placing your hands on his chest “let’s do it” you say smiling at him and his eyes light up “do you want to ride my leg with jeans on or off?” He asks rubbing your thighs “ummm I think I’m going to go with on, jeans are good friction” you say and he nods “but I think I want you to see me” you say and he smiles “damn I’m so excited” he says squeezing your butt a bit “I’ll give you a little thank you when i finish” you say rubbing your hand over the small bulge forming in his pants “oh fuck” he says and you smile taking your hand off if him and slowly removing your shirt to reveal a pink lace bra “I like this” he say running his hands under your bra strap “it’s not my favorite it’s pretty uncomfortable but it does make my boobs look good” you say not joking but being serious “yeah it does” he says smiling at you kind of giggling and you smile while leaning in to kiss him while moving your hands to undo your bra clasp and let it fall down your arms and derek pulls it off. “So beautiful” he says kissing the top of each breast “can I touch you” he says and you can tell he wants to and you half smile “yes just not my boobs babe I’m sorry they are just to soar right now” you say and you feel bad because you know how much he loves playing with them but he nods and without you noticing he begins to slide his hand down your shorts and underneath your underwear “but this is okay right?” He says smirking and you smile at him nodding “yeah” and he begins rubbing your clit “derek” you moan kissing him but pulling away and smiling and he removes his hand “I’m going to take these off” you say and he gets his hands there before you and pulls your shorts and panties down in one clean swoop “hold on, I have to you know take the um” you pause “the tampon babe I have to take it out one sec” and he nods releasing his hands as you get up quickly run to the bathroom and discard it coming back and straddling him again “okay” you say smiling “I will bleed on your leg, okay, I can’t stop that from happening” you say making sure he knows what is going to happen “I mean I wish I could that would be so helpful but yeah” you add and he smiles “I know and I don’t care I’ll soak the jeans and wash them, and besides I don’t really care about my jeans right now all I care about is you and making sure you are more then pleased” he says running his hands up your spine and you smile slightly giddy, feeling silly how much you like him and appreciate him “thanks” you say blushing and you see his smile also giddy “we are so lame!” You say laughing “we both are very into each other” you add and he nods “yeah” he says laughing “we really are” and you lean in and kiss him as he wraps his arms around you.
“Okay I can’t wait any longer I need some relief” you say pulling away from him and he smiles and gives you one last quick kiss.
And with that you pull pull away and wrap your arms around his neck and you slowly move back and forth on his jeans causing friction where you needed it most, after a few times derek begins rubbing your clit and you can’t believe the sensation this is causing within you. You speed up making the friction greater and the pleasure greater while derek is not making circle 8s on your cilt and you can tell you aren’t going to last long, you never do but tonight being in your period means you are more sensitive and can’t hold it back. “Derek” you moan dropping your head and he uses his other hand to squeeze your butt a bit and you moan at the feeling “I’m close” you say breathless almost not getting it out and with a few more thrust and help from derek your head falls back and you moan climaxing on his jeans.
Derek pulls his hand away and wipes it on his jeans, a time he would normally lick them clean but blood mixed in meant no licking, and you fall forward, tired, breathing heavy “thank you” you say still needing air “that was so crazy good” you add feeling his arms wrapping around you “good” he says smiling “it was amazing on my end as well” he says and you blush “I can see” you say motioning to the boner in his jeans. He blushes and looks at you. “come on let’s gets you in some comfy clothes” he says pulling you in kissing you head. You both get up, “shit” you say covering your mouth, as you see the mess you made on his jeans “babe I told you it’s okay I don’t care” he says rubbing your shoulders “I know but I don’t know I’ve never been this comfortable with somebody before, I just dry jumped your leg while on my period and bleed and cumed on you” you say shaking your head and derek starts smiling “Blood doesn’t bother me and this wasn’t about me anyways it was about you I wanted to make sure you got what you needed and I’ve read that sex while women are on their period is good for them, relieves cramps you know raises endorphins” he says and you stop him “thank you” you say covering his mouth “you are getting a big thank you when I’m off my period” and he laughs “I look forward to that” he say smiling and getting up and you both walk to his room, “can we showed? I need a shower” you say turning to look at him over your shoulder already on your way to the bathroom. “Hell yeah I’m coming” he says and you smile turning around getting the shower started and you hop in and derek follows in right behind you “more blood will you know wash down the drain, you’ll see some red water” you say looking up at derek “got it” he says kissing your nose “sorry I keep saying that I’m just not used to being so comfortable and not self conscious and just gross on my period because of how I look” and he nods “I think you look just as amazing as you always do” he says holding your hands “yeah I’m just always nervous for you to see me while I’m in my period because I get so bloated and my skin isn’t as nice and I just feel so gross” you say and he pulls you in “I don’t think any of that is true” he says kissing your head “and even if you do get bloated or your skin gets worse that doesn’t make you any less amazing and beautiful, and for the record I think you look very cute when you wear my clothes all week” he says smiling real big.
“Now, let’s wash up” he says kissing you picking up the shampoo and you both clean up and get out, you taking a few minutes to finish up in the bathroom and walk out in panties and walk toward derek and his dresser opening the drawer to find a shirt of his to throw on. “Yeah I think wearing your clothes all week is my favorite part” you say turning around smiling at him. And he walks toward you and takes your hand and you both walk out to the living room and sit on the couch to calm down the rest of the night and snuggle.

