a bit darker than my usual fare

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Your Steamquestria Blog will have a good ending for Luna right? It's not that I doubt you (as both Moonstuck and Slice of Life have been wonderfully non-sorrowful in tone). It's just that with Celestia losing both her legs during Nightmare Night, I'm beginning to fear Steamquestria will be somewhat darker in tone than most MLP: FiM blogs are usually (and that there might be a few bad endings for some good guys / gals / bots). I just always feel that stories should have good ending ya know?

It is a bit darker than my usual fare (by which I mean it’s more PG than G), but I love my happy endings too! I get too attached to the characters, I don’t want bad things to happen to them. :( I have to restrain myself from ending everything I write with all the villains redeemed and everyone having group hugs and pizza parties (shocking plot twist: there was also a bouncy castle!!).

uhhh anyway what I’m saying is that Luna will (eventually) come out more or less okay, no worries there! and lbr if I can’t have her speaking in gratuitous Shakespearean English then what is even the point