Hope you liked it!!!! I’m super happy about this one!!!

                      Markiplier Sentence Starters!: Rage Addition .

                                             (Some NSFW) 

                                     (Can be taken out of context.)                                      . 

The Level of Denial:

“Oh, come on, this is baloney!”
“What kind of malarkey is this?”
“I’m not doing it on purpose!”
“Don’t patronize me, I’m fine!”
“I’m a calm, little butterfly.”
‘I am calm and collected.“ 
“What the fuck am I talking about?”
“ Oh come on, what is with this thing?!”
 “If I fall into the fire I will eat my own eyeballs!”
“I should have been up that pipe ten ways to Sunday.“ 
"This is going to be a bitch and a half.”
“Oh my god, you tried to murder me!”
“I don’t handle frustrating things well.”
“I don’t know why I twirled…”
“Is it a little bit too early to loose my sanity?”
“Stop with the party, it’s not time for that yet!”
“Oh, this was useless…oh, there was no point to this!”
“Well, I didn’t run into a Hammer-Bro-Hammer…just something else.”
“Have I been cursing this whole time? I just said damn…I just said damn again!”
“I would never, ever, never, never, never ever say anything bad about him….or his mother.”
“You know how in Star Wars they say 'release your hatred?’ Yeah, Ross did that!”

 Levels of Rage:

“Frick you…screw your face!”
“It’s about god damn time, don’t you think you should be a little less of a douchebag?”
“Why did you DUCK?!”
“You think you can catch fireballs, bitch?!”
“Missed me, dickbag!”
“I can’t jump when I have something in my hand!”
“What the bullshit, fuck your mother!”
“What am I talking about?! Shut up, I don’t know!”
“Oh, right under your nose, bitch, right under your nose!”
“Thank you, thank you for being late to the party, assbag!”
“Oh shit, you’re fucking dead!”
“Just stop…just stop! JUST STOP!”
"I think she would be a little worried at my constant screaming.”
"That is such a piece of ass!”
“Fudge, come on!”
“Yes, I know this is gross, but I’m talking about it!”
“This is reality!" 
"Oh my god, why is this so hard?!”
“You know, at this point I’m not even surprised at your bullshit.”
“I wanna break it, but it’s not mine….”
“If I crack this open it’s going to be a horrible mess for everyone." 
"I Can’t do this, God damn…I can’t do- Oh…I can’t!”
“I’m sorry, I have nothing clever to say at this moment….I’M DYING!" 
"Would’ve been nice!”
“It might not look difficult, but my voice is cracking and I’m practically pubescent!”
“I am borderline in tears at the bullshit that’s in front of me." 
"When is this fucking things going to behave?!”
“I had it, I had the flower, it was in MY FUCKING HANDS!”
“I am so angry…I might not look it, I might just look tired.”
“That was bound to happen, because I didn’t have WHAT I FUCKING NEEDED!”
“Fuck them….fuck them all…FUCK THEM ALL!”
“That’s wrong…THAT’S WRONG!”
“God damn, give me your shoe!" 
"Just….OH MY GOD!”
“Just me, myself, and my internal rage.”
"Don’t ask me what that means, shut up!“  
"I have never, ever been so angry in my life!”
“You are going to slap me in the face with all your bullshit and then take everything I love.”
“Oh god, it’s my ride!”
“Oh, come on you bastard, you stole my ride!”
“Oh,____’s scary when he’s angry….yeah…yeah…" 
"Doesn't everybody know they’re not supposed to be original or individual?!" 

That level of DONE:

"I am full of lies and stupidity.”
“I am not happy inside…”
“I have no soul…”
“I hate this…and everyone.”
“It’s the little things…it’s the little things.”
“It’s the little, itty, bitty things that make me think dark thoughts….about Ross,”
“That’s what I get for thinking…”
“That is so stupid, I hate this.”
“And yeah,  haha, it’s fun for you guys, but guess who it’s not fun for?!" 
"It’s not okay I have to do this…it’s not okay.”
“I don’t even want to yell anymore.”
“I am not okay right now…”
“…why did I even try?”
“That’s alright, I wasn’t paying attention, so why not take a little life from me?”
“They took from me….everything!”
“And they gave me nothing!" 
"The note just says; ‘Thanks guys, no I’m not your father.’”
“It’s like I can see death moments before it arrives in my face.”
“Oh, you think you are going to get me and the answer is- probably…" 
"I’m a loser, baby, I’m a loser…I forget the rest of the song.”
“This has been ____, I’m going to remove my name from my name, and call myself Dickbag McDicksucker.